Is It Time For a Fourth Line Juggernaut?

Andy Andreoff. Center.

Kyle Clifford. Left Wing.

Jordan Nolan. Right Wing.

My romantic side would love to see Scott Sabourin on that right side from time to time but that may be the same side that wants to bang a young Ashley Judd.

Why? Not why I want to bang Judd you dummy, why do I want that fourth line?

Because they would be efficient and play Darryl Sutter hockey.

Andy Andreoff. His is a nice package of size, hands, a pestering personality and, my favorite feature of this power forward, a hockey IQ that is well beyond that of a grunt.

Kyle Clifford. A known commodity and surrounded by toughness will play a simpler game, his game, when he is best.

Jordan Nolan. A lesser known commodity, not ready for prime time on anything higher than a fourth line but fits nicely in a north to south, strong forechecking line. Nolan is the weak link but if he has matured from last season, we will see less dumb penalties and more of what made him valuable depth in our Stanley Cup run.

Hockey lines, like strong friendships, have to take on a collective, group personality. The strongest bonds you have with those close to you arise out of this synergy. Get players that complement each other’s strengths and minimize weaknesses (the latter being the product of each player’s ability to pick up the other’s “slack” if necessary on a shift here or there) and you get chemistry. Get chemistry and you get something special.

It’s time for this fourth line juggernaut.

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  1. I’d love to see that, and think that’s what a 4th line should be a trio of thunder and fury that scares the numbers off of jerseys. AA has shown he’s ready for the challenge and Nolan has muscled up and came in 2nd in the Kings conditioning this year behind Clifford. He’s ready. Hopefully, the apples have gone stale and King won’t be teachers pet this year, making room for positive changes on the bottom 6. King-Nolan-Clifford-Lewis-TT-Carcillo , 6 players and only slots, somebody’s gotta go. Unless Fraser is traded and Lewis moves down to 4th line C and Carcillo and King rotate? Anyway, hopefully the right choices will be made and fresh blood and new energy will be a good thing.

    OT- Carter- On the HF Kings board last night, after Carter’s 2nd goal a ‘Carter is God’ comment was made. And there are some eerie similarities. Initials are JC, a tall ,quiet dude who wears sandals and lives by the water, his best friend is a fisherman, has thousands of devoted followers and shortly after his arrival, a miracle in the guise of a Silver Cup occurred. Hmmmm

    On Carter- In this month’s hockey news (red wings on cover) in the back they always feature 1 player from each division in a column. This month’s Pacific was Jeff Carter. He LOVES playing and living in LA. He said he loved playing in Philly too, but that in LA all of his on and off ice activities aren’t scrutinized (and he’s right, playing for the Flyers is playing in a pressure cooker). He said how great it is to just be able to focus playing hockey and enjoying his off ice time in almost anonymity. The author complimented him on his great year and he said personally he was happy with his performance but that he was disappointed the team didn’t go futher and it bothered him. He also said that he ‘really wants to be a lot better ‘ this year. If he stays healthy for all 82, he’ll hit 50 goals (esp with the new 5 inch gap in the 5 hole thanks to the new goalie pad rules) book it. I bet he has 7 or 8 by end of Oct (14 games)

  2. I may get slammed for this..but I like Louie with Cliffy…Sounded like they played well together last night…now if either could be a bit more effective with that puck IN the net that would be YAY!
    GO KINGS GO!!!

  3. Carcillo doesn’t look like he belongs on any line the Kings are looking to create.

    I am not sure Andreoff will be on the opening night roster, and I hope to god King gets buried in Manchester he sucks, and I don’t think it was even a matter of having a sophomore slump last season. Big guy who floats around, doesn’t engage physically and is worse than Dustin Penner.

    What you need to know about Sabourin is this: He played with Andreoff in Oshawa, and they played together on the same line at times. Currently he only has a 2 year AHL contract, which means if I am right he really has no real rights owned by any NHL team. if the Kings sign him to a 3 year entry level contract that will be a start. I hope I am correct about Sabourin and his contract.

