What A Disgrace Are We

I use the term “we” loosely. For tonight, I don’t particularly want to associate myself with the brood known as “LA Kings Fans”.

As you well saw, the game was largely a mess. We can talk about Quick giving up perhaps the empirically worst goal of his career. We can talk about Doughty taking a hat trick of penalties, or enjoying a prolonged game of “catch the escaping forward” throughout several of his shifts. We can talk Jake Muzzin’s turnovers, or Justin Williams’, or Mike Richards’. We can talk surprisingly lack of physicality, poor pass reception, puck mismanagement, gap control as effective as a piece of rice paper between David Letterman’s front teeth, an inability to regroup, group, or based on the opinions I heard of the Kings new pregame pump-up video, focus group.

We’ll get to that, but let’s talk about the real disgrace of the Kings home opener, you people.

I missed the first period. Work.

I missed the last 10 minutes of the third. Family.

I sat with beer in hand at the start of the second and wondered why no one was cheering. Ah, yes, we only cheer AFTER we generate scoring chances. The land of the Hollywood liberal sure has a Ayn Randish approach to watching hockey. Used to that.

Then Quick gives up the goal.

Shocked silence from the crowd; business as usual.

A puck drop later, Quick makes a routine save and out comes the sarcastic cheers and applause, and with it, a string of curse words from lips that my mother tried very hard for me not to learn. At best, I can give some benefit to doubt and assume that some of you who Bronx-bullshitted Quick were reacting nervously, akin to someone with a banana-sized lesion on the brain laughing in the middle of Schindler’s List. That good grace of mine is short and thin. The mock cheer is for opposing goalies, not your own. It’s something you do to kick a guy when he’s already down, because ultimately, you want him to stay down. Doing it to your own goalie, whether he is your Conn Smythe and Cup winning goalie or not, is shameful on levels I can’t articulate.

As for the goal itself, Quick doesn’t need your help feeling shitty about it. We all like to pretend that we see things for their reality of suckage that the team or players don’t or won’t, like Fraser, or Cloutier, or Jay Flats. This goal isn’t one of those instances. In fact, if you can’t look at that goal and laugh, since it’s game 3 of the season and not of the Cup Finals, then you should save your hostilities for the other parts of your life you with which you must have trouble coping. Laugh, or swallow a firecracker. Sometimes it’s not worth it and this was a loss the Kings had more than earned several times over before that crappy goal.

As for the game, since that’s two losses in a row and one win where we got mostly outplayed, you’re probably hoping for some speculation as to the clear problem plaguing this team. There must be one, right? 3 games is like, a ton, damn it. I have no such answer. All three losses were different. This one was largely based on individual fuck ups. Your system and your team-wide skill mean little when several players make critical and stupid mistakes throughout a game. The Kings are overflowing with character and packed with enough skill, so these discrepancies will work themselves out. I see nothing systemic to be concerned with just yet.

Though I would like to see Kopitar shoot the puck, the team as a whole throw their weight around, Doughty settle the fuck down, Martinez put in and Carter and Richards split up… For now.

I’d also like to see one whole damn game already. Maybe Wednesday.

On to that one. Bring the good sense with you to Staples that you left the house without tonight.

EDIT: Sutter could not have handled this any better. From Rosen:

On the “mock cheer” Quick received when making a save shortly after he allowed the third goal:
It’s pretty normal. [Reporter: I mean, for what he’s done for this team, is that not a little cruel?] Nope. [Reporter: Did you have a chance to talk to him?] No, there’s nothing to talk about. He dropped his stick. What do you want me to talk about? Tell him not to drop his stick? [Reporter: I don’t know. Put him at ease or something.] Not a chance. It’s his job. Stop the puck. So obviously he thought he didn’t need a stick.

For what it’s worth, I read “it’s pretty normal” as “yeah, people are stupid”.

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  1. I was really disappointed with the mock cheer. Quick doesn’t deserve that. Ps those bailey hats are annoying. The girl sitting in front of me was obstructing my view with that garbage

    • I’m very close to ranting about those fucking hats. Kids, fine, but I see far too many purportedly grown men waltzing around. If you wouldn’t wear it in public, don’t wear it at all.

      • Hats have always been frowned upon in a theater. Why not at a hockey game?!

        • I find it highly disturbing and a little off to see a grown man or woman wearing those Bailey hats. Sort of creeps me out and makes me think a lion is barfing out a person!

  2. 1st period for the most part, squad was fucking rolling. Puck possession and aggression at its finest. I thought we were going to blast these idiots back to NY. Then DD thinks he’s playing in a beer league and not the NHL when he nonchalantly tries to toe drag his way around the guy. He knows he fucked up big and he tried to make up for it but found himself in the box more often then not.

    Then the great outlet pass from Muzzin. Seriously gonna make that pass when the defender has inside position on your winger? Could he not read the play and then at least skate up ice? Evidently not. But he scored the lone goal so that evens it out. I’ll give him props he buried that fucker.

    Quicks weird goal. I bet we will never witness something like again from Quick ever. I don’t even understand how he lost his stick. Just some weird shit.

    I’ll give the Rangers credit. They outplayed and out hustled the team for the majority of the game. 3rd period they were a blanket. I couldn’t get over how sloppy the squad was.

    But you’re right it’s only game 3 in a full season and not the SC finals. I think with the cup and all it’s glory it also brings expectations. High ass expectations. There’s no going back and the fans now expect, even more so, that the Kings be that perennial squad. At least at home anyway. And good for the fans to push their team that way. If they razz Quick he can handle it he’s a big boy.

    There’s no such thing as mediocrity at Staples anymore. It’s a full season and I have no doubts they’ll get their shit together and make a decent run.

    • Fans who can’t find it in them to muster a rally cheer when the team is struggling don’t reserve the right to boo or jeer. Cheers can’t only be the result of a team’s good play. If the fans are going to hold the team to high standards, which they do and should, then they can hold themselves to similar standards and not be such passive observers only capable of knee jerk reactions to the positive or negative.

      • Have to agree with this. There are certain buildings in the NHL, like Winnipeg, the HP Pavilion, where the fans rally the team, raise the team up. At Staples, more often it’s the team that has to raise up the fans.

        To Kings fans credit, in the playoffs last year, it was better. You could see it in the series against SJ. In their building, their fans raised them up, put a wave of adrenaline at their back, and pushing the Kings back, and every game in that building, the Sharks were super aggressive forechecking, and the Kings were on their heels.

        But at Staples, Kings fans did their job, too, and it was the Kings with the aggressive, confident forecheck, and the Sharks players wilting, on their heels, from all the noise and adrenaline and energy backing the Kings.

        But that’s the playoffs. In the regular season, SJ, Winnipeg, and a few other places are still like that. Staples isn’t. The fans just watch their team and cheer when good things happen, or when Cartman tells them to. But they’re not wiling their team forward with organic chants every minute like the fans do at those other buildings.

