Trevor Lewis Signs for One Year, $1.325 Million

Darren Dreger reports the LA Kings have signed Trevor Lewis to a contract of one year, 1.325 million. Weird number. Some number loving person tell me if that exact figure has relevance.

Not bad for a prospective Olympian. Side note – Justin Williams was snubbed.

We now have around 300 thousand left.

Trade or goodbye Kyle Clifford.


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  1. I am so relieved they extended Lewis. I really hope they do not trade Clifford. If they didn’t sign Carcillo and Shultz they would be able to sign Clifford no problem. I feel both the Shultz signing/ Carcillo trade was unnecessary as we don’t need either player. Our roster is better without them. Clifford is only 22 years old and plays every game with so much heart. He’s a power forward that’s not afraid to go to the front of the net and also has a nice set of hands. He’s going to continue to get better and can play in the top 6 no problem. I can see him being a Lucic type player. We will really regret losing him if Deano trades him.

    • My guess, goodbye Shultz and Carcillo with a pick or two obtained in the process. Clifford for one year.

      I really don’t get the caviler attitude toward Clifford. He has turned into a damn good all around player.

  2. As much as I love Clifford, I think there is more to be gained as an organization from trading him. Reportedly Dean has been holding him out there and there hadn’t been much interest. Then again dean could sign him, go over the cap for camp, then decide which of the many ‘average’ defenseman that are under contract. We’ll see.

    Ithink the number is what it is because now they can reasonable get Clifford while still being allowably over the cap to start camp.

  3. Happy and Sad at same time?
    To lose Cliffy HUGE wrong. ..this is another frustrating summer for this King Fan.
    I am getting tired of wishing one of ours
    GL and saying they will do better on whatever team…
    ie Simmer..
    GO KINGS GO!!!

  4. Am I missing something here with all the cap paranoia with Clifford?

    We are up against the cap, yes. However, does anyone really expect to carry 9 defense men? When two of those players are gone, there will be room for Clifford. At worst, you get rid of Shultz or Ellerby and there $700,000 each or you can get aggressive and move Martinez and 1 of them and create 1.9 million.

    There are lots of scenarios at play and lots of moves that can be made including Mitchell who is the wildcard in all of this. After seeing Lewis sign for 1 year, maybe we see Clifford signs for 1 as well.

    One thing is for sure,we are not going to only 13 forwards and 9 defensemen. It should be, 14 forwards and 7 defensemen.

    • Bingo!

      Nothing has to be finalized until end of camp even into the beginning of the regular season if I am to understand things correctly.

      There will be moves made to cut down certain positional players before the regular season starts.

      When I hear “shopping” Clifford I have to scratch my head. I don’t think he is asking for some stupid amount of money and its typical Dean Lombardi trying to play poker and then folding his hand and giving in to signing a player. Remember Drew Doughty?

      Carcillo might be a tough guy, but he’s no defensive or cycling forward which Clifford is. After last season Clifford showed how valuable be was to his team, actually being probably one of the best players from the start until the end of the season.

      Unless DL has some sort of plan that involves Clifford, then I don’t see Clifford going anywhere.

      I see the other guys Schultz/Ellerby/Martinez even Carcillo as being on another team before the regular season starts.

  5. “We now have around 300 thousand left.”

    Technically, yes. But that is assuming we would carry 25 players. Considering 23 is the maximum roster size for the regular season, and you can go over the cap in the offseason; this seems like a bit of an over reaction. In fact with 9 defensemen, most likely we will either move two blueliners, or one if Willie can’t go in which case we get $3.5M in extra cap space. So it is safe to assume we are not moving our backup goaltender of Frattin; therefore the smallest amout of space we would get by moving two players would be $1.4M (Nolan & Schultz, personally I think it will be Schultz & Ellerby but for the sake of argument lets say cheapest).

    Therefore we have about $1.7M for Cliffy. The Colonel will be back in LA!

