O’ Captain, My Captain. 8 More Years Our Captain

Dustin Brown will not be a free agent in 2014. That is because he signed a contract extension for 8 years and with an annual cap hit of just over 5.8 million. That cap hit won’t affect next season because he is still under contract next season on his last deal.

O’ Captain…not long ago, he was on the trading block before he stepped up, went into beast mode and led us to a Stanley Cup.

Our Captain…the symbol of the franchise, I remember his first game, his first hit, his first goal, the first day he was named Captain, still a shy kid that didn’t just hit hard but went through opposing players. Not much has changed in that regard eh?

Brownie has speed, skill, toughness and, with that, is still as durable as they come. He has earned the right to lead this team and wear the C. What’s more, he doesn’t have to do it alone. The team and its core are full of leaders.

No report of an NMC or no trade clause.

He negotiated the whole thing himself. Commission saving? Smart man too.

More on all of this later. For now, thoughts?

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  1. He’s awesome. That’s my only thought.

    What does Fifi think?

  2. Nice to have one more piece of the future of the Los Angeles Kings.

    Still a lot of decisions need to be made after the end of next season. Lots of RFA contracts expiring, and also Matt Greene.

    Welcome back “Booty Quake” Rob Blake tell us how Manchester is when you get there!

    We Will Win the Cup Again!


  3. Matt Greene should be on the Kings until he retires along with Brown, Williams, Quick, Voynov, Carter and Richards.

    • Never going to happen…wish it would but those guys make too much and someone is going to have to move eventually. Their around 40 Mil in cap space alone.

    • I think Matt Greene should make 6 million a year like Brown too!

      Or maybe even Kopitar money, depending on how many hits Greene gets this season. That will determine whether it’s Kopitar money or just Brown money.

      • Well thank God you’re not a GM. Greener definitely deserves a raise, but 6 mill? Nah. He deserves Willie Mitchell money, 3.5-4 mill.

  4. I love it. I’m not sure what is going on with the glut the bottom six players and defensemen, but would like to see a little more speed and skill added.
    I love that the core of younger players are signed for the long term. Role players will come and go, but I’d like to see Kyle Clifford and Trevor Lewis stay. Especially Trevor Lewis.
    I assume some sort of trade is going to happen before or during training camp or at the 20ish game mark, if that narrows it down.

  5. I am loving the new AGM! Rob Blake is awesome resigning Brownie!

    On a serious note can someone explain to me why all the hate for Rob Blake? I did not become a Kings fan until I moved to LA and got season tickets in 2007, so a lot of the venom seems to be before my time. But as I understand it: he was never a leader as Captain, refused all trade offers, then signed in SJ and played good again. Am I missing something?

    Oh, and to put it all in context: FUCK SEAN AVERY!

    • My opinion.
      1989-2001 was great, but the team GM Dave Taylor, and HC Andy Murray didnt try to keep him, let him go, not sure if it was money or they didnt want him as cap anymore. Dont remember. It happens.

      His return in 06-08 was lackadismal. Conicedentally the Kings missed the playoffs those two years.

      Then he went to the SHARTS! (yeah WTFF) I get CA is awesome, but the sharts?!
      ONTOP of that, he announces his retirement over a Kings telecast game night.
      Oh and he played better the last two years with the Sharts than with the last two of the Kings.

      Granted, I have some built up let down, I was so pumped when we got him back I bought his Jersey, then he was a shell of his former self, then went to the sharts and did better there.

      A signature on that Jersey would cool my anger though.

  6. Good contract, and it keeps the leadership core together. With too many other teams overpaying for one or 2 playersand not realizing the positive effects of a complete and balanced team, this team continues to score big.
    Brown has said on many interviews how much he likes this team, how hard they play for each other and how much faith he has in the ‘guys in the room’. As recently as the WCF, he said he was confident that they are never out of a game because he knows those ‘guys in the room’ and trusts them. Now they have all those important core pieces(Slava, Dewey, Quick, Richards , Carter , Kopi and Brown) secured. And being the #1 puck possession team in the NHl (an elite powerhouse …see article from today below) they will be Cup contenders and winners for years to come.


