Kings Beat Senators in OT 4-3. I Want to Be Jeff Carter.

It’s gotta be great being Jeff Carter.

Play 200 feet of the ice and look damn good doing it.

Skate like the wind and look damn good doing it.

Snap off wrist shots that goalies see in their nightmares and look damn good doing it.

Score goals on top of more goals sprinkled with more goals and more goals for good measure and look damn fucking good doing it.

Jeff Carter. My man crush on him started before we got him. Goddam am I glad we got him. He is, in many respects, what we wish Kopi would become. A shoot first forward who can score at will. The main difference between he and Kopi is that Kopi just won’t shoot.

Daniel Carcillo…whatever, he played okay, I am not a believer. Sun rises. Sun sets. You learn to trust it.

Jonathan Quick – those of you that jeered him have forever lost the right to cheer him. When Quick makes a great save, you sit and shut up. And by forever I mean until Surly forgives you…and he holds a grudge.

Dustin Brown looked good too, minus the dumb penalties BUT he was skating and managing the puck. When the puck was on his stick, he skated to get open and made quick decisions to pass or shoot. I loved it. That is when Dustin Brown is at his best. When he plays a simple north to south game, he is every bit of that dominating power forward that can make everyone around him better.

How many s’ does Karlson have in his name? Is it Karlsson?  Or Ksasrslsson? Fucking Euro names. Whatever it is, he is a hell of a talent. His passes are perfect and what a laser for a shot.

Alec Martinez. I will just say “I told you so” and leave it at that.

I like the lines. Let’s leave them alone. Chemistry. Momentum. Winning.

Kings win.

Fuck yeah!

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  1. 2 points!
    On a side bitch-comment…. Am I the only one who hates the pussy ass video before the game? So f’n lame…it reminds of that 70s-80s Coca-Cola commercial about: “Teaching the World to Sing…blah,blah”..

    (I’m posting this comment on the Insider also so John can pass the word along)

  2. I’m with you on leaving the lines together. Carcillo addition may be the makings of a great line to come. Sporting Simmonds old number reminded me of his grittiness. He brings a scrappiness and fire to his game. I can see the potential for dumb penalties by him but hopefully he’s learned that lesson.

    I don’t see any reason why AMart isn’t a regular. He’s one of the best skaters on the team imo. Plus his stick handling and read abilities. Everyone makes mistakes but he makes much less of them than Muzzin.

    Quick…the guy is just money.

    • Carcillo has fire in his game, yes, but it seems, watching him last night, that he HAS learned his lesson on taking bad penalties. I hope his NEW disciplined nature continues. The rest of the team could learn from watching Carcillo’s obvious effort to restrain himself last night. The Kings, generally, take too many stupid penalties. This often gets them into trouble.

    • Agree on AMart, and for some reason, Sutter doesn’t always see that. The team moves much better transitionally when he’s back there. In the past, I was never a Carcillo (still lukewarm on him) fan mostly because as a Flyer he too far too many both dumb and costly penalties. But being traded a couple times in the last 3 years might change that and he’s hopefully learned a thing or two. Even tho I didn’t like it at the time, in the 2010 playoffs he was on Richards line and credit where credit is due, for the most part , after a rocky start in the early part of the series, he skated on the straight and narrow. He used to shove his stick around, and mouth off a lot post whistle and the refs generally don’t like that. He was yapping after at the ref after a skirmish early (game 1 or 2?) in that playoff series and the ref had the whistle up and ready to blow an unsportsmanlike and Richards intervened, got in front of Carcillo and not hiding his anger, told him to cool down and physically moved him up the boards , talking all the way, to the bench where he shoved the still angry Carcillo towards the open door. After that, he seemed to stay clear of the dumber stuff, esp since Richie would get pissed off at him if he did dumb stunts that cost the team. He’s also 4 years older now and hopefully has matured a bit.

      • That’s my biggest concern for Carcillo. As a teammate your patience is only so much. I can understand the yapping when it’s a necessary thing or you just are flat out pissed off about something or someone but to do it incessantly gets tiresome.

        Richards’ was basically saying “shut the fuck up already!” He kinda reminds of Avery. I actually liked the way Avery played. He did his job as an instigator very well but to know that he’s constantly mouthing off I can understand why his teammates were wanting to avoid him. You can only back your boy up for so long and then after that it’s just not worth it.

        I hope that Sutter sticks with that line for now. Looks like Flyers West is now complete. :) Whatever line combos work is fine with me. I just want another SC banner hanging.

  3. It was nice to see A-Mart out there playing well. It was nice to see Brown getting his swerve back. It will be nice to see Kopi get his back, though he hardly played badly. It was not nice to let the Sens back in the game. It was very nice to get the win.

  4. Why has a mart been scratched? Guy is solid. So is nolan. When it comes to sitting players, sutter usually does the wrong fuckin thing.

  5. We’ve broken Alec free. Now can we fix the friggin’ top posting! Reading the posts is like watching a yo-yo competition.

