Deep breaths.

Deep, deep breaths.

It’s just a game. It’s just shitty Calgary. You still have a good woman, a good life, and good hair.

It’s just a game…

That we gave away. Goddamn ass rat farts. There’s some analysis for you. Farts. From rats. Rats that look like asses. Donkey rat farts.

People, it was a hooking penalty. Stick in the hands from behind gets called every time. Were it the playoffs, I’d be pissed. But now? Ok, I’m still pissed, fine but I can’t blame that call nor this loss on pin-striped pin-headed pin-cushion, fart cushion, ass rat, refs. We stole a game, from ourselves, with an abundance of penalties, lazy movement across our own blueline and an all too familiar inability to cash in on copious opportunities. At least the Ramo’s have one less reason to be ashamed this night.

I have nothing constructive to say.

Wait, that’s not true.

Ear lick queef crap.

Deep breaths.


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  1. Here is what I think is the most important take away from the game:

    Willie Mitchell recorded 24:43 of ice time. In his last three games he has recorded 24:52, 25:06 and 24:43.

  2. Mike Smith has more goals than Anze Kopitar.

    • and Kopitar has more Stanley Cup rings than Mike Smith

      • You say that like I am not a Kings fan…in fact, you sound very similar to a Ducks fan before the Kings won the Cup…where every single response, every little piece of dialogue was about Cup, or lackthereof. Kopi winning the Cup has not a god damn thing to do w/ the fact that his current goal slump is pretty serious…dating back to last season as well.

  3. Giving the Flames 7 striaght calls (some of which even the Calgary broadcasters were puzzled by) is lopsided and some of them were questoinable. And it did affect the outcome of the game.
    All in all the Kings played a good game and got some bad breaks, esp from the constipated zebras. However, this one is on Sutter. Again he has King on the 2nd line where he does not belong. And as long as he keeps rotating non top 6 LW’s there, that line will not have stablity ,the ablity to cycle (like most lines that play together do) and won’t produce. And also on DL for not recognizing how critical that was instead of being so loyal to way too many bottom line players.
    And putting King out to kill a penatly with under a minute to play was a HUGE mistake. There were better optons on the bench, a lot better options. He was out of position badly on the GWG and then ducked out of the way instead of blocking the shot. If that were AMart Muzzin or Nolan, they’d be benched, but not the teachers pet.
    I thought Frattin had his best game, I guess getting benched motivated him. He would have been a better fit up on the 2nd last night.
    But despite the fact he played so well, Sutter will most likely keep his fair haired boy up there..
    I wish he’d establish a #1 PP unit instead of rotating the 1st line and 2nd line. If you keep 2 PP units together and let them practice together, it will produce better results and more efficient pasing and chances.

    • Well of course it affected the outcome of game. Everything does that. I didn’t realize it was 7 straight. That should never happen. I just don’t blame the refs for the loss.

      We played mostly well, certainly outplayed the Flames for large swaths of the game, but the 3rd period was just not good and I thought we had trouble all night getting the puck out of our zone, as a group and to a man. in the very end, that’s exactly what burned us.

      On the bright side, the second period was an exciting bit of hockey.

    • Deirdre, you sound so calm when you mention Lombardi. I don’t feel calm about him anymore.
      I don’t know what he has to do to create an environment where there will be better options available at LW2 than Dwight King. It’s upsetting. Time flies, the core will get older, and if this doesn’t get sorted out in time, then he’s waisting valuable time with this core. I don’t see how exactly a soft relatively unskilled player playing the 2nd line is helping to make the team a serious contender for another cup.

      But you said it best. It totally destabilizes the line. Obviously. It’s like a car running with one of the pistons not firing. I have to believe that Lombardi sees this, but then again, I do wonder if in fact he does.

  4. That was a bullshit call on Kopidor but I can see how they might call that. Carbomb Stolly Frattin looked pretty good there for a few shifts.

    Shoulda coulda woulda foulda buddha fuck it on to the next one.

    • It was definitely ticky tack, but we’ve known for a few years now that if your stick gets parallel and you reach at all from behind, the safe bet is it’s going to be called. Just the end cap to a shitty game for us in terms of penalties.

