Tanner Pearson, Come on Up!

From Jon Rosen in an interview with Darryl Sutter about Matt Frattin:

“I used him last night on the power play a couple times on his other side. I think it’s been a really tough transition,” Sutter said. I think that we were probably way out of line to think that we were going to play Frattin on left wing or Toffoli on left wing. It’s really difficult. You could learn it, I think, at the American League level, but it’s tough to learn it at the NHL level.”

You know what happens when you stick a round peg in a square hole?

…wait, that’s not how it goes. That makes no sense. A round peg would go into a square hole just fine but it wouldn’t fit, meaning it would actually get in there but it wouldn’t do anything…hold up, that actually makes more sense than the other way because that is what has happened. A right wing has gone into the left wing slot but hasn’t done anything. It just sits there…

You know what happens when you stick a round peg in a square hole?


It just mother fucking sits there and you are left looking at a round peg in a square hole.

Wanna see a square peg?

Square Peg Here.

Here is another one.

Sutter’s comment wasn’t coincidental. I have listened very carefully to Darryl Sutter since he has arrived in LA and the man is deliberate with his words. He does not state in 4 words what can be said in 2 and when he elaborates on issues, it is with a purpose.

I believe he is telling Dean Lombardi that the square…wait, round, no square, shit it was round peg is not working and he needs a left wing…one not named Daniel Carcillo or Dwight King.

I think Pearson is with the big team in less than 2 weeks.


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  1. That’s very probable. May even end up being similar to the Nolan/King callups 2 seasons ago where Pearson and Toffoli will get called up together (not necessarily playing on the same line) and be up for a few games, back down to the AHL, then finally will get called up for good around playoff time.

  2. And play with Richards and Carts? It’s certainly possible but I highly doubt it. I think it would take both King’s and Carcillo’s game to go down the shitter and into the ocean before that happens.

    I think Pearson may need some more time to cook before he can handle NHL hockey. Not to say he’s not talented but the kids only 21 and if he doesn’t already play like Pavel Bure or that Nail kid in Edmonton it’s too big a gamble right now. But I dunno maybe you saw something in him during preseason games. I can see more mid season if he’s kicking ass in Manchester.

    I take what Sutter saying as “We’ve found Frattins spot and he ain’t moving from there.” Frattin does look more comfy on RW. Shit I thought that one line had some pretty damn good shifts.

    • Hat Trick, I totally agree with you. NJ sucks right now, but NJ and Detroit always gave their guys plenty of time in the AHL before bringing em up. It would be a pity if his development was screwed up because of an org imbalance when it comes to a position.
      The reason imo that Voynov was so strong coming out of the gate was, for sure his talent, but as you say, he had ample time to cook in the minors. Same w Bernier. It takes time. In the one playoff game he played I didn’t see anything significant for the moment.

  3. Btw what ever happened that one dude that used to report on Monarch games? Be good to hear from him on how Pearson’s progressing.

    • Jungle Dave?! It would be nice to get a report on them now since I didn’t renew my AHL video package! But from what I saw of Pearson in the preseason, he looked to easily be our 2nd best LW. Sounds like he’s doing pretty well with Manch as well.

      • Yeah that guy. Where the hell is he?

        I think I might have to invest in that video package. Is it like a one time deal and you get the whole season or is month to month? I’d just be happy to watch maybe 10-15 games and how the kid plays.

  4. Meanwhile, Carcillo has been more willing to go to the front of the net than any other King It seems. Shame he doesn’t have the touch. But you don’t need a guy with Richards and Carter with touch, you need a banger willing to draw attention. I quite like Carcillo on that line.

  5. I wanna hear more about how nic deslauriers got moved to left wing from defense and I guess he’s been playing on the monarchs 2nd line

  6. Except our LWs aren’t the problem.

    • They aren’t ‘what’ problem? The team has several issues at the moment. Amongst those issues is a dearth of scoring from that side of the ice. I believe Brown has two goals in ten games. Carcillo, Clifford and King, one goal each. That’s five goals for the season from the left side. Given that the centers have Zero goals, one can easily see that more help from the left side would help to at least shore some of that up.
      Based on the first ten games, if it goes as such that would be 8 goals a piece for each left winger, except Brown. Brown tends to go in spurts though, so I suppose he’ll get his usual 20 odd.

