Jonathan Bernier Fights Ryan Miller, Quickly Reaches Legendary Maple Leafs Status

So this happened…

Jonathan Bernier won that tilt.

David Clarkson is an idiot…enjoy the 10 games in a suit.

If there is one guy I would not want to fight, it’s John Scott.

Meanwhile, let’s reminisce about, ironically, the night a former L.A. Kings goalie fought a former L.A. Kings assistant General Manager.

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  1. John Scott… is a good name for a hardcore band.

    I wonder how Bernie will do in Toronto

  2. And this is why I love Bernier!

  3. I think we are going to really miss Bernier, this was great!

  4. I wonder if Berniers decision to drop gloves was impulsive or if he took advantage of an opportunity to make his mark with the team and fans in Toronto. Who cares, it sure was fun to watch.

  5. …and a 15rd SO between the teams the day before. I wish all preseason was like this.

  6. Kessel….haha “oh fuck!!”

    • Ya what a fuckin pussy. That’s some pretty dangerous stick work there! All while skating away as fast as he can. Punk.

      • I have zero problem with Kessel chopping down the Sequoia tree at the ankles. If a punk-ass heavyweight enforcer is going after a flyweight ballerina, then Kessel has a green light to use anything available to defend himself.

        Bernier, though, I would rather you didn’t participate in events as that, nice scrap, young man.

        What was Miller doing? He didn’t want to fight. Why challenge and taunt someone when you don’t really want to back up your actions. Silly

        I’m just glad hockey is only two weeks away!

        • Bullshit, 13. Kessel starts yappin’ at him at 1:34 in the vid., right after he slaps his own pads with his stick. He was eggin’ Scott on, thinkin’ the goon wouldn’t come after him. Even in this pussified era of hockey you do not get to talk shit to someone and then cry “why did he come after me”?

          • Not sure that was the case, Hawaii. Scott personally said, he would have fought anyone who lined up beside him to retaliate for the fight that happened prior. He blames Carlyle for putting Kessel in that situation. Scott himself said, “I told Kessel we have to go!.” So I’m not sure how much of this was instigated by Kessel. So, yes, It was a punk-ass move.

            I did watch the melee again and I didn’t see Kessel come back at Scott and spear him after all had calmed a bit. That particular incident I’llI call Bullshit. But I still have no problem with him using his stick to ward off that Polar Bear in the beginning.

          • guess we’ll have to agree to disagree ’cause to me it looks like kessel is the donkey we’ve all seen in the bar talkin’ shit, with no intention of backin’ it up whilst leaning backwards so his friends will hold him back.
            earlier I also read what scott supposedly said before it all happened but my drunk ass can’t find it now. but if we are to believe that, did it not also say that he claims kessel said he was ready to go? i’ll try to find the article I read earlier

          • Hahaha! It’s all good, Hawaii. It doesn’t effect our team, so it really doesn’t matter anywho, right? As long as we’re healthy and ready to start the season, we should have another outstanding year. Cheers to you my friend!

          • Indeed, and cheers right back, bitch =) . And now to continue my assiness, (did I just make up a word?) i’m sure you guys already know but since i’m ’bout the only hockey fan in HI I just found out while lookin’ for the kessel article that “Kings captain Brown (hamstring) skates, ‘highly unlikely’ to start season”. Only a hammy but still, looks like we won’t be completely healthy to start

          • Scott was skating around trying to get anybody to go. Kessel is an idiot and a pussy. Didnt see ONE other person on the ice swing their stick, just ballerina boy. By the way the only place something like that happens in the world and isnt called assault with a deadly weapon is on the ice. The very first time i lost respect for Rob Blake was for slashing anything and anyone in the final minutes of our game 4 sweep by the Blues. The same year Courtnall ran into Storr. I was embarrassed by that much more than the loss.

          • Polar Bear? Sequoia? Why all the hate for the big boys lil cabellero?

          • No hate for big boys. I’m 6’2, 225. I’m a decent size man and where I come from, it’s the the big man who’s a pussy for going after a guy the size of Kessel. If you have a personal vendetta against Kessel, that’s fine, but don’t sit here and call someone a pussy for defending himself against someone who has no business going after him.

            Just two different points of view.

          • Sorry chief . Scott was already turned around and engaged with two other Maple Leafs when Kessel took that second whack at him. Then he skated off and bear hugged someone less scary til it was all over. See what you want. I saw what I saw.

          • Kessel 6’0″ 203. It’s really just his vagina that makes him seem smaller than that.

          • Hahahaha! Scott, 6’8, 270!

          • It’s a regular David and Goliath story. Everyone loves an underdog.

      • Ballerina, pussy, potato, potahto. The whack when he was already at the bottom of the dogpile was chickenshit. What was he thinking putting his hand in his face anyway. I’d punch Phil Kessel just for being a douche.

  7. Ha ha…Kessel would’ve gotten pummeled.

    Bernie with an opportunity to blow off some steam after being Mr. Backup.

    On a separate note, how in the Fuck did we get Garon back??? Who invited him to camp? Hasn’t Dean learned his lesson with Trent Hunter and Ethan Moron?

  8. at least the quacks are good for somethin’.

    “The San Jose Sharks will be without forward Raffi Torres for the start of the season because of an injured right knee.”

    “Torres was injured in a collision with Anaheim forward Emerson Etem on Friday night”.


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