Mr. Lombardi, Please Pick Up the White Courtesy Phone…

Beau Bennett. Remember him? I remembered him very well from the 2010 NHL draft but then forgot all about him. Until Jon Rosen reminded me…and suddenly, I find myself thinking. As in, “you mean a young, 6’2″ 207 pound wing from Southern California who comes with an offensive skill set is out there and we don’t have him?”

This annoyed me.

What are we, chopped liver?

We are the 2012 Stanley Cup Champions.

And Rosen gives me this?

The 6-foot-2, 207 pound right-handed shot made a successful transition to left wing for the Penguins deep in the season and is one of the 48 players – and one of 16 born in the 1990’s – invited to the U.S. Men’s National Team Orientation Camp in late August in advance of the 2014 Winter Olympics.

He has made a successful transition to left wing!

What the hell do the Penguins need with left wings? They have Neal, Morrow, Kunitz (the ugly fuck), Jokinen, and more.

You know who needs left wings?


And we have one who apparently wants more money than we can afford.

Kyle Clifford for Beau Bennett.

Fair trade? Beau is still on his entry-level deal that he signed in 2011. He costs us $900,000.00 in the NHL but that’s the beauty of it. We can keep him down in Manchester for the price of a decent Kobe burger and a tall Stone Ruination.

If I was GM, I would do this and I would ignore all of your cries of foul. Because I would be GM and therefore wouldn’t give a damn what you think…

…but seeing how I am not GM, tell me what you think.


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  1. No way we would get him that cheap

    • I’m used to not having any local grown talent on the kings for some time now. Also used to being the only Kings fan in a bar with a bunch of Basketball fans. It may be the only local team on TV, fools still wanna watch college basketball over hockey. I’m the only guy trying to convince the bartender, you got ten tvs, how about the Kings game. All I get is a shrug, or “nobody watches hockey”. No respect I tell ya. No respect. Even after a Stanley Cup win. I have to fight to get games on in the bar.

      • What bars in what area? I’ve never had that problem… Even at the Mexican cowboy bars they show Kings games. I was surprised but happy at the same time

        • Long Beach to La Crescenta. If Pac 10 games are on…… Theres gonna be a discussion about changing channels. I’ve been in the bar first watching hockey and basketball fans will rise up together to take the tv channel. Just saying being a Kings/Hockey fan in LA now for 20 plus years guys like us arent the norm. Put me in a room with 100 random Angelenos and how many of them knows what icing is? Or a power play for that matter. I personally have explained the game to 100s of people. Without Gretzky, Beau Bennett becomes a great roller hockey player thats it. If Global warming continues to change the planet maybe in like 100 years we’ll have a roster of mostly LA based players. Until then im fine with just having the best team our money can buy.

      • i feel your pain. i’m damn near the only hockey fan in my whole state. I can always get them to put on the game for me though, perhaps because i’m a degenerate alcoholic and know most of the bartenders around.

        if any of you find yourselves in Waikiki during hockey season, Giovanni pastrami on lewers st. is your best bet. 3-5 mon.-fri. you get a free slice with every drink. they’re owned by round table so it’s rt pizza. there is also an actual round table just off kuhio ave but they have less screens and it’s always full of cunuckleheads. we get a lot of canadien tourists during the season. rivals on kuhio ave, excellent t.v.’s, great place to watch a game. then there’s always buffalo wild wings on ala moana, plenty of t.v.’s there, you’ll never have a problem gettin’ any game you want.

    • Clifford could go all Bryan Bickell next season.

  2. Would at least have to be Clifford and Martinez I would guess. Maybe a pick.

  3. I think Martinez is the odd defenseman out,so I would be on board with Clifford and AMart to the Pens for Beau Bennett.The Kings would also gain about $200,000-$300,000 in cap space and possibly fill the left wing spot.

    • We will regret the day we trade, if we trade, Alec Martinez. He has top 4 pairing written all over him. His skill set is below Doughty (who isn’t) and above Muzzin and damn close to Voynov.

      • Hang on to Martinez and Clifford. Muzzin got lucky fast and then blah….

        There is nothing about Martinez’s game that can’t be fixed other then a defense which overall was weaker in personal then two seasons ago. Unfortunately a continuing problem which neither Martinez or Muzzin can fix.

        Why choose Ellerby (or Reghr for that matter) over Martinez?

        Am I the only person who finds it bizarre that the Kings have a left wing problem….again.

        I don’t see the Kings as cup material this year, but if they use this season to rebuild the roster they could easily regain the cup in 14-15.

    • I’m starting to wonder if Muzzin isn’t actually the piece that’s going to be dealt, assuming one or more of the other contenders brings it strong in camp. He’s a big sized guy (plays a lot smaller as we all saw in the latter half of the season & playoffs, but as sellers we’ll keep that quiet) and put up good numbers, so that’s always appealing to buyers. IMO he’d bring more than any of the other bottom 4 d just based on potential / perceived value. As in maybe a 2nd round pick.

      • You make a good point. If Martinez and Muzzin have equal value on the Kings roster, (5th-6th defenseman) then you trade for the highest return.

        I have nothing against Muzzin, but I’m a fan of Martinez. There’s something about his game that is soothing. I feel much more comfortable with Alec on the ice. This is purely personal reference, because you could argue each case and be correct.