      • And just to back up my point…. In seven games, Boston (style comparable to the Kings) have eight goals from the left side. Toronto in ten games….. so, same as the Kings have scored Fifteen goals. Three times what the Kings have scored. Colorado who everyone thought would be awful have twice as many from the left as the Kings (in one less game). I picked these teams at random. I could go on, but I have work to do. To say it’s not a problem is denial. It’s a problem.
        The centers I assume will eventually start to score some goals. The LW roster doesn’t have a history to lean on like the centers do.

        • Boston centers have 6 goals. Kelly-3, Bergeron-2, Krejci-1, Cambell-0

          Kings centers have zero….-6 goal differential.

          Boston left wings have 6 goals

          LA left wings have 5 goals…..-1 goal differential.

          Colorado centers have 9 goals

          Kings-0…..-9 diff

          Colorado LW’s have 9 goals

          Kings-5…..-4 diff.

          Toronto centers have 9 goals

          Kings-0……-9 diff

          Toronto LW’s have 15 goals

          Kings-5…….-10 diff

          Combining all three teams, the Kings are -24 at center and -15 at left wing.

          I’m certainly not arguing we don’t need a true LW to fit on the second line (or any line, really), but it looks to me like we can clean up our own house regarding our veterans centers before doing anything drastic.

          I will say, I think Kopitar had his best game against Calgary. He didn’t score but he was assertive and looked like he actually wanted to score. Thank the hockey gods for that. Lets hope he keeps that mindset.

          I’m not against Pearson getting a look. I’m convinced he’ll be a mainstay next year, so we might as well take a look and give him a shot.

          I’d personally put/keep Carcillo with Richards and try Pearson with Stoll and Fratton.

          If Pearson plays well and earns the right, then put him with Richards and see what happens.

          • Put Pearson with Richards and Carter he’s a scorer, and that takes some attention away from Carter.

            You can always move the other line LW’ up and down, but put Pearson in the best possible position to succeed and that is on the left with Carter and Richards.

          • I don’t disagree that statement. It’s strategically sound.

            I feel Carter can score regardless who plays LW on that line. Add the fact, Richards should be scoring with some consistency and the LW position is less important than the other two lines.

            My first thought was to put him with Kopitar so we could have a scorer on the top line, but I have a few problems with that. First, I’m old school and feel an individual has to earn the right to play on the first line, not just inserted with the “hope” he does well. Second, I don’t want Kopitar to think he can be just a distributor of the puck to someone else who can bury the biscuit. I know that sounds silly, but I want Kopitar to scorch in his brain that he is our top line center and it’s his responsibility to score goals. I want him to think he’s a goal scorer first, distributor second, I have a fear, if Kopitar has a sniper on his line, he’ll regress to his passive tendencies. Maybe I’m just delusional thinking Kopitar can be a 50 gaol scorer.

            I came to the conclusion we’d be best served by Pearson helping or third line become a goal scoring threat. I’m also convinced, though I don’t know why, Frattin can become a very productive third line player for us on the right side. I see potential there. Of course the game is played on the ice and not on paper, so what the hell do I know.

        • Our problems are 5 on 5 scoring and inconsistent goalscoring from our centers. I’m gonna throw JW and DB in there too. You sure randomly chose some high scoring teams there. I’d like to see the team tighten up on defense. We are giving up more shots than usual, and not getting the best coverage in our own zone. It all starts there for this team. All teams have a different balance where goals come from, not all teams rely on a system that requires them to possess the puck, out battle and outshoot. When the team doesn’t do that we lose. 5-4 or 2-1 a loss is a loss. I don’t think the team has played a full 60 1x this season. They do that, we win, goals get scored by whoever, and people bitch less about how much guys get paid. Defense is what won us the cup, defense will get us back on top again. Clean that shit up Johnny!!!
          GKG \x/

  7. Losing Dwight King would greatly decrease team speed though. Not sure if I can get on board with that.

  8. Yeah? Well I sure as hell hope someone (who Lombardi respects) tells him something. Because I’d love to think that after working now between two teams for twelve or more years as a GM, that he’d be able to figure out that this team not only would be helped by a ‘nice’ left wing….. but that the team is actually in dire shape on the left side.
    He is a professional General Manager in the NHL. He should have been able to figure that out by now by doing nothing other than watching the team play. And if that didn’t make it clear, then maybe he needs to look at total Left Wing stats from the last three years.

