Pre-Fury, Preseason, Post Game Pontification. Kings Beat Ducks 2-1

If Darryl Sutter can turn Daniel Carcillo into a respectable fourth line wing, then please let’s put Sutter in charge of the Syrian thing, dealing with Iran, fixing the Middle East (you know it’s only the “middle” east if you’re standing in Western Europe, right?) in general and, while we’re at it, taking care of the U.S. economy, while the Obama administration becomes a healthy scratch…now that I have offended some of you…

This was kind of fun, right? The forecheck cometh. Willie Mitchell cometh. Watching Kopitar and Williams in great shape and star form makes my hockey boner cometh.

I didn’t think “beast mode” applied to preseason games but, holy smoke, Justin Williams was in it.

Kopi should have had a hat-trick.

Dwight King’s pass to Kopitar was perfect. Hit 11 in stride. Dwight King, absent that embarrassment that should not be called a fight, was pretty not bad. I shall not get excited.

So Matt Frattin. I finally noticed him in the third period where he was doing stuff. The forechecking, skating with the puck on his stick, looking to make plays, using his size kind of stuff. I liked it. Before that, it was all pancakes.

Speaking of Penner, did he play after he took that penalty in the first? Yes? When? I hear he is in Boudreau’s dog house already. You haven’t lived until you have had a grown man made of wet clay bag skate your ass. Enjoy Anaheim, pancakes.

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Jerks haven’t answered my question yet.

Jeff Carter was warming up toward dangerous.

Mike Richards’ head was still partially fishing.

Trevor Lewis is “All American.” Love him. If he had hands…oh, if he had hands

Kyle Clifford had jump, hit a lot, provided energy…and that is about what a fourth line player is supposed to do.

Jonathan Mother Sutting Quick. Just keep pouring on the adjectives to describe his greatness.

Willie Mitchell wasn’t the Willie Mitchell of the 2011-2012 season but damn it was nice having him back. You can tell he needs more time and some of his reads (easy to judge from where I am sitting, I know) are off but the guy is such a stud at keeping the crease clear and make subtle smart plays that break up an opposing team’s offensive opportunities. And those nice passes out of the defensive zone. Seriously, if we had Willie in the playoffs, we would have been playing Boston.

Slava Voynov skates like I wish I did and don’t. His stride is sutting perfect. He may be the best skater on the team.

Alec Martinez you fucking haters and malcontents. Did you see what a healthy Martinez can do when reunited with Matt Greene? Tell me you want Jake Muzzin or Keaton Ellerby? Tell me you’re dumb and know nothing about the importance of gap control and patience with the puck, especially under pressure? It’s Alec’s job to lose.

Anaheim is our bitch.


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5 replies

  1. spot on observations tonight!

  2. Great write up Scribe! LOL @ Anahymens!

  3. I think the guys on the ice last night minus Brown looked ready for the regular season to start.

    If I am correct the Kings have scored 18 goals and allowed Analslime 5 goals this pre-season including the prospects games.

    If you saw the pre-game show with OD and Patrick, the way they described Brown’ hamstring didn’t sound like he just tweaked it. His hammy is fucked up! I hope he can play in a pre-season game, and then to start the regular season, but I’m not sure that is going to happen.

    If Brown is still having issues with his hamstring, this presents a challenge because Dwight King did play well last night, but how long until he goes missing like Amelia Earhart?

    I am not sure if last nights roster for the Kings is what we are to expect opening night, because if it is, then that can only mean Pearson/Vey are headed back to Manchester to play and Toffoli would be a question mark, because of his CAP hit.

    I would assume the Kings would cut Keaton Ellerby loose which would then put them below the CAP. Schultz and Muzzin can be those healthy scratches and once Brown returns then maybe that means Nolan goes back to Manchester.

    There is still the possibility of a trade.

    It wasn’t exactly a full Sux roster, since they were missing many of their veteran defenseman Beauchamin, Souray along with forwards Koivu, Perry, Etem, Silfverberg, so not quite the full measure of offense.

    It was great to see Dustin Penner (Mr. Consistency) playing, just like he had for the Kings the past 3 seasons. I am glad the CAP being reduced for this season forced Dean to let Penner go, because I was worried he would get yet another chance to score 5 goals add a few assists during the regular season, while maybe potting the occasional game winning goal in the playoffs.

    The Phil Spector Wall of Defense last night resembled the Wall of 2011-2012 and Stretch Quick or Gumby looked like the guy we saw in 2011-2012 and at the end of last season and through the playoffs.

    I still get a little worried when I see Quick handling the puck, just don’t want to see him wiff on a puck behind the net like he did against Steen vs St. Louis.

    On to Lost Wages! For all those making the pilgrimage may you leave Vegas with lots of gelt, and may our Kings leave with no injuries, and victorious!

    To quote the late Nicky Santoro: “A lot of holes in the desert, and a lot of problems are buried in those holes. But you gotta do it right. I mean, you gotta have the hole already dug before you show up with a package in the trunk. Otherwise, you’re talking about a half-hour to 45 minutes worth of digging. And who knows who’s gonna come along in that time? Pretty soon, you gotta dig a few more holes. You could be there all fuckin’ night.”

  4. I was really happy last night. Like wet chin, smiling like a mental patient happy. Besides it being the first televised Kings game, and Frozen Fury being this weekend. Alot of the questions I had about certain players all seemed to disappear. Martinez looked strong, and determined to make the team, same with King. Sweet pass to Kopi for the GW. Nolan seemed to be effective in his role again. I’m already convinced Frattin is gonna work out based on what I’ve seen. Nothing spectacular last night, but I like what I’ve seen otherwise. Mitchell has played two full games now. Quick looked good, JW looked really good, and Kopi is Kopi again. Matt Greene I hope retires a King. Definitely gonna treat myself to a #2 jersey this year. I just saw my reflection in my phone. That smile is back again. GKG \X/

  5. But what do you call someone who lives in Anaheim and is going on six years of being a Kings Season ticket holder and a loyal follower of Surly & Scrib…..and will be at Frozen Fury…..and yells at the Honda Center whenever they drive by “HEY DUCKS YOU SUCK!!!!!”


    I might say Fucking-Kingsfantabulous!!!


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