  6. I knew Carter was not fucking around when he chose 77. Thats a heavy number. You don’t take that down off the shelf unless you intend kick ass or you’ll look like a fool for wearing it. He has impressed me since his first shift as a King. Last season came in with added weight ready to take his game to the next level, and he did. I’m not gonna jinx it, but I hope he has another great year. He’s a huge difference maker for this team.

    • Halleluja to that! That dude is a shark on the ice. The man has a nose for blood and he’s a predator. (any aforementioned references to any other nhl teams other than our Kings is purely coincidental)

  7. Btw. speaking of Jeff Carter, what ever happened to Dutch. Haven’t heard much of him since the Kings won the Cup (or since JJ-JC trade for that fact). Hope he’s all right. He was an entertaining, if sometimes misguided, foil to you’re guys’ narrative.

    • He became Mr. Concisemice.

      I missed the game because I a was resting up for Friday, when the Kings come to NC!!! So a few questions: Who centered the 4th line? What line did Carcillo & Frattin play on? How did we blow a 3-0 lead? Thanks for the info, and as always:


      • Brown-Kopitar-Williams

        Scratched: Fraser


        D Pairs: AMART/Greene

        Sutter did make in game line combo changes
        Trevor Lewis centered line 4
        Carbomb played on the 2nd line with Richards and Carter
        Frattin played on the 4th line with Lewis and Clifford

        The Kings took a few penalties and OTT went 1/4 on the PP
        The Senators took a few penalties and the Kings went 2/6 PP

        Towards the end of the 3rd, Clarke MacArthur took a penalty at the 18.28 mark. The Kings didn’t score during regular time, so the remaining time carried over to make the OT 4 on 3 for the Kings.
        As soon as the penalty was over Carter deflected a slap-pass from Richards and beat Anderson 28 seconds into OT and 1 second after the penalty expired.

        • Awesome Thanks! Thanks to Kostamojen also. I will be at the game tomorrow, so no need to ask then! I AM SO FUCKING EXCITED! Haven’t been to a Kings game since the pre-season in KC versus Pitt. two season ago.

          Thanks again you guys.


  8. Damn, it feels good to be wearing my Kings hoodie today in Ottawa.

  9. Anyone still mad about the Carter trade?
    I’m married…to a woman…and I’d still fuck the guy.

  10. What I saw from Martinz last night: get pucks out of our zone quickly and into transition, whether it’s by skating it up the ice or by an accurate zip pass to one of the forwards, and he was actually jumping into plays and making himself a threat. He even lead a couple rushes. His shots were also getting through traffic and on goal and he kept the PP going several times by not allowing the Sens to get the puck for a clearing attempt. Martinez>>>>>>>Muzzin.

    And I actually liked Carcillo’s game last night. I thought he played his role well. You don’t really need somebody flashy when you have Carter and Richards on one line. Just do the dirty work along the boards and get Richards or Carter the puck, and that’s what he did. On top of that we all know he can piss off just about anyone by looking at them and he did that too.

  11. AMart ‘s stats prove he needs to stay in:

    Jon Rosen ‏@lakingsinsider 1h
    Including playoffs, the Kings are 18-6-1 in the last 25 games Alec Martinez has played.

  12. Before I start it must really be killing some members/followers/bloggers to write a novel about how bad so and so is/was and how bad the coach is. It must be killing those who are so confident, they have to tell everyone the Kings have too many below average, overpaid, older players and how they feel right now some of the prospects in Manchester should be playing in the NHL not in the AHL, and how clueless the GM is.

    A win, is a win so the saying goes. However the Kings really only played a solid 20 min 1st period. They really need to play a full 60 minutes.

    Martinez as many of us felt, was way better than Muzzin and he should remain playing in place of Muzzin. He was skating like the wind, made good reads, led a few rushes and made one hell of a play on a back check to beat a Senators player to a puck having to go back from within the oppositions blue line showing his speed.

    Carbomb played within himself, not taking any stupid penalties. The one penalty he did take, came off a slash from Colin Greening, then Chris Neil joined in, so Carbomb too 2 Senators with him to the box.
    Carbomb also took care of Richards when Carbomb saw Richards was getting excessive cheap shots.

    Mike Richards looked like Mike Richards, not some frail, and weak center who as someone put was declining, and out of shape last season.

    Frattin played a good game especially on a line as a RW which was more of a checking/energy role. He can still play LW with Carter and Richards.

    Overall the team on the ice looked more balanced and there is a difference when AMART is playing defense with his old partner Matt Greene

    The forecheck and pressure needs to improve in the oppositions defensive zone, the hitting needs to increase and some forwards who are looked to to score goals need to start to scoring goals.

    Hopefully the Kings can carry this effort into their road trip. They looked a heck of a lot better vs OTT that was for sure!

    • I’m telling you. Carbomb is one of the best penalty drawers there is. He almost never goes alone, and always takes a player or two that’s better than himself.

