From Jon Rosen in an interview with Darryl Sutter about Matt Frattin:

“I used him last night on the power play a couple times on his other side. I think it’s been a really tough transition,” Sutter said. I think that we were probably way out of line to think that we were going to play Frattin on left wing or Toffoli on left wing. It’s really difficult. You could learn it, I think, at the American League level, but it’s tough to learn it at the NHL level.”

You know what happens when you stick a round peg in a square hole?

…wait, that’s not how it goes. That makes no sense. A round peg would go into a square hole just fine but it wouldn’t fit, meaning it would actually get in there but it wouldn’t do anything…hold up, that actually makes more sense than the other way because that is what has happened. A right wing has gone into the left wing slot but hasn’t done anything. It just sits there…

You know what happens when you stick a round peg in a square hole?


It just mother fucking sits there and you are left looking at a round peg in a square hole.

Wanna see a square peg?

Square Peg Here.

Here is another one.

Sutter’s comment wasn’t coincidental. I have listened very carefully to Darryl Sutter since he has arrived in LA and the man is deliberate with his words. He does not state in 4 words what can be said in 2 and when he elaborates on issues, it is with a purpose.

I believe he is telling Dean Lombardi that the square…wait, round, no square, shit it was round peg is not working and he needs a left wing…one not named Daniel Carcillo or Dwight King.

I think Pearson is with the big team in less than 2 weeks.