AndreOFF To Manchester

I can’t pass up a terrible pun.

Jon Rosen just reported the second round of cuts to training camp and the name that jumps out to bloggers and TSC regulars as a big old “What in the fuck?” is Andy Andreoff.  Scribe’s fourth line juggernaut is already in shambles and now half of everyone gets to bitch about how this damn Los Angeles Kings organization and it’s never ending ageist agenda refuses to take a flier (different than taking a Flyer, at which we are proficient) on a kid full of nothing but piss and vinegar and other substances the ladies of LA are sure to find staining their clothing in the future.   The other half gets to turn their wrinkled noses up and savor their own unclean breath as the words “I told you he wasn’t ready” leaks off their tongues.

Me, I was pulling for the kid but I haven’t seen two seconds of camp or any of the preseason games this year so I’m going with a shrug of the shoulders and a Saturday sip of “don’t give a shit” beer.  Andreoff is an NHL caliber player, and he will be a regular skater on this team or another inside of two years.  It doesn’t have to be on opening night.

Other players cut include Scott Sabourin (again, Scribe whimpers bitter tears into his cheap tequila), as well as the three baby goalies; Jones, Berube and NeiderWhateverI’mNotLookingItUpHe’sGerman.  That leaves Scrivens to fight it out with Garon for the backup job to start the season.

Pearson, Toffoli and Vey remain, along with Shore, Ebert, Campbell and Forbot, so there is plenty of battling left to do.  Now shit starts to get real, just a short time before Frozen Fury, when, as I already told you, things start to actually matter.

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  1. Ebert was in Windsor for the home opener vs Oshawa. So, he’s definitely not in camp.

  2. Disappointed we waived Kozun, but that’s what happens when the team is mismanaged and we end up with twenty 3rd line capable NHL players all in our organization at once with no spots for most of them. I think Kozun has shown steady improvement, dominated the AHL, and we’ve seen before, it’s usually when prospects start making the AHL All-Star team at a young age that they’re on the verge of becoming good NHL players. That’s about as good a barometer as any if you’ve been paying attention recently.

    I’m also disappointed Andreoff got sent down because you can just guess what it means. This organization is way too loyal and obsessed with character and experience, so they just won’t get rid of Colin Fraser no matter how poorly he plays until his contract actually runs out, because waiving a player who is still under contract just isn’t loyal enough, or something.

    Don’t like that Colin Miller got sent down, either. He’s NHL ready.

    On the bright side, Vey and Pearson are still at the big club, as is Derek Forbort, who I really think is a secret weapon for us. Kings fans need to look at our competition. Joe Thornton and Brent Burns are a line that did really well with T.J. Galiardi as their linemate last season. T.J. Galiardi. And they were already hard to handle. Now it looks like there’s the possibility that they will be adding another 6’3 forward with a huge frame and good skill in Tomas Hertl to that line. It’s just so much size, and speed, and we need to be able handle that type of line with size and speed of our own. Voynov has the speed, not the size. Regehr, Schultz, Matt Greene have the size, not the speed. Doughty and Willie Mitchell are really the two we have right now who can handle both. That’s cutting it too close for comfort. Derek Forbort has both too in spades, and that’s why if there’s any way to get him going this year, and not wait another year, I’m for it.

    • Since this is the pre-season, I’m talking of this in terms of calling certain people out who don’t have a fucking clue about what they are talking about.

      “Disappointed we waived Kozun” Kozun is too short and unless he becomes Martin St. Louis over night, he’ll never play for the Kings. He might play in the NHL for some other franchise, but not for the Kings.
      Dominating the AHL, or being on an AHL All Star team doesn’t mean shit, especially when there are plenty of used to be NHL players who are living out the twilight of their career in hockey in the AHL and make All Star teams there.

      Jordan Weal looked much more ready than Kozun and I still think Weal might get a cup of coffee this season with the Kings. I think in heels Kozun might be 5ft 9in, but not barefoot. Weal is closer to 5ft 9in than Kozun is.

      Am I disappointed that Andreoff was sent back to Manchester? Not really. When your GM and coaching staff have to make that call, you have to take into consideration how much playing time would a 5th or 6th depth guy most likely get if he was to make the Kings NHL roster out of training camp? The answer is probably not enough to help them grow, or justify keeping him up.

      Andreoff has 1 professional season so far, and he played well enough to earn a spot on the 1st or 2nd line with Manchester. He goes back to Manchester to continue to work on his game, along with being a leader on the ice. Andy is better off getting to play 15+ minutes a night with Manchester vs maybe 5 minutes a night in the NHL if he isn’t a healthy scratch. The fact he can play center or wing make him much more attractive to this organization. He is better off in Manchester to start this season.

      Collin Miller is not NHL ready. How the fuck can you make a statement like this? Collin Miller hasn’t even played in the AHL yet, so how the hell can you say he is NHL ready? Have you seen him play in the NHL someplace else? He’s ready to start his professional hockey career, but he has yet to play regular season game with Ontario/Manchester or Los Angeles. He’s green, needs to be coached, and play at the next level, which certainly isn’t the NHL.

