Video and Poll: Is It Time for Floggings and Firings at the LA Kings, In-Game Entertainment Department?

Life has been so crazy, so busy that I still have not been able to attend a home game this season.

Recently, I noticed a string of comments about the LA Kings opening song, played at home games. I had heard they changed it but hadn’t paid attention to what it was. The comments ranged from rage to disbelief. My initial reaction was, “come on, how bad could it be?” And then…

I sat in disbelief for at least thirty seconds listening to it. No exaggeration, I could not move. I could not curse. My entire physiology locked into place at what I viewed.

My head started ringing, “you are my sunshine, my only sunshine, you make me happy, when you’re..WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS!!??” I was finally able to release.

I don’t know how Surly was able to contain himself. He is more intense about such things than I am. I look at it from a marketing perspective, fan perception, branding and, from each, what an embarrassment to our team and its image.

Was Danny Zollars responsible for this?

Screen shot 2013-10-19 at 10.35.20 AM

No response yet…

Does this deserve a firing? A flogging? A shot at redemption?

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  1. At hockey fest they were signing people up for the video for this horrible song. I remember watching the people there and thinking “This looks lame” it wasn’t until opening night and seeing what they had come upwith that I realized how fucking insanely really was. This is horrible. How many years do the fans have to complain about the in game entertainment and stupid intros they do before something finally changes? I’d rather see kopi brown or any of the other kings taking the shot at the oposition army again as an intro over this embarassing crap video

  2. All the top 40 crap they play at Staples sucks – and moreover it’s the last music to accompany a hockey game. I’d rather they play anything than that whiney “rock” they play and shitty radio edit hip hop songs, but this is exceptionally terrible. I used to feel embarrassed bringing first timers to a “bad-ass” hockey game accompanied by the musical stylings of Yellowcard and Lil’ John. We should start a petition to become an “organ music only” arena…seriously, who would complain?

  3. THANK YOU!!!.. I posted a comment after opening night about how lame and embarrassing that intro was. Coca Cola should sue. Remember that 70s-80s commercial: “I’d like to teach the World…blah blah”…

    How is this supposed to get me pumped up before the game? Instead I bring the lid of my hat down to hide my face in shame….

    Oh!!!..and..please: Carrlyn: you are cute and all but lose the mic!

    GO KINGS!!!!

  4. Is the rumor out there true that Colin Fraser will be replacing Matt Frattin in the lineup tonight?

    Just crazy. If Frattin is struggling, you replace him with Tyler Toffoli. Not that the 25th best scoring team in the NHL should be taking out any of their scorers. When you’re 25th, you should be adding scorers to the lineup, not taking them out.

    I don’t get it. Frattin was one of the best players on the ice in some of the early games. Hasn’t done as much lately but his speed and skill have still created a lot of space out there, which is something the team has had problems with.

    When I call Daryl Sutter literally crazy, and stupid, in some areas, this is why. You’re not scoring, so you decide putting Colin Fraser in the lineup is the answer. How??? What logic is there in that??? To me, there is none. It is the absence of logic. It is insanity. It is idiocy. It is someone just making decisions out of tradition, out of habits created and instilled in him 30 years ago, that have no logic to them, and aren’t in tune with anything we’ve learned about the game in the last 30 years, or in tune with the fact that the rules of the game are literally different now. It’s very frustrating.

    And we saw, even though Carcillo isn’t that skilled himself, that even taking out Fraser and replacing him with Carcillo made a big difference a few games ago, because at least Carcillo can skate and handle the puck halfway decent, which is still a huge improvement over Fraser. And once Jordan Nolan had someone who could even halfway keep up and make some plays with him, we saw him and the other 4th line winger’s play increase a lot. That’s just how awful Fraser is. He’s not an NHL player. Hockey is the one sport where awful players can hide the easiest because there are always 4 other players on the ice, and statistically it’s hard to isolate how horrible you are. If it were baseball, everyone would see Fraser’s .050 batting average, and he would be out of the lineup. But in the NHL, there are a handful of players who hide and their coach’s can’t tell how awful they are. Fraser is one of those players. He’s not an NHL player. Get him out of here.

