Minnesosorry. Kings Win 3-2 in Shootout


Not just the Kings but me.

It was tough getting my brain assimilated to the speed of a regular season game. I was behind the play until the third period but only because I got off the couch, grabbed a beer and sat 2 feet in front of the 62 inch.

If Anze Kopitar won a faceoff, I don’t remember it.

I am not sure what the boys were doing in that first period. The forecheck? Puck battles? Regroups? Speed through the neutral zone? Actually we did have some of the latter for a while but it was because the Wild were backing off and letting us skate. When they pressed our F1 and stood up at the blue line, we went limp.

Watching Jeff Carter whiff a few times was spooky. But when he scored that goal.

Screen shot 2013-10-03 at 8.04.36 PM

Dwight King…Jesus.

Colin Fraser. The worst.

But Jonathan Mother Sutting Quick. Kept us in the game, was the game, money on the big saves, always big, always clutch.

Matt Frattin continues to give me hope although I think he is second line left wing light. You know, like better than Dustin Penner but not quite second line material? It’s too early, I am being too judgmental, he will be fine.

Drew Doughty was and is every bit as good and better than Ryan Suter. Fuck Ryan Suter. I will take Drew over any defenseman in the NHL. His hockey sense is out of this world.

Colin Fraser. Have I mentioned how much I hate that he centers our fourth line? I am supposed to believe Andy Andreoff would be worse? Come on.

It was good to see Willie Mitchell eating up minutes, Trevor Lewis be Trevor Lewis,

This post game feels disjointed.

Bobby Scribe

That’s 2 points boys. It doesn’t always have to be pretty.

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  1. A win’s a win. Not a great start but I’ll take those points. Now if we can win some face offs and shoot the fucking put on net more than 18 times, that would be better.

  2. I think you’re being too hard on Frattin.
    Frattin will fit in fine and it’s only been 1 game. He had to learn a new system, adjust to a new coach and new linemates and learn to play on the off wing. He had a solid game tonight , he’s fast, he’s very strong on the puck, he won’t lose many board battles. And that was a sweet play he made to Carter for the tying goal. That line did okay tonight and will continue to get batter as they play more. Frattin gives that line the physicality and strength they need, he bought them time in the O zone. His speed and that board strength will earn some goals. And he’s still adjusting to playing and handling the puck on is offwing.
    It’s a good, solid 2nd line that will produce goals. Perfect balance, power forward/sniper/playmaker. And speaking of playmakers, great play by Richards on the tying goal, getting in in the zone and that great pass. NO more sleepskating for 80* of the game, hit the Jets fast and hard tomorrow, go home 2-0 .

    • Oh Deirdre. So pleased you’re here. I was thinking about Bobby’s comments wrt Frattin, and I was almost leaning towards what he said (in essence that the Leafs definitely got the best of that trade, based on what Bernier did the other night – opening night – in Philly).
      But I do hope you’re right, that Frattin will lift it up a bit and fit in better with the 2nd line.

      Also, what in whoever’s name was that call on Willie Mitchell. I mean, you aren’t allowed to check a forward anymore in center ice if you’re a dman?

      • That call, and the kicked in first goal were two of the worst calls that I’ve ever seen. The Kings can be very happy to have gotten a win! A lesser team would have been discouraged by the poor calls and would have wilted. Go Kings!!!!!

      • Hi Drew…good to ‘hear’ you again. It’s hard to compare whether the Leafs vs Kings win the trade, first because no matter how much the Kings fans (and I’m one of them) who realize just how terrrifc JB is and that he will lead that team eventually to an ECF or beyond, right now, if you’re a GM taking DL’s call, JB is a back up goalie with limited starts/NHL experience. JB was not going to net what most fans wanted , it doens’t work that way. And the Kings got not only a 2nd line winger with some sauce and a pick, they got a backup goalie and 500K which helped with the CAP. They got a good/fair deal.
        And Frattin , as that line plays more, will become the 2nd line LW that’s been missing for too many seasons. That phsycial presence he brings, along with his strength and board battles, gives that line more time in hte O zone and more scoring chances, and that means more (JC) goals and helps W’s, and by playoff time, they’ll be sizzling. If that gives the Kings a really solid, productive top 6, that could get them another Cup next year or even beyond.
        Toronto doesn’t have all the pieces yet, but JB is piece they needed. Good trade for both teams.

        • Good comment. I agree. The intentions of the Kings were good. The results? Well … we’ll just have to see how it all plays out. But I think, regarding Frattin, that the results will be good. Go Kings!

        • The Kings did pretty well getting what they got for Bernier. Look at the Canucks and Schneider. All they got was a first round pick (who may or may not end up as an NHLer). The Kings got a cheap and solid backup plus a second liner. Hard to go wrong with that.

