Jon Rosen shot over a tweet earlier in response to mine stating that he expects Clifford to sign by or before Monday.

As I finally had a minute to let you freaks know that, I saw the other John (Hoven) tweeted Kyle has signed a two year deal.

Nothing on $ yet.

As I am speaking this article remotely, I cannot do links. I will add the links tonight.

So the big red dog remains a King. For now. Maybe.

That is a lot of competition at Camp. Cuts, waivers, trades.

Let’s talk about this.

Update: 2 years, $1.075 per season.

The Kings are now a little over $800,000 over the cap…dumping Daniel Carcillo would shed $775,000.00 in unwanted waste. As for the rest, take it out of Rob Blake’s paycheck. We can do it that way, right?