  5. IT SUCKS! In fact, it is costing Staples Center money because I, along with numerous others I know, are showing up later just to avoid this horrible song. We used to want to get there early, grab a beer and be in our seats for the opening video & lasers. No longer until that song changes! That is NOT music we want to hear to get pumped for a hockey game.

  6. Just so you all know, this song wasn’t created by the Kings organization. It was a band that wanted to show their love for our team. Now putting it as the game intro wasn’t the sharpest idea, maybe the third period. I loved the Chemical Romance intro! This was just an FYI :P

  7. Wow, this is worse than ever could’ve imagined. Worse than the high school drama dept. castle doors. It actually makes the Mighty Ducks of Anaheim song from 20 years ago where they proclaim to “be a surge of force that never dies” seem tolerable. “Rock the Pond.”

  8. Actually it sounds very much like some of the songs we used to sing at soccer games. It is easy to learn and I could see it becoming like a ‘sing-a-long’ type thing. Sorry. I usually agree with most of what you write but on this one I disagree. It is not that bad.

    • Penny: “Soccer game(s)”. This is a “HOCKEY GAME”! We don’t have 90 minutes or 2 halfs even 45 minutes plus any additional time added for poor acting players who roll around like they are at a fire academy learning how to put out a fire on their person.

      Traditions in hockey range from Octopy being tossed onto the ice, or a broom being waived signifying a sweep.

      Traditions in soccer, well lets see people setting off fireworks, lots of tissue paper being littered onto the “pitch” as well as the greatest of all traditions the famed “PISS Balloon” being tossed onto other fans from the other team. If I wanted to sing “Forever Blowing Bubbles” I’d go to Upton Park, if I want to sing “Blue Moon” I’ll go to a Man City Game, if I want to sing “You’ll Never Walk Alone” I’ll go to Anfield or even Celtic Park.

      There are only a few songs I remotely hear at hockey games “Dirty Water” by the Standels in Boston and occasionally “New York, New York” at a Rangers game, but those are the only songs I ever hear being played or even sung.

      Traditions in hockey, “Drunken Flyer Fan” cursing at little kids, well “Drunken Islander Fan or Ranger Fan” also have been seen doing this.

      I make my point, this is hockey, and the only song that everyone should sing would be the National Anthem, anything more, not enough time.

      As I have said many times, Gary Glitter’ Rock N Roll Part 2″, “Blur Song #2”, “Randy Newman I Love LA” these are the songs, or clips that should be heard at a hockey game, not some stupid “team song” that will never even have the full attention of all in attendance, especially since you don’t have 2 minutes to sing a song during a hockey game.

      • As I have been following the Kings since 1971 I am well aware of hockey, customs, etc. Do not lecture me on something I have been watching for, most probably, longer than you have been alive. I also went to MANY soccer games in my home town in England and I never saw ANY of the things you mentioned, in particular the ‘balloon’. Yes soccer fans get rowdy, they are also extremely passionate about the game and their team. Kings fans, for the most part, are also passionate about their team, but they also have an awful lot of bandwagon fans now. They do not have the passion. Of course, to those of us who had season seats at the Forum, any ‘fans’ who came on board because of Gretzky are newcomers :)

        • Ok I’ll say a few things about your assumptions:

          Age: Well how about this, I was old enough to watch ole Georgie Best play for the LA Aztecs way back when we had the 1st professional soccer NASL.

          2nd: I got you by 4 years in terms of being a Kings fan, but that really isn’t a big deal, so “those of us who had seats at the Forum” well how about us who were at the Sports Arena does that gets me into that “Forum Club” you speak of?

          3rd: How do I put this nicely, B O L L O X, you get that? Big Hairy BOLLOX even bigger considering you sound like one of those Southern Fairy’ types right? But what does a Northern Monkey know about Southern Fairies anyways?

          So as for your assumptions, stick to singing your Petula Clarke or hmmm Kate Bush or maybe Toyah Wilcox!

          It’s a Mod Mod World!

          • Whatever old man. But, I did see “old Georgie Best” play in England before he even played poorly enough to play over here. You are a very strange person.

