Just a Walk in the Park Kazansky…Kings Beat Panthers 3-0

Florida sucks.

The State and the team.

They have crocodiles, swamps, hurricanes and Jeb Bush. The State, not the team.

The team had plenty of excuses to lose and we obliged. Three games in something like three to four nights. A  top six that is closer to a top two. A porous defense. Tim Thomas in the locker room but not on the ice.

But who gives a hell about that?

Ben Scrivens got a shutout and I have found a kindred spirit in Shakespeare. His crown is called content and content he should be with a performance that saw him make a few big saves and keep rebounds away. He also benefited from a good team defense that kept his crease clear.

Nolan and King need a smart center that plays 200 feet. Stoll is exactly that and his veteran leadership is a good glue for these two. Remember when the same duo previously found some success centered by Mike Richards? Same reason. I am still not sold that King has channeled Kong but he is building momentum from a successful preseason and one of his best games as a King against Ottawa.

Meanwhile, Jordan Nolan hasn’t just lost 10 pounds but has gained a greater hockey IQ in the process. Hope it continues because an effective third line goes a long way in rolling four.

Speaking of four, if you had told me Lewis centering Clifford on the left and Frattin on the right would play well together, I would have said whoever put that line together was a bleeping genius…think about it. All three of those players are, at their worst, fourth liners and, at their best, quality third liners on a Cup contending team. Therefore, when you put each of them in their natural positions on a fourth line where they are not under the pressure to produce offense and also do not have to take on the opponent’s better players, the margin of error for mistakes is low and, productivity, high. Low risk. High reward. It also acts as a confidence builder.

I speculate Sutter did this to bring balance to the four lines and so he could bring down the top two’s minutes and increase that of three and four. The same move also balances out our defense because each line has a defensively responsible center, with speed, and wingers that compliment a forechecking game.

Overall, as much as Daniel Carcillo playing with Richards and Carter still spooks me and though I still believe we are a top 6 left wing away from being the best team in the league, I like these lines and, but for seeing King shift up to the second from time to time as Carcillo shifts down, we may see them intact.

Meanwhile, Anze Kopitar is on pace for over 80 points…and I still want more goals damn it!

Onto another Florida team…fuck them too.

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  1. Sutter doing what Sutter does, nothing complicated, just a simple approach from a simple man with a high hockey IQ.

    Scrivens is probably in heaven knowing he doesn’t have the Maple Leafs defense in front of his anymore and he is ok to give up the occasional rebound because the Kings are in position to take care of that.

    Off to tame the Stamkos!


  2. Is anyone else surprised it only took 6 games before Scrivens saw action. Didn’t Bernier have to wait a couple months before sniffing the ice. Ha ha

    Nice game Scrivens. Solid performance!

    I really like the play and balance of the 3 and 4 lines as well.

    Modcoop is correct, simplicity is key.

    I’m pleased with Kopitar’s effort the last two games, but I still want more offensively. Five assists (three on PP) is nice, but we need goals from our top center. The give and go with Williams was beautiful but Kopitar had zero shots on goal…not good enough.

    I like Carcillo. I can’t help it, he’s my kind of guy. As Fox said during the game, you have to give Carcillo credit for playing with extreme discipline. Good for him! Oh, and nice goal carbomb. Not only did he score the goal, did you see the nice little entry pass he made to start the rush?

    I’m still waiting for Frattin to have a little breakout game. I’m expecting big things from him.

    Our D seems to be skating a little better each game, which is good to see.

  3. the tb game comin’ up got me thinkin’. how would things have changed if we would of had the 1st pick instead of them and we took stamkos? I know it’s a ridiculous question ’cause that would have changed who we drafted after that and different players would have been traded or not traded but i’m freakin’ bored so someone give me somethin’ to read

    • ……. or would we have taken doughty anyway because he would have fit the needs we had at the time

      • I posted this in another thread from the Carolina game so here is something to read.

        Before you start reading, I had been told by someone in the Kings organization off the record regarding a certain coach being let go before he wouldn’t tank the last few games of the season which could have given the Kings a better chance of getting the #1 overall pick in that draft 2008 draft.

        Lombardi and his drafting have been somewhat questionable during his time as GM of the Kings.

        His history with 1st round selections has been questionable to say the least.