        • You’re a bit incorrect. I haven’t been to Winnipeg, but at the Shark Tank fans never really start their own chants. They follow along to the music notes on the screen. They cheer when told, their arena just does a more consistent job of telling them to cheer than Staples. It has absolutely zero to do with the veracity of the fan base.

          • Winnipeg is loud mainly due to the size of the arena it holds 15,000 and that is packed in. If we took eveyone in Staples and put them on each other’s lap then we could be even louder too. That is not to say they don’t love their hockey, but lets put their “raising up” their team in perspective.

          • I live in Canada (obviously) and have been to a Jets game as well as most other NHL and WHL games. I will tell you one thing, the fans their are ten times better than what I saw from Kings fans last night. They are loud because they are passionate and understand the game and what good fans can do for a team, not to mention the fact they lost their team once and dont take them for granted.

            As for starting their own chants, actually they don’t need the screen and I find it pretty pathetic if you need a screen to tell you what to chant. Take a look at some of their past chants like to Ovechkin “Crosby’s better”, no way the screen told them to say that.

        • In SJ (SAP Arena – too fucking easy), the fans cheer more against our team than for their own. If you were to see the Sharks play a team other than LA, VAN, or ANA, you’d realize how distant their fans are from the game itself… They chant “Beat LA”, more than “Go Sharks!” or whatever weinie secondhand chant they may have picked up. I’ve heard fucking SF Giants chants there… Sharks fans are primarily just a hodgepodge of snarky Bay Area elitists – fucking tourists looking for entertainment – none of which live in San Jose; the town is fucking empty within an hour after their games, win or lose.

          • And I really fucking hate Sharks fans up here in NorCal, so I’ve attracted a good sample of them in and outside SJ (if you click on my name above you’ll understand), the loyal fans hate their fair-weather tagalongs more than I ever could. They’re a plague up here. I haven’t been down in LA for a while, but I can imagine theirs been an ongoing bandwaggoning epidemic and the spectators have come out of the woodwork for what’s been advertised…


            Ok Surly and Scribe time to put the garbage in the garbage can.

            For Christ and Moses sake please pull the plug!

          • Lemon curry?????

        • Excellent comment. Southern California culture lacks in the humanity department.

      • I disagree. Anyone that’s paid for a seat has the right to boo. Whether it’s classless and out of line is another story. Yeah it was kind of an assholish thing to do but I think it’s how it’s taken. Were the fans really on Quicks back kicking him when he’s down or were the fans telling him that it’s ok and to get back in there?

        I interpreted it as they were giving him a little razz and having a little fun with him and I think Quick responded in that way.

        You’re there at home games more than I am. Get it started next time.

  3. Oh yeah is it me or does Regehr look like he gained 50 lbs in his skating?

    • He’s always been like that. Dean panicked and signed him during the playoffs, which most teams never do, when he could have just waited to see what the market had available in the offseason. He should have known that with the cap going down, there would be plenty of defensemen available for cheap because teams wouldn’t have enough cap space to pay them fairly. And if he’d still wanted to re-sign Regehr, at least then he could have gotten him for much cheaper. Instead we have a 3 million per year albatross on our team now. Dean is really making a complete mess of things.

  4. Perhaps the Bronx cheer could attributed to those from the Bronx (or nearby boroughs) in attendance?
    To me, it was a fabulous game from Quick, outside the one mind fuck and failure to corral some loose shit around the crease. If not for Quick the blue shits would won by a half dozen.

  5. Really, with the top posting?! It makes no sense when coupled with the ability to reply inline to individual posts.
    Top posting is an abomination created by Microsoft with email. It’s wrong there and even more wrong in a forum or BB format.

    Free Alec! End Top Posting!

  6. Good to get Mr. Softie’s(see Barry) one brainfart he has every year outta the way early. Anyone who doesn’t realize that the goal was a good thing doesn’t know J Quick. He will take it harder than anyone cuz the guy is competitive as fuck. He’s gonna be lights out for us this year from here on out. I said it! Mark it! Write it down! Fuck you if you don’t agree! And fuck all you shameful people who jeered him after that next save! The man single-handedly took us on his back to a damn CUP! He deserves better than a bunch of shithead fans jeering him over a bad bounce. Shameful! HE’s gonna get it right. Don’t worry about that. Always love me some Sutter comments too.

    Richards sucked. Besides that assist, he looked like he was still suffering from his last concussion. Out to lunch. Telegraphing passes and sluggish. Love Richards though. He brings so much to the table. Rootin for him to get it straight.

    Reel in the intensity Drew and focus it.

    Let this game go Slava. You looked like Muzzin out there at times. Rattled and off balance.

    Time for AMart and Carcillo. I at least wanna see what they bring to the dynamic.

    Carter seemed to be flyin out there at times.

    Frattin made a few nifty plays but why didn’t we trade Bernier, King/Nolan and whatever else to Philly and get Wayne n Brayden back? Don’t answer that.

    Shoot Kopi! Two guys going to the net on a scoring chance in the first and you pass it???? Backhand that bitch or turn to your forehand and snap one dammit!

    Toscano was on it! Never get tired of Cartman no matter how cheesy.

    We had bad BOOBs today.

    Anyone ever see our pre-period video reel glitch once let alone twice? That was odd.

    Fuck that new Verizon WiFi! I spent most of the game cursing at my inability to get my ScoreCenter app on my iPhone to work so I could follow the Dodger game. Then it finally starts working as half the people in the arena finally gave up like me only to have it glitch again right when Uribe hits that jack. SUTTIN SUTT SUTTER!!!! I had a dream the other night that Yasiel Puig played hockey and he was a left winger. Then I woke up with a white substance all over me. Who wouldn’t want to hear YASIEEEEEEEELLLLLLLLLL PUIGGGGGGGGG after 50 goals per year????

  7. I couldn’t agree with you more Scribe. After all that Johnny Quick has done; he fucks up once and gets creamed for it. You just don’t treat your goalie like that. I’m disgusted

    • *I mean Surly

    • It’s really disgusting. Jeers coming from a fan-base, 99% of which, can’t even skate. People who couldn’t compete at Quick’s level even if everything in their lives depended upon it. Just shows you the front-running morons that still predominate at Staples Center ever since we won the cup. What a pathetic display.

  8. That’s a game Id like to put behind me as a fan for sure. Not because we lost or the flukey goal, but as a fan base we failed the team. As I watched from home holding my head the pain I felt was unbearable. Kings fans as a whole took a big hit, even though the majority of Kings fans aren’t that stupid, it affected us all. It was probably the same loud group of assholes who yell out during the national anthem. I for one will be much more vocal when at the games, it’s my duty now to train these fools how to properly rally behind your team. I don’t intend to go as far as pulling off and confiscating jerseys from dumb fans, unless they are super hot and worth the jail time. But I will yell you down, and call you out. Not in my house fuckers!!!!!!

  9. Turnovers and give aways were at an all time high. They aren’t finding eachother on the ice. Position play and anticipation of teammates was lacking. Doughty got caught with that toe drag and he knew it. He overcompensated, and then the slippery slope happened.

