The hell with the first through fourth demarcations…if that word even makes sense in the context of what I am about to write.

Instead, let’s focus on who stays and who goes and then we’ll figure out (if we still give a damn) where they “fit.”

Tender: Jonathan Quick

Backup Tender: Up for grabs but likely Surly’s disease.

That’s 2.

Forwards: In order of my subjective favorites, Anze Kopitar, Jeff Carter, Justin Williams, Dustin Brown, Mike Richards, Trevor Lewis, Jarret Stoll…

That’s 9

I told you fuckers over a month ago Matt Frattin was going to be the second line left wing.

He stays.

That’s 10.

The L.A. Kings are not going to lose Jordan Nolan to waivers. The fact he is 10 pounds trimmer and it is self-evident he is working harder to play smarter means he stays.


The present version of Kyle Clifford is exactly what you want on the fourth line left wing. Carved out of steel, tough, can skate and, when Clifford plays a simple game with a front of the net presence, the fucker is gold.


Brown – Kopitar – Williams

Frattin – Richards – Carter

_____ – Stoll – Lewis

Clifford – ____ – Nolan

Let’s look at our defense, again playing favorites: Drew Doughty, Matt Greene, Slava Voynov, Willie Mitchell, Alec Martinez, Robyn Regehr.


That leaves 5 spots open.

Back to the forwards…

Colin Fraser = tradable asset with little value but he likely stays.

Tyler Toffoli = Top Titty fit anywhere absent a trade? You could move Lewis to the left of Stoll and put Titty atop there.

Tanner Pearson = If he stays, he either takes Clifford’s spot or takes the open left wing position next to Jarret Stoll

Linden Vey = Would take him over Fraser every night but would Sutter? No. Sorry kids, I think Fraser stays.

Dwight King = Your most likely 3rd line left wing. Also a very likely trade. Anything could happen with Kong and it would not surprise me.

I still refuse to acknowledge Daniel Carcillo is on the team.


Jake Muzzin = with the way Alec Martinez is playing (as I told you fuckers he would), 7th defenseman

Jeff Schultz = he’s a large human.

Keaton Ellerby = Come on…

Did I leave out anyone?

5 spots open: Fraser (C), Toffoli (RW), King (LW), Muzzin (D), Schultz (D).

What I want? Toffoli (RW), Vey (C), King (LW), Muzzin (D), Schultz (D)

You have two spots to fill at the regular forward positions and none on defense.

That’s it.

Have a beer, squeeze your girlfriend or wife’s ass (if she complains, tell her it was my idea), think about who fits where and get back to me…