  5. Would you say that they stepped on their collective dicks?

  6. There isn’t a player on our team bad enough to stop JC from getting goals. That line would be just as productive playing with an empty jersey. Thought Frattin looked pretty good. Best scoring chance was Carcillos in the 2nd period. The whole team could learn a thing or two from that guy when it comes to going to the net. I for one am a fan, and expect more good things from him. We had a lot of room to move around last night. Didnt do anything with it though. Three high sticks to faces not called. Richards, Brown, and Greene in that order. Brown hit the ice after his. No idea why those weren’t called but Carter’s was. Never happy with officiating though. GKG \X/ big points coming up here.

    • I am a fan as well.. a guy who brings energy and grit and can rev up a whole team.. long as the team leaders keep him levelheaded as they seem to be doing so he plays to his skill and doesn’t get hot headed and stupid out there.. so far so good.. the guy can play!
      GO KINGS GO!!!

  7. I was in the car listening on radio.. said uh oh.. TOO many penalities going on.. how can we concentrate on Offence if we are constantly on the PK? Then I was in a Cute friendly IRish Pub in Toluca Lake..Timmy Nolans.. sittling at table watching game.. Cart with a shorty.. ok that is how…NICE.. then back in the car driving home and radio on for period 3.. not sounding too good.. and another penality.. get home for last 8 min.. and sob.. penalities.. seemed like we had about 50.. so we just doomed ourselves.. will watch taped game later this eveing..
    GO KINGS GO!!!

  8. Is it 26 games now without a goal for the #1 center?

    26 games without a goal for a marquee center in the NHL is pretty hard to believe. I know he has 8 assists, great, but he went AWOL in the playoffs last season at the wrong time, and still has not buried a puck in the back of the oppositions net in a game.

    His game is at the same level it has been for the past few seasons, the only thing missing is his scoring a goal. I know players can get snake bit during a season, hell look at Scott Gomez, but Kopitar isn’t Scott Gomez.

    Matt Greene has more goals than Kopitar and Richards, Matt Greene!

    How much longer are they going to allow Dwight King to continue to play in the NHL? He’s become Dustin Penner part deux in terms of offense. Yes he has more goals than Kopitar and Richards. but he’s soft, he’s below average and its time to cut this guy loose.

    I am looking at options and the kids in Manchester. I think its time to start looking at bringing one or more up, and waive Ellerby since he’s not playing, send King down and if they aren’t going to play Martinez then trade him so they can have the CAP to bring up one or more of the kids in Manchester to add some more scoring.

    Calls go for you, and calls go against you, the Kings are having trouble scoring 5 v 5.

    15 Brandon Kozun GP 7 Goals 1 Assists 5 Points 6
    9 Linden Vey 7 1 5 6
    19 Jordan Weal 7 1 5 6
    26 Tyler Toffoli 7 3 2 5
    14 Tanner Pearson 7 3 1 4

    This isn’t even a matter of the Kings playing horrible, just not good enough to beat their opponent.

  9. Although Kopi took that late penalty, I thought he played well. As of the last 3 games he’s been looking to create offense and is being more aggressive, he’s not playing passive and just dishing the puck off to somebody else then retreating. He’s gonna score sooner or later playing like this….hopefully it’s sooner. I say he scores on Thursday.

  10. Hi Surly and Bobby,

    Serious question.. This is my second year having season tickets and I’ve noticed that the tickets for where I sit are cheaper on Stubhub than what I paid for through the kings.. Does the same apply for you guys too? I think I’ll save more money getting them on the secondary market

    • I’ve been a season ticket holder for years and moved to Iowa three seasons ago. Since then, I’ve been selling them. Last year, we could sell through Ticketexchange and they had a restriction on how low you could sell the tickets. Now, the Kings are developing their own ticketing system to get away from Ticketmaster and they are partnering with Stub Hub. Personally, I hate it. I didn’t have a problem selling tickets last season. Last night’s game, my ticket sold for $10.50… I received $5 which is less than what I pay out of pocket. BUT, I guarantee you that come playoffs, those tickets will not be cheap. Maybe look at the difference between regular season and playoffs and see if it balances out. Personally, I’m going to wait and see what happens with the new ticketing system before I decide to bail out. I’m hoping that it will turn around or I’m not sure I’ll be able to keep my seat (which would be horrible because it’s in the best section… Surly’s section).

    • Depends on the seat. For Surly’s tickets, no way. The Kings are killing their season ticket holders right now and it started 2 years ago.

  11. Kopious opportunities.


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