    I watched the game with two dads who’s kids both play in net, and mine plays D. All three of our kids put too much pressure on themselves when they play. Consequently, they are known to be overly cautious. From a parenting perspective I’m glad those flub goals happened. Each was the result of a critical mistake from one player. We all grab our kids and say, “See, if the best goalie in the world can make a mistake and recover well from it you can, too. Just go out and play your game.” We’ve told them before, but to see it happen just iced the thought for our players. They really got it for the first time.

  10. All I could think of when I heard that sarcastic cheer, and saw Quick’s reaction after, was Patrick Roy’s last game in Montreal, and it broke my fuckin heart. The guy strapped the whole team, and indeed the entire Kings nation, on his back and dragged us kicking and screaming to our first Cup (a heavy burden, clearly, given his offseason surgery). Does it excuse the error, of course not, and Quick will be plenty hard on himself, don’t you worry. But I think booing and jeering your own team in general is classless and ungrateful, especially so when they most need your support (we were still on the fucking powerplay) not for you to kick them when they’re down. People were doing this same type of shit last year, barely 6 months removed from our victory parade, when Quick wasn’t looking like the unstoppable force the people who only started to realize our team existed in 2011 were used to, and it’s just ridiculous. For all the times Quickie has simply handed the team victories they didn’t quite deserve, I was really hoping the guys on the bench would find a way to repay the favor, so his gaffe would be nothing more than a clip on SC’s Not Top 10, but alas, I suppose that’s hard to do when your so-called “fan base” has already decided the game is lost. All I know is that I’m glad I was not in the building last night, cus the closest “fan” to me who participated in that shameful cheer would have gotten, at best an earful, at worst a good old fashioned jersey pulled over the head beatdown. It was a bad game, for a number of reasons people have already mentioned, but honestly, last night told me a lot more about the fans of our team, than the team itself, and for the first time in a long time, I was ashamed to be part of the Kingdom.

  11. Shame and Embarrassment being an LA King Fan watching what said fans did to our Shining Star.
    That will be a long lasting bitter memory for sure.
    As for the game..it was the total opposite of the one in Vegas. I expected the Rangers to play a better game..they did. I didn’t expect the Kings to be the team I kept reffering to as the one in dissaray.
    Scribe covered the mesy game we saw.
    I hope the team reflects on it and along with Sutter and staff buckle down, regroup, and show up Wednesday.
    GO KINGS GO!!!

    • And a P.S. Seeing Greener down by Quick on the bench when Goalie pulled at the end of the game brought pride inside me. Leadership/Claad/ real Teamate..nice Green!
      GO KUBGS GO!!!

      • Those who ‘cheered/jeered’ Quick were not real LA fans. They could not possibly be the real thing. Real fans know that Quick won more games for us than the team as a whole. As far as I am concerned, regarding that game, the entire team played like crap. Also, what the hell is going on with Doughty?

  12. I think some context is needed:

    As KingJ99 said, it was Quicks 1 major fuck-up a year. Last two times he’s done this we won the Cup and went to the WCF. As Surly said it’s game 3 of an 82 game season (FUCK YEAH WE ARE PLAYING 82!!!!) As Sutter said, “Most people are fucking idiots, so fuck them!” (or something like that)

    Yeah, fuck those who sarcastically cheered (then donkey punch them). But let’s not discourage the entire fanbase because of a few bandwagoning morons. These claims that Staples fans don’t help their team as much (and even might hurt) as other stadiums like HP is erroneous. Over the last 4 years the Sharks have had an average of 53.9% of their points come at home; the Kings have had an average of 54.1% come at home. Therefore the Kings have been better at home than the Sharks for the past 4 seasons, when normalized for overall team production. So Fuck Sharks fans.

    Quick is the best goalie in the world, LA has some of the biggest douches in the world. Last night the two collided. So what? This team is starting slow just like the last two years, maybe this is just who the Kings are: A team that starts slow, gives up a freak WTF goal, makes a few moves before the playoffs, and then runs shit. And I for one am okay with that. 82 regular season games, including Friday in Raleigh. FUCK YES!!!

    • Well said, TK.

      Tho I have noticed the nasty trend begin in LA where fans are more apt to yell “you suck” at opposing fans than they are to yell “go kings!” It started a little over a year ago as the “hey so and so fans, you suck” picked up popularity. He, I’m a big reason it did and I love that jeer, but it shouldn’t replace pro-Kings chants. Yet, often I was at staples last night and I will hear a litany of “you suck” from sections that are otherwise entirely quiet. That bugs me.

  13. I’m not too worried about that goal. Brodeur did it in the Stanley Cup Final a few years back. It can happen to anyone. No biggie. However, screw the fans who mock cheered him afterwards, though. They have no idea how important Quick is to the Kings.

    • When I saw the goal I though the same thing … was almost a mirror of what happened to Brodeur against the Ducks in the SCF a few years back.
      /Agree completely @ the fucking duche-bags that Bronx cheered Quick!

  14. I have been to too many home openers and every time I have been, the Kings have pretty much lost and it wasn’t pretty. Kind of why I have stopped going to these games.

    Goal 1 and Goal 2 were not on Quick. That was purely stupid, bonehead plays. The team were giving pucks away like it was fan appreciation night, and in the wrong places.

    For now its time to remind all players the Larry Robinson theory of “The Boards are Your Friend”. Sutter should have known Alain wasn’t preparing his team to come play a team he’s never faced. AV knows the Kings intimately. It was pretty clear that the Kings sucked, and the Rangers knew what was going to happen, almost predictably. Pressure the Kings in their own zone, they will cough up the puck.

    Last night was kind of the AV revenge fuck for what the Kings did to the Rangers at Frozen Fury, and then payback in part of bouncing the Canucks in the 2011/2012 season. I’m sure we will see the Rangers try to take out some revenge on the Sharks also.

    Quick had been keeping the Kings in that game despite all of the gifts the team in front of him were showering on the Rangers. The score could have simply been 5 or 6 to 1 if it weren’t for Quick.

    Lundqvist was the recipient of the pipe gods in his net. Brown beat him on his shot in the 1st period. The game should have been tied 1-1 after the 1st. Lewis also beat Lundqvist on his breakaway when the Kings were killing a penalty. The game easily should have been tied 2-2 but bad puck luck kept the Kings to only 1 goal.

    The team were horrible in all zones last night, and were horrible on the power play. Entries were great into the Rangers end, after that the Kings didn’t do anything but negate the entry by almost running into each other, and give the puck back to the Rangers who cleared the puck out of their end.

    Muzzin was lucky to have 4 Rangers going to or towards Richards when Muzzin was on the receiving end of a better than prime scoring opportunity. Muzzin beat Lundqvist which put him back to a -4 when being on the ice with Voynov when Richards scored his 2nd goal putting him at -5. Was Muzzin to blame? No it was a bad play by Voynov, not the point though.

    I just don’t think Muzzin being paired with anyone works on the Kings blue line.