  6. I believe Clifford will sign closer to training camp when the Trade market activates more than now. Dean is going to have to move a Dman but he won’t until he gets a better idea on Willy.

    Kyle is way to valuable as shown this past season becuase of his ablity to play both top 6 and bottom 6. Clifford is our new Richardson.

    All signs move towards Alec being the odd man out in my opinion and I think he brings back the most/highest draft picks, which is what the Kings need with the amount of guys knocking on the door.

    I also wish Dean could’ve signed Holloway to a deal but it’s too risky and bad luck with the Cap situation this year.

    • Holloway and the Kings were waaaaaaaaaay far apart on numbers. I didn’t hear anything specific, but I heard it was more than Penner. So sorry on that one. Maybe in another life. So good luck to Holloway on cracking the NHL this season. May not be his year. Don’t know anyone who would take that deal with the cap coming down this year. For 2 million I would prefer Penner to Holloway personally. Just my two cents.

  7. Great news signing Lewie. This guy is so under rated and effective a player for us. He gets better exponentially as well and plays such a strong 2-way game with speed. It looks to me like DL is loading up to see what happens with Willie Mitchell. He is the cog in the wheel of what happens between now and camp. We have lots of flexibility with all the D-men we have and Cliffy could be packages nicely for a decent asset perhaps. Anyway, this will be a very interesting two months prior to camp. There are also a few guys knocking on the door from Manchester pretty loudly. Lots of possibilities and maybe some nice surprises.
    Time can’t go fast enough until camp!

  8. I too, am happy Lewis is coming back. I am intrigued, though, in the fact, it’s only a 1 year deal. Dean’s guys usually get multi year deals. Outsiders get i year deals. I’m interested to know who’s uncomfortable with this deal, Lewis or Dean.

    I agree with all the above statements regarding Clifford’s play and the means to which we can sign him. We can not go into this season with the abnormal numbers of D. When Mitchell situation is figured out, our team roster will be determined. Clifford, in my opinion, will be on our opening day roster.

    • My guess is Lewis wanted a 1 year so he could be an UFA next season.

    • I think these 1 year deals have nothing to do witheither side being uncomfortable it has more to do with getting the team back this year and renogotiating next year when the cap is expected to go up a lot

      • From an organizational point of view (money related) it would make sense to sign him for two or more years at 1.3 million, simply because if he negotiates his contract again the following year, his asking price isn’t going to be lower than 1.3 , it’s more likely going to be more. And as TK states above, he’ll be a UFA next season, which tells me Lewis is probably the one who wanted a single year contract.

  9. Since they signed lewis an extention can be worked out that won’t affect the cap until next year? I.e. dustin brown. I agree thougt it was weird he got a one year deal. If we had nolan, fraser, carcillo, and clifford on the bottum 6. Yikers…

    • No mean this year is tight for the cap but for the 2014/15 season the cap is supposed to go way up. So sign these guys for 1 year only at a lower rate then five them the big ones in 2014 after they know how much higher the cap will go

      • How much do you think it’s going up? Not trying overly hard to be a dick here, but if you’ve got some numbers to share, I’d be interested. From my understanding of the math, unless HRR somehow shoots up at something close to 10%, which would far exceed the standard 5% projections used and 7.2% recent history, the Cap is unlikely to go up by any huge amount in one year. It’ll climb slowly, $1-2 mill increase / yr initially, and then by larger increments ($3-4MM/yr) as time goes on and the basis point increases.

        • Well these may crazy numbers but the guys on nhl network radio on xm had berstein on and they were saying its expected to reach 80+ million in the next couple years.

          • Thanks for replying. I’ll see if I can dig up some of their comments. I’ve seen several projections and $80MM seems unlikely until 2018, give or take a year. But crazier things have happened, and revenues could certainly jump at a higher rate if the economy picks up.

