Andy Andreoff. Center.

Kyle Clifford. Left Wing.

Jordan Nolan. Right Wing.

My romantic side would love to see Scott Sabourin on that right side from time to time but that may be the same side that wants to bang a young Ashley Judd.

Why? Not why I want to bang Judd you dummy, why do I want that fourth line?

Because they would be efficient and play Darryl Sutter hockey.

Andy Andreoff. His is a nice package of size, hands, a pestering personality and, my favorite feature of this power forward, a hockey IQ that is well beyond that of a grunt.

Kyle Clifford. A known commodity and surrounded by toughness will play a simpler game, his game, when he is best.

Jordan Nolan. A lesser known commodity, not ready for prime time on anything higher than a fourth line but fits nicely in a north to south, strong forechecking line. Nolan is the weak link but if he has matured from last season, we will see less dumb penalties and more of what made him valuable depth in our Stanley Cup run.

Hockey lines, like strong friendships, have to take on a collective, group personality. The strongest bonds you have with those close to you arise out of this synergy. Get players that complement each other’s strengths and minimize weaknesses (the latter being the product of each player’s ability to pick up the other’s “slack” if necessary on a shift here or there) and you get chemistry. Get chemistry and you get something special.

It’s time for this fourth line juggernaut.