    Defensive pairings should be:


    Quick’ one gaff was totally freakish! I would rather him not play the puck behind the net, he’s just average when it comes to that, and unless you are Brodeur, Price, Hextall, Turco, less is more. He was just trying to stop the puck for one of his teammates while on the PP, his stick slipped away from him and he made another gaff by trying to pull a Hasek using his digits which are hidden inside his blocker to stop the puck.

    I played in net for 30 years, and fundamentals which are ingrained from very early on, and should never be forgot are stick 1st, pads second, glove or blocker 3rd, but always having your body behind you or square to the puck as a safety precaution. Just like a catcher in baseball your body acts as a wall to reduce the chances a ball doesn’t get past you, and as a goalie same thing, body reduces the chance the puck doesn’t get behind you.

    Quick will have a few of these bizarre goals happen to him for his whole career. Conference finals in 2011-2012 Derek Morris of Phoenix scored a goal from just inside center ice. Last season during their 2nd round series with St. Louis he gaffed playing the puck behind his net in OT and Steen scored ending the game.

    I don’t condone what happened last night with the fans and I think Quick was so frustrated and embarrassed his reaction after stopping the next puck that game down to him to the jeers was kind of funny. He was encouraging the fans to cheer which shows his mental toughness.

    The fans should have really been giving it to the team collectively because it was a horrible performance by the Kings. It wasn’t pretty, and it was amplified by the fact it was the home opener.

    Sutter really needs to give it too the defense and offense they were beyond horrible. I can understand one player having a bad game its normal, but when Doughty/Voynov/Williams/Richards are making bad decisions in the wrong parts of the ice, time to show them the wrath of Sutter.

    Clifford had a strong game, its just too bad his best scoring chance was prevented by a bizarre backspin and the Rangers getting back, using their sticks to keep Clifford from getting a shot on goal.

    • Holy crap that was a long comment, Mr. Concise…er…Neil. :)

    • “I played in net for 30 years, and fundamentals which are ingrained from very early on, and should never be forgot are stick 1st, pads second, glove or blocker 3rd, but always having your body behind you or square to the puck as a safety precaution. Just like a catcher in baseball your body acts as a wall to reduce the chances a ball doesn’t get past you, and as a goalie same thing, body reduces the chance the puck doesn’t get behind you.”

      That seems so simple and yet..,., good point.,.,can picture it clearly in bb as in Hockey.,.,
      Thanks for that.
      GO KINGS GO!!!

  15. Sutter says AMarts and Muzzin = interchangeable. AMart in Muzzin rides pine. I also would like to see carbomb get a shot. If they lose to the Sens, Sutter needs to give em a practice with no pucks.

  16. I just assumed the mock cheers were from Ranger fans (of which there were plenty).

  17. As a Sharks season ticket holder during their first two seasons in the Cow Palace (MSG West) during a two-year stint in NoCal, my enduring memory of that experience was during the first visit by the Canucks, who were led by Igor Larionov and some rookie named Bure. After scoring a goal, when Larionov’s name was announced to the 11,000+ Bay Area sports illuminati, there was an audible giggling and snickering at the name “Igor, ” as if he had dialed up that wrister that beat Hayward from Boris Karloff’s laboratory. It was humiliating to be part of that throng. Not much has changed. Sharks fans are little more than drive-by sports dilettantes just looking for something to latch onto in between 49er dynasties.

  18. Oh and one other thing about a Kings “fan”????? This person came into the game and then slept off his beers (many, many) during the entire game. The fact that he was drooling also just made him oh so wonderful. That is not what needs to be at Staples Center representing our team. He slept through all three periods. What a colossal jackass! We were discussing writing on his head but no one had a black sharpie! Bringing one tonight just in case…………… :o)

    I for one will always keep yelling GO KINGS GO good or bad!
    That is what a fan does!

  19. Seriously, all you bloggers trying to shame us Kings fans for being a little frustrated on opening night need to chill the fuck out yourselves. It was opening night and we expected a little more fire from our boys, especially considering Barry Melrose picked us to win the Cup this year. So expectations are higher than normal this year, can you blame us? By the time Quick had his mental lapse in the third, Doughty had been guilty of more hooking than a Thai prostitute in Phuket, Muzzin had a litany of turnovers, the team was going away from its physical identity, and the stupid in-seat waitress who was trying to get my order figured out didn’t know how to use the tablet she was given to take the order because she was a non-tech-savvy lady in her late 50s who had only been trained how to use the damn device for an hour. So yes, some of us were a little frustrated by the time Quick’s gaffe happened. But don’t belittle me or ridicule me because I expect a guy who gets paid millions of dollars to be focused for a measly 60 minutes. He’s got one job to do and that’s keep the puck out of the net. Unfortunately, he couldn’t do that during a pivotal moment of the game when we were down by 1 goal and had a powerplay opportunity to possibly tie up the score. The fact that it wasn’t a dangerous offensive chance and there was no screen in front of him made it even worse! That error cost us any momentum that we had built up until that point and pretty much ended any opportunity we had of coming back.

    • You just sound whiny.

      • Right, because real fans stay home on opening night. Oh yeah, and this article was written by someone who got there a period late and left 10 minutes early.

        • Plenty of real fans were home opening night. I was at the banner raising ceremony last year. Paid $325 for a pair of seats in 310. I don’t think anybody is feeling your version of a real fan. I also was at the Staples for a few other games we lost, where goaltending was the primary reason. Didnt boo one time. Your money, do what you want. I just think you’re a whiny douche.

          • Name-calling from the person who chooses to hide their identity behind a screen name. Wow, that’s mature. You know my name, you know who I am. If you seriously feel that way about me, find me at a game and say it to my face. I’m not hard to find.

          • Ya. No interest in that, but good luck finding this fight you’re looking for, I’ll be rooting for the other guy.

          • Who said anything about fighting? I was just want to know if you actually have the balls to say it to my face or if you’re only brave behind the monitor.

          • Of course it’s a fight threat. Otherwise why say it? If he does say it to your face, are you gonna smile and walk away? No, you only say “do you have the balls to say it to my face?” if you are threatening a physical response to having it said to your face. If there was no threat of violence, then it wouldn’t take balls to say it to your face, would it?

          • There’s no threat of violence, I attend the games with my 8-year-old son.

          • By the way, paying $325 for a pair of seats in 310 on banner raising ceremony night doesn’t make you a real fan, it just makes you someone who overpaid for their seats… a.k.a. an idiot.

          • Fuck your mother you shit eater

          • Lol, now now, you’re just goading him.

          • I couldn’t reply to your other statement below, so I’m replying here.

