Who Thinks Getting Into a Sprint with a Team Named the Jets on the Second Night of a Back to Back is a Good Idea?

Got home late, like 730 late and turned on the game, recorded of course.

Mid way through the first period..”What the fuck are they doing? They are not going to have any legs in the third!” were the words I spoke to my wife.

Toward the end of the first, the Kings were already slowing down.

Kopitar. Nowhere.

Richards and Carter. Everywhere.

Brown. Looking better but still not in form.

King. Sucks.

Fraser. Blows.

Nolan. Did he play?

Clifford? Meh.

Quick? Timing was off, fighting the puck.

But the game was still 1-1 and the Kings didn’t look too horrible by the end of the first. Had plenty of shots and scoring chances.

Second period started. More concern. Kings slowing down. Jets getting faster, momentum was now changing. We could not forecheck. The boys’ legs were turning to rubber. It was most noticeable in the transition game.

I picked up my phone around 5 minutes or so into the second. Why? Don’t know. Habit.

Right there, on my fucking home screen.

Fuck you LA Kings app.

The final score of 5-3 Jets.

“I looked at my phone.”

“Why the fuck did I look at my phone?”

I set it down.

Closed my eyes.

Cursed for about 30 seconds 3 minutes under my breath.

Wrote this incomplete post game.

So what happened?

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  1. Love your recaps …

  2. You nucklehead..if you are lucky enough to be able to record game and none of your Hockey friends are texting/tweeting/calling and you actually make it home to watch..rule is phone is locked 8n bedroom til you are done.
    Jets were jets..wore us down..just like you observed.
    Quick fighting the puck..it was bouncing off him everywhere. .the Boys really did try in the last 10 minutes..determination got us within one. Too many penalities from tired players. Positive note..Scrivins held his own and the PP is working!
    GO KINGS GO!!!

  3. Why did you say that King sucks? He took one bad penalty but other than that made a couple of good plays and was not a slouch defensive. I see that you and your herd are purposly singeling out certain players because you are unhappy that so and so didn’t make the team. That’s just too fucking bad. You’re going to rage against a player because you want the shiny new car with the new car smell. Tough luck buddy. I on the other hand want to see players who have paid their dues to be on the team. These guys have. Shove it up yer ass bub. King is King, Fraser is Fraser. They are who they are and I like them for it. BTW, up until that last Williams goal I didn’t see your boy Frattin doing much of anything or even trying very hard. Toffoli sucked it up all pre-season. So what the fuck now? Nolan played and was good tonight.

    • That Frattin boy has been contributing in every way expected for a guy on a new team, new line to adjust to, new system and playing on his off wing. That Fratin boy has contributed to key goals in both games, been hard to move off the puck on the board, skating well, supporting his line mates, creating space for them in the offensive zone and scoring chances. You don’t like King and Fraser being criticized because they’re you ‘boys’ but it’s okay to beat down on Frattin for no viable reason? Way to be objective.
      You don’t see Frattin because you dont’ want to see him, you just want him to be your whipping boy.
      And King is fine as long as he stays on the 4th line, where he belongs until he’s replaced. Fraser is 100% replaceable and will not be here by mid season, younger, more talented Monarchs who have shown the skill, tenacity and balls for the job are waiting.

  4. When I’m not home, I have my daughter record the games for me, but before I get home, I call her and tell her to go upstairs because I can tell from the look on her face if we won or lost. I hate when that happens. Ha ha!

    Funny thing is, I thought we skated a hell of a lot better than we did last night. We’ve been snakebitten by a few unfortunate bounces and some shitty refereeing thus far. I never complain about the refs, but they’ve been pretty brutal the last two games. No excuses though, we need to be better.

    On to our home opener!

  5. Is it me or is Kopitar still on his honeymoon? I don’t know about this Frattin guy. Maybe give Carcillo a shot and swap Lewis for Frattin.

    Brown Kopitar Williams not worried about I know what they can do its just a matter of time.

    Evander Kane is a fucking beast. How about Frattin, Martinez and a pick for Kane? The dude plays a hard game and he can shoot and score. Right up our alley.

    Back to back, 2nd game whatever. Jets took it to em hard so props to them. Monday night against the God forsaken Rangers. Time to fuck shit up.

