L.A. Kings Fans, Let’s Do Lines…I’ll Go First.

The hell with the first through fourth demarcations…if that word even makes sense in the context of what I am about to write.

Instead, let’s focus on who stays and who goes and then we’ll figure out (if we still give a damn) where they “fit.”

Tender: Jonathan Quick

Backup Tender: Up for grabs but likely Surly’s disease.

That’s 2.

Forwards: In order of my subjective favorites, Anze Kopitar, Jeff Carter, Justin Williams, Dustin Brown, Mike Richards, Trevor Lewis, Jarret Stoll…

That’s 9

I told you fuckers over a month ago Matt Frattin was going to be the second line left wing.

He stays.

That’s 10.

The L.A. Kings are not going to lose Jordan Nolan to waivers. The fact he is 10 pounds trimmer and it is self-evident he is working harder to play smarter means he stays.


The present version of Kyle Clifford is exactly what you want on the fourth line left wing. Carved out of steel, tough, can skate and, when Clifford plays a simple game with a front of the net presence, the fucker is gold.


Brown – Kopitar – Williams

Frattin – Richards – Carter

_____ – Stoll – Lewis

Clifford – ____ – Nolan

Let’s look at our defense, again playing favorites: Drew Doughty, Matt Greene, Slava Voynov, Willie Mitchell, Alec Martinez, Robyn Regehr.


That leaves 5 spots open.

Back to the forwards…

Colin Fraser = tradable asset with little value but he likely stays.

Tyler Toffoli = Top Titty fit anywhere absent a trade? You could move Lewis to the left of Stoll and put Titty atop there.

Tanner Pearson = If he stays, he either takes Clifford’s spot or takes the open left wing position next to Jarret Stoll

Linden Vey = Would take him over Fraser every night but would Sutter? No. Sorry kids, I think Fraser stays.

Dwight King = Your most likely 3rd line left wing. Also a very likely trade. Anything could happen with Kong and it would not surprise me.

I still refuse to acknowledge Daniel Carcillo is on the team.


Jake Muzzin = with the way Alec Martinez is playing (as I told you fuckers he would), 7th defenseman

Jeff Schultz = he’s a large human.

Keaton Ellerby = Come on…

Did I leave out anyone?

5 spots open: Fraser (C), Toffoli (RW), King (LW), Muzzin (D), Schultz (D).

What I want? Toffoli (RW), Vey (C), King (LW), Muzzin (D), Schultz (D)

You have two spots to fill at the regular forward positions and none on defense.

That’s it.

Have a beer, squeeze your girlfriend or wife’s ass (if she complains, tell her it was my idea), think about who fits where and get back to me…

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  1. The Derek Forborts and Kevin Gravels of the world may honestly not be ready for NHL ice for another 3-4 years. I know that sounds harsh, but they’re stay at home guys. Ellerby, on the other hand, with some solid development could be ready to take Mitchell or Regehr’s spot in 1-2… ergo, I think he stays and Schultz goes. Schultz doesn’t seem to have made an impression on Sutter either. My only question is how long do they go with 8 defenseurs? Would they try to sneak Ellerby through waivers at some point?

  2. Ellerby isn’t going to take Mitchell or Regehr’ place. He’s got a long way to go and honestly he hasn’t even panned out to be worthy of a 1st round pick 10th overall in 2007.

    Maybe with some coaching, which is going to take more than his 1 year contract to develop, but I don’t think he’ll be staying with the Kings longer than this season then he gone.

    I think Schultz just because of his experience and size will be more attractive to the Kings this season. I think Schultz stays.

    Oye Vey!

    You know you just opened the door for that certain person who is going to write a novel about what he thinks and why he thinks it.

    Expect this moron to tell you that Tanner Pearson is a better center than Linden Vey. Why? Because he doesn’t know that Pearson is a LW not a Center but that doesn’t matter according to that person.

    Expect him to tell you Clifford belongs on the 1st line and that Dustin Brown should be dropped to the 3rd line because the 3rd line didn’t score last season.

    Expect him to tell you Toffoli has to be a top 6 forward and he should play LW because he is better than Frattin, having never really seen Frattin play.

    MrConcisemice wrote:

    Some ideas I’ve had:

    L1. Clifford – Kopitar – Williams
    L2. Richards – Carter – Toffoli
    L3. Brown – Stoll – Frattin
    L4. King – Pearson – Vey
    Extras: Nolan

    D1. Muzzin – Doughty
    D2. Mitchell – Voynov
    D3. Martinez – Greene
    Extras: Colin Miller, Forbort, Regehr (if we can’t trade him)

    Ok so now everyone knows what this genius will regurgitate from his previous rants, please just say no!