            I understand the tone of my opening sentence and got the response I was looking for. I don’t sugarcoat things in as much as you speak your mind. I’m pretty sure that was the same response you were looking for when you wrote your piece. I mean, you didn’t write this just so that people would say, “Nicely said, Surly,” and give you a stroke job, right? I’m sure you wanted to hear the other side of the story so you could fathom how someone who claims to be a fan like you are would do something that you wouldn’t do. But I’m sure you don’t get offended when you go to 31 Flavors and someone orders a flavor that you totally detest. So why get offended when some fans decided to give Quick a Bronx-cheer? You have to take the good with the bad. If all you hear is praise all the time, how do you know if the praises you’re being showered with are sincere? If everything is good all the time, how would you even know what good is when you have no bad to compare it to? Wouldn’t good just be normal?

          • I didn’t write the article for any reason other than it was on my mind and I felt strongly about it.

          • I’m just wondering, how is writing, “We all like to pretend that we see things for their reality of suckage that the team or players don’t or won’t, like Fraser, or Cloutier, or Jay Flats.” on a story that has nothing to do with any of the 3 names mentioned in that sentence any different than fans giving Quick a mock cheer? Since Fraser had won a Cup with the Blackhawks before coming here, can’t the argument be made that Fraser showed our boys how to win? So he may not light up the lamps every night, he may not be the best skater out there, and he may not be the most talented guy on the team, but Fraser does so many intangibles that get overlooked on a daily basis. He works just as hard as anyone else on that roster, he’s a solid 3rd or 4th line guy (they can’t all be top 6 forwards), he’s a good teammate, a great person off the ice, and (most importantly) he’s a King. What gives you the authority to smear his name and say he sucks without fear of the same backlash that I’m getting because I admitted to being one of the Kings fans in attendance on opening night who mock cheered Quick? How is your behavior any better than mine? In fact, I can argue that yours is worse because it was done in writing and technically can be labeled as libel.

          • Because I wasn’t making any direct comment about Fraser, Cloutier or Flats. I was using them as examples of people that fans like to think they know something more about than the coaches and management. In fact, I said PRETEND to see things for the reality of the suckage. That’s a jab at fans thinking they know better, not a jab at those players… Tho i do think Jay Flats sucks.

            Also, open a dictionary. Libel, now that’s funny. Giving an opinion about someone’s performance isn’t libel. Libel entails asserting claims about someone that are false, such as “Fraser once molested a little boy”. He didn’t (far as we know, I suppose), but if he was a convicted child molester, saying he was a fucking asshole for being one isn’t libel.

            Don’t get on my ass for a few commas and sentence fragments and then fail to comprehend my words and use others yourself incorrectly. It’s just not nice ;)

          • The truth hurts, doesn’t it? Resorting to name-calling just shows your lack of intelligence, as evidenced by your overpaying for tickets on banner raising ceremony night. Why don’t you try again when you have something more constructive to say. In the meantime, why don’t you think about this one: My mom died during childbirth, so my dad and I have been sharing yours.

          • See and to me, 5k for season seats in the PRs is pissing away money. The 300s are much more fun and a fraction of the cost. Getting served in your seats in a novelty I can enjoy once every few years, but by no means adds much value to my experience.

          • I totally understand, I definitely enjoy it up in the 300s. Before my son was born, I couldn’t even think about buying seats in the lower bowl. My seats were in 321 with my back against the wall. Those days were definitely fun, and that’s where the REAL fans are, but I’m a little older now and I’ve got the little guy to worry about, so we like to sit a little closer to get a good view of the action. I figure I work hard for what I earn, so why not enjoy it? Just like with my Dodgers seats, I used to always get my seats on the top deck. But now that I’ve got the income, Ive decided to go with Loge seats. I might as well treat myself now since I can’t take this money with me when I die.

          • No. I really think you eat shit.

          • If you are what you eat, then I’m a pussy. Your mother’s pussy, to be exact.

          • Ya. You never wanted to fight.

          • That’s just gross.

          • One day you and your boy can share my mom too. Sick fuck.

          • Since it seems like your shoe size is greater than your IQ, I’m not surprised that you don’t know what humor is. Like I said, I just want to see if you will actually call someone a whiny douche to their face or if you just have the biggest set of balls this side of the Mississippi when you’re behind a keyboard and monitor, cloaked in your anonimity. I’m not hiding who I am, you can find me at Staples Center most game nights or on Facebook or Twitter. Or even better, if you’re ever in Old Town Pasadena, I work in the Dillbeck building on the corner of Colorado Blvd. and Marengo Ave., 2nd Floor. There’s only one Joe here, so you won’t have trouble finding me at all.

          • I haven’t read all the back and forth and I am sure it’s entertaining but wasn’t the shoe size – IQ reference from a Prince song?

            Someone help me out with that cause I’m drawing a blank

            And Joe you seem really intent on being found. Get one of those “HELLO! I’m ________” and write in Joe and when I find you, we’ll have a beer together and talk puck.

          • Booby, it was “Act your age, mama (not your shoe size)Not your shoe size” in the Prince song Kiss.

        • So you are saying that only a “real fan” goes to opening night? What does going to opening night have to do with being a “real fan”?

          Getting frustrated because a server couldn’t get your order input into her tablet, isn’t an excuse to heckle.

          If you are hungry, get up, and get your own food, or get there earlier so you can eat before the game. This again isn’t a reason to heckle your goalie.

          Your comment about Barry Melrose picking the Kings to win the cup, sounds like you are saying since Barry Melrose picked the Kings to win and expectations are higher than normal was/is justification for you to heckle the goalie who has a cup and a Conn Smythe.

          Correction: The 3rd goal that was credited to Mcdonagh there was no “mental lapse” and to label it a “gaffe” is also wrong. Quick went to stop the puck for Muzzin, his stick slipped out of this hand, then he went reaching with his blocker and the puck somehow caromed off the blocker into the goal.

          There was no “mental lapse” and a “gaffe” is a spear or hook used in fishing. Gaffing a fish, or a butchers hook.

          That 3rd goal was a fluke plain and simple. Quick will take the blame for the 3rd goal, just because it was something he could have prevented. Its on Quick because of losing his stick, then trying to stop the puck with his blocker and one more fluke, with the puck going off his blocker into the open net.

          I guess all of the saves Quick made on odd man rushes, or breakaways which should have made the score easily 3 or 4 to 1 before the fluke didn’t really matter. I guess because of one fluke goal and Quick getting paid millions of dollars its ok to boo your goaltender.

          You mention “we” a few times when referring to the Kings. What number are you? Were you a healthy scratch because I didn’t see your name on the Kings roster, and last I checked you aren’t a prospect.

          Oh my bad, I’m not a “real fan” because I wasn’t at the home opener, so whatever I say doesn’t matter because I don’t fit your criteria for being a “real fan”.

          I’ve been a fan since 67, how long have you been following the Kings?

          • Damn, that’s the problem with political correctness and everyone being so sensitive. No one can have an opinion that doesn’t agree with yours since only your opinion is correct. I didn’t take it personally that some Kings fans, including myself, gave Quick a little cheer on the immediate save after the fluke goal, as you call it. Hell, I don’t take it personally when someone takes pot shots at current players on the roster (We all like to pretend that we see things for their reality of suckage that the team or players don’t or won’t, like Fraser…). We understood that what happened was not a regular occurrence and we were laughing with him, not at him. It didn’t bother him. In fact, he even gave a sarcastic wave at the crowd. So why should it bother you? Every other save he made that night, we cheered as loud as those who didn’t give him the Bronx-cheer.

