Kong Played Like a King in LA’s 2-1 Shootout Win Over the Candy Canes

Once upon a time, there was a large and beautiful left wing, with a face built for magazines and hands like a twenty year old community college girl who has never stroked a…his name was Dwight King.

Although the name stayed the same, he stopped earning the alias with which I rewarded him – “Kong” – until he channeled his inner beast and put on full display why the L.A. Kings fan base fell in love with this adorable Brobdingnag (cheers to Swifters and their travels) when our Cup ranneth over.

He leaned forward, weight forward, stick forward, puck to the net forward and his relentless pursuit of rubber biscuit and red sweaters earned him a goal and our reverence once again.

But will it last?

Has he found a home with Nolan to his right and Stoll at his center?

Is the Sophomore slump sewn away? Is it slain? Can we for the love of the Hockey Gods have a productive left wing that doesn’t wear a C?

I know not.

You know not.

But we shall speculate.

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  1. I think that every single Kings fan has been secretly hoping for a faster Dwight King. He has been somewhat like Dustin Penner. And we all know how lazy Penner is. But is King also just a lumbering giant? We know he has good hands, and he’s big, but can he get his body moving? Last night, from the very beginning of the game, he showed that he IS capable of good moves. I found myself rooting for him every time he got on the ice! Go King!!! I was sincerely hoping that one of his excellent efforts would result in a goal! When he got that goal, I jumped out of my chair! I hope this will encourage Dwight King to continue working hard every day, and that he will remain a top six forward! Go Kings!!!!

  2. No of course SUtter won’t keep him where his THIRD LINE skill would be best used,,he’s moved again (per practice today) up to the 2nd iine. For all his heart and hustle and hits, that’s fine, he doesn’t have top 6 hands or mentalty. He could have been much more effective maybe on the 3rd line. And how is the 2nd line going to get any stability when the coach keep bouncing wingers. 3rd winger in less than 6 game equals bad decision, you need time to build chemistry.
    If he didn’t like Frattin or Carcillo there, Pearson is close by, on the same caost. He IS actually a top 6 player with skill.
    Sutter’s infatuation with King is disturbing….another setback for the 2nd line.

    • Pearson is close by, but the Kings don’t have the CAP room to bring him up without sending someone down, and that would mean a player who could potentially be claimed.

      Jordan Nolan is subject to waivers and I know the Kings wouldn’t risk losing him especially right now.
      Keaton Ellerby is subject to waivers so I am not sure if the Kings would rather make a trade involving Ellerby or risk losing him if he is sent down.

      Its not as easy as we tend to think, especially since right now the Kings are still looking to find some consistency which we know has been an issue early on in the season.

      Sutter does mix players during the game so King can switch with Frattin, but I am not convinced King is anything more than another Dustin Penner who might show up every now and again, but not consistently.

      King isn’t a grinder, and he’s not a banger. He scored a nice goal last night, but he is usually pretty much a MIA.

      Sutter can put pretty much anyone on the left with Richards and Carter and they can fit in. The reason why Sutter had King up on the 1st to begin the season was due to Brown dealing with his hamstring.
      Frattin was put on the 3rd line to give the Kings more balance, so I think King on the 2nd line is another attempt at trying to get offense from 3 lines versus 2.

      Kopitar just needs to play with more urgency when it comes to scoring. Williams will start to find his offensive mojo, he’s been a streaky goal scorer for the past few years and he has been clutch in critical games throughout his career. Kopitar is still not doing enough physically to create his shot. If you play as a center 25 minutes a game, one of your jobs is to setup chances for the wings, but more importantly for yourself. Kopitar needs to improve his play on the half wall, use his size to drive to the net, get some garbage or greasy goals, take more shots but don’t be afraid to get more aggressive.

      We as fans would love to see the Kings score more goals. Right now the Kings are playing ok, they can be much better. We know there will be a lot of 2-1 games, and Quick is going to give the Kings the best chance of winning. So long as the Kings are getting 2 points, in regular time or in OT, and shootouts they are fine.

      If you click on my name, I have another link to a small part of my hockey memorabilia collection.

      • That was a well thought out and presented comment. And I have to agree with you on each of your points. I think Sutter is an excellent coach, and he’s trying to do his best, like any coach would, with the personnel that he has. We’ll just have to see if the players are going to work hard or just hard enough. And there’s no such thing as just hard enough.

  3. Oh and the Kings switched hotels, this new hotel has sick views…Jim Fox’s photo from his room…awesome

    • this is a 2nd test to try and figure out how these upside down posts work – and who exactly I’m replying to. that said, years of yore past were far easier to navigate…..

