Kyle Clifford Signs Two Year Deal. Now What?

Jon Rosen shot over a tweet earlier in response to mine stating that he expects Clifford to sign by or before Monday.

As I finally had a minute to let you freaks know that, I saw the other John (Hoven) tweeted Kyle has signed a two year deal.

Nothing on $ yet.

As I am speaking this article remotely, I cannot do links. I will add the links tonight.

So the big red dog remains a King. For now. Maybe.

That is a lot of competition at Camp. Cuts, waivers, trades.

Let’s talk about this.

Update: 2 years, $1.075 per season.

The Kings are now a little over $800,000 over the cap…dumping Daniel Carcillo would shed $775,000.00 in unwanted waste. As for the rest, take it out of Rob Blake’s paycheck. We can do it that way, right?

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  1. I’m guessing Cliffy got less than Lewis, maybe around 1.1. And you’re correct in the thought that he’s a King for now. He may remain one , or DL might have found a trade partner (either CLIffy or CLiffy plus..>) who wanted him signed first.
    And it will be a very competitive camp and that’s a good thing. COuld be some of the current bottom six might have to fight for a job.
    And Jack Ferriera said in an interview in June that Vey would make the club this year. So maybe Fraser’s gone and Vey slides in there for now, until Stoll leaves. Camp and the players fighting to make an impact on DL will make the preseason games fun to watch.

    OT- If anybody hasen’t seen Ray Donovan yet, you’re missing out helluva show. Jon Voight steals every scene he’s in.

  2. Here is who I see as maybe “available” going into camp. After or during camp all this can change.

    Justin Williams – This has to do with three factors. 1 is that Carter and Toffoli can be our one two punch on right wing without forcing Toffoli to switch. 2 is if Matt Frattin comes in and does really well, no need for Toffoli to switch to be the 2nd line left wing and thus he would need a spot. 3 Dean loves cap space at the trade deadline and this would give him a lot.

    Jarret Stoll – If Lewis can take over the 3rd center position this would also free space for Dean.

    Ellerby, Martinez, Schultz – This is a crap shoot and depends on camp and Mitchell

    Dwight King – Feels like the odd man out when you look at left wing now. I don’t think they are moving Clifford or Carcillo and I feel Nolan has more upside.

    Any way you look at it, this is only good for the club. Let the “tryouts” begin!

  3. Finally! Cliffy definitely needed to be signed and I’m glad that Lombardi found a way. I agree that a competitive camp is a VERY good thing. I’m still unsure about the Carcillo acquisition, but we’ll see how it all plays out. Is it October yet???? ;-)

  4. Yeah that’s fucking awesome! So does this mean Mitchell is LTIR???

  5. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    GO KINGS GO!!!

  6. Alright! I was confident Clifford would stay where he belongs, but I find myself relieved this got done. I was getting more nervous by the day. Welcome home, young man.

  7. Until moves are made speculation will be rampant. So we will all be armchair GM’s, tossing our $.02 into the fountain.

    First, I am confident that Dean will work this out.

    I think a lot of what happens depends on what Dean can get out of a trade. Now it is always hard for the fans to let players go esp. if they were around for a ‘Cup. Having said that, we all know there are a few marginal performers from last season that will have to play better this year, esp. from the bottom 6.

    As far as the comments above, would not even think about moving Williams. He is a winner. Stoll is overpaid. King and Nolan confuse me as i do not know what their potential is and whether it could be realized. Ellerby, Martinez, Schultz: Probably a 10 second conversation with Sutter will decide. Of all 3, Martinez has shown that he can play at a high level. What happened last year to him, I don’t know. Willie Mitchell, well have the answer in in 6-8 weeks. Wait and see.

  8. Dump Greene for a late rd draft pick. Sign Morrow for 1 yr @ $3 millionish.



  9. Awful?? A slow, stay-at-home, 3rd line, defensive d-man, making $3 million, on a team with major cap issues, and in desperate need for another good l-winger. Awful? How about very reasonable, and the only guy left that the kings can really leverage.

    • Hater :)

      Greener has improved his skating. He is the strongest defenseman we have. Only Mitchell protects the front of the net better. Greene also slows the game down along the boards in the d zone and buys our forwards and his partner time and space. You undervalue his contribution IMO. Add to that he is still very much in his prime. And the evidence of his significance was on full display when he returned.

    • We need Greener’s leadership, aggressive style of D, etc., to give us balance. I for one do not want to turn our King team into a Offensive Run and Gun like an Edmonton.
      GO KINGS GO!!!


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