        06: Jonathan Bernier and Trevor Lewis (We all know about Bernier and even though Trevor Lewis isn’t the finisher Lombardi would have hoped, he is still a good 3rd or 4th line defensive forward who will get a few goals a season and can play center or wing)

        07: Thomas Hickey (he went way off board for this one but it has been said he had a plan involving Hickey)

        08: Drew Doughty, Colten Teubert (he traded up to get Teubert who has played a handful of NHL games)

        (Drew Doughty landed in his lap, but I have heard Lombardi really wanted Stamkos and a reason why they got the 2nd over pick was because Marc Crawford didn’t tank games at the end so the Kings could lock up that #1 pick)

        Doughty we know is on his way to elite status, however because of this, it screwed up Lombardi’ plan to have Hickey as being the offensive defenseman along with Teubert being the physical stay at home defenseman. Hickey is small and never even had a shot being a defenseman with the Kings and Teubert is a career minor league defenseman.

        09: Brayden Schenn (I never liked this pick, simply because I didn’t think Schenn was close to a Duchene, Evander Kane but this was the best player available at that slot)

        10: Derek Forbort (went off board again, taking Forbort probably to early, time will tell if he was a decent defenseman) Emerson Etem was there to be taken and with the glaring need for speed at wing, it was really a surprise that Lombardi passed on Etem.

        11: No 1st round pick

        12: Tanner Pearson

        13: No 1st round pick

        Lombardi has been lights out with his 2nd round picks:

        Wayne Simmonds, Slava Voynov, Kyle Clifford, Tyler Toffoli, and we will have to wait for Zykov

        Lombardi later round hits:

        Andy Andreoff, Nick Shore, Michael Mersch, Jordan Weal, Kevin Gravel, Maxim Kitsyn, Jordan Nolan, Linden Vey, Alec Martinez, Dwight King

        There are other players who are still developing in various levels, and there are a lot of players who never panned out, but that isn’t a uncommon with a draft.

        Trades and UFA signings have been hit or miss. The LW issue was thought to be addressed when Lombardi made a trade for Dustin Penner who at the time was very productive with Edmonton.

        Nobody knew Penner would become horrible 98% of the time he played, but a few big goals and he helped win a cup for LA.

        CARBOMB just scored, not looking like such a bad thing with CARBOMB playing with his buddies Richards and Carter eh?

        • Modcoop, I did read this post on the other thread. So, glad to see someone else….. well, let’s say I know I’m not alone in sharing this sentiment.
          Bobby mentions above how key a top6 LW would be on this team. It may not be a big deal vs. Ottawa or Carolina, but in a seven game series vs. SJ, St. L the way they’ve seemingly improved, it would be huge.

          My thoughts are that every GM makes mistakes in the first round at some time or other, but it’s those who minimize their mistakes that build the best teams on a consistent basis. One reason I so like this site….. if I mention what you did (Teubert, Hickey, Moulson) people tend to jump allover it and bring up Voynov and Doughty. Yeah, well, with all the picks Lombardi had accumulated at the beginning, you’d better have done that at the very worst. Otherwise I think you’re in the wrong business.

          It’s tricky re: Carter. On one hand one can say ‘what a great trade’, but given the background, that he had to make the trade to find a way…. any way, into the PO’s that year or risk losing his job… ; well, nothing to add to that really.
          When you see how a team like Colorado, granted they’ve drafted very high now for several seasons running, have added a huge amount of skill up front. Lombardi is still running on a first line comprised of two players who were already there. Toffoli could be great, but like Voynov early on, if there’s no place for him then it’s a lovely asset for Manchester for the time being, or when JW’s contract runs out in two years (is it)? But not certain how it helps the team where they need help…. Left Wing.

          I could go on, but there’s no point really. He does things the way he wants to do them. He seems to prefer several qualities in players that come before skill. But the way the nhl is now, you have to have skilled players up front. And I’m not referring to the players already on the team, but in building a future to keep the franchise strong.