      • Oh good, now I see it’s like I’m responding to Deirdre. Deirdre, you and Bobby should team up. You guys have a really fantastic ying yang in your writing.

        • and again to Deirdre…… as for Frattin not working out there……… what exactly did you expect? we traded a fantastic goaltender (and I know you don’t get market value etc.) and DL unfortunately wasn’t able to fill the one huge hole that still exists on this team…… and until they Do get it filled, it’s gonna make playoff time a much more challenging experience …….. (imho)

  4. OT- He 4 goal game spurred questions post game in the Sharks lockeroom on that event: Joe Thorton made a comment that most of the reporters enjoyed and laughed at, except on who actually put it in the paper.

    ….recap:(from puck daddy) Reporters were interviewing Patrick Marleau in the visitors’ locker room in Vancouver, ahead of the San Jose Sharks’ game against the Canucks on Thursday night. Marleau was asked a question about Sharks rookie Tomas Hertl and his fancy fourth goal against the New York Rangers.

    Thornton cut off the question, saying to TSN reporter Farhan Lalji, “Shut up, have you ever played the game?”

    According to Jason Botchford of The Province, Thornton had the attention of the press scrum and then joked, “I’d have my [rooster] out if I scored four goals. I’d have my [rooster] out, stroking it.”

    (Only he didn’t say “rooster.”)…

    Ben Scrivens (who is a pretty funny on twitter) had a warning for Thorton

    Ben Scrivens ‏@scrivens_30 10 Oct
    Someone tell jumbo the new NHL tuck rule bans uptucks too.

    • Why is that comment funny? Maybe I don’t get it or maybe I hate Thornton so much everything he says makes me want to punch him with a bat

      • I loved that comment from Thornton. Finally a quote that didn’t involve giving 110%, moving their feet and playing as a team. And I have to admit a soft spot for Jumbo Joe, even if he is a Shark. He played for my hometown Soo Greyhounds, just like Carter.

        Go Hounds Go!!

  5. Was kind of hoping to see JW get his 500th point in Carolina. Have to wait til tomorrow I guess. When I heard Nik Nickson say King, dekes, goal! I almost drove off the road. GKG \X/

  6. Scribbles,
    so know you attribute King’s supposed suckiness to a sophmore jinks? What a douchebag you are. Does King suck or doesn’t he? Make up your mind, bitch boy. Does Fraser suck or is he having a Stanley Cup hangover? Does the lakingsnews.com website suck because it is run by two idiots in squirelly and scribbles or because of the shitty, pointless articles?

    • You didn’t like the King, Kong, giant, Swift, Gulliver’s Travels stuff? Man, tough audience.

      But to help you out, the difference between asking a question and making a statement about Dwight King is one seeks answers and the other does not.

      And what exactly is a jinks in this context? Are your demons chasing you again? Felt the need to run away? Or did you mean jinx you ignorant fuck?

      As always, reading comprehension is your friend even though I am not.



      P.S. Thanks for reading and contributing to our community

      • Slump/jinx/jinks, you know what I mean. That’s usually the method comeback o cm. a dumbass who has nothing to say; find a spelling or grammer error, and attempt to use it as ridicule. No matter how much you and squirelly attempt to behave as “knowledgable”, hockey fans, you can’t fool me. You are clowns who’s knowladge is laughable and are 2 losers on a quest to suck the dicks of as many Kings players as possible. You all did read the last article on Carter, didn’t you? Gayness is abound with these two. Your dreams are coming true queermos. Bloggers are treated, laughably of coarse, as real journalists. Soon enough your wish of getting behind the scenes and groping a player or two will come to fruition. All I ask is that you post a picture of your face after the ensuing beatdown. Thank you.

        Your friend,
        Fenrir the Great

        • I don’t think that Surly and Scribe ever pretend to be real journalists. They never break stories and they write hyperbolic statements about their affection for players. Even if Surly & Scribe were gay, why would that matter would that make them less knowledgeable less funny? By the way “getting behind the scenes and groping a player or two” you do realize there are a few guys in the league that would enjoy that since there are gay hockey players. Also, most of the league actually supports gay rights. But you apparently think that calling someone gay is an insult. You are a bigoted homophobic child and internet bully. Not only is there no place for you here, there is no place for you anywhere other than at your rallies & Russia.

          • Ha ha. We are not gay. We are very socially liberal and tolerant, more so than probably 99 percent of the population. I have good friends who are gay or lesbian and as I like to say, I am a lesbian. Surly is the same.