  9. I’m not trying to be a smart ass, well maybe a tad bit, but if you want to know how Tanner Pearson is doing so far, just go to the Monarchs website. You don’t need someone to tell you how he is doing if you look at his stats.

    Tanner Pearson in 7 games so far for the Monarchs has 3 goals and 1 assist. Tyler Toffoli also has 3 goals, as does Andrew Bodnarchuk. Before you get excited Bodnarchuk is defenseman who is more of a depth/veteran type playing for the Monarchs, Toffoli is a RW who might have to wait a little longer for his name to be called up.

    There is a bigger issue than lack of production from the LW/C position, and that is 5 v 5 scoring. At some point Lombardi and Sutter are going to have to make a decision to bring up a prospect or make a trade.

    I think the 1st option is a call up for Pearson, if that doesn’t work something will have to be done to boost the production of the centers and LW positions.

    Deslauries was actually used on the wing because the Monarchs were kind of short one wing, so Deslauries was used. I don’t think he’s going to be a Dustin Byfuglien or Brent Burns, it was just something Morris did to fill a need.

    Pearson was drafted as an overage player, so his age and physical maturity are a little ahead of your average 2nd year prospect. Pearson has proven he can step up to the next level, especially after last season, and the fact he was brought in as one of the Black Aces shows how good a 1st year being a professional he had.

    Pearson is another product of Dale Hawerchuk and the Barrie Colts. Hawerchuk teaches his players how to play a 200 ft game, being defensively responsible to go with the offense.

    I still think the Kings should send King down, if he gets claimed oh well! King isn’t effective, keep Nolan, keep Carbomb and make a decision on Ellerby and Martinez.

    Pearson will probably get the 1st call, and its not because he isn’t ready, he is, its because the Kings are running out of guinea pigs for the LW experiment.

    • Stats only give me half the picture. I like to see how they actually play the game.

      • Pearson has been playing really well. That whole line of Toffoli/Vey/Pearson has been their best line and Pearson got another goal so his totals are 4 now which leads the Monarchs.

        I have a kid in Lawrence MA who is a big Kings fan and goes to most of the Monarchs games. He is who I direct my questions at, and he is pretty dead on.

        Kozun/Weal/Vey all have the same amount of points, each has 1 goal and 5 assists. All centers but I know Kozun and Weal can also play on the wing. Just Weal/Kozun are the smaller of the 3 but each are good play makers.

        • That’s definitely good to hear. I think if he keeps his consistency up he may get the call up sooner than later.

  10. In the meantime, SUtter changed the lines again today in practice today (10/22) Poor Jeff Carter…

    Jon Rosen ‏@lakingsinsider 27m Lines at practice today: 10-11-14, 74-77-21, 23-28-22, 17/13-24-71; 44-8, 33-26, 6-2, 27-5

  11. Also from Rosen at today’s practice, it was a long one and ended with a ‘bagger’.

  12. Oh boy…look what the Sharks started with Burns

    Jon Rosen ‏@lakingsinsider 2m
    Darryl Sutter hinted at Alec Martinez getting a look at LW. Won’t necessarily happen. More to come at LAKI.

    • Haha! Is this a not-so-settle shout out to DL?

    • I think Sutter’s fucking with us.

    • Well Deslauriers is a terrible defender by all accounts. He’s from the q were its not a defense 1st league. He’s a big boy I think 6-1 and like 230lbs and plays a physical game could be a power forward he had a 4 goal game during the preseason.

    • @Dr. Dre: Actually Burns played RW for the Brampton Battalion of the OHL, and also in the World Juniors around 2004 I think it was.

      It wasn’t until he was drafted by Minnesota that Burns became a defenseman under Jacques Lemaire.

      Byfuglien has gone up and down, and I’m not talking about Buff’ weight, but Byfuglien prefers defense. I don’t blame him when you are pushing 230+ in some cases much more like him the least amount of skating you have to do the better.


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