    Pearson is a LW, always has, always will be, so no Pearson will not be a center. He’ll be back in Manchester for a bit, he might get a call up since he is a product like Clifford and the late Wayne Simmonds of Dale Hawerchuk in Barrie who teaches kids a 200 ft game.

    Linden Vey is the odd man out. Unfortunately for Oye Vey right now the Kings have no spot for him due to a few different things CAP and depth at center. Vey is ready, just right now its a numbers game and he plays in Manchester, doesn’t take up CAP space which the Kings don’t have right now.

    I’m done playing fantasy delusional line combinations,

    Defense WYSIWYG last night was your defense for this season. No if and of buts. Greene as healthy as he is now huge, Mitchell back huge, having Regehr huge, having Martinez back to A-Mart huge and Doughty gets to make PK Subban look like a joke for a Norris Trophy winner.

    Forbort, Miller are going to Rob Blake, just like Pearson, Vey. Nolan and King can be sent back to Manchester but I doubt it right now.

    Forecheck and energy from everyone especially Lewis/Clifford/Nolan/Stoll welcome back!

    Yes the Rangers looked like crap, not the point the Kings dominated almost every part of that game last night. The only thing they can improve on is the PP and they are golden.

    Blame the CAP if you don’t like who stays and who goes!

    • Shoot Neil, as much as I don’t want to defend that long-winded egotist, guy, I’ve laid into him pretty hard before so some balance is in order: he was actually saying that TT wasn’t boxed into the top 6, unlike what the Mayor had previously written. I also noticed that he was posting at 2 and 5 am, so assuming he’s writing from here and not Australia, I would imagine he’s going to be watching the finale of Breaking Bad with just a bit more self interest than most of us.

      Would love to see Pearson, TT and Vey on the roster, but I suspect only TT will be there opening day. I’m probably a bad person for hoping that one of the slower guys on the bottom 6 gets a non-career ending injury before Thanksgiving, but I can live with that guilt.

      I’d be happy if Muzzin was packaged off in a deal but I doubt it gets done on roster cutdown weekend. Too many moving pieces throughout the league and little cap room in general; hopefully later in the season something gets done. We still have a logjam back there but given Lombardi’s concern that Mitchell may not make it through the season, it seems that we’re stuck with the RR insurance policy so no use pontificating about his sluggishness. Ellerby seems more likely to crack the roster than Schultz, based on nothing more than Sutter’s comments and the fact that he’s an RFA after this year (whereas Schultz is a UFA). I suspect that Forbort is being groomed for a spot on the team next year, provided he shows a touch more progress. I could be way off, but I don’t think Greene is going to be re-signed. Regardless, next year is really the year when several young guys are going to be expected to step up and make the team.

      Welp, that leaves us with Toffoli (R), Ellerby (D), Muzzin (D), the hopefully new and improved King (L), and the not so exciting Fraser (C) and a lot of caveats and room for improvement after opening weekend. Time to see how much salary Deano is willing to send to Manchester…

      • Greene will finish his career as a King.

        Ellerby should never make the top 6.

        Muzzin has potential and that’s it. Means dick if he can’t put it together on a consistent basis, especially in the post season

        This isn’t your daddy’s Kings.

        Cup or bust

        • Nice answer..agree..Elerby bandaid..take it off..Muzzin..we need patience..Of course Greener stays..Kings are proven to be smart with their vetran D men..imo
          GO KINGS GO!!!

          • Ah gee, you fellas are emotionally attached, and I get it. Heck, I won’t even make the obligatory crack comparing you to my other oh never mind. But at the end of the day, it’s business, isn’t it? That doesn’t mean that relationships don’t matter, but roster decisions need to be made on a regular basis, so it pays to be a rational actor and evaluate based on the complete picture. Needs change, skills evolve, the trade value of players rises and then falls, and fitting things under the cap requires making a number of interrelated moves. I don’t see how anyone can say that anyone is untouchable.

  3. Howdy Bobby. .FF rockin..This is too much thinkin in Vegas..I am over stimulated..no not like that..Hockey/alcohol/horse racing/ alcohol/ooker Tourney/”did I say akcohol :)
    The one comment I can say is Kinger..not a Huge fan..but he is making me take notice. .did Tues vs sucks..and again last night..playing with top players can flatter you. .and the Rangers are a disjointed team to put It mildly…my first thought last night. Look at all the open ice!!! When is the last time we had that luxury? I love Captain Brown hands down..but King has been good..like the Cup year…same with Nolie..He is playing with determination. Vey..Pearson..our future :-D fitting right in..
    Hungry for another W..another Cup!!!
    GO KINGS GO!!!

  4. Of course, top line stays in tact. Thank you for not suggesting Williams gets traded. The only thing more goofy…

    …Is suggesting Carter and Richards play center on different lines. You never break up that type of chemistry, EVER!

