I can’t pass up a terrible pun.

Jon Rosen just reported the second round of cuts to training camp and the name that jumps out to bloggers and TSC regulars as a big old “What in the fuck?” is Andy Andreoff.  Scribe’s fourth line juggernaut is already in shambles and now half of everyone gets to bitch about how this damn Los Angeles Kings organization and it’s never ending ageist agenda refuses to take a flier (different than taking a Flyer, at which we are proficient) on a kid full of nothing but piss and vinegar and other substances the ladies of LA are sure to find staining their clothing in the future.   The other half gets to turn their wrinkled noses up and savor their own unclean breath as the words “I told you he wasn’t ready” leaks off their tongues.

Me, I was pulling for the kid but I haven’t seen two seconds of camp or any of the preseason games this year so I’m going with a shrug of the shoulders and a Saturday sip of “don’t give a shit” beer.  Andreoff is an NHL caliber player, and he will be a regular skater on this team or another inside of two years.  It doesn’t have to be on opening night.

Other players cut include Scott Sabourin (again, Scribe whimpers bitter tears into his cheap tequila), as well as the three baby goalies; Jones, Berube and NeiderWhateverI’mNotLookingItUpHe’sGerman.  That leaves Scrivens to fight it out with Garon for the backup job to start the season.

Pearson, Toffoli and Vey remain, along with Shore, Ebert, Campbell and Forbot, so there is plenty of battling left to do.  Now shit starts to get real, just a short time before Frozen Fury, when, as I already told you, things start to actually matter.