          No matter what JB does later on for the Leafs, it’s still a good deal for the Kings. Unless he was going to get a lot of starts (and play well), there was no leverage for Lombardi to get anything more.

        • Yeah, that all makes total sense! Thanks for the breakdown on that Deirdre. I really hope that things take shape on the 2nd line cause the team desperately needs more balance, but I know that you and most other Kings fans already knew that.

    • I’m on the same train Deirdre! Frattin was the only player on the Kings roster that was skating at the same pace as the Wild. Chemistry wasn’t in full bloom, but his skill-set was evident to me. I think in a few weeks time, they will be our best line.

      I know it’s been mentioned a thousand times, but, holy shit Lewis, one hell of a block son. My vote for game puck.

      Tough gane for the 4th line. I’m expecting a huge rebound for that line tonight, because that’s simply how we’re built/programmed as a team. We will recover. Guaranteed !

      4-1 Kings

  3. Two feet in front of the 62 inch!! :-) I agree with every single point you made. I don’t need to repeat them. We should give this team a few games to sort it all out. Hopefully, Sutter’s decisions will turn out to be correct. If not, we can still bring those players back from the minors!

  4. We won..we did not quit..managed to tie it up to go to OT. For the first and last time this season I will say again how I dislike/hate the ShootOut..I want to see a game not a skills competition..I am tired of seeing myself say this. .any future SO know Hockeyjockey will be grumbling…
    I will now say both Kopi’s and Carter’s SO goals were very pretty. We are looking good with our PP early on..that is the Plus for me this game. And we start the season with a W.
    Welcome back Willie…and

    • Jesus, am I fucking sick of fans trying to be so “old school” hipster with the “I hate shootouts… It’s a skills contest not a hockey play” bullshit. It’s parallel to the standard douche hockey answer to any media question, “we just need to be hard on the puck, stick to the system, hydrate… Blah, blah, blah”.
      Does everyone complain when football games are decided by a field goal, basketball by free throw, soccer by an even more ridiculous shoot out??? No, it’s called, “NO ONE LIKES FUCKING TIE GAMES” and we can’t just say, “hey, play the fuck forever..nevermind if you play tomorrow, the fans, the rink, whatever…just keep playing until you score since its taken 3 hours to score 3 goals…”
      It’s still a hockey play. Goalie against shooter. If you can live with staged hockey fights, kicked in goals, and the endless pursuit of more goals by handicapping goalies, then swallow this pill.
      On yea, we got outplayed and won. Elite teams do that. 81 more to go. Go Kings Go!

      • Yes. I only tell people I don’t like shootouts to fit in. Then they talk to me. I am so fucking sick of fans trying to be so “double old school” double hipster with the “I hate fans that hate shootouts… Cryin about it’s a skills contest not a hockey play bullshit. They’re just sayin that to be cool” It’s parallel to my life.
        We got outplayed and won. Only lucky elite teams do that. GKG

        • Awesome response. Really put a lot of thought into that one.

          • Haha. Sorry. Was drunk. Thought it was funny. You make good point bout the endless pursuit for more goals. They want to attract people from other sports. Keep the scores high, or like at WPG by not blowing the whistle when the net moved. Gotta keep the action going. Can’t let the people get bored. Gotta stop this drunk commenting.

      • 1) I am ‘Old School’…so?
        2) don’t presume I like staged fights. .I hate them.
        We all have likes and dislikes to the game.
        I just stated my opinion..
        GO KINGS GO!!!

  5. How about lewie taking one to the chest to save the game? Then slava I believe backing that up?

  6. A win is a win. Good article. Totally nailed it of how the game was.

  7. Good game. I knew it would come down to a shootout for some reason. Never doubted that we would tie it up. Mitchell and Brown need a few more games to get in shape. Quick will lead the league again in stats. Ridiculous calls all night. The kick. Cliffys boarding call? Mitchells interference call with 3 and change left in the third? WTF!!!! Toronto can gargle my balls. So can last nights refs.

  8. Quick was the shit and what a save by Lewis at the end there.

    I kept thinking to myself over and over: Dwight King is playing w/ Kopitar and Williams…while Toffoli is in Manchester. Fuck. They should let King be an All-Star and force him to do the speed skating contest, just to prove to Sutter/Lombardi and whoever the fuck else just how god damn slow he really is and has no business being in the Top 6…ever.

    Doughty. Effin A. Kid’s bringin’ it.

    2 points. Better start than last year.

  9. Hey! Fuck you man! All of you punks that talk shit about Fraser and King are assholes. It took 20 guys to win that Cup, and Fraser and King were amongst them. Penner too. It’s always, “what have you done for me lately”. How about, “we will get there again together”. You cannot teach character or what it takes to play 4 series to call yourself the best and Fraser and King don’t need teaching in any of those departments. I salute both players for what they have done and what they will continue to do. Lastly, fuck off!


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