Jordan Nolan Gets Inked. Lewis and Clifford Remain

Jordan Nolan for 2 years at a total of 1.4 million is pretty not bad. He had an “off” season as did Dwight King.

If Nolan can keep his game simple, use that Hockey God given speed, go after loose pucks, hit clean and get his big body to the net, he can be an uber effective player on the third or fourth line.

He is one of those kids who at 24 has more skill than brains and the lack of the latter is what gets him in trouble, especially by taking dumb penalties.

Surly and I are fans and have been from the first camp we saw him.

It’s not a bad thing that Nolan can also flat out fight and does he ever have an explosive cross from a grappling position.

This leaves 1.6ish for Lewis and Clifford which means, minus a trade of another roster player, one of them may be gone. Dean can also sign each and figure it out by camp.

Keep in mind however that the players also know that and therefore are less likely to sign if they think there is a reasonable chance they may be traded. That is why you don’t see that happen often.

I think Kyle Clifford wants no less than 1.5 million per season and possibly up to 2 million. Trevor Lewis probably wants north of 2 million.

And these are the days of our offseason lives…

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  1. If it came to Cliffy and or Lewis vs Nolan, I still say Cliffy and or Lewis, they look to have a better upside.
    He is young, had an off year, and will hopefully recover and not fall the wayside of the unmarked white van whisking him away from LA. (hunter, moreau)

    I know that he along with King had high expectations after 11-12, and that was nearly impossible to live up to. This lame sophomore season grounds them back among the common players, So now we can get a good read on them.

    I still say put them both on the 4th line together, if they do well, move them up to the 3rd. They did well paired. Why split up a good thing.

  2. I don’t hate it, but I would definitely hate to lose the Colonel and or Skillethands.
    Nolan can be a beast, not just in fighting. I am completely willing to accept a sophomore slump reason for last season for him and King.
    I am starting to worry that Darryl Sutter is getting a little too much influence on personnel. Great coach, not a great GM.

  3. I like Nolan and although he did suffer thru the sophomore slump, I didn’t get how he ended up in Sutter’s doghouse and King didn’t. But I think Nolan will rebound and be a good fit on the bottom 6.
    And whether it be now or in Sept, Clifford is gone. DL and Sutter both love Lewis, and I think he’ll be the one who stays, esp since he teamed pretty well with Stoll on the 3rd line and turned into a pretty good PK’er.

  4. The one thing that I never see mentioned is the fact that Clifford seems to have concussion issues. He cannot change his style of play and be effective so this might just make him expendable. That being said I am a huge fan of KFC and would rather see King moved but the head injury makes me feel comfortable if Clifford is moved.

  5. More skill than brains, that’s for sure. The kid can sure scrap though

  6. Love it when they retain players they drafter, developed, and came through their organization. The reign, monarchs, etc.

  7. Lewis invited to US camp. I love the kid, but I don’t know if that’s a good thing or bad thing. :) His speed could be an asset on that open ice! Congrats Mr. Lewis!

  8. I think Nolan can grow into a great two way guy and excellent third or fourth line player. He can bang and fight well (especially the aforementioned left). He’s solid on the puck too. Between Lewis and Cliffy, I would definitely hate to lose Lewis most. He is so under-rated and is an excellent two way player. Both Nolan and Lewis have excellent speed which improves the Kings. Clifford is a more easily duplicated player, I think. Hate to see him go too, but we can be great without him. I think DL will sign all these guys and see how Willie Mitchell shakes out. This is what I think is a keystone of the strategy. Then, he can make moves to improve the team with our plethora of D-men. Kings will have an excellent team this year. Given a full training camp and season, I am really excited about the possibilities! 50 days until training camp!

  9. Lewis is the obvious keeper over the two.

  10. Carcillo, clifford, nolan, fraser would be interesting…

  11. Awesome, Interview! I wish it was a bit longer. Thanks for sharing, Telos.


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