  13. Can someone please enlighten me about Dwight King? Sure, he’s a big body, but he has never played to his size. He doesn’t hit, he doesn’t shoot, he doesn’t work the corners all that well, he doesn’t hold on to the puck or get the puck to anyone with any regularity. Seriously, this guy is the size of a semi and he plays like he’s made of porcelain. Am I missing something? I understand match ups and all and getting a guy with his size on a line with Kopi and Williams, but what does he bring to the table. Someone please enlighten me. Thanks!

    • He was on the Cup winning team and now DL and DS feel some sort of loyalty to him. Ship his ass back to Manchester.

    • The plus side to Dwight King is he has the potential to be sort of a unique player, kind of a complimentary two-way power forward with underrated skating and hands (kind of, in a weird way) for a big guy, and more two-way game and defensive responsibility than you usually associate with power forwards. At his best he can play with better players, like we saw on the 2nd line during the Cup run, and provide the size and puck protecting in the offensive zone without losing the defensive responsibility or too much speed, since he skated better back then.

      Since then he’s lost a step and just hasn’t been as good. But he showed tonight with his goal an example of something he can do that most non-elite forwards his size can’t do. I’m not a fan anymore of what he’s done lately because he hasn’t been the same the last two seasons, but I’ve also been a big proponent of keeping him on the team, and not trading him or letting him go, because of the potential we saw during the Cup run. Power forwards are hard to find and even if he can just develop back into a consistent complimentary two-way 2nd line power forward, that would make him one of the best 3rd liners in the NHL if we played him down a line, and also make him a big trade asset. If he can just develop back to that level where he’s playing at a level where he scores just 20 goals and 50 points, for a power forward people are going to be willing to give up something of value to trade for a player like that, plus that would obviously help us.

      So that’s the deal with him. He’s a little better than how he looks at first because he does some things well, just not in a way that stands out at first. Like his hands look like Kevin Westgarth at first but eventually you see he has more coordination there than it looks like at first, like we saw on the breakaway goal tonight.

      But at the moment, in general, he’s not producing enough to be a 2nd line forward, or even a 3rd line forward.

  14. Is it me or is a 3-0 lead in the first period the worst lead to have? Every time we run out to a big lead its almost a guaranteed shootout. 5-4, 6-5. Even game six 2012, I was worried then too. Of course we finished that one off well. I wonder how many other teams fans get tense when the team is up 3-0.

  15. How awesome would the movie Being Jeff Carter be? Crawl through a portal on the 6 1/2 floor of the Staples Center and next thing you know you are flying down the right wing ready to embarrass some pro hockey stars. That would be a movie I would go see.

  16. We will skate the same lines tonight. This news makes me happy!

    I’m hoping Carcillo has another good showing tonight. No matter his skill-set, I love the fact he becomes the calvary when either Carter or Richards has a hint of a problem. The only times he walked the red line is when Carter was being pushed around (scrums) or when Ottawa took runs at Richards. Other than that he held his temperament quite nicely. I’m perfectly fine with that.

    To my surprise, I also liked our 3rd line much more in game three. It had a much better feel and, like most others, I really liked the speed and tenacity. I feel some goals coming from this group.

    Kopitar, you need to listen to your line-mate and friend when he says, (paraphrased) “We need to get dirty and score some greasy goals.” Us fans know Williams plays that way every game/shift so I’m taking it as a shout out to you Kopitar. Go to work, son. Attack the game and unlimited points will follow.

    Martinez, more of the same, please. Your game was perfect. Not too much – not too little, just solid play.

    Quick, get all that bad shit out of your mind. You are the man, dude. Let’s play some JQuick hockey tonight.

  17. I’m liking Kopitar’s game! I appreciate the extra effort number 11.

  18. Another clutch game by Carter.

  19. Game summary from Raleigh:

    We couldn’t fucking pass worth a shit for the first 40 minutes.
    Kong scored a fucking goal on a shorthanded breakaway.
    The refs fucking SUCKED!!!!!
    Dan Carcillo looked like an actual hockey player.
    Carolina cannot skate worth a shit and every time one of them fell down the handful of fans who were paying attention thought it should be tripping.
    The video board and audio guy for the Hurricanes is FUCKING TERRIBLE! He played clips from Dirty Dancing, The New Chick (ROB FUCKING SCHNIEDER), and Coyote Ugly amongst others to pump-up the crowd.
    Hurricanes fans are pathetic! Almost no cheering, about half full arena. Not one person chirped at me, unless you count the mother who “HAS A YOUNG CHILD” when I said “puck” and she saw it fit to berate me for “cussing;” ironically causing her daughter to wonder what she thought I said.
    That Jeff Carter guy is pretty good, same with Jonathan Quick.

    • Carolina is a great skating team in terms of speed, quickness, and agility. One of the best in the league. But you probably just meant they fell down a lot tonight for whatever reason.


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