Here We Go

With the bruises to our wallets, egos and livers dissipating from Frozen Fury, we woke up today with a renewed vigor. The glassy-eyed excitement of innocence that only the fresh start to a hockey season can bring.

Nothing matters until the puck drops.

The roster, the lines, the opposition. Whatever man. This team is two seasons removed from a Stanley Cup, one from a WCF appearance. Until I have a reason not to trust the team that Dean Lombardi and Darryl Sutter choose to ice, I find little reason to fret. Sutter wants to put Dwight King on the first line, so be it. Lombardi wants Toffoli in Manchester, more power to him. Fuck it, Carcillo can play 12 minutes tonight and I’ll be happy.

This is a good team.

Until around 8pm and the final buzzer sounds later tonight, there really isn’t much to say. Just one thing, the constant that echoes throughout the seasons, the good and the bad, the champions and losers; our one, irrefutable, common truth; the war cry:


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  1. GO KINGS GO!!!
    We Want It Again!!!

  2. How the fuck was that not ruled a kick?

  3. Wasn’t pretty, but a win, is a win and a kicked in puck isn’t a goal in the NHL!

    Welcome back Willie and since you have been gone for an entire year how about playing 1/3 or more of the game on defense for us?

    APB for Dwight King last seen on the opening face off, but it sure didn’t take him long to go Dustin Penner missing in action. Keep it up King, you’ll make it easier to bring up one of the kids like Toffoli sooner rather than later!

  4. Stole 2 tonight. Wild’s misfortune that they were only up by 1 in the 3rd. They seemed to have taken their foot off the gas pedal, didn’t have the same push as 1st and 2nd. Great play by Richards on Carter’s goal. Thought Frattin looked pretty good, noticed how fast he is and strong on the puck, controlled it along the boards pretty well. All that line needs is playing time and they’ll be a solid contributor. Love Quick’s ballsy pokecheck during the shootout. Knew Carter was going to bank it. Hopefully, the players not named Quick will wake the hell up before the Jets game tomorrow. I really don’t see what Sutter sees in the bottom 6. We need new blood, young blood there. Clifford was awful…I’m watching other games on NHL Center Ice and seeing those young guys and what energy they bring. And I don’t like it when Sutter doesn’t put out the 1st PP unit, going with the lines instead. I rather have Kopi, Carter and Richards out there together.
    Onto Winnpeg and a much better effort tomorrow night.

  5. I didn’t get to see the game. How did Muzzin do? I can’t believe he started over Martinez


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