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  1. “Hey Martinez…you got tire tracks on the back of your shirt. Did you get hit by a bus or something???” :D

  2. Oh wow they were serious about putting Martinez as a forward? I thought Matt Barry joking around hahaha! Yikes!

  3. New lines again today in practice:
    Jon Rosen ‏@lakingsinsider 2h Forward line rushes: King-Kopitar-Williams, Richards-Carter-Frattin, Brown-Stoll-Lewis, Carcillo-Clifford-Fraser-Nolan. No D-pair changes.

    Don’t like MR on LW, he can’t play there and is more important to the line’s success than Frattin…

  4. My friends band wrote a Raiders fight song. Reminds me of Black Flag’ “TV Party” from back in the day.

    Kilroy! I grew up with the singer Tom Despain (Taft High) and the rest of the band are from the West San Fernando Valley.

    At least this isn’t some cover of “You Are my Sunshine” and it kind of has that tough hockey fan vibe.

    Heck even drunken Kings fan can remember the words if someone did a similar song like this for the Kings.

    Tom in the 5th grade and 6th grade was a huge Kiss and Black Sabbath fan. Both of our families moved in 78 his to Topanga Canyon, mine to Chatsworth. Once we got to about the 8th grade, we both got into the Punk stuff. He stayed with it, I was more into the Mod scene, along with the Ska stuff and the punk, and Oi stuff.

    • Maybe TV Party meets My Sharona

      You might remember this one

      And new..well newer These guys ain’t no fucking Ducks fans! :D

      • Jake Burns now lives in Newcastle. Great guy, I have met him a few times.

        Can’t even tell you how many times I have seen SLF! Loved the Undertones also another Northern Ireland product.

        US Bombs weren’t they on Epitaph records? I used to get all sorts of promo stuff from Epitaph. An old friend Greg Lee one of the singers from Hepcat, they were on Epitaph.

        Me and a couple of other hockey fans have noticed there are a lot of old punks/mods/rudeboys and rudegirls among the makeup of Kings nation and of hockey in general.

        Not sure why, but I have met a lot of Kings fans who are/were into the same music I was and who still have held onto some of the things of our youth.

        For me its my scooters we have 4 of them, still enjoy riding around Los Angeles on the weekends.

        Copy and paste the link below, I think you’ll see what I mean.

        • Nice!

          It’s not surprising since the Kings have been around for so long.

          I think the US Bombs were or they still might be. The singer is the infamous skate legend Duane Peters. Mods cool. All that stuff was cool back in the day.


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