Kings Fist Stars, Justin Rules, Jamie Benn’s Brother Uglier than Jamie

Justin Williams is the right wing we wish we had at left wing.

Daniel Carcillo makes me laugh and that’s okay so long as he doesn’t make me want to beat him with a goalie stick.

Anze Kopitar is on pace for 0 goals and 82 assists.

This bullshit about our centers not scoring goals is…well, bullshit. Jeff Carter is a center playing wing.

Didn’t know Jamie Benn had a brother who played on the same team. Man that must be one ugly hockey family.

If we had a left wing…plekow. Over six seasons, you would think Dean Lombardi would have drafted and developed one. Actually, he did, he just traded them away.

I am still stewing over the loss to Tampa Bay. We should have fucked those fucks. I may just punch someone from Florida this weekend to see if that helps me get over it. If you want to volunteer, leave a comment.

Tsetse Fly…

Cody Eakin is a damn good hockey player. And damn ugly too. That whole Stars team is filled with aesthetically challenged faces.

Jake Muzzin fait un bon match, mais je veux encore Alec Martinez dans le match

Surly said the crowd started a wave. Theme song is “You are my sunshine” so a wave at our hockey games is not too farfetched anymore. I am guessing next, there will be beach balls, fans who leave with three minutes left while we hold a one goal lead and Satan buying the team from AEG.

Five goals.

Next up, The Flames.


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  1. 2 cents from tonight’s game…
    1. Robyn fucking sucks. He didn’t clear the net which led to Dallas’ second goal
    2. We as fans need to make Staples a harder place to play at… Tonight the crowd was really quiet

    • I agree that he didn’t cover his man on that goal and that sucked, l but I do feel his speed and overall decision making has gotten better since last year. I just think he sees too much ice time on that first pairing. The problem is that since we lost Scuds, there’s no better option. We need Willie with Slava because putting Robin there would be a truly terrible fit. Hopefully he’ll keep getting better.

      • Dave, thanks for your above comments. I’m Not very pleased that he’s on the first pairing as I don’t think it does anything at all for Doughty’s game. That said, being more realistic about it, you’re probably right in that he sees too much high intensity hockey w too much ice time.
        I imagine if he were put in a better situation to succeed it might all go a bit better.

        But that also comes down (as I usually feel is the case) to management. It’s not only Dean’s job to acquire (in whatever form…..FA, trade, draft, unsigned FA) the players, and Then, to find a proper balance within it all.

        You can have a rock group of the best fucking musicians of all time, but if the pieces don’t fit properly together then it doesn’t all amount to much. I love that Lombardi drafted Toffoli And I also think it’s not a bad thing that he’s spending more time developing in Manchester. But if the Kings are already and for the foreseeable future, strong at right wing (Carts and JW have those two top line spots locked up) then what good does he actually do the franchise beyond being insurance if there’s an injury to somebody?

        (PS…. I also agree in this case with Sutter that making him play his off wing could conceivably get him started off on the wrong foot in his nhl career and better not to take that risk).
        Meanwhile, while it’s early days, are questions arising about Frattin?

  2. Ton Français n’est pas mal Bobby! Et je suis d’accord, je veux A-Mart aussi. That was a dumb penalty Jake took but he did get an assist so it’s a push.

  3. Alan Stanley RIP! A teammate of my brother in laws grandfather, a line mate of Tim Horton and one lucky SOB for not getting on that plane that killed Bill Barilko!

  4. Boys played solid. Brown and Willy were every where. Kopitars got a wicked ass shot, something’s going in for him soon as long as he keeps firing.

    Didn’t even miss Frattin or AMarts. Thought Muzzin played well. Good to see Greener with the empty netter.

    • Muzzin was pretty suspect defensively. Some of his reads were yikes worthy. He has the O skill for sure when he gets the shot through.

      Frattin is in the dog house

      We beat Dallas. They were a turnover machine thanks in no small part to our forecheck

  5. Kings started off strong last night and that penalty taken by JM was a major momuzzin killer! He saved his own ass by getting that lucky bounce off of Sticks foot.

    Yes, he is pretty good in the offensive side of the ice, but he is shaky in the D end. Considering we are a Defense First team and he is a (news alert!!) “defenseman”, I still think we are better served having AMart in there. Proof is in the plus minus pudding……

  6. Kings beat a team they should beat, especially seeing how young they are and that Ellis isn’t really a #1 goalie.

    That being said, still no goals by a center, as much as they tried and Kopitar shot the puck a few time last night.

    Not a big deal since the goals came from guys that normally aren’t scoring that many Clifford/Greene and Williams and Doughty who are looked to score goals.

    DD already ahead of last seasons pace and MG on his way to potentially career highs in goals.

    Richards and Carter look like they are just getting their games tuned up to their normal levels.

    I don’t blame Regehr for the goal that was scored, he was in a bad spot and on his back hand, which made tying up the stick of the guy who scored a little difficult. Benn used a pretty nice little body pick to get that puck and take it behind the net and then made that pass.

    This home stand should be a time to see where the team overall sits in the Western Conference/Pacific Division.

    Phoenix and San Jose should be pretty good games, especially seeing how SJ is playing I hope the Kings bury them and as for Phoenix I expect lots of fights because of the Nolan incident, and Bizznasty will be looking for a whole lotta mo!

    Games against some decent teams, hopefully the Kings win in regulation and nobody gets hurt.

    Not sure Frattin is in any dog house, but I would like to see Dwight King sat. I was watching him and he just doesn’t seem to want to fight for space on the ice, and use his size to bulldoze towards the front of the net.

    He peeled off at the wrong time, especially when the puck was in the offensive zone, not sure why he wouldn’t just stay out until the puck leaves the zone. Maybe it was a mandate from Sutter, but still when Lewis has the puck down near the circles, the last thing you would want a wing to do is peel off to make a change.


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