          • Are you and Modcoop fighting? Because it’s hard to tell. Each of you is like writing Chinese and shit…oh and if you’re not a Manc, you’re a wank.

          • Georgie played for Man United. Georgie was actually from N. Ireland which is home to 2 of a few of my favorite bands like The Undertones and Stiff Little Fingers.

            As for Man U, well they are Man U, I like Man U, but in the same context, being a “YID” I have to also support Tottenham Hot Spurs and the now banned “YID ARMY”.

            Glory, Glory Man United! We have a dog named Rooney by the way.

            Seeing that I am Geordie, Newcastle United are my main team. The “Toon Army”.Alan Shearer, Kevin Keegan, Peter Beardsley, Gazza Gascoigne.


  9. While we’re on the subject of songs…what’s with Sweet Caroline? We are not the Red Sox. In fact, I’m told We Are All Kings.

  10. This was the best I could do when I first heard it. Stunned silence is the most it deserves. To outwardly hate is to give it a minimal amount of artistic credit it hasn’t earned.

  11. Avenged Sevenfold’s new song “Hail to the King” ( seems like a perfect fit for an improved intro video if they arent bringing back “The Black Parade”

  12. Hmmm….it reminded you of “You are my Sunshine….”. It reminded me of the song from A League of Their Own…….

    “We are the members of the all American league,
    We come from cities…..near and far
    We’ve got Canadians, Irishman, and Swedes….. .”

    Anywhoo……it’s corny.

  13. A firing! Whoever is responsible for this one needs to have their career set on fire!

  14. This is worse than that stupid Chinese Food song that’s being inflicted on the public…

    As for Sweet Caroline…keep it in the DUCKS rink…not OURS…

  15. we are not man united or liverpool i could notstop laughing. bring on the soccer hooligans with the loud horns to drown out that crap. they should play rise rebel resist by otep that song makes you want to kick the crap out of someone not hug them .

  16. 1000% EMBARRESSING!!!
    GO KINGS GO!!!

  17. I think the song is great. One sad fact about being a hockey fan here in Los Angeles is the lack of inspiration that permeates the arena during any of our games. Everyone is so concerned with outward appearances, and as a result, the energy level is generally mild-at-best. I’m not saying that people aren’t proud to be ‘from LA’, but rather, people are afraid to show it. I was at the home opener this year, and sat by an obnoxious Rangers fan, who was intent on educating everyone around him about the fact that ‘fans at the garden (MSG) are so much better/louder than this.’ As annoying as he was, he had a point. My Chem’s Black Parade was written by a bunch of guys from New Jersey. I know a few of them, and not only do they not give a shit about hockey, but they couldn’t care less about Los Angeles. The Brigs’ ‘This is LA’, similarly, wasn’t written with the team in mind… and the guys in that band have outspokenly regarded the Kings use of it as ‘an easy way to cash in’. I’m not ok with that. Regarding this song, whether you like it at first blush, it grows on you, and by playoffs, I believe it can galvanize the city around the team we all love. It was written for the team, and clearly, the team likes it. The more I hear it, the more I like it. Simple as that.

    • Agree. That is what I was trying to say but was unable, in my own rambling way, to say.

    • I don’t know where you are watching games, but for you to say there is a lack of inspiration that permeates the arena during any of “the Kings” games, I am honestly perplexed.

      Staples and the noise level at Kings games is among the best in the Western Conference. Outward appearances? For the most part people are sporting Kings sweaters from Forum Blue and Gold to the current Black/White/Gray.

      I think you are mistake, you are talking about the Honda Center where they don’t even know what they are watching which is why they show up halfway through the 2nd period get their cocktail and then leave.

      Kings fans are loud, so loud in fact, when we go to Anaheim we are much louder and rowdy than Sux fans.

      Pre-season prospects game, there might have been 500 Kings fans at the Honda Center, there was no mistaking them, they were all decked out in Kings attire. Kings fans were so loud and rowdy, they ran the Sux fans out of there own bar.

      Kings prospects beat the crap out of the Sux prospects 6-1 on the ice, and Kings fans got the Sux fans so upset because of the constant noise from all the hits, fights and goals scored on the ice, they were running for the exits.