          • No prob. I mean I think they are reaching with thoseprojections but if deano is counting on it foing up a few million dollars than maybe that why je gave lewie and 1 year deal to keep him here and deal with givimg him a bigger payday if he can next year…I kight be wrong but seems to make sense

  10. Another highlighted manifesto? Is that 1000 words or less?


  12. Well you are aware that we can resign the big red dog n carry more players and go 10% over the cap before training camp.. We can still keep cliffy I disagree with everyone freaking out! In Dean We Trust! Common guys!!

  13. Step in S&S this guy is getting on my nerves..
    GO KINGS GO!!!

  14. You seriously need to just start your own blog and stop writing your 2300 word diatribes here.

  15. tl;dr, as always.

    But Mr “concise” mice?

    Well you’re ironic, if nothing else.

  16. You have been asked kindly and with respect to cease writing novels nobody is interested in reading. What part of these requests are confusing or unclear?

    You are obviously a fan with great passion, but I don’t see the need to continually piss in the sandbox where everyone is playing. You’ve only been asked to stop doing one thing and one thing only. Try and have a little respect and common courtesy. It goes a long way.

    • • If you read my above posts (get them quick while they last!), I never saw any comment actually asking me to stop writing long comments, or telling me they’d get deleted if I kept writing long comments. I’m not even sure such comments exist, but if they do, I didn’t see them.

      • What are you talking about, pissing in the sandbox? This is a forum to talk Kings hockey, right? Well I submit I have added as much to the discussion, and as many new ideas and unique ideas, than anyone else here has recently. It was never my intention to piss in the sandbox. That’s ridiculous. Do you think I just have so much extra time on my hands that I can write long, thought out, roster masturbation posts on the Kings just to piss people off? Those aren’t always easy. You have to go to cap geek, find cap hits, look up the prospect pool, so many things.

      Don’t you think if I was just trolling or trying to piss people off, my posts would be a lot less complicated, and a lot less thoughtful? Whether you agree with my posts or not, whether you think they’re smart or stupid, you have to admit there are a shitload of ideas in them. Again, maybe you think they’re really stupid ideas, but they’re ideas, and ideas take time to think up and write down. And many of these ideas have to work out mathematically in terms of cap hits and salary always working out, so that takes even more thinking and time.

      So if I was just trying to piss in the sandbox, why would I bother with all that?

      • “You’ve only been asked to stop doing one thing and one thing only.”

      No, I’ve had my comment deleted out of the blue on a blog that told me (and all the other readers) many times they’d never censor anyone. And yet that’s what they just did.

      And even if they had given me fair warning, which I’m not sure they did because I never saw anything, but even if they had given me fair warning and I’d seen it as well, they’re still telling me how to comment. That’s not one little thing. “Just post less” might sound innocuous, but what if I have a couple different things to say, or a complex idea that takes a lot of explaining, especially for some to understand? “Just post less” becomes tantamount to “withhold your thoughts and opinions and complex ideas,” which is the same as censorship. So it’s easy for you to say, but is anyone telling you how to post, or to change your preferred, natural method of posting? It’s not like I enjoy typing really long posts that no one appreciates anyway and half the people don’t seem to even understand, but obviously that’s my natural way of writing here. I don’t post to say “go kings yay.” When I post it’s because I have real, involved thoughts on the Kings and their philosophy on building a roster and what we can do to really complete this team as much as possible and win the Cup again next season, and a lot of these ideas require a lot of maneuvering and cap squeezing and trades and signings, which all take rather long posts to explain in detail to the people who depend on that detail for understanding.

      And I do have respect and common courtesy. I try to make every post I write as short as possible. Like I just explained, it’s not in my best interest to write long posts. It takes longer for me, and everyone hates them and complains about them, and half the people don’t understand them, and half don’t read them, and there are usually more comments complaining about the length than there are that actually read and understood the post and can add to the conversation. But these are the ideas I have! They’re complex and multifaceted sometimes! There’s no other way to write them! I wish they were shorter, but they’re not.