      There isn’t really a “bright side” to having Vey or Pearson still playing this pre-season with the Kings. Its a reach at the most for Pearson to be playing with the Kings to start this season, but it will serve him better to play in Manchester again on the 1st line, and continue to get more experience, and coaching to help him succeed at the NHL level.

      Pearson is a LW, but having his play on the 4th line possibly the 3rd line here might not help his growth, since his minutes would probably suffer. The Kings don’t need to rush him right now. He will probably be sent back to Manchester at some point, but he is better off playing as a 1st line LW with the Monarchs, not a healthy scratch for the Kings.

      Vey isn’t a 4th line center. I don’t see him taking Stoll’ spot as the 3rd line center position, so its a waste again to keep Vey up is he isn’t going to play on a 1st or 2nd line, even a 3rd line to start the season with the Kings. We have watched him look like he is ready to make the transition to the NHL roster, but if it means he gets buried as a 5th center, it isn’t going to do him any good right now.

      Vey can go back to Manchester, where he can center Andreoff and Pearson like he did last season, and if the Kings need to call him up to fill in for an injury great. Maybe the Kings make a trade and Vey gets more of a regular role with the Kings, but having him in the NHL for the sake of having him here doesn’t help him out.

      Finally you are so wrong about Forbort! He’s no secret weapon, he’s a project still. Gravel is a better defenseman than Forbort.

      WTF? “Derek Forbort has both too in spades, and that’s why if there’s any way to get him going this year, and not wait another year, I’m for it.” Forbort isn’t fast enough and big enough right now to be effective in the NHL?

      You have no fuckin clue what you are talking about. Forbort isn’t fast, Forbort hasn’t .earned how to use his size, and he’s not defensively good enough to even play in the NHL yet. He has 3 years at North Dakota and a few games with Manchester at the end of last season that is pretty much his experience to date. He has 15-20 lbs to gain in muscle, and he hasn’t played an NHL schedule, he played a college schedule. You know how many games they play in college? Roughly half a NHL season. They play on weekends, so maybe 2 games a week, hardly a comparison to the rigors of an NHL schedule and travel schedule.

      • While I mostly agree with you, Neil, I don’t go so far down the “if a skilled player is playing 4th line minutes in the NHL then he is better off playing top line minutes in the AHL” road. This rule does apply very early on in a player’s career, but there comes a time when 4th line NHL minutes are more beneficial than top line AHL minutes. It comes at the point when a player doesn’t have as much to learn in enters of rounding out his game and needs to focus on nuancing it against top competition. If anyone in the organization is at that point, I think it’s Vey. Again, I haven’t seen him myself yet this preseason, but from what I know about him, have seen and have heard, this is a kid who will likely be best off playing NHL minutes, whatever those minutes may be.

        Just because a player is a skilled future top 6 player doesn’t mean he has to start his NHL career that way. I know we are all terrified from the Terry Murray days of trying to turn everyone (like Purcell and Moulson) into a grinder, but there is a long line of top NHL players who got their starts anchoring a 4th line. You know when this happens? When you have a championship caliber team but still want to develop prospects. We are getting to that point regularly now, so except in a rare circumstance like how we can’t get a LW locked down to save our skins, guys like Vey, if they want to be nurtured and thrive in the Kings organization, will have to pay their dues getting 6-10 minutes with the big boys.

        • Understood about Vey. It might be better for him to make the NHL roster out of camp, however we also have to look at CAP issues.

          Vey makes 900K.

          The Kings are still over the CAP and for what? Carcillo? Ellerby? Martinez? King?

          If Darryl can take Vey, and have him play a decent amount of minutes, I am all for it. I am however not so sure that would happen.

          Yes I am scared that somehow Terry Murray and his fucked up coaching decisions could keep Vey hanging around as a healthy scratch.

          Vey should center a Toffoli and maybe a Clifford, and maybe they move Stoll down to the 4th line, or create a 4th line with Vey/Toffoli/Pearson
          I just don’t want to see a kid who has proven he is ready to play in the NHL, only getting 5 minutes a game, or sitting in the press box watching instead of playing.

          I have watched Vey play, and he has looked silky smooth so far, however this has also been in training camp, so maybe the give him some games during the beginning of this season against NHL rosters to see how he does.

          Injuries will most likely see him called up at some point, I just hope he does get a decent amount of minutes a game if he does play for the Kings.

      • Neil,

        I didn’t read most of your post because it basically started with the dumb idea that “he’s short so he can’t be good,” or, paraphrasing, “Unless you’re Martin St Louis, you can’t be good and short.” It’s like you’ve never heard of Brad Marchand.

        To be fair though, I can understand why you wouldn’t get why I was recommending certain players since my comment from a few days ago that actually explained why I valued all these players was deleted.