    Ths was a great article and saluted the Kings for DL’s use of analytics to develop this powerhouse team.
    From that article , this stood out:

    …Over the past couple of years almost no team in the league has been better than the Kings when it comes to controlling the puck. They’ve steadily improved each and every season. Six years ago the Kings were 28th in the NHL in Corsi percentage (the percentage of shot attempts that belonged to them during 5-on-5 play).
    In the five years that followed they’ve finished (in order) 11th, 16th, 10th, 2nd, and 1st….

    That’s impressive. The article states that DL was a fan of analytics even before reading Moneyball. And how more GM’s right down to the Juniors, are using Corsi to improve their team and get an edge on competition.

    Also from that artitcle:
    It seems that nearly every roster transaction they’ve made over the past four or five years has had at least one or two common denominators to them. There have been some exceptions, but for the most part the Kings seem to value certain qualities when it comes to players they’re looking to acquire

    That includes Matt Fratin:

    Matt Frattin, the player that seems to have been overlooked in this past offseasons trade that sent Jonathan Bernier to Toronto, is another player that fits the mold of a typical Kings acquisition. He’s young, cheap, and even though hasn’t put up huge goal or assist totals he’s coming off a season that saw him post great possession numbers while playing relatively tough minutes. He seems like the type of player that could be a contributor in Los Angeles, even if he goes relatively unnoticed in the box score.

    The author is correct when he goes on to point out that teams that score high on Corsi are the teams that have gone deep in the playoffs and win the Cup. And the Kings scores last year, lead the league. It bodes well for a young team that is growing into a powerhouse.

    Congrats to Brown,for negotiating a good and fair deal for his client. Nothing but good things for this team with the group of leaders that they now have blazing the ice.

    • This is a common trend among the advanced stats community, trying to claim successful teams as their own. Teams that win the Cup are usually great teams, and great teams usually are great at a lot of things, including but not limited to having good advanced stats. But because good advanced stats are one of those things, advanced stats people can point to them like they’re the only thing, and that the team was built on advanced stats, which proves how successful they are.

      If that’s really true, how does one explain the trade for Robyn Regehr, who has awful advanced stats, and you can sort of see why when he plays?

      • I hear you. I’m sure there are some benefits of advanced stats, but put together a group of guys that plays for each other, good things are bound to happen.

        The Kings may lead the league in Corsi, but that still doesn’t tell you how good of shots they were, nor does it tell you where the shots were taken from, front net presence, etc.

        Personally, I still believe watching the game will tell you a lot more than some obscure stat will tell you. I’ve always believed in using stats to help support what you see with your eyes, not to use stats as main proof above what you can see with your eyes.

      • Regehr, I think, at the time was the best option they had. And it’s not that every player is a puck possession whiz, but the majority of the playes the ones they count on in critical game situations for the larger minutes are very good puck possession players. And that is a large part of what makes great team, those great players who are good at that. It’s not advanced stats, it’s the type of player and how they act and react, that makes them so effective. And those players, who are good vs top competition and have the ability to move the puck out of the D zone into the O zone are what creates the Corsi and Fenwick numbers. There is a direct line between gathering those players via draft and trade and implementing the system that gives them the full benefit of that. And those stats do support the teams that win. The teams with the highest Fenwick , the ones who are over 56% are the teams that win. Those tams who were over 56% , who were the highest, are the teams that have won the Cup over the last several years.
        Stats are your thing, that’s fine, but don’t discount that they are supported by the results. Fenwick is the most accurate predictor of a teams success. That wont’ change. And the more teams that recognize it will improve.

        • Deidre, the players that get put out in crunch time are the best players, usually, which usually means they’re good possession players as well. That doesn’t prove that they are being out out there because Sutter actually looks at advanced stats and bases his decisions on who to play at the end of the game on them.

          Really simple, for the cheap seats: Correlation doesn’t not equal causation. Just because the team to win the Cup has good advanced stats does not mean that team was BUILT off of advanced stats.

          Here’s another example, for the even cheaper seats: Jeff Carter was a key acquisition in our Cup winning season. Without his addition, I doubt we win the Cup, although we’ll never know. But no one would argue, he was a key acquisition.

          Well, Jeff Carter has a history of excellent advanced stats. But he also has a history of scoring a shit ton of goals!