            As for me, when you are born into broad minded creative writing and Shakespeare becomes the backbone of your love of literature, the sexual and erotic prose becomes one of the components of your substance and style. I reach for it (pun intended) when it amuses and colors a canvas of white on white.

            To thine own self be true, and it must follow, as the night the day, thou canst not then be false to any man

          • That was a really gay reply, scribbles.

        • That Carter post must have really turned you on. That’s cool, I am not judging.

          And the homophobic overtones and bigotry that you think are insults are really wasted on Surly and I. That shit works on your own character type that takes offense to such things.

        • Whaaaaat!?

          I think you need to do a better job of taking your meds on a consistent basis. I say this in kindness because I know what happens when I miss mine…

          …Or you need to eat a Snickers, because you become an insecure homophobic when your hungry.

          And, yes, I do learn something from those two lesbians every once in awhile (well, maybe just Scribbles) and it’s very stimulating.

        • In that pronounced Fen-rear?

        • Sounds like that Soviet beatdown left you with quite a sore ass, Fenrir. Hang in there, son.

        • Lol, “Squirelly”. I kind of like it.

  7. Reading the major part of the comments, it seems they bring in DS’s efforts at bringing balance to the lineup…. or at least in this case, the forwards. Thing is, I always thought that that was the job of the GM.
    If the SJ Sharks can draft a guy who scores four goals in one game and has seven in five games…… from one draft (granted it was a No. 17 pick), I’d love to think that our GM who has been there for seven years could manage to find one functional LW in that time.
    People mention Pearson, but I recall reading Bobby’s comments (at one time during pre-season) saying he wasn’t overly convinced – yet, about Pearson.

    If that’s the only hope we have at LW…… one guy at Manch who could maybe, possibly be alright, then I think that’s an organizational issue.

    And, my favorite thing in the world about this site is that I don’t have to always justify my opinion nor does anyone else who posts here. Thanks for doing this site you guys!

    • Good comment. Sutter is doing the best he can with what management has given him to work with. I agree. The King’s left wing problem has dragged out much too long. Management needs to get their act together.

    • Lombardi and his drafting have been somewhat questionable during his time as GM of the Kings.

      His history with 1st round selections has been questionable to say the least.

      06: Jonathan Bernier and Trevor Lewis (We all know about Bernier and even though Trevor Lewis isn’t the finisher Lombardi would have hoped, he is still a good 3rd or 4th line defensive forward who will get a few goals a season and can play center or wing)

      07: Thomas Hickey (he went way off board for this one but it has been said he had a plan involving Hickey)
      08: Drew Doughty, Colten Teubert (he traded up to get Teubert who has played a handful of NHL games)
      (Drew Doughty landed in his lap, but I have heard Lombardi really wanted Stamkos and a reason why they got the 2nd over pick was because Marc Crawford didn’t tank games at the end so the Kings could lock up that #1 pick)
      Doughty we know is on his way to elite status, however because of this, it screwed up Lombardi’ plan to have Hickey as being the offensive defenseman along with Teubert being the physical stay at home defenseman. Hickey is small and never even had a shot being a defenseman with the Kingsm and Teubert is a career minor league defenseman.
      09: Brayden Schenn (I never liked this pick, simply because I didn’t think Schenn was close to a Duchene, Evander Kane but this was the best player available at that slot)
      10: Derek Forbort (went off board again, taking Forbort probably to early, time will tell if he was a decent defenseman) Emerson Etem was there to be taken and with the glaring need for speed at wing, it was really a surprise that Lombardi passed on Etem.
      11: No 1st round pick
      12: Tanner Pearson
      13: No 1st round pick

      Lombardi has been lights out with his 2nd round picks:

      Wayne Simmonds, Slava Voynov, Kyle Clifford, Tyler Toffoli, and we will have to wait for Zykov

      Lombardi later round hits:

      Andy Andreoff, Nick Shore, Michael Mersch, Jordan Weal, Kevin Gravel, Maxim Kitsyn, Jordan Nolan, Linden Vey, Alec Martinez, Dwight King

      There are other players who are still developing in various levels, and there are a lot of players who never panned out, but that isn’t a uncommon with a draft.

      Trades and UFA signings have been hit or miss. The LW issue was thought to be addressed when Lombardi made a trade for Dustin Penner who at the time was very productive with Edmonton.

      Nobody knew Penner would become horrible 98% of the time he played, but a few big goals and he helped win a cup for LA.

      CARBOMB just scored, not looking like such a bad thing with CARBOMB playing with his buddies Richards and Carter eh?

  8. Congratulations Justin Williams!!! Sick play. GKG \X/!!!


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