      If I want a team song, I’ll go to a High School Football game or a College sporting event. This is a hockey game, and if you can find me teams that have songs that were written for their them and are used at every game, please go ahead and find them, because I’d love to see how many there actually are.

      Remember we are not talking about songs adopted by these teams, nor are we talking about songs that were written in the 1950’s or early 60’s for Original 6 teams.

      I am pretty sure you are only going to find at the most music clips for goals that are scored, but were never written specifically for the team they are being played for.

      And Penny, when Gretzky came to the Kings, what songs did you start hearing at the Forum? Rock n Roll Part 2 by Gary Glitter, I Love LA by Randy Newman. Neither of these songs were written for the Kings, they were adopted by the Kings and are still used to this day.

      This is what should be played before every game even between periods because unlike “We Are United” this is what passion is all about and nothing galvanizes a city or supporters of a team like Victory!

      • Not sure what point you’re trying to make here modcoop. Don’t get me wrong, if you don’t like it, that’s entirely up to you. Far be it from me to try to convince you to like something that you don’t. But think about what you’re saying; that team songs are supposed to fit in other sports, but that they don’t belong in hockey? Instead, that hockey is better suited to the standard, anonymous music of… what? A video game sound track? It’s obvious that you’ve been a fan of the game for a long time, which is great. Consider that, here in Los Angeles, all of the sports teams have been feeding off of the Randy Newman song for 30 years. It’s tired. So is the Gary Glitter song. My point it, the simplicity of this track keys into the untapped unity we, as Kings fans, should be harnessing. Maybe you’re right regarding our noise level on comparison to the ducks, but who really cares about that team… right? The Kings are an institution, and what I like about this song is that it pays respect to the team and all of the fans. I love the ‘a Kings a King forever’ line. I’d rather have that than something anonymous. Just my take.

      • the greene hit that someone pointed out last time this vid was posted cracks me up every time I see it

    • That it was written for the team is a’s only plus.
      GO KINGS GO!!!

    • No. No it cannot galvanize through love. It will only galvanize the burning, searing hate.

    • Who cares where the song writers are from, when did we start using gang mentality? (Where are you from homes…. Then you cant write or theme song….) that’s how dumb you sound. I don’t care if My Chemical Romance loves hockey, hates hockey, or grew up in a shoe, because they are actual song writers. They didn’t steal a nursery song rift because they weren’t talented enough to think of their own, they wrote the song all by themselves. I am embarrassed of song and it’s gotten so bad other teams are cracking on us about the song. The Kings organization needs to get their crap together and realize they made a mistake with this song and move on! Then the enthusiasm you speak of will happen because we are not to embarrassed by the trash they call a song!

  18. Two words for that intro song: ear rape.

  19. It’s funny they use that XX song “Intro” to build intensity and then drop this hokey shit. Thematically it isn’t really bad or anything, but it really isn’t doing anything to get people pumped, which after watching the games on tv thus far we seem to really need.

  20. Well. I won’t be rushing to get to my seat anymore. How is this supposed to energize the crowd? Remember when they used to play back in black?

  21. I liked the video that showed the players as toddlers then into the players they are today..then the great plays to get us ready for the game..the music that accompied it was a good not remember who but it fit the video and got the adrenaline going.
    I grew up with organ music in the WHL in San Diego.
    But solid Rock it what fits Hockey IMO.
    Maybe someday we will get a decent band to write a
    Los Angeles King Tribute song. That Line
    ‘ A King Fan Is A King For Life’ says it Perfectly.
    GO KINGS GO!!!

    • The song you’re thinking of is “Black Parade”… I agree – bring back the rock and roll!

      • THANKS! Yes Black Parade…sometimes it is Best to Leave Something Great alone. .the tweaking makes me think it is all about trends and not Culture.
        Isn’t what the Organization keeps preaching. .
        Growing a King Culture?
        So Leave it be..It our Roots :)
        GO KINGS GO!!!

  22. They should be fired on the band’s name alone.

  23. Quite simply – makes me barf!

    I don’t know how I am suppose to make it the whole season.



  1. The new song blows. - Page 22

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