    Frattin, seems to be the perfect fit, thus far. I like his Jack-of-all-trade abilities. Big things are about to present themselves regarding this line.

    King plays with Stoll and Lewis.

    Fraser’s going nowhere. Sutter values his fundamentally sound play. Nothing fancy, but no major mistakes either. Fraser fits Sutter’s comfort zone perfectly. Fraser is winged by Clifford and Nolan. Wow, Nolan has been playing his ass off. Let’s hope he can keep it up.

    TT and TP start out in Manchester and are called up only due to the dreaded injury or if the offense is starts to struggle. It has nothing to do with their skill, there’s simply no room right now. Can you believe we’re saying that? Not too long ago, TT and TP would be two year pro’s. It’s awfully nice having a solid team, isn’t it?

    This year is the big test for Clifford, King, Carcillo. Only the most productive will be back. TP will possess one of the LW spots next year.

    Martinez will claim his position over Muzzin and Ellerby over Schultz, simply because I know nothing about Schultz. And considering I’ve heard nothing from Sutter concerning Schultz, I’m assuming Ellerby stays.

    Shit, it’s beautiful having a good team!

    • I like Cliffy and Louie together. .just do..think they play well off each other..so that would put King with Nolan and Frazer..maybe they get it going..Fraz always gives 100% of his ability..can’t fault a player with lesser skills if he plays all heart. Nolie is cranked up and looking good so far.
      Last night..well it was a good and bad show. Mikie getting 2 goals. .you could see Fri night he was hungry. Good for him. Putting in Garon at the odd time they did was a wtf.
      And it showed..15 secs later a goal against…oh brother.
      And Ellerby..I am just not a fan. He is one of those who because of bad positioning due to bad play reading will be taking penalties and hurting us. Hoping Shultz replaces. Carcillo..you could tell he was trying. Weather it is a matter of adjusting to the line or not, we will see. He will be a fill in.
      Thank You FF..it was FUN!
      GO KINGS GO !!!

  5. Wait a minute, YOU were the guy that predicted Matt Frattin, the guy who was traded for specifically to play 2nd line LW, would play 2nd line LW? If Ii had multiples hats, they would be off to you. :)

    • Frattin is a RW. He had played limited LW. Nobody I recall in the know said that is why he was acquired or it was his position to lose. In fact, the debate about he or Toffoli was at its peak at that time.

      And how many hats did you wear?

      And how hungover are you?

  6. I’m no expert. I would probably defer to Neil on this one. I remember 9 games as a number that was a factor in bringing up Brayden Schenn. Like after 9 games he either had to make the club of go through waivers. Neil, Bobby? Has the CBA changed or are the circumstances different this year for Muzzin and Toffoli. Can they be sent back down at the start w/o going through waivers? Seems like a huge factor in who Sutter settles on. Bummer about Sunday night at FF. I guess it’s pretty obvious Scrivens is gonna backup Quick. I didn’t think it was possible but Garon is worse than before! Wow did he fuck my buzz up! All in like 2 mins and 2 shots. GKG \X/!!!

    • I the CBA has changed but an entry level contract and his age when he signs that contract are what prevents a player from having to be put on waivers if a team sends them down.

      What does kick in once a player plays 10 games is that players NHL contract, so if they are a Tyler Toffoli for instance and he plays 9 games, on the 10th game his NHL contract clock starts, meaning he is now burning the 1st year of his contract. His CAP hit kicks in, as does his increased salary for playing in the NHL.

      I think that is correct.

      I know the new entry level contract is 4 years, the old one was 3 years.

      The waiver question has to do with age signed to entry level contract and NHL games played/dressed when talking about when a player is on an entry level contract.

      Its kind of confusing and I might be wrong, but this is what I have been reading.

      Toffoli/Pearson/Vey all loaned to Manchester today.

      Garon released so Scrivens is the backup, which I already assumed would be the case.

      Schultz waived so nothing gained, nothing lost. I thought he might get a nod over Ellerby, but at this point Muzzin and Ellerby are the extra defensemen the Kings will carry.

      Dustin Brown – Anze Kopitar – Justin Williams
      Matt Frattin – Mike Richards – Jeff Carter
      Dwight King – Jarret Stoll – Trevor Lewis
      Kyle Clifford – Colin Fraser – Jordan Nolan

      Robyn Regehr – Drew Doughty
      Willie Mitchell – Slava Voynov
      Alec Martinez – Matt Greene

      Jonathan Quick
      Ben Scrivens

      Scratches: Daniel Carcillo, Keaton Ellerby, Jake Muzzin

      So here is pretty much your 2013/2014 Los Angeles Kings roster to open the season.


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