          So which was it? The advanced stats community will say “Dean traded for a player with great advanced stats, which proves the successful GMs use advanced stats, and that Dean traded for him BECAUSE of his advanced stats.”

          But, this is not necessarily true, because, remember, Jeff Carter is also a GOOD PLAYER PERIOD, with a history of LOTS OF GOALS.

          So I could just as easily say “Dean traded for a player who scores a lot of goals, which proves successful GMs value goals, and that Dean traded for him BECAUSE he scored a lot of goals, and if hadn’t scored a lot of goals, Dean wouldn’t have traded for him EVEN IF HE STILL HAD GREAT ADVANCED STATS, which proves Dean doesn’t value advanced stats like corsi more than he values traditional stats like goals! In fact it proves he values goals MORE!”

          See what I mean? People can argue whatever the fuck they want when they ignore the golden rule that correlation does not equal causation. Doesn’t mean it’s correct. The truth is neither of those arguments I just made in examples are entirely true. Dean probably uses some combination of a billion things, including caring a lot more about “leadership,” “grit,” “culture,” and stuff like “Dry Island” than the advanced stats community who appalls all that sort of thing would like to admit. For example, the advanced stats community was all over Alex Semin, saying all the grit and leadership and personality stuff people said about him was bullshit, and the idea that he disappeared in the playoffs wasn’t true and it was just regression or chance, basically a lot of the same things they said about Patrick Marleau, except Semin is probably a better possession player…

          Basically, based on corsi, the advanced stats community thought Semin was the best free agent available, and didn’t understand why no team would sign him long term.

          Well, did you see Dean Lombardi going after Semin? Can you imagine him ever signing someone like Semin? I can’t. He didn’t even want Kovalchuk. Semin isn’t gritty enough for Dean, not enough of a leader, just not good enough “intangibles.”

          So if Dean is really an advanced stats guru, why would he think that when everyone else in the advanced stats community thinks “grit” “leadership” and “intangibles” are all basically bullshit, and only the underlying numbers matter?

          So that shows, there are so many angles to this, and it’s not as easy as just seeing that the Kings have been a great corsi team lately and then deducing from that that Dean Lombardi uses advanced stats a lot in building the team.

          • Looks like right after saying how much I was going to simplify things for the cheap seats, I wrote “doesn’t not.”

            Yeah, that’s going to clear things up for everyone lol.

            For the record, correlation “does not” equal causation is what I meant to type.

          • i would hope. that carters posession #s are at best average. A goal for requires loss of possesion or at least a faceoff, no?

    • Hey Dierdre, THANKS for the excellent article on Corsi numbers. Looks like we have a little Deanball goin on! Hey, will you marry me? Thanks

  7. 5.8 mil for a guy who is good at a lot of things but not great at anything is an overpayment.

    Bad extension.

  8. I thought the numbers would be around 4 million per and for 6 years, good for Brown if he can get it. Doughty and Kopitar are the ones being overpaid right now!

    • Makes me sad when I hear this about Drew. I guess you have to understand the position well to appreciate what Drew does? I think so. Doughty is a world class defenseman. I have been thrilled with his play, including during the playoffs. He can’t play every position and do everything. His first commitment is to his own zone and I could not be happier with his progress and play. To think what he may be in a few years gives me goosebumps.

      • The proplem with Doughty is public relations. He is the second youngest player to ever be nominated for the Norris Trophy, then his assist numbers dropped by 33% the following season (still named best defenseman on the team), then he held out and missed training camp and understandably had a slow start. However, in the playoffs that year he was a BEAST, 16 Pts in 20 Games and amazing in his own zone! Then of course the lockout killed camp and the Kings lost Greene & Willie forcing Doughty into a much more defense first role, that he EXCELLED AT! Next year will be the first season he gets training camp since his contract, also with Greene back (maybe even Willie too!) he can focus a little more on offense. Also, I am pretty sure over his career Corsi loves Doughty too, if you are into that sort of thing.

        • You made the point I’ve been focused on when it comes to Doughty: his more “stay back” defensive role this season while Mitchell/Greene were out. I was so impressed with his zone play during the season that I didn’t even worry myself w/ his offensive stats. He was so poised in his own zone this year and he made far less positional mistakes than years prior. To me, Doughty grew a ton as a player this last season and can’t wait to see him evolve going forward. He’s worth every damn penny if you ask me because he’s proven he can play the position in multiple ways and play it well.

