Dustin Brown will not be a free agent in 2014. That is because he signed a contract extension for 8 years and with an annual cap hit of just over 5.8 million. That cap hit won’t affect next season because he is still under contract next season on his last deal.

O’ Captain…not long ago, he was on the trading block before he stepped up, went into beast mode and led us to a Stanley Cup.

Our Captain…the symbol of the franchise, I remember his first game, his first hit, his first goal, the first day he was named Captain, still a shy kid that didn’t just hit hard but went through opposing players. Not much has changed in that regard eh?

Brownie has speed, skill, toughness and, with that, is still as durable as they come. He has earned the right to lead this team and wear the C. What’s more, he doesn’t have to do it alone. The team and its core are full of leaders.

No report of an NMC or no trade clause.

He negotiated the whole thing himself. Commission saving? Smart man too.

More on all of this later. For now, thoughts?