    • I don’t know what you were watching, but Frattin was one of our best forwards today. I’d say he was the 2nd best, behind Carter. Did you not see the 3rd goal? He recovered the puck from along the boards and went straight to a high percentage shooting area and fired a laser that had Pavelec beat. He hit the post but Williams banged in the rebound. That goal gave us life; unfortunately Regehr fucked it up with a bonehead penalty. Frattin is doing fine. I can sense he is gaining confidence and he’s showing flashes of what a Power Forward is supposed to do. Give him time.

    • This “Frattin guy’ has been a very solid and consistent forward for the first two games. This ‘Frattin guy” has been on the ice and contributing to Kings goals in both games, including a very sweet pass to Carter for the game tyer vs Oilders and another last night. He’s very strong, hard to move off the puck and great on the boards. So far, he’s been pretty good and finding MR and JC. That line is going to be very good.
      What don’t you understand about the fact he’s on a new team, has to learn a whole new system, has new line mates and is learning to play on his off wing. Christ, it’s only been 2 games. That iine’s been the most consistent for the last 2 games and the longer they play together, the better they’ll gel. it doesn’t happen in 2 games.
      You can’t swap Lewis for Frattin. Lewis is not a top 6 player, you can’t put hi m on the 2nd line you get ZILCH. Not just no goals but doesn’t have top 6 puck sense. Frattin has shown that and a lot more during the preseason and on the road.
      Kane isn’t going to be traded and esp not for something as laughable as your suggestion.

      • New system blah blah blah…it’s hockey. I can’t stand it when fans keep on blaming the “system” for these players. That’s what they were saying about Ellerby. It’s simple Ellerby just isn’t that great of a defenseman or he’d be playing.

        Richards and Carter came from EC systems and they are fine. They are good players and hockey is hockey. Yes there’s an adjustment period but it shouldn’t take all season long to figure it out. Let’s not get too carried away here on the “system.” It’s not like Sutter is having them play with their sticks upside down, only two line passing, forwards at red line on break outs, etc, etc, etc.

        I can’t swap Lewis for Frattin? He’s not top 6? And Frattin is? Bullshit. What constitutes a top 6 player? Is it his season goals average? His skating or puck handling ability? I’m curious as to what exactly constitutes a top 6 in your opinion. Me top 6 and bottom 6 don’t mean shit. It’s whoever gets the job done and if that happens to be this guy who apparently isn’t a “top 6” player then it just isn’t going to work.

        I really don’t see a whole lotta difference between the two. Guys who play wing on their backhands are guys like Ovechkin, Patrick Kane and Stamkos. I don’t know if you’ve ever played hockey before but if you can enter the zone on your backhand you’ve got a shit load more options than coming in on your forehand. The ice seems to “magically” open up. Watch videos of those guys coming in and notice how often they like to cut against the grain and then fire off a shot.

        But hey, I don’t follow this guy and maybe you have. Maybe this guy is really something special?



        No shit my trade suggestion is laughable it wasn’t meant to be serious. There’s no way they’re giving up Kane. At least not yet.

        • I don’t understand your logic. Maybe you just hate Frattin. I can assure you that if you have a hockey mind, he’ll grow on you over time. Right now all you need to pay attention to is that for the past 2 games, he contributed to 2 key goals. We’re not gonna go out and trade for a Kane, we’re not gonna move people up and down the roster. Frattin is the 2nd line LW. Get used to it.

        • Really? “Top 6 and bottom 6 don’t mean shit ‘ and you ‘don’t really see a difference between the two’
          You really are the bastion of hockey intelligence…

          • Right right gotcha…since coach Sutter basically thinks the same way he’s also a bastion of hockey intelligence but you would never say that to his face right?

  6. I only saw the risk half of the game and thought we played well.

    Splitting the first road trip on a back to back is dandy by me. Win the next two at home.

  7. Most retarded coaching move of the year so far: Putting the same goaltender in net on a road trip back to back. I mean really? Who the fuck does that? I couldn’t friggin’ believe it! And then I suppose he’ll put Scrivens in on Monday. Stupid, boneheaded, idiotic move.