      But when barely anyone responds to them, do I complain? No! Live and let live. You guys let me post my thoughts the only way I know how without complaining or deleting them, and just skip them if you’re not your cup of team, and I won’t complain either if you skip them if they’re not your Cup of tea. That’s how sensible people would navigate this situation. Instead Bobby is censoring comments and then writing to tell everyone how he deleted it and making a big deal of it, and encouraging everyone to complain about long comments and making them feel justified in doing so because “if he had to delete it, it must have really been a problem! We were right!”

      No! You’re not babies. You can skip comments that don’t suit your preferential length or style or even opinion yourself. If you’re someone that is always positive about Colin Fraser, and you know I’m someone who always brings up the fact we need to trade him in every post, guess what, you don’t need to flag my comment for being anti-Colin Fraser and hope I get banned, you can just start skipping my comments because you know what to expect, no matter the length. Or you can respond making your pro-Colin Fraser argument. But all these complaints and censorship help no one, and the complaints especially cause more disruption than the long comments themselves. They’re just long comments, easily skipped over if you don’t like reading long comments. They only become this big focus and big point of contention when everyone starts focusing on them and pointing at them and commenting like “hey look how long that comment is everyone! It’s bothering you isn’t it?? It should!” That doesn’t help anyone.

      You’re not babies, skip the comments you don’t like, you don’t need daddy Bobby to do it for you.

      • “If they’re not your cup of tea,” not “If you’re not your cup of team.” Don’t even ask me how THAT happened.

      • u must begin drinking heavily.

      • Let me try and relay how simplistic this situation is too me, know matter how complicated you try and make it.

        The easiest analogy I can come up with, is someone who chews with their mouth open at the dinner table. If I ask you to chew with your mouth closed, it’s not because I want to sensor you, or because I dislike you or don’t want to hear what you have to say. It doesn’t offend me how you hold your knife, which fork you use to eat your salad, or how many times you refill your plate, just chew with your mouth closed (edit your comments). It’s a bad habit you should work on. That’s it, nothing more too it. Nothing personal, dude.

        But, you are correct, who am I to request this, for this is not my table. I will keep my keyboard quiet from this point forward regarding this subject.

  17. Im jonesing for hockey bad man………

  18. I will say this though. I like the insider alot better now than when Hammond was doing it. Probably because Rosen is a fan.

  19. do your thing, Mr. Concisemouse or whatever your name is. I also appreciate that you are a passionate fan. People don’t have to read it. At least it’s about Kings hockey and it’s fucking July.

  20. I tried emailing Concisemice about the long posts but couldn’t. As you all know and thoroughly enjoy, we don’t really moderate comments here as a principle.

    However I will say to Concisemice that the novellas do not inspire dialogue. Better to make a quick point or two, let people respond, and carry on, make another point or two. Everyone is here to engage eachother and unfortunately when something takes a whole lunch break to read, it thwarts that effort.

    • That comment is gone. I made it pretty clear more than once that if he writes a novel that will occupy the comment page and make it difficult on everyone else to navigate, the delete button takes over. Tough love.

    • Bobby, Surly,

      That’s not actually my email. I just put in random information so I could comment. It never occurred to me that I would have correspond with you guys through email in order to post my thoughts, especially since you make such a big deal about never censoring anyone.

      Hey, look how that turned out!

      If you guys want to pretend to be so different and revolutionary and never censor anyone, but then when someone comments who you don’t agree with, delete their comments, fine. But just admit it. If you’re going to be like everyone else, fine, I thought you guys were different, but it’s fine… but at least have the integrity to admit it. Don’t make up bullshit excuses like we have to delete it makes the comment page “difficult on everyone else to navigate.”

      Is that a joke? There are 36 comments on this blog. Many others have more. Even if they were all short, that means you still have to scroll down a full page every few comments, and scroll down many pages to get to the bottom of the comment section.

      And the same is true when I comment. What, when I comment, now people have to scroll down 11 pages to get to the bottom of all the comments instead of 10? 12 instead of 10? And this is reason to delete my comments?

