It’s gotta be great being Jeff Carter.

Play 200 feet of the ice and look damn good doing it.

Skate like the wind and look damn good doing it.

Snap off wrist shots that goalies see in their nightmares and look damn good doing it.

Score goals on top of more goals sprinkled with more goals and more goals for good measure and look damn fucking good doing it.

Jeff Carter. My man crush on him started before we got him. Goddam am I glad we got him. He is, in many respects, what we wish Kopi would become. A shoot first forward who can score at will. The main difference between he and Kopi is that Kopi just won’t shoot.

Daniel Carcillo…whatever, he played okay, I am not a believer. Sun rises. Sun sets. You learn to trust it.

Jonathan Quick – those of you that jeered him have forever lost the right to cheer him. When Quick makes a great save, you sit and shut up. And by forever I mean until Surly forgives you…and he holds a grudge.

Dustin Brown looked good too, minus the dumb penalties BUT he was skating and managing the puck. When the puck was on his stick, he skated to get open and made quick decisions to pass or shoot. I loved it. That is when Dustin Brown is at his best. When he plays a simple north to south game, he is every bit of that dominating power forward that can make everyone around him better.

How many s’ does Karlson have in his name? Is it Karlsson?  Or Ksasrslsson? Fucking Euro names. Whatever it is, he is a hell of a talent. His passes are perfect and what a laser for a shot.

Alec Martinez. I will just say “I told you so” and leave it at that.

I like the lines. Let’s leave them alone. Chemistry. Momentum. Winning.

Kings win.

Fuck yeah!