  8. Blah blah it’s a long season. They’ll get better.

    Did anyone else see the video of the Downie hit on Josi from the Preds Avs game? In my opinion it’s a clean hit, but I was wondering what your opinions are

  9. I had a bad feeling when earlier in the day it was reported Quick would start. That made no sense at all, Scrivens is a very capable backup goalie and that is the reason you have them. And Greene needs to stop taking so many stupid penalties that cost this team. Regehr looks very slow and has been beatable and beaten too much, I didn’t expect that since he’s healthy now and has had time to learn the system.
    Muzzin was awful last night. Martinez had a great camp and preseason, he should have been in last night. Don’t like the bottom 6 mix at all, and since Sutter is very stubborn, I don’t see that changing unfortunately.
    And I hope last years road woes won’t continue to haunt this team. To get 18 SOG in the first and only 1 goal isn’t good.
    The 2nd line was good again, have been the most consistent thru 2 games. JC and MR have been aggressive and hunting down pucks behind the net and on the boards and getting shots. The goals will come, you can see that. Frattin is fitting in well ,, working hard each game to fit in and adjust. And hopefully this team continues it’s dominance at home on Monday against the Rags who have looked awful in every preseason game and in their 1st game.
    I hope they have a strong game and at least play well/dominate for 2 periods because Wens is the Senators, one very very fast and very skilled team . It’ll be a good test for the Kings earlier in the season to beat one of the elite teams from the East.

  10. Everyone relax. Ducks got beat 6-1 opening night.

  11. Regehr is starting to scare me. Scratch him and let muzzin, amart both play. Yeah and why even have a fucking backup goalie? Back to back with travel. Come on sutter!

  12. Deidre can we just call you Dr. Dre? You are absolutely right about what you have seen. I agree with you about Frattin and I agree with you about King.

    Trade Frattin and Martinez for Kane seriously? Yeah if Cheveldayoff was a complete moron, kind of like Paul Holmgren (no offense Flyers fan). Kane was taken before our boy Schenn, is a stud and has a CAP hit of 5.25 million. Not exactly value for value and absurd! In a fantasy league you can make any trade you desire, but seriously Frattin and Martinez for Kane? This sounds like pretty much all of Leafs nation myopia when they think the rest of the NHL is stupid and they can trade a crappy player for someone really good.

    Frattin has been pretty darn good for the pre-season and these past 2 games. Sometimes I wonder if people are just not wanting to see a player playing well, and will nit pick anything they see as bad because they don’t like him or because they have blinders on.

    Frattin 2 games 2 assists 2 points and a -2
    Kopitar 2 games 2 assists and 2 points and -1 boy he’s not really great either lets ship him off to New Jersey for Jaromir Jagr!


    Muzzin’ play so far hasn’t been that great. I get he didn’t get a full compliment of pre-season because he got dinged up. Muzzin is a -4, so is this because he is just a victim of being on the ice when the other team scores, or maybe he’s just still a bit rusty? Sutter might want to change the defensive pairings and replace Muzzin with Martinez right now.

    Martinez looked pretty great during the pre-season, and Muzzin is an average defenseman with some offensive upside, but he still scares me when he has the puck. A-Mart had a poor season last season, maybe it was due to being injured he only played in 27 games I get it, but he is still better in both ends than Muzzin IMO.

    Dwight King had a good pre-season, but he just isn’t that good either on a 1st line or a 4th line. He’s a floater and is not very imposing or impressive. Brown needs to play on the 1st line with Kopitar and Williams. He might be a step slow right now, but he’ll get his legs back into shape after his hammy problem.

    Colin Fraser is Colin Fraser and WYSIWYG. He’s an aggitator, and you know what he can do, but it might be time to put Lewis on that 4th line as a center and allow Carbomb to play on the 4th line while Fraser is scratched. Carbomb is still serviceable as a player, and its very early in the season. This is just something Sutter might want to try while its still very early in the season.

    Quick playing last night wasn’t a mistake, its the way Sutter operates, and its something Quick has no problem with. Quick if he had it his way would play every game, but Sutter will ride Quick for the 1st few weeks of the season, unless he gets injured or suddenly becomes Swiss fromage.

    Scrivens coming in for the brief amount of time last night was a good test for both the Kings and Scrivens. Sutter said he put Scrivens in because at that time, Winnipeg had all the momentum, and Sutter felt this substitution would wake up the rest of the team. It worked and Scrivens was fine.

    Scirvens is capeable of spelling Quick, he had to play 20 games for Toronto last season when Reimer was injured or not playing well.

    There will come a time when we will start to see some of the young guys coming in from Manchester to help add whatever is required, to help this team.

    Its still early, far too early to start shipping players off because of their play 2 games into the season. The team collectively is going to have to be much better. The team needs to play 3 solid periods. All players need to elevate their game, and I believe they are more than capable of doing this.

    Go Kings Go!

  13. Robble robble robble


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