        Having said that, I don’t think Martinez is anywhere near Voynov and as time goes by the gap will only get larger. Martinez could be second pairing on a bad or average defensive team. Voynov could be 1st pairing on a number of teams in the league and he will continue to improve at an even or quicker pace than Martinez. Sorry, SCSF, this paragraph is more toward Scribes comments above.

  4. I think you’ve already had to many Ruinations. Re-sign Clifford, trade Martinez and bury the weakest links in Manch or lose to waivers (no loss there). If Mitchell is done, then LTIR him and you still have Clifford and room for more.

  5. I wonder how much money Clifford is asking for. There’s no way he should earn more than Lewis. I’m a KFC fanboy and I hope I get a chance to wear my Clifford costume this coming season at Staples, but lets face it; he’s replaceable. Losing him wouldn’t be the end of the world.
    It will probably take Clifford + Martinez/Ellerby & maybe some late round pick to get Beau.. Even if we get him, where do we slot him? He doesn’t sound like a fourth line player like Clifford. Just my 2 cents

  6. Pittsburgh is in a worse cap situation then the Kings; they are actually over with 23 players signed. Therefore Bennett’s 900K hit is even more valuable to them. Sidenote: Morrow is still an UFA. Also, as mentioned after the Lewis signing; Kings can afford to resign Clifford, and they need another forward under contract to have 14 forwards on the NHL roster. The cap situation in LA is fine! Dean will cut or trade the 2 least effective blueliners after the preseason (one if Mitchell can’t go) freeing up slightly over $1.7M under the cap for that 14th forward.

    Also, my brain read zone not courtesy phone so I have to say: “Oh really, Vernon? Why pretend, we both know perfectly well what this is about. You want me to have an abortion.”

  7. Don’t forget we could have drafted another local boy as well, Etam. That kid reminds me of Lewis, but with the ability to score. I frown when I watch this kid play, because he was ours for the taking and he wears the colors of our greatest enemy. Boooo!

    Ok, now on topic. I have no idea what Bennet brings to the table or what he’s worth, since I’ve seen him play exactly zero games. I would offer Shultz and a 7th. :) I really have nothing productive to add to this conversation.

  8. I was so fuckin pissed when the Kings who seem to always be looking for speedy wings come draft time got up to the podium and announced with the 15th pick in the 2010 Entry Draft, the Los Angeles Kings select Derek Forbort from the USHL.

    SILENCE??? WTF???

    Ok, so while the feel good story about Etem the kid from Long Beach who used to roller blade to get the train so he could get to practice was there for the taking, DL goes off the board and selects Forbort.

    The scouting report on Etem was gifted scorer, with natural offensive instincts, who could light it up. The only real knock on Etem was his skating. Most NHL scouts will tell you offensive instincts are really not something taught, either you have them or you don’t. You can teach a player how to skate, but the offensive instincts are what sometimes separate average forwards from the elite forwards.

    Etem, Tinordi (a fuckin beast that is nasty) 6ft 6in defenseman, Evgeny Kuznetsov ( who some say was possibly the best player in the draft ahead of Hall and Seguin) all there to be had, and even Bennett, but Dean takes Forbort.

    Now the skinny on Forbort was he was expected to a solid Top 4 type of defenseman who makes very good decisions with the puck and has some offensive ability. Forbort was already headed to North Dakota to play college hockey, so it was going to be a few years to see how his development was coming along.

    Now Forbort is about to start his professional journey with the Kings, but as it stands right now, Forbort added some size and more bite with UND. I am not worried about Forbort progressing as a defenseman or future leader, just so long as he fill out his 6ft 5in frame with about 20 lbs of muscle.

    I think Forbort might be the eventual replacement for Matt Greene, but that will be something that most likely wont happen for 4 or 5 years.

    Back to Bennett, another local kid, but not exactly prolific at DU, and seems to be dishing out assists, at a rate of 3 to 1 over goals with WB-Scranton.

    @Bugarin Nyet! To suggest the Kings having to offer Clifford, Martinez or Ellerby and a late round draft pick for a “prospect” is ridiculous. 26 NHL games played with 3 goals and 11 assists. Maybe if Bennett played a full 82 games and based off the 26 game totals 12 g and 44 assists that might be more assuring.

    Tanner Pearson is already here and has played 64 games in the AHL, most of those games played on a line with Linden Vey and either Toffoli or Andreoff.

    Andreoff has better numbers than Bennett so given the Kings already have Pearson and Andreoff each with a full AHL season, and already familiar with the Kings system of play, there is no reason to go and get Bennett.

    Clifford will get a contract signed, and he will be back for his 4th season in the NHL with the Kings.

    I still can’t believe Tyler Toffoli was still on the board when the Kings selected him in the 2nd round. I am not saying Toffoli is going to be a superstar, but so far, he hasn’t exactly shown anything to make us Kings fans think he’s going to be just a role player who might chip in the occasional goal.

  9. I really wonder what is going on behind the scenes with Clifford. What is the real truth?

  10. I thought he has been overseeing his fried chicken empire

  11. OMG: I just got the secret recipe for KFC! I now have the exact amount of those 11 herbs and spices which has been kept in Fort Knox for over 40+ years!

  12. Yeah but does he do all the stuff cliff does? If not, theb its not a good trade.


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