          Not many D-men in the league can play to the level that he can.

        • That’s what impressed me the most about Doughty this past season. He completely changed his style at the beginning of the year to give the Kings a shutdown D in the top pairing that they were missing. Not many offensive guys can do that. Can you see Karlsson or Subban or Letang doing that?

        • Yes, I agree and I just wanted to throw in my good praises. I certainly didn’t like his play after he held out but I’m not going to hold that against him. As far as last year, I think it was his Best year yet, regardless of his point total. The way he adjusted to his defensive role was simply outstanding. He’s still a baby and the thought of him approving steadily for the next handful of years is scary. It’s not about points, though he will score his share, it’s about controlling the dynamics of a game. In my opinion when his career comes to an end, many, many years from now, he will be considered one of the best ever in that aspect of the game.

      • Agreed. By the time Drew is in his late 20’s (26-28) he’ll be in his prime and will get himself a Norris. The guy has no weaknesses, every part of his game is solid, and the scary thing is he can get better. Once his character matures to a point where he can be a captain on this team, then we will see Drew’s true potential.

  9. Even tho the official schedule hasn’t been released yet, some unofficial copies leaked out.This from LA Kings Inisder today…via Minnesota

    Michael Russo @Russostrib
    Important #mnwild dates: Oct. 3 season home opener vs. #lakings; Sept. 11 training camp begins; Sept. 17 exhibition opener vs. #cbj

    Given the date, that might be the Kings opener as well.

  10. I love brown glad he’s staying long term. I remember he was doing an autograph signing and he stayed after hours to make sure every fan got his autograph :”)

  11. Funny to sign a loyal captain on for 8 more years, while bringing a disloyal one back at the same time in a new role. Bonkers town I say. I love Brownie, happy to have him around. He gives a lot to this team. 8 years is a damn long time for someone who plays that heavy, but I have faith it’ll work out.

    • How was Blake disloyal? He was traded to the Avs, then resigned with the Kings; after his contract was up he left and signed with the Sharks, whom he thought could give him a chance to raise the Cup again and keep him in CA. I seriously don’t get the hate towards the guy, someone needs to explain to me what I am missing.

      • He wanted to be the highest paid defenseman.

        He ripped the C from the jersey when the Kings said no

        He negotiated with the Kings but left for what amounted to a difference in contracts that, allegedly, wasn’t millions apart. If the numbers I heard are right, the difference is minuscule

        He then came back with a NTC

        The Kings were not going to make the playoffs and the Sharks were willing to give a first for him from what we heard

        He refused to waive his NTC

        He then signed with the Sharks in the offseason

        Come on. What’s not to love, right? He is a prince

        • So the only real reason for the hate was the Captaincy issue.

          He wanted to be the highest paid defenseman.
          *Good for him, I would too!

          He ripped the C from the jersey when the Kings said no
          *If your Captain doesn’t want the “C,” then you need to admit you made a mistake giving to him and make a new choice (whether its 3 A’s or another player with the C) Please do no think I am letting Blake slide on this that is fucked up but still not worth the venom directed towards him.

          Allegedly leaving over a few K.
          *Also, a better team, and he was traded. So maybe he wasn’t willing to take the same contract with LA. Objectively can you blame him? He went from a team that didn’t even win 40 games to the eventual Cup Champions. Of course he would take less money to stay with the team he just won the Cup with!

          He then came back with a NTC
          *Good for his agent, don’t forget that LA also agreed to this and signed the contract too.

          He refused to waive his NTC
          *That was his right! Remember the Kings gave that right to him

          He then signed with the Sharks in the offseason
          *At that time he felt they gave him the best change to win.

          Yes, you can argue that it was shitty to not waive the NTC then sign with the very team he turned down months later. However, maybe he didn’t want to uproot his family in the middle of the season, only to turn around a couple months later and enter free agency.