  4. Winning streak at 3 and counting. Nice to have all 3 goals 5 x 5, more of that please. I thought the first 2 lines, aside from King, played well. Richards has been solid in almost every game and seems to get his stick on just about everything, disrupting things. Loved that sweet blind pass Richie made n the 1st goal, for players that have history with him, (Gagne, Carter, Carcillo) they know where to wait when he’s behind the net. Carcillo moved to the right spot, because he’s been there before.
    Don’t like the fact that Sutter is screwing around with the PP. It works best and better scoring chances and goals result when he uses a legit top unit, i.e. Carter, Brown, Richards, Kopi and Doughty. It works because MR is the brains that makes it go and Brown and Carter know to where to wait by the net. But often lately, he’s screwed around and either put the 1st line out and then the 2nd, (which yields little to no success) or yesterday , Richie wasn’t out there at all on the PP in the 1st period, he had Carter, King and Kopi with Slava and Doughty on the 1st unit. Stop playing mad scientist, King isn’t elite and doesn’t belong on the 1st PP unit over Richards.
    Overall, the Kings played better, a more complete effort and like a train, seem to start off slow and then get the wheels moving and parts chugging along. Looking for another solid 60 and a W tomorrow.

    • I missed the first two periods but I would imagine that King’s role on the PP is to screen the goalie. Makes sense to have a big body out there with Carts and Kopi being snipers.

      Richards is usually on the blue line quarterbacking plays. I like the use of his wind up since the PK has to respect his shot. But he’s probably looking for someone up front he can shoot/pass for the tip.

    • Dr. Dre: I think right now DS is again trying to get a few guys going by giving them some PP time.

      Tell me if Richards name was Crosby, and he made that play with Carcillo, we would have seen highlights or heard all about it on NHL On the Fly like they did with Crosby’ pass to Dupuis.

      I get so fed up with the NHL Network and their over the top, over hyped Crosby campaign. They really are horrible because they ignore the West unless its someone like Hertl or the Blackhawks.

      The shear lack of respect gets old after a few years of Nothing But Crosby (NBC) TV. You wouldn’t have known the Penguins got blown out 6-3 by the Panthers by the way they kept telling us how skilled Crosby was with that pass. Give me a break!

      I think if they would use Doughty, Richards, Carter, Brown, Williams as one unit, then form a 2nd unit with some combo involving at the least Voynov and Stoll, Kopitar that might be a better way to go.

      I just think right now with Martinez in, they need to work on inserting him into the PP since they had been using Muzzin quite a bit on the PP. They do need a big body to stand in front of the net on a 2nd unit, creating a screen or to bang in rebounds, create tips. Lewis and Mitchell can also play on the 2nd PP unit.

      • Cindy Crosby blows goats…

      • Hate the Crosby overkill and agree on Richards pass. It was actually nice that when Crosby was out with the concussion that the NHL analysts actually talked about other players, games, and interesting stuff. And enough with the “Sid the Kid’, he’s not 18. Between last night thru the game this afternoon, way too many commercials overhyping the Flyers Pens game this week. I couldn’t’ tell you who the Pens beat or lost to or what their record is, as soon as the logo come son or ‘coming up next (and it about them or him)’ I turn the channel.

        PP- I could see if it wasn’t doing well, that tinkering might work, but it was doing very well. And the changes didn’t net much of anything but disorganization. And if they are going to go that route, than form a 2 units and tlet them work on it, rather than using different units even within a game.
        I wonder if that’s Sutter or Payne

    • I understand what DS tries to do in most cases, but I have to agree with you regarding the PP units. Why mess with something that was operating at such a high level.

      Richards, in my mind, is without question our best point man, simply for the fact he attacks at all times. Being stationary is not in his blood. His constant movement and constant threat of point shot (that actually gets through) are top notch.

      However, I ripped Kopitar last night for his lack of goal production and upon further research I have come to a rather disturbing fact. Carcillo or Green (take your pick) has more goals than Kopitar, Richards, Stoll, Lewis and Fraser combined. We have 0 goals from our centers this year…Holy Yoda!

      Maybe changing the lines up isn’t such a bad idea.

  5. Lines changed again, King and Carter move up…

    Jon Rosen ‏@lakingsinsider 26m
    Changes to the #LAKings top six at practice today. By color coding: 74-11-77 / 23-10-14 / 13-22-21 / 17-28-71. 24 extra with 74-11-77.

    • Don’t get too caught up in the tweets of practice lines. They might start the game that way, but usually Sutter will move players up and down during the game.

    • Does that mean he’s a mad genius and experiments in his lab, which is the ice rink and the players who are moving around on the skates with sticks in their hands?


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