      Let’s say my comments are on average the length of some other poster’s five comments. Now what, every time that person posts five comments on a thread, you’ll have to delete one? Four max per thread for them because otherwise they’d reach the length threshold?

      See how ridiculous your excuse is? It doesn’t hold up to any logic. So just admit you deleted my comment because you don’t agree with it, or more likely because more veteran/regular posters haven’t agreed with me in the past and don’t seem to like me. Maybe they’ve even complained to you guys… that would seem like something people like that would do.

      So you guys side with the complainers, side with the majority, do what it takes to keep everyone agreeing, no dissenting opinions, no new ideas, regardless of whether it’s wrong. And all this after always saying how you’re different from the other blogs who will censor people just to keep the majority of their posters happy or if someone says negative things about the team or disagrees with a blog written by them.

      And let’s remember folks, this whole “shorter equals better” is a product of our Idiocracy generation, our ADD generation. Shorter isn’t BETTER, it’s FASTER. But shorter also means less ideas. I’m sure our founding fathers would have preferred The Constitution be short, too, for their sake having to write it, and for the sake of everyone being able to understand it easier and read through it, but they couldn’t make it short.

      When you have 100 ideas, it’s hard to fit them in 50 sentences.

      I’m sure my posts aren’t perfectly edited. I’m sure every spare or repeated word or idea isn’t always edited out. It’s hard to write perfectly, expressing every idea in a way everyone can understand while also using the exact minimum number of words, without taking a lot of extra time to trim the fat. But this is the comments section of Surly and Scribe. I am trying to get the ideas out and into the discussion as quickly as possible.

      Additionally, some of the less intelligent posters on this blog have not helped the length of my comments. I’ve tried writing shorter comments in the past, with less examples of what I’m talking about and less backing up the points, just trying to leave it up to the logic of the readers to fill in the blanks and understand the ideas without being walked through it with hands held, but they don’t. They say “what about this what about that I don’t get that. You filled out this great roster but what about our 8th defenseman? You left 10 million in cap room with a great roster, but no 8th defenseman! What if someone gets hurt! How can you guarantee we’ll be able to find an 8th defenseman with 10 million in cap space during the season!”

      So then the next comment, what happens? I have to write it longer. I remember how some people reading were so stupid, so I have to explain EVERY DETAIL for them. And that takes longer. I have to literally say “8th defensemen are always available, always plentiful in the market, and they’re very cheap. That’s not an issue.”

      Surly, Bobby, we are living in a culture where they put fluoride in the water, mercury in the vaccines, chemicals and GMO poisons in the food, brain damaging us all. People don’t realize, but that’s where we’re dealing with a lot of the time on the internet as well. Especially on the internet. IQs are down. Not to mention the US school systems aren’t good. But it goes beyond that to actual brain damage where people can’t follow normal logic. And I’m not saying I’m immune to that either. We’ve all been exposed to this toxic environment and food supply and corrupt US medical and pharmaceutical field to varying extents. But I’ve been lucky enough that my brain still works to the extent that I can follow logical arguments and not have to have every detail of something simple explained to me.

      But that’s not true with everyone anymore. And I’m telling you, Surly, Scribe, that’s what I’ve had to deal with with certain posters in your blog comments, as well as elsewhere on the internet. I’m sure you’ve had to deal with it as well. But I’m just explaining, so you know, why my comments are even long in the first place. I have a lot of ideas, first of all, and then I also have to hold the hands of readers through every one of those ideas, and explain every single detail, otherwise the whole purpose of posting these ideas, meaning quality discussion, will be defeated because instead of quality discussion about the ideas ensuing, there will just be a bunch of posts saying they don’t understand everything, or how none of it makes sense to them (of course not when you can’t understand and properly piece together what you’re reading).

      But I do sympathize with you guys that these people are the majority now, and you’re trying to run a blog. Why stick up for one person in the minority who people are unfairly railing against when you risk turning off ten or twenty of your readers? I understand maybe when you run a blog, you have to have an attitude like it doesn’t matter what’s fair or what’s right, all that matters is retaining as many readers as possible and pleasing as many of them as possible. Because people like I just described are definitely the majority now, at least on the internet, unfortunately.