        And again Bobby, Jacob, I understand that you dont like my long posts, and that, ever since you singled me out, it’s gotten blown up from a mole hill into a mountain to the point where it probably is disrupting. And I understand that you guys don’t seem to like me. All I would say is, if you could put that aside for one sec and give me a fair jury just once, can you at least see why I write long posts now?

        I wrote a ton of background on why I wanted to keep all these various players, including Kozun. But my comment never showed up. Then I write a shorter one here, just mentioning the players names, no explanations, to make it shorter, and look what happens! Neil says, “How could you possibly recommend those players? You’re an idiot! Don’t you know Kozun’s short?”

        And this is what happens every time I leave out the detailed explanations. That’s why my instinct is to write them longer because once this happens, the conversation is already dead on arrival. But if Neil had actually gotten to see my long comment with all the explanations, he’d see that I even addressed his concerns about Kozun’s height before he even brought it up.

        From my deleted comment with all the explanations:

        And Kozun was always too small and didn’t have quite the Martin St Lous skill to compensate, but lately I think he’s really improved his strength. He wont be St Louis, but a Brad Marchand type might not be impossible. And he produces in the AHL. Production usually means there’s something there that maybe you don’t see. In this case, he’s so small that you might not suspect it, but I’ve heard he also has a really nice shot.

        Do you at least see my point? Neil basically writes, “I disagree with you, and you don’t have a fucking clue, because you don’t even know that Kozun is not Martin St. Louis” a couple days after I literally wrote the words “He won’t be Martin St Louis.”

        So he disagrees with me for thinking Kozun is the next Martin St Louis, when I literally wrote before he even said this that I don’t think Kozun is the next Martin St Louis. Makes a lot of sense. But again I cant fully blame him since he didn’t get to see that. All I can blame him for is the dumb assumption that because I didn’t want to waive an undersized player, I must think he’s Martin St Louis. And I mean, he definitely bears some responsibility for that. Bobby, Jacob, I’m not trying to say that long, over explained comments should be necessary, and acceptable, in a normal world. If you two were talking among yourselves, or with other people of high intellect, they wouldn’t be. But on the internet, with people like Neil, just look what happens when you leave ANYTHING to them to figure out for themselves. Of ALL the assumptions he could have made when I said I didn’t want to WAIVE Kozun (notice I said I didn’t want to WAIVE him, not that I thought he should get a 10 million dollar per year salary and a top line spot), he goes to “you must think he’s the next Martin St Louis.”

        Really? And what if I didn’t want to waive Colin Fraser? “You’re an idiot, why do you think Fraser is Steve Yzerman?” What if I didn’t want to waive Trevor Lewis? Not wanting to waive someone is not synonymous with thinking they are an all-time great player. Yet that’s the assumption he made. “You don’t want to waive Kozun and risk losing a talented AHL scorer after witnessing what happened with Matt Moulson and Teddy Purcell in similar circumstances… well you must think he’s the next Martin St Louis then!”

        I AGREE with you guys, these things shouldn’t need further explanation, but clearly, on the internet, they do! Just look at what just happened with Neil’s comment if you have any doubt! And that’s why I tend to over explain things! So I’m hoping you can at least see my point. And the worst part is every time I wrote a shorter comment, someone else misunderstands it and gets a sanctimonious attitude because I didn’t prove every one of my points with long explanations for once, so they use that as an excuse to try to feel superior and disagree with me, and that leaves THEM to write a really long comment, like Neil just did, and then if I want to salvage the actual conversation I came for, I have to respond back explaining everything anyway, and the end result is everything ends up way longer than it would have in the first place with one long comment by me.

        So that’s my explanation, and I hope you guys can sympathize even if you don’t like me and see my point. But I will still try to post much shorter in the future to make your lives easier as well!

        • In trying to explain why you need to make long comments, you did the exact thing we asked you to stop doing with the long comments, which is repeat yourself over and over.

          You can just say “I made a comment (that got deleted) the other day that I don’t think Kozun will be or needs to be St. Louis”

          Instead you repeated that exact thought I think, 3 or 5 times and it took me 3 minutes to read 10 seconds worth of thought.

          You will never be able to explain every reason behind a point you make, so I’m not buying the idea that you need to be allowed to ramble endlessly because otherwise, someone might not know every facet of your addled head.

        • I just disagree with you, and agree with Neil.

  3. It all just means the regular season is getting closer. All my short friends are sad that Kozun is gone. There’s a reason Theo Fleury is the most recent comparison to Kozun you can find, cause that NHL is dead. You basically have to be built like a fire hydrant if you’re gonna make it today at 5’9″, please……. Loktionov was bigger than him. He couldn’t cut it either. At least we got a 5th round pick (AHLerby) for him.

  4. Just because they start the season in Manchester doesn’t mean jack shit. Once the shit hits the fan the best players will play. We have already seen this happen with Voynov, and numerous other times before.


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