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  1. Great game. Awesome highlight reel play. Congrats JW!

  2. Missed the last game then first two periods of this one. Caught the 3rd and almost fell asleepe the Panthers were so bad. Great SO for Scrivy.

  3. Without a doubt, one of my favorite hockey players. Congrats Mr. Williams.

  4. Considering this was against Florida, it was nice to see the defense help the Professor get his 1st shutout and 1st win as a starter. Least we forget it was also the 1st regulation win for the Kings this season.

    Right now having Carbomb and AMART playing in the place of Muzzin and Fraser is making a difference. The fact that scoring was distributed with getting goals from the 2nd line, 4th line and 1st line again shows the adjustments made by the coach worked out against Florida. The assists also again coming from defense and the 3rd line also nice to see today.

    I might be wrong about the goal and assists from the 3rd and 4th line, but it seemed like Sutter was changing some of the line combos during the game.

    All goals scored 5 v 5 today.

    Way to go Willy!

    On to Tampa Bay.

  5. Congrats Willy! Here’s hoping you see many more BOOBs in the future.

    Love his Energy and No Quit Attitude.
    It has been a Pleasure having him on our Kings.
    GO KINGS GO!!!


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