If Jon Rosen is hard at work trying to figure out why Jake Muzzin is playing over Alec Martinez, fine. I will forgive him.

If he already knows and he is not sharing, then fuck you Jon…in the nicest way possible.

Color me annoyed.

Alec Martinez came back, is healthy, had a terrific preseason and hasn’t played in either of the first two games.

Meanwhile, his stand-in Jake Muzzin (1 assist, -4) has been positively below average. He gets the puck and decides to skate with it and I cringe. He fires shots in opposing defender’s legs better than any LA Kings D man before him, sans perhaps Denis Gauthier or Aki Berg. And a defenseman is supposed to be positionally sound right?

“But Drew loves him, Scribe!” Drew also likes to pick up skanks who can’t spell consent. I don’t give a damn what Drew likes or if he has a crush on his fellow Ontario boy. Alec Martinez is a better defenseman at all 200 feet of the ice.

So is Alec hurt? If so, what is it?

Is it annoyingly quiet because there is about to be a trade?

I am about to send text messages and make phone calls to rattle some cages.

Meanwhile, tell me what you think about this whole debacle.