      So I understand that to an extent, although I don’t agree with it. You have a great blog that I think can survive doing the right thing in this instance, even if it pisses a few people off. You didn’t need to go out of your way to delete my comment based on length, especially when it wasn’t even one of my longer ones.

      But if you feel like you have to retain as many readers as possible, fine. I’m just saying don’t make up some bullshit like you’re not allowing long comments anymore. It’s ridiculous. Censoring length is the same as censoring content, especially when you do it selectively. Am I the only one to have ever written a long comment? No, but for some reason you deleted one of mine, and not even one of my longest ones. So obviously there was a little more to it. And that’s all I’m saying, just be as honorable as you can (given the circumstances anyway), have some integrity, and admit what’s happening instead of always talking up how you never censor anyone and then being a hypocrite, but “oh it’s okay, it’s an exception, because the comment we’re censoring happens to be long.” Please. You guys are so much better than that.

      • Oy. Really?!

        • I’m sorry. Is the length of my comment giving you trouble navigating the page?

          Buy a compass.

          Just kidding, hamburgular. I have no hostility towards you or anyone else here, and you’re more than welcome to read and respond to my comments if you like. I’m just saying if the length bothers you or anyone else, or what seems more the case with some people they simply don’t like me and my ideas, then just scroll past my comments. If you don’t like me, or you don’t have time to read through my long posts, you have free will – you can choose to ignore any of my comments that you so choose. Scrolling down a webpage, even long comments like mine, has been made incredibly easy with our wonderful modern day computers and mouses (mice? lol), which is why skipping past comments is so easy, and also why Bobby’s excuse for deleting my comment was so transparent. If I thought for a moment he was actually justified in deleting my comment, I never would have taken him to task like that.

      • It is not about shorter being better, it is not about disagreeing with you, it is solely about you selfishly trying to hijack an entire blog with your manifestos and taking 1500 words to say something that could easily be said in 150. This last post was 1,383 words and 4 pages long!

        To summarize:
        You think you are being censored because others disagree with your ideas.
        One of your comments equals 4 of a average poster (in actuality it is more a 35 to 1 ratio)
        Length does not equal quality, and your writings are akin to the US Constitution
        You don’t edit your comments (which using MS Word would be very easy to do)
        The idiots on this blog don’t understand things unless you spell it out in such length that only 3 people are willing to read it.
        The government is poisoning us, but you are one of the lucky few who still can use basic logic
        The majority of S&S are morons who have no idea about hockey
        You habitually long comments are apparently no more egregious than the occasional long comment from others.

        That wasn’t even 135 words; it was 9.6% of what you wrote. Either start your own blog, which I would read, or edit yourself. It is not an attempt to censor; it is an attempt to edit.

      • Oh brother. “Errr, Alex, what is narcissistic personality disorder with a side of schizophrenia?”

        You really feel that bringing up the founding fathers, some delusional pseudoscience and who the knows what else in the other 27 paragraphs, after having your garbage novella yanked for being ridiculously long proves some point? Like, just maybe if you get enough words out, us less edumacated folk will finally go, “oh yes, Mr. Consicemice was right all along! Of course we should get rid of all our crappier players and replace them with skilled players! Eureka!”

        Ego death, son. Ego death.

    • Also Bobby, Surly’s comment above is only the second I’ve seen from either of you on the issue of the length. And Surly’s was a good, constructive comment, and good advice. Unfortunately I don’t always have time to sit around and wait for people to respond in between submitting my ideas for discussion – I prefer to get them all out as quickly as possible when i have time, and then come back maybe the next day to see if anyone else has added to the discussion, and then respond again then.