            I won’t forget what he did for use 2 seasons ago. I won’t forget that he’s probably the sole reason we got to celebrate having the Stanley Cup in Los Angeles after waiting 45 years (in your case) or 25 years (in my case),

            All I’m saying is you have to look at what happened for the context. At the time, we were only down by one goal by a score of 2-1 and we had a powerplay starting on that draw. He got a 10-year contract extension a few years ago to do one thing, stop the puck from getting in behind him and into the net. He couldn’t do it on what seemed like a pretty routine and harmless play. Furthermore, the fluke goal happened to put us 2 goals down in the 3rd period.

            Yes, I use the term we, because as the new crappy entrance song goes, “We Are All Kings.” I may not be on the roster, and I may not be a prospect, but I’ve been a Kings fan since 1987 when I moved to Los Angeles from the Philippines at the age of 9. So you may have 20 years on me, but I am not any less passionate about the team and I am no fair-weather fan. I’ve been at least a partial season ticket holder since I started working full-time and could afford it. So yes, I do take it personally when someone doesn’t perform what they’ve been paid to do.

            If I make a mistake in my line of work, it costs my clients and myself money. I can’t not concentrate on what I’m doing, even just for a second, because it could cost me my job and my livelihood.

            It wasn’t just the issue with the server that led to my having a frustrating evening, although I love the way you guys seem to focus on that. There were numerous situations that led to a little frustration from other Kings fans, not just myself. It was opening night and we expected our team to come out owning the night, but that only lasted for the first half of the first period. The refs blew the whistle on a Kings offensive rush when Callahan went down behind the play (which I understand is because of player safety reasons, but I feel like they could’ve waited until the Rangers retained possession so as not to stop the flow of the rush). Boyle hit Williams with a high stick along the Rangers bench that was was missed. The video montage before the first period froze twice. The game was played on 10/07/13, but the milk in my son’s kids meal said “Best by 09/29/13.” There were more Rangers fans than Kings fans sitting in my section.

            I could go on, but it doesn’t matter. Either way, I’m wrong for making light of an absurd situation.

            By the way, I wasn’t born in this country and English wasn’t my first language, but…

            noun: gaffe; plural noun: gaffes
            1. an unintentional act or remark causing embarrassment to its originator; a blunder.

          • If you are looking for sensitivity or political correctness, you found the wrong blog.

          • Obviously, that’s why I thought my opinion would be respected. I guess I was wrong.

          • It is respected, in so far as you are welcome to say it. Anyone else is welcome to call you a whiny douche for saying it. You are welcome to puff your chest out in response. What exactly were you hoping for?

            I, and many here, think Bronx cheering Quick was classless. I also think the goal was a silly fluke and not worth getting worked up over. That assessment of the play has nothing to do with a lack of high expectations for the team, nor does it diminish our collective anger towards their pitiful performance. I think the appropriate response was to laugh, because it was ridiculous and funny. It was also frustrating and disheartening. It’s early in the season and regardless of what may have happened on that power play, the team sucked and didn’t deserve to win. The stupid goal was the culmination of that truth, not the catalyst of it.

          • I think you and I are thinking and saying the same thing, just in different words. That was my point exactly. I think the people being offended by the Bronx-cheer shouldn’t be offended by it because it was a case of those who did it laughing WITH Quick, and not AT him. And what about my saying that classifies me as being a whiny douche? Is it because I threw in the comment about the in-seat waitress and the issues she was having? Is it not acceptable for me to expect the catering crew to have their act together on opening night considering they’ve had time during the off-season to prepare for the upcoming season? Should I expect to get expired milk in my son’s kids meal when I’m paying close to $5,000 per seat for season tickets? Then, shit, I should’ve paid $325 for a pair of tickets in section 310 for banner raising ceremony night.

          • I didn’t get the “laughing with Quick, not at him” from your post at all. And trust me when I say, Quick didn’t take it that way.

            And yeah, the part about the waitress sounded a little whiny.

        • If anything, me showing up for a period is a testament to my dedication, considering I had to work late and then be home at a specific time to give my woman a very important and specifically timed shot she needed.

          But by all means, insinuate my missing half the game somehow denigrates the value of my opinion. It’s certainly not my job to keep you from sounding stupid.

          Sorry you had trouble with the waitress. Must have been a rough night for you, princess.

          • Princess? Says the guy who takes a glamour shot of himself with his prissy hair for his blog. Grow a pair of balls and use your real name.

          • What’s with you and names? As if anyone else gives a shit that your name is Joseph the Hispanic, or maybe the Native American, who knows, who cares. You have some strange things you tie “manhood” to. Particularly enjoy the “come find me at a game” routine. A little verbal jabbing and you go straight to faux-fight threat? Temper, temper. Stamp your feet loud enough princess and someone is sure to hear.

            My hair IS fantastic. I appreciate the compliment.

            Btw, the talented Chaz Curry took the photos. He took them of hundreds of Kings fans during the Cup finals, donating days of his time. Sorry you missed out. Then maybe we could all see your own gorgeous mug, pock-marked with all the manly cuts and bruises you must have sustained fighting all the people who offend you throughout the course of your day.

          • I’ll edit thist one for you free of charge, but the next one will cost you. It’s obvious that your pretty hair and your perfectly-groomed eyebrows don’t do much for your intellect, so there’s no need to continue this conversation.

            “What’s with you and names? As if anyone else gives a shit that your name is Joseph the Hispanic, or maybe the Native American, who knows, who cares. (Actually, it’s Filipino and that was not a proper sentence.). You have some strange things you tie “manhood” too (Don’t you mean “to”?). Particularly enjoy the “come find me at a game” routine (Again, not a sentence, where’s the subject?). A little verbal jabbing and you go straight to faux-fight threat? Temper, temper. Stamp your feet loud enough(,) princess(,) and someone is sure to hear.

            My hair IS fantastic. I appreciate the compliment.

            Btw, the talented Chaz Curry took the photos. He took them of hundreds of Kings fans during the Cup finals, donating days of his time. Sorry you missed out. Then maybe we could all see your own gorgeous mug, pock-marked with all the manly cuts and bruises you must have sustained fighting all the people who offend you throughout the course of your day.”

          • *this, not thist

          • Sitting next to you at a game must be a tedious affair.

          • 1) English is not my native language, therefore, it is important to me that I speak and write using proper language and grammar.
            2) I merely stated my opinion on why I was frustrated and why other fans in attendance may have been frustrated on opening night, but I guess a difference of opinion is not welcome.
            3) You couldn’t afford to sit next to me.

            Just out of curiosity, would you pay a dentist to pull a tooth, but pulled the wrong tooth because for one second he forgot his right and left? Even better, would you go back to that dentist after you’ve recovered to see if he pulls out the correct tooth this time?