          I am not saying I defend his actions, it is that other than the Captaincy thing there is more than reasonable doubt and much less than a preponderance of evidence to convict him as an asshole. In context and with a little benefit of the doubt, I fail to see why he is so hated. That being said, I completely understand how with raw emotion and a lack of the benefit of the doubt how he could be a pariah amongst Kings fans.

          • If you look at transactions that take place in hockey or in the real world as black and white and without any consideration other than whether or not there was a breach of contract, then I can certainly see why you cannot see the reasons the fans do not want nor respect Blake.

            However if you place any value in things such as a captaincy, history, loyalty, honor or integrity, or perhaps better said not just doing things but a way of doing things, then perhaps your eyes can open up more to this issue and others like it.

          • I was not trying to insinuate that it was a black or white issue. Instead what I was trying to stress was that when these issues are looked at from Blake’s perspective and in context he isn’t a completely terrible and malicious asshole (in other words he’s no Sean Avery). Most of the reasons that he is vilified are actually defendable and understandable. Again, I still see no defense for the Captaincy issue, but the rest takes only a modicum of the benefit of the doubt to see how he could have made those decisions with no malicious intention. Selfish, perhaps; defensible and understandable certainly!

  12. Best news of this off-season so far!

  13. I am always impressed by athletes that negotiate their own contracts. This means that he sat down with Dean and looked each other in the eye and made a deal, and shook hands. Anachronistic? Maybe. But impressive nonetheless.

  14. They’re going to Sochi!


    Or in other words, the schedule will soon be released!!!

  15. I love this. Personally, however, I think 5.8 is a tad bit too much, I would say 5 mill flat would have been good, but hey I’m not complaining. Captain Crunch is a King for life, and as the first ever King to lift a cup, it makes me damn proud that he wants to play here for his whole career.

  16. Happy as Happy can Be! I Love our Captain
    GO KINGS GO!!!

  17. Brown is getting paid what seems to be a league average for his production and value to his team.

    His prior contract paid him what 3.175 million per which was more than a bargain, so if he is now being paid at the league average, Richards makes 5.75 million, Carter makes 5.27 million, then he deserves it.

    Doughty took a big step forward this past season. He had to adjust his game with the absence of Mitchell and Greene and he did. He might not be as physical as a Greene or MItchell, Regehr but when he does hit you, its pretty solid.

    The whole Norris candidate thing is a joke in itself. It seems to focus more on production, than on defense. PK Subban, Erik Karlsson are good offensive defensemen , but not exactly shutdown type defenders.

    East Coast bias also reduces the chances of a player like Doughty being considered for this award.

    Personally, I think they should change the name or criteria for the “best defenseman” in the NHL. The way the Norris currently translates is the best “offensive defenseman” in the NHL, so maybe change that to the Bobby Orr award and keep the Norris for defensive defenders, even if they also have good offensive numbers as well.

    Rob Blake becoming the Assistant GM has nothing to do with anything other than him becoming part of the management team for the Los Angeles Kings.

    People are entitled to their opinions, but to not like the Kings “hiring” Blake as an assistant GM because of something that happened 13 years ago, has nothing to do with him becoming the assistant GM.

    I guess Wayne Gretzky requesting a trade from Los Angeles in 1996 is different because he is Wayne Gretzky, but people here don’t seem to have a problem with that one. Yes he did request to be traded, unlike being told when in Edmonton to say he asked Pocklington to be traded, as to lessen the hate of the former owner of the Edmonton Oilers.

    To put the Brown extension into perspective here are the upcoming salaries for the 50 highest paid forwards starting in 2014 this does still show some players who “retired”.

