Ziggy Palffy has retired…and just writing his name brings back many fond memories.

One of the most talented forwards I have watched live.

Skated like the wind.

A shot that was deadly accurate. I will never forget a goal he scored against J.S. Giguere while the latter was with Anaheim. The shot came inside the circle, a slapper and holy shit what I remember most was that Giguere did not move. It was so hard that he barely had time to flinch. I leapt out of my seat while in mid beer drink, made a bit of a mess, high-fived everyone around me at the game and…shit, I cannot remember if this predated the wife and whether she was even the wife or if I had a girlfriend there that wasn’t her because it predated…you know, she is going to read this. She being the wife. Or I guess the girlfriend. I better shut up now.

I have many memories of Palffy. All of them awesome. But seeing how this issue of what year this goal was and who was with me is now going to bug me for the rest of the night and probably tomorrow, I will leave the discussion about Ziggy to you.


Still don’t remember what year this was…