            If you answered yes to one or both of those questions, I have some beach-front property in Kansas for sale.

          • 1) English is my native language and I know its rules well. My writing here is stylized and the goal is not to please a grammar teacher. I purposely use sentence fragments because the flow and attitude is the goal.

            2) Your opinion is welcome, but if you can’t see that your opening sentence set the tone of hostility in your comment, and that people accordingly responded in kind, then you are not taking responsibility for your own comment.

            3) I wouldn’t want to sit in your seats. I have sat in the premiere section several times and it’s lame.

          • You just keep digging yourself a deeper hole. Your
            asinine comments are giving you zero credibility..you will become a ‘delete’.
            Let’s set the record straight.
            Surly’s hair is freakin awesome!
            GO KINGS GO!!!

          • Good thing you’re typing because I probably wouldn’t be able to understand you with Surly’s dick so deep in your throat. Is it true it taste’s like Scribe’s shit?

            Does talking like an internet thug give me more credibility? Go read a book.

          • My dick does reach far and wide. I can’t be responsible for where it ends up.

          • See, some of us still have a sense of humor. Way to take that in stride, Surly. Much respect.

          • Last comment to this idiocy. .
            you are an asshole..
            I am an internet Thug..wow. I have arrived..
            I feel bad for you son with you as a role model :(
            GO KINGS GO!!!

          • You’re awesome baby. And only my opinion on this subject matters

          • ty..I try :/
            GO KINGS GO!!!

          • I don’t mind locker room banter at all, matter of fact, I rather enjoy it, but I’m going to ask you to have a little more respect towards the young lady of our group. She is a diehard and one hell of a lady and the discussion of anatomical parts in certain places is a little overboard. Your cooperation would be much appreciated. Cheers!

          • I don’t think Hamburglar appreciates being called a young lady. POW!! #cheapshot out of nowhere

          • Bobby bad..I think he meant me :/
            GO KINGS GO!!!

          • With my screen name and my anonimity, who knows? Maybe lacking balls is something i was born with. Though plenty of ladies have some pretty good sized symbolic balls.

          • I am offended by your chiming in only twice and all you have is this cheap shot against someone I don’t even really care much for. #ThankYouForHavingASenseOfHumor

          • I am hearting my fellow bloggers..ty
            GO KINGS GO!!!

          • Talk about an unprovoked attack. You know, maybe the reason nobody here agrees with you is because you only came here looking for a fight with other fans of the same team. Sad to say we have people like you in our fan base. Please just move to Anaheim, cheer for the Sucks and get it over with already.

          • As sad as you are to say you have people like me in your fan base, I find myself more ashamed that I love the same team that your version of fans follow. Not to go political, but some of you are more closed-minded than Tea Party members. Kings fans should NEVER joke about an embarrassing moment that happens with the players, but it’s ok to say some of them suck. Lighten up and learn to laugh, it may add a few years to your life.

          • You’re brilliant and awesome. Disregard this Cretan and his Cretanous ways.

          • He’s mixing things up. I’m ok with it. He’s an asshole. You’re an asshole. I’m an asshole. S’all good.

          • By the way, you’re right about one thing. It’s not your job to keep me from sounding stupid because you can’t even keep yourself from sounding stupid considering your blatant disregard for the English language, grammar, sentence structure, and punctuation.

            Suggestion: Learn how to copy edit or hire a copy editor.

          • Easy there Pinoy! Drink a San Miguel Dark, eat some Lumpia and Pansit. We get it, it was a comedy of errors for both yourself and your family, along with the Kings.

            FYI the Kings haven’t been exactly lights out during a few previous home openers I think?

            Last season after they raised their Stanley Cup Championship Banner, Western Conference Champion Banner they got beat by Chicago. Big let down!

            The team collectively sucked big time, the only one out there that didn’t suck was Quick.

            Yes he was the victim of a fluke goal, regardless even if the score was 2-1 and the Kings were on a PP, that night chances were they wouldn’t have scored and still would have lost the game.

            For those who were at the game, its a big let down, again this is why I stayed at home. I could have gone to the game, but I chose to just stay home and not be let down since I was at home and I could change the channel.

            Regarding the service at Staples, I would also be pissed if they were not aware they were selling milk that had gone past its expiration date with what you had ordered. Did you complain to the server or did you go above that person to someone with the concessions?

            I would also contact the Los Angeles Kings. It might not be hockey related, but it certainly is a problem if this is what is going on during a Kings game. Complain to your ticket agent, complain to AEG, complain to Altieri.

            My picture can be found on my facebook page. I don’t have a reason to hide so just click on my screen name and you should be able to find my picture on my facebook page.

            Currently the link goes to some of my Kings game worn/used collection.

            My avatar is Alexander Frolov one of my favorite Kings players, who is missed by this team thanks to Terry Murray.

          • No hard feelings, man. I hope we can continue to have lively discussions about the regular season regardless of the outcome of this conversation. I appreciate your input and your candor, as well as your calm demeanor throughout all of your writing. You didn’t resort to any name-calling and presented your points in a clear and concise manner.

            I love the Filipino food references, by the way. That was a quick way to tell a brother to calm down and GO KINGS GO!

            Any food service issue I had during opening night were definitely addressed and handled by the Kings appropriately as soon as it was brought to their attention. The manager at the concession stand and I even had a laugh about it. We just figured that the milk inspector was furloughed because of the government shutdown.

          • modcop it appears you give good literary blow jobs. Joey likey!

          • Respect is a two-way street. Modcoop may have stated his opinion and made it clear that he didn’t like my actions, but not once did he make it personal. I can definitely appreciate that since that’s they way we progress as humans; through hashing out our differences and understanding the other side’s point of view. If we just go back and forth with the F yous because you’re saying something I don’t like, then we might as be like Congress.

    • BIG$$$$$ or not..players still human..and young.
      You sound more suited to MMA…jmo.
      GO KINGS GO!!!

      • Don’t know if that was for me or not, HJ. it’s funny you say that, though, because I don’t really like MMA. At least we can agree on one thing…
        GO KINGS GO!

    • You are so full of shit, “laughing WITH Quick, and not AT him” BULL FUCKING SHIT. Yeah it’s like when I guy gets hurt and fans cheer, they are cheering with him! You are a whiny bitch. “My food took too long to get.” Ignoring many other things wrong with that statement; let’s focus on how you think it is justification to “laugh with” Quick. No wait it was frustration that made you sarcastically cheer him like a douche bag. No, it was the fact he makes millions to keep a puck out of the net where if you made a mistake at work you would “lose your clients and yourself money” WHO GIVES A FUCK!!!
      Dude we get it you have a huge chip on your shoulder and are jealous that Quick makes millions, fair market value, to be the best in the world at stopping a puck. And because he made one mistake and you can berate him for it you do because it makes you feel better. Then you challenge other to a fight, to make yourself feel like a big man. We get it you are more of a man then everyone else!
      If you are going to be such a douche, fucking own it at least! You are jealous of Quick and pro athletes so you berate them to make yourself feel better, and challenge strangers to fights because you are insecure, and you whine like a bitch about shitty food service at sporting events and use it as justification to be such a douche. But then when you get called out on it FUCKING OWN IT!
      I will say I appreciated your “more hooking than a Thai prostitute in Phuket” comment and hope to hear more of that because like a prostitute in Phuket, Doughty also has a penis.