    Player Pos Team Age Start End Length Amount
    1. Crosby, Sidney » F PIT 25 2013 2025 12 $12,000,000
    2. Kovalchuk, Ilya » F NJD 30 2010 2025 15 $11,300,000
    3. Parise, Zach » F MIN 28 2012 2025 13 $11,000,000
    4. Giroux, Claude » F PHI 25 2014 2022 8 $10,000,000
    5. Datsyuk, Pavel » F DET 35 2014 2017 3 $10,000,000
    6. Ovechkin, Alex » F WAS 27 2008 2021 13 $10,000,000
    7. Malkin, Evgeni » F PIT 26 2014 2022 8 $9,500,000
    8. Staal, Eric » F CAR 28 2009 2016 7 $9,250,000
    9. Perry, Corey » F ANA 28 2013 2021 8 $9,000,000
    10. Getzlaf, Ryan » F ANA 28 2013 2021 8 $8,750,000
    11. Richards, Brad » F NYR 33 2011 2020 9 $8,500,000
    12. Stamkos, Steven » F TBL 23 2011 2016 5 $8,000,000
    13. Hossa, Marian » F CHI 34 2009 2021 12 $7,900,000
    14. Nash, Rick » F NYR 29 2010 2018 8 $7,900,000
    15. Bergeron, Patrice » F BOS 27 2014 2022 8 $7,500,000
    16. Zetterberg, Henrik » F DET 32 2009 2021 12 $7,500,000
    17. Kopitar, Anze » F LAK 25 2009 2016 7 $7,500,000
    18. Brown, Dustin » F LAK 28 2014 2022 8 $7,250,000
    19. Semin, Alexander » F CAR 29 2013 2018 5 $7,000,000
    20. Richards, Mike » F LAK 28 2008 2020 12 $7,000,000
    21. Carter, Jeff » F LAK 28 2011 2022 11 $6,750,000
    22. Kane, Patrick » F CHI 24 2010 2015 5 $6,500,000
    23. Backstrom, Nicklas »F WAS 25 2010 2020 10 $6,500,000
    24. Toews, Jonathan » F CHI 25 2010 2015 5 $6,500,000
    25. Sharp, Patrick » F CHI 31 2012 2017 5 $6,500,000
    26. Horton, Nathan » F CLB 28 2013 2020 7 $6,000,000
    27. Kane, Evander » F WPG 21 2012 2018 6 $6,000,000
    28. Staal, Jordan » F CAR 24 2013 2023 10 $6,000,000
    29. Havlat, Martin » F SJS 32 2009 2015 6 $6,000,000
    30. Lecavalier, Vincent F PHI 33 2013 2018 5 $6,000,000
    31. Skinner, Jeff » F CAR 21 2013 2019 6 $6,000,000
    32. Hall, Taylor » F EDM 21 2013 2020 7 $6,000,000
    33. Eberle, Jordan » F EDM 23 2013 2019 6 $6,000,000
    34. Tavares, John » F NYI 22 2012 2018 6 $6,000,000
    35. Couture, Logan » F SJS 24 2014 2019 5 $6,000,000
    36. Lucic, Milan » F BOS 25 2013 2016 3 $6,000,000
    37. Duchene, Matt » F COL 22 2014 2019 5 $6,000,000
    38. Burns, Brent » F SJS 28 2012 2017 5 $5,760,000
    39. Ryan, Bobby » F OTT 26 2010 2015 5 $5,562,500
    40. Elias, Patrik » F NJD 37 2013 2016 3 $5,500,000
    41. Ribeiro, Mike » F PHX 33 2013 2017 4 $5,500,000
    42. Seguin, Tyler » F DAL 21 2013 2019 6 $5,500,000
    43. Koivu, Mikko » F MIN 30 2011 2018 7 $5,400,000
    44. Benn, Jamie » F DAL 24 2012 2017 5 $5,250,000
    45. Krejci, David » F BOS 27 2012 2015 3 $5,250,000
    46. Lupul, Joffrey » F TOR 29 2013 2018 5 $5,250,000
    47. Doan, Shane » F PHX 36 2012 2016 4 $5,050,000
    48. Neal, James » F PIT 25 2012 2018 6 $5,000,000
    49. Hartnell, Scott » F PHI 31 2013 2019 6 $5,000,000
    50. Ruutu, Tuomo » F CAR 30 2012 2016 4 $5,000,000

  18. Hey Surly, The new blogger from Eklund shamelessly stole your headline today. He’s not too bad, though.

  19. I’m pretty happy about all the signings. I would be much more disappointed to lose Lewis if it comes down to him or Clifford. Not to say I don’t like Clifford. I just think at this stage he’s replaceable. Lewis not so much. The youth prospects look promising too. So more goals out of the bottom six, a less slumpy more healthy top six. Quick back to health, Mitchell (the comeback kid) . Are kidding me? We’re money. Then the cap goes right back up next season.


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