      But Surly’s was a good, helpful, nice, respectful comment, and would be good advice and helpful to the way I write my comments if I didn’t already have another preference that works better for me in most cases. But in the instances where I have more time and patience to write short comments and stick around waiting for replies, his was good, helpful advice, and written respectfully. I’d also say that if someone can only come to Surly and Scribe during lunch breaks and not want to delve into a deep discussion about a really long comment, they could just skip my longer comments and go on to the next one. It’s probably another result of what I described in my comment below that so many people need to be babied now. They don’t have mental capacity to skip over long comments they don’t have time to read during their lunch break themselves, so Bobby has to do it for them by deleting them? I’m sure everyone will agree when they think it over that that’s not actually a practice you guys should continue to employ here.

      But Surly’s was a helpful comment, and I appreciate it.

      And the only other comment I’ve seen about the length of my comments from one of you was one quipping about the length, or saying it was a lot to read, or something along those lines. Heck, maybe you even said you didn’t think it helped the discussion, but I don’t remember.

      However, because I’ve heard you guys say SO MANY TIMES how you never censor anyone, and don’t believe in ever censoring people, and how you were so different from all the conformist control freak pathetic power tripping losers elsewhere on the internet who do censor people, when you wrote whatever you wrote about my comments being too long, I thought “Noted, I respect your opinion, but since this is the process that works best for me given my schedule, plus all the circumstances I just explained in the comment below where the majority of posters don’t understand anything unless I explain every little detail, I’m just going to continue on posting in the manner that works best for me, since you never censor anyone and it’s my choice and all that.”

      Get it Bobby? Not censoring people means that that even if you don’t like the manner in which they doing something, and even if you tell them you don’t like what they’re doing or you don’t think it adds to the discussion, THEY STILL GET TO DO IT IF THEY WANT, and you’re not supposed to delete their comments when they don’t.

      Now, if you’d actually warned me you would delete my posts if I didn’t make them shorter, like you just claimed you did, that still would have been censoring, and I still wouldn’t agree with it, but I at least would have posted shorter comments then. But I never saw you say that. Maybe you did and I didn’t see it. I don’t always check the responses to every comment I write, although I have most of them. But I never saw that one, if it exists.

      So here’s the point. Just because you said my comments were long, the fact you claim to never censor comments means I thought I still had a choice to post however I wanted to, regardless of what you felt about my comments, and so that’s why I continued posting in my preferred style.

      But if you had actually made it clear to me that I didn’t have a choice to post how I wanted to on Surly and Scribe (and I’d seen that comment), and that you were now censoring the length of comments after always saying you never would censor anyone, then I would have done as you asked in order to keep posting here without getting my comments deleted.

      But don’t act like I should have known, “tough love,” that I should have always known I didn’t have a choice all along. For as long as I’ve read Surly and Scribe, you guys have always said you never censor comments and always given the impression that readers such as myself had a choice to post how we wanted, regardless of what you or Surly said. So don’t act like I just should have known the opposite was actually true. That’s on you, Scribe, for always saying you would never do something that now you just did. What, I was just supposed to magically know you would go back on your word?No, that’s on you. Might be hard to hear, but it’s the truth. “Tough love,” as they say. And while we’re being honest, you should also know that you’re being an asshole. Again, “tough love.” I usually like you, but what you did was the actions of an asshole. Just my honest opinion.

      Or am I not allowed to say that either? You’re the editor of the blog, you have the power to delete people’s comments, even ban posters. So should I not say that to you, even when it’s true in this instance? I’ve called out other posters on the blog when they deserved it, and never got banned. Are you different? Do you feel like banning me right now?

      I bet you do, but that’s the test, and that’s the point. Not censoring people means even when they say something you don’t like, even about you, you don’t take away their ability to say it. Ever heard the saying “I may not agree with what you say, but I’ll defend your right to say it.” Note that there’s no “unless it’s long” that comes after either, and no “unless it’s about me and negative.” It comes with no exceptions.