      • I think the one thing I learned from all this banter back and forth is that no one seems to have a sense of humor these days. Does no one joke around with their friends anymore? Are people too sensitive these days to take a little ribbing from a buddy because of a brain fart moment? So if I went out with some friends and one of them happens to stumble (without getting hurt) on some steps, would it not be ok for me or anyone else in my group to jokingly say, “Hey, look out for that step right there…” when we get to the next set of steps?

        I’ve never heard Quick say that he found what the fans did offensive, I’ve only heard it from you guys. The fact that he even gave a sarcastic wave after the mock cheer shows that he’s got a sense of humor about it and he was willing to let it slide. “You guys are writing a story on that one goal?” Quick said, according to the Los Angeles Times. “My stick fell out of my hand. I tried to stop it with my blocker and it hit my blocker.” My point exactly, he didn’t make a big deal about the goal or the crowd’s reaction, it’s you guys that are doing it.

        Even Darryl Sutter played it off like it was a non-factor during the little interview that Surly quoted on the original story. I didn’t infer that he meant people were stupid from his saying it was pretty normal. he jokingly said, “obviously, he didn’t think he needed a stick.” So then should we be pissed off at Sutter for poking a little fun at Quick now? Should we call for him to be fired because he was insensitive towards Quick?

        “I think as a player you have to expect it,” Mitchell said of the fans’ jeers. “I’m guessing, I would expect with our fans, they were doing it like a joke because it was such a freaky play. He could try to do that a thousand times over and it wouldn’t happen again. I think they were doing it just as a joke and having fun with the game.”

        Either way, no matter what issue it is, you guys will have your opinion and I will have mine. Sometimes we’ll agree, and sometimes we won’t. Where we differ is that I respect your opinions whether I agree with it or not. I may not like it or agree with it, but I don’t resort to calling someone names just because of a difference in opinion. If it makes you feel good about yourself to call me a douche, go ahead and do so. But first, look at yourself in the mirror and ask, “Am I just acting like an overly sensitive mangina?”

        • I think you should actually watch the interview where Quick said “are you writing a story about one goal?” He was pretty friggin upset.

          And I’m the one who said you have to laugh about it. But laughing about it is different than mocking him. If you took the wave as an “ok guys, yeah we can all laugh about it”, fine. I took it as “yeah laugh it up you ungrateful assholes”. Matter of perspective.

          • You’re right, Quick was definitely upset. But what he was upset about is where we disagree and our perspectives differ. You saw it as Quick being upset with the fans’ reaction when the topic of the goal was brought up. I saw it as Quick being upset with the interviewer for asking so many questions about that one play. But like I asked earlier, Sutter made fun of the whole thing during his post-game interview, so should we call for his firing now for being insensitive to his players?

          • I’m fine with and all for cracking jokes. Sutter is also almost always sarcastic in his interviews. I expect him to make light of it. That’s him actually protecting his player. I have a specific problem with the bronx cheer because to me it’s something you do to the enemy, not your own team. And again, joking and mocking are two different animals. Joking can be mutual. A mock, and specifically the bronx cheer, are, by design meant to serve as rubbing salt in a wound. Jokes are for levity. Mocks are more sinister by nature.

            As for the interview, yeah he was upset with the interviewer. But if he was upset being asked about it, you think he would be cool being mocked by thousands of people for it? That logic doesn’t track for me.

            And I have it on good authority that Quick thought it was shitty. There is more information out there than what you see and hear on TV. I wish I could share more about that but I can’t.

          • I totally understand what you mean, man. And, to be honest, if I were on the receiving end of something like that, it may very well hurt my feelings as well. I just hope you guys understand that when I did it on the immediate save after the fluke goal, there was no malice behind the action. I may be speaking out of line here, but I’m pretty sure any other Kings fan who did what I did would say the same thing, it was done in a joking manner not intended to ridicule Quick, but to lighten up the mood knowing he was pretty bummed about the incident. I think that was pretty obvious with how far he buried his face in his hands after the puck went in. I didn’t do it to protest trading Bernier to Toronto, I didn’t do it to spite Quick, and I most definitely didn’t do it to spite other Kings fans. The way I saw it from my end, it was like two buddies joking around about a goof one of them made. It only happened once. No one booed loudly or chanted to bring Scrivens in off the bench. I didn’t hear anyone chanting for Bernier to be brought back. The reason it may have sounded a little more derisive than what we would’ve expected was because there were seriously a ton of Rangers fans in the building. I had to wade through a sea of Lundquist jerseys (from Rangers to Team Sweden) on the way out of Staples that night. I can’t speak for them, but I’m pretty sure their version of the post-goal cheer was definitely your definition of it.

          • The point of being classy is not to go there at all. I was at the game. When he made the save, I thought nothing of it until I heard the cheers and spoke softly “shut up you assholes!” then subsequently proclaimed to my pops how Quick is going to be lights out from here on out cuz J Quick is a fuckin competitor and this kind of play will only serve to focus and harden him. He’s not exactly playing shitty since that play.

          • I get what you’re saying, man. And you know what, Quick was playing pretty damn well even before that incident happened. There’s no denying he’s a competitor and he’s proven on many nights that he can carry the team on his shoulders. All I’m saying is it was one of those caught-with-your-fly-down moments and you have to expect to get a little ribbing about something like that, even from those who care about you most. If you can’t learn to laugh at yourself first, then what can you laugh at?

          • Bad horse! Bad bad horse!

            BEAT BEAT BEAT

            Bad horse! I will beat you even after you’re dead!

            BEAT BEAT BEAT

        • You clearly have no idea what “owning your comments” means. Now, you claim you don’t call people names, but the 5 seconds later say “Am I just acting like an overly sensitive mangina?” You could take a serious lesson from Quick and own what you say and do. Instead you try and act like it is a difference of opinions. Yes, I think words mean what they mean based on the dictionary; you apparently make up your own definitions.

          • Actually, I didn’t specifically call you or anyone else a mangina, I just asked that whoever read that take a moment of self-reflection to see if this reaction is warranted or a little over the top. And yes, this is about a difference of opinion. Most of you feel like the extra loud cheer after the goal was classless where as I feel that it was not.

  20. I figured the sarcastic cheers were either NY fans or bandwagon Kings fans… whatever. The team played crappy in front of Quick – if it wasn’t for him we would have been down by much more! I always try to focus my energy on the “Go Kings Go” chant as opposed to the “xxx team sucks!”. Positive energy people!!!

  21. I LOVE THIS BLOG!!!! God bless you guys. I’m gettin a beer.


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