Justin Williams is the right wing we wish we had at left wing.

Daniel Carcillo makes me laugh and that’s okay so long as he doesn’t make me want to beat him with a goalie stick.

Anze Kopitar is on pace for 0 goals and 82 assists.

This bullshit about our centers not scoring goals is…well, bullshit. Jeff Carter is a center playing wing.

Didn’t know Jamie Benn had a brother who played on the same team. Man that must be one ugly hockey family.

If we had a left wing…plekow. Over six seasons, you would think Dean Lombardi would have drafted and developed one. Actually, he did, he just traded them away.

I am still stewing over the loss to Tampa Bay. We should have fucked those fucks. I may just punch someone from Florida this weekend to see if that helps me get over it. If you want to volunteer, leave a comment.

Tsetse Fly…

Cody Eakin is a damn good hockey player. And damn ugly too. That whole Stars team is filled with aesthetically challenged faces.

Jake Muzzin fait un bon match, mais je veux encore Alec Martinez dans le match

Surly said the crowd started a wave. Theme song is “You are my sunshine” so a wave at our hockey games is not too farfetched anymore. I am guessing next, there will be beach balls, fans who leave with three minutes left while we hold a one goal lead and Satan buying the team from AEG.

Five goals.

Next up, The Flames.