Scott Sabourin…I Promised Myself I Wouldn’t Write This Article

Every die-hard fan of a team thinks their prospects are destined to be NHL players. It’s part of being a die-hard. Despite the odds and sometimes the facts, we are optimists.

Watching his pre-season performance, reading about him and researching Scott Sabourin’s history (as well as speaking with one person who has seen him play with the Oshawa Generals), I get the sense we may have an NHL player on our hands. The rough and tumble, well skating, two-way forward who can contribute on the O end and who can become the glue of a third line on a skilled Cup contending team…

…you see, that is what I am talking about. That is exactly what I promised myself I would not write. The kid was passed up at the draft. He hasn’t played a single NHL game. Yeah, he put up 30 goals and 20 assists plus a 142 PIM in 65 games with the Oshawa Generals in 2012 but what the hell does that prove? Dick?

Then again, look at the package (head’s up lady readers). 6’3″, well over 200 pounds if I am weighing him with my eyes correctly (I am guessing 215-220ish), he can skate and he plays a fearless style of hockey. So he wasn’t drafted. Where was Dave Taylor drafted? Luc Robitaille? Rob…fuck him. Are we really putting stock in that? Pavel Datsyuk…Henrik Zetterberg…you know why I mention them? Because Cup winning teams that contend every year find these gems where others don’t.

Fuck you for stating I shouldn’t write this article.

And how damn funny is this screen shot from the Insider page?

"Why the fuck is he making that goofy face?"

“Why the fuck is he making that goofy face?”

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  1. Ya, sign that kid to an ELC ASAP. Worse case scenario he helps out in Manchester and gets a call up if Nolan winds up in the press box again. I have to admit I saw him play a couple times and I was impressed with him both games. Definitely a 3rd or 4th line grinder with a potential upside. Vey and Andreoff have the system down so they will probably get the first look. Wouldn’t shock me if he gets a call up if necessary though. Frozen Fury t minus 8 days and counting . GKG \X/

  2. I’ve been waiting for him to get an Elc. First time I seen him play was at the futures game after that looked him up, He fits the kings perfect. We need to sign him before someone else does. Do you know the rules with signing him since he’s on an ahl contract?

  3. How many days was that bender Jon Rosen was on???

    I’ve read nothing but very good things about Sabourin since camp began and from what I heard the broadcasters say of his game (the other night when he played with Weal and Kitsyn) he’s got the style and temperment that would suit the Kings. THe problem is the Kings have too many bottom 6 forwards. I would love some new blood on the 3rd and 4th lines, but I’m not sure how many changes Sutter wants. Why not give him a shot at RW.

    OT- Funny stuff…from TSN today

    “Never underestimate the keen-mindedness of the NHL tough guy.

    During Thursday’s preseason game between the New York Islanders and New Jersey Devils, Islanders forward Brett Gallant and Devils enforcer Krys Barch fought three times, with both players circumventing a league rule that would have penalized them further.

    In their second fight of the game, the two fighters took each others’ helmets off, getting around Rule 46.6 which gives an additional unsportsmanlike conduct penalty if a player removes his own head wear before he goes at it.”

    they actually had a third fight later and both got tossed. But the fact after each getting 2 min. extra after the 1st fight, they figured out how to avoid that by the second fight is pretty funny
    See, those tough guys are more than just a pretty face

    I guess the NHL will amend that rule…

    • He does look a little puffy. I would go with the bad shellfish excuse when explaining myself to DL. “Oh man. I was up all night. We went to Katsuya last night, and I think the cream sauce was bad on the dynamite I had.”

  4. Deirdre: 1st he doesn’t have a contract with the Kings right now. All he has is a 2 year AHL contract with the Monarchs, but he isn’t yet a Kings property., so 1st he needs an entry level contract to be added to the Kings organization.

    2nd he hasn’t got the offense or defense at the pro-level just yet, so he’ll most likely be going back to Manchester to learn even more about the Kings system and get some good time in games against AHL level opposition. He has looked good so far in camp, but it is pre-season, not like he is going up against the NHL elite completely.

    3rd his junior numbers were good with Oshawa and as I wrote before Andy Andreoff and Sabourin both played together with Oshawa in the OHL.

    4th he is a RW and this poses a problem even if its a bottom 6 problem, and that problem is even if he gets signed by the Kings, and made the NHL roster out of camp he wouldn’t see much playing time, which for a young guy is really almost a necessity when entering your 1st full professional season.

    5th give him some time to develop in Manchester, along with some time to get bigger and more experience and if he continues to improve, gets bigger and stronger, he could be in contention for a spot with the Kings Black Aces at the end of the AHL season if the Kings make the playoffs.

    6th there are a few players who at the end of this season will become UFA’s on the Kings:
    Lewis UFA
    Fraser UFA
    Carcillo UFA
    While Dwight King and Matt Frattin become RFA’s

    He has looked good in camp, and he has not looked out of place or like a guy who is a one dimensional player. The Kings just might have a guy to compliment a bunch of different line combinations next season and beyond.

    Looking back at Development Camp, Prospects Camp and now regular camp, Sabourin has definetly got the attention of the Kings coaches, GM and organization. Sabourin has also got the attention of Anaheim, ask

    Kenton Helgesen, Ryan Hovart or Mark Louis of Phoenix!

    I think his nickname should be THE JACKHAMMER watch him JACKHAMMER all of these players to date in pre-season, and then what he did to Darnell Nurse the 7th overall pick this past draft by Edmonton last season when Nurse played for Soo SAULT STE. and JACKHAMMER played for Oshawa.

    • Thanks Neil for the update and videos. He’s a young guy and developing his game in either Oshawa on Manchester (or both) would be a good thing. UFA’s. I don’t know that Fraser is a given this year and he won’t be back next. Didn’t like Carcillo as a Flyer and won’t miss him when he leaves…again. Lewis is a Sutter favorite but he needs to produce more goals, whose to say Sabourin, or another prospect wouldn’t be as good. And am not a King fan, and he could be replaced. Competition for a job is good thing and that bottom 6 needs fresh blood.
      Thanks so much for the update and time you took to reply, much appreciated!!!

  5. Sabourin was with the Black Aces last season after the Monarchs lost out in the AHL playoffs.


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