      However, I’ve always liked you Bobby, and Surly as well of course, but the policy you’ve both said and seemed to proudly boast about for a long time, that you would never censor anyone, is what gave me the impression in the first place that I could continue to posting what and how I wanted without being banned or getting my comments deleted, regardless of what anyone said, and if you ever commented to me saying you’d changed that policy and that my comments would be deleted in the future if I didn’t make them shorter, I never saw that comment, so deleting my comment out of the blue, one I don’t even think I have saved, was the wrong thing to do. You shouldn’t tell people over and over again they can do something, and then punish them for it out of the blue and pretend like they should have known they weren’t allowed.

      And even if you did actually warn me saying you’d start deleting my comments and you want to say that I should have seen that comment and known, IF you even ever gave me a clear warning, why would I have ever been looking for or expecting a comment warning me about deleting my posts when you both have said ever since I started reading that you would never censor anyone? This wasn’t even on my mind that I would ever have a comment deleted, or had anything to worry about in that regard, because you’ve both always said the opposite. So that’s on you Bobby.

      • You don’t get it. A lot of people read comments on their phone. When you write a fucking novel, they scroll down, and down and down and down to get past it. When they are responding to something earlier, they scroll up and up and up and up. You make navigation of the site very difficult. Get a compass I read you write? Fuck you. Stop saying in 1500 words what can be said in 300 or less.

        Also, your comments state the same premise over and over in different ways. You write a paragraph, make a point and it’s like a voice in your head goes “TELL ME MORE!” and you keep going and going and going and going. If a hockey nut like me cannot get through your comments and they read like nails on a chalkboard, how do you think the rest of the community feels?

        And this isn’t censoring. If you got on here and started posting parts of War and Peace, banning your ass would not be censoring. Your comments are just a hint more useful than that, with some exceptions. This place isn’t about me or Jacob. It is about the community and, in case you haven’t looked around, the length of your comments has passed dialogue and reached diatribe. Others have told you nicely and some not so nicely. Now, I am telling you again for the last time.

        You are welcome here. Comment here. Engage in dialogue. Say what is on your mind. But don’t think this place is about you and you can do whatever the fuck you want when it interferes withe enjoyment of just about everyone else.

        Regarding your statement that I did not warn you? July 17, 2013, 9:59pm in the article I specifically told you in the comment section I would delete your comments if you didn’t get your shit together.

        You didn’t see it? Probably because you were too busy writing a comment everyone skipped over.

        Get your shit together.

        • To you I the whateverthehell he is I didn’t want to give attention…even if negative…just been hitting delete… on my phone.. as I imagine many others are likewise doing …but you, even when annoyed, manage to entertain me..TY and good nite.
          GO KINGS GO!!!

  21. Bingo!
    Succinctly said.
    GO KINGS GO!!!

  22. I kinda like reading his crazy shit.

  23. So anyway. Couldn’t be happier about my unsung hero getting signed. I’m gonna assume KFC gets signed too. Just not until after training camp. Plenty of cal space left once we lose two defensemen. Or Mitchell. I’m an optimist when it comes to the Kings now. I didn’t used to be. I think the lines are gonna look like this
    Brown Kopi Williams
    Richards Carter Toffoli
    King, Frattin, Stoll Lewis
    Clifford Fraser Nolan
    I would have preferred to keep Richardson over Fraser. I also would have played him more. He seemed to have some energy to spare with any of the lines he played in. Defense is a little changed.
    Regehr Doughty
    Mitchell Voynov
    Muzzin Greene
    I say the 6’6″ plus minus king comes on hard to steal some jobs. Could even eventually slot in 5/6 if necessary. I believe the cap is going back up to 70 million. So far only 2.5 that extra 6 mil is reserved for Brown. We could see a free agent in a year or so in the top 6 LW position. Until then, I think we’ll be okay with what we got. Carcillo will be fighting for a spot just like everybody else.

  24. It is official! Mrconcisemice written more on Surly & Scribe than Surly this year. Time to change the name of the website. I am thinking “How Mrconcisemice is a fucking genius and we are all too stupid to appreciate his Kafkaesque diatribes because of the chemicals the government puts in our water and vaccines” is a good name for the site.


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