    Imagine a 4th line centered by Andreoff with Clifford and Sabourin! Sabourin has a left jackhammer that he is more than willing to demonstrate on the oppositions grill. Sabourin is a bigger RW at 6ft 3in and he weighs about 215 not the 200 as reported. His numbers with Oshawa were pretty good looking at his last year where he was 4th in points, behind Tyler Biggs a very highly prized prospect for Toronto taken at #22 of the 1st round of the 2011 draft, Scott Laughton the Flyers east 1st round pick at #20 in the 2012 draft and Boone Jenner a 2nd round pick of Columbus at #37 in 2011.

    Frattin so far so good, and I hope now that is he out of the microscope of Toronto, and looking like his knees are not a problem, he thrives on a Kings team which is far more talented than the Leafs. Sutter saying he has to be a North/South player kind of makes me concerned because Terry Murray made Wayne Simmonds a North/South player and we know how well that worked out!

    I think Frattin made a good 1st impression last night with coach Sutter. I know my relatives in the Great White North had nothing but praise for Frattin when he was healthy playing for the Leafs.

    The biggest question is what to do with Toffoli/Vey/Pearson. Do you keep Vey up for a few games to start the season? He’s too talented to be a 4th line center and for right now Stoll has the 3rd line center position, but Vey is silky smooth, while being defensively responsible.

    I read about how impressive or good Pearson is looking right now. What I think would be a mistake is to keep him up, but making him a healthy scratch to begin the season, or just giving him limited playing time. He still needs to play on a regular basis to improve but that isn’t something you can do on a team already loaded with talent. He is a LW however I am not sure you want to put him on a 3rd or 4th line.

    Still early, but Toffoli is probably the bigger question now that the Kings have had a good look at him from last season, to prospects development camp, prospects camp and now the big pre-season. Where does he fit going into the regular season?

    Do you place him at RW on the 2nd line, and give him PP time? Do you put him on the 4th line and take away his offense? Do you put him on the 3rd line at RW because Sutter had made it clear he isn’t planning on making him play LW now?

    Its a good problem to have right now, but all this scratching is making me itch!

    Defensively I think Schultz stays, while Ellerby gets waived or sent down to Manchester.

    Martinez I still think might be dealt his contract is 1.1 million and the Kings need CAP space..A-Mart is more attractive to teams, since he is a young defenseman with good experience, and a Stanley Cup on his resume. Martinez brings a better return with a trade most likely draft pick(s), but if you need to dump a salary his is a good place to start.

    The only thing I see being a reason to keep Martinez is he is signed for 2 years, and Schultz is an UFA at the end of this season.

    Schultz at 6ft 6in 230 lbs add the fact he is a decent skater, and with his wingspan and reach really gives the Kings a big defenseman with size and a 700K CAP hit.

    Again I might be wrong, but I am sure if that is the case someone will correct my assumptions.

    Only pre-season and after the 3 games vs the Sux (I include the 2 prospects games and then last nights blowout Kings 16 goal for and only 4 goals against.

    The new shallow nets, along with the reduction in goalie pad length is going to really be a problem for less than athletic goaltenders. Hiller/Smith/Niemi/Luongo/Fasth and the giant 6ft 4in and taller goalies are going to be affected by the new specs for equipment and the net.

    Quick who’s pads were already below league maximums is going to benefit even more now with his quickness (no pun intended).

    Kings team song sucks, everyone should in unison scream GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAALLLLLL
    Hey “insert teaam name” YOU SUCK!

    “It’s a great day for hockey!” Badger Bob Johnson!

    Kings Win, Kings Win, Kings Win!

  4. No real comment on the lines…

    Just oh so happy to have been at Honda Center last night with the many rank and file Kings fans to watch the Yucks get their asses handed to them. who cares if it was only preseason…it is just so good to beat them!!!!

    Brings a warm happy feeling to my heart!!!


  5. Man do I love beating that team. That team can’t stay out of the box. With all that speed too, Etem and Smyth-Pelley in particular can fly. Our system just exploded all over faces. This season is gonna be fun to watch. Looks like Quick is ready to go. All kinds of promise with Frattin. Vey and Andreoff should definitely get a few games this season. And of course Clïfförd!!!! He’s gonna have something to say about someone wanting his spot on a line I’m sure. GKG \X/


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