King Kong Kopi! Phoenix Remains Our Ugly Bitch

I prefer a 7-4 victory like this over a 4-0 shutout. Why? Because we smacked them around, gave them hope and then crushed them. Far more fun…

Terry Murray wouldn’t have called that timeout.

Anze Kopitar is so talented that if he wants to be great, he will be…which is also why our expectations of him are so damn high.

KING! KONG! A hattie, bitches. Who would have thought that?

Mike Richards on the left side wasn’t doing it for me. I dug the short hander and, as hard as Richie was working out there, he looks out of sync on the left side.

Matt Frattin on the right side. For the love of God, on the right side. Never on the left again.

Jake Muzzin. Ugh.

Drew Doughty. I thank the Hockey Gods for him every week.

Robyn Regehr. Meh.

Willie Mitchell is a minute eater.

Slava Voynov. Kid has a cannon.

I want to make out with Alex Curry…and do naughty things to her.

Justin Williams should have had two goals tonight.

Jeff Carter. Best L.A. Kings player almost every night. Even if he is not burying the biscuit, he is doing everything right. His back checking…I love Jeff Carter.

Jeff Halpern is still a thing. Who knew?

As soon as Jake Muzzin took that penalty while tied 4-4, I told the wife “we’re scoring a shorty here.” I may get laid tonight because she still doesn’t know how I did that.

I couldn’t figure out who was on the third and fourth lines. I was so confused. Brown-Stoll-Lewis? Carcillo-Fraser-Nolan? Is that what I was seeing?


L.A. Kings Three Stars:

3. Jeff Carter

2. Anze Kopitar

1. Dwight King

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  1. I thought it was silly to not give King the first star. I mean how do you beat a hattrick with a goal and two assists. Then I remembered how dominant Kopi was all game. 5 threatening shots and just swarming the whole game. Guys are going to the net. So we got that going for us, which is nice……….. May as well give Carter the first star every game right now just for being awesome. I was at the game. A little hoarse, but I’ll live. GKG\X/ going to EDM and SJS too. Went to Calgary too. Trying to forget that one though.

  2. In five years there won’t be a coyotes franchise no more…. Woof
    Jeff Carter has definitely been an amazing player ever since he was traded over here. In LA he’s not under the microscope like in Philly.

    Spot on with the Muzzin analysis as always

  3. As much as I think King is a tweener, not a Top 6 and barely a bottom 6 he came up big tonight. I had a feeling that Richards would get off the schnide same with Kopitar and Frattin.

    It must have been a good omen when Richards mug was on the tickets, and the rest of the universe fell into place.

    I am glad the monkey man that Toots and the Maytals sings about is finally off their collective backs. Phew! As much as I love Toots, I gotta go with my mates The Specials version of Monkey Man. Neville Staple, Terry Hall, Lynval Golding, Roddy Radiation, Jerry Dammers, Horace Panter and John Bradbury doing a great rendition of the classic “Monkey Man” in 1979!

    I am not to happy about pissing away a game when you have a 4-0 lead. I had flashbacks of the 2011 1st round playoff game 3 at Staples when the Kings were a little ways into the 2nd period and up 4-0. 4-0 quickly became 4-4 and still Terry Murray just stood behind the bench with that constipated look on his face, not knowing if he should shit or get off the pot. He stands there, glassy eyed, like Captain Queeg in the Kane Mutiny not knowing WTF to do. Call a Timeout? Pull Quick? No just keep going. Nice one Terry!

    Kings lost that game 6-5 in OT biggest choke job I have ever witnessed in person. Watching Niemi being pulled and Nittymaki going in, while Murray just stood there like somehow things would turn around. Kings lost that series in 6 games even having the opportunity to take the series to a 7th game, back up to SJ who they had on the ropes. Game 6 a major penalty called at the end of the 3rd period, pretty much having 4+ minutes of 5 on 4 and not getting a single shot on goal, then Jumbo comes down scores the winner and puts his finger to his filthy mouth signifying shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

    Nice win, but seriously coughing up a 4 goal lead? Come on that stuff shouldn’t happen and I hope bitter beer face really bag skates, herbies the dickens out of these guys to get the point across, you don’t let your opponent who you are far superior to, come back with 4 straight to tie the game!

    I guess this means Tanner Pearson will have to wait a few more weeks, and Dwight King in his contract year is going to pull a Penner well maybe better than a Penner.

    Jake Muzzin needs a shooter tutor this guy can’t seem to avoid shooting the damn puck into the oppositions skates and the penalty he took, come on Jake what the hell were you thinking?

    Onward and upward!

    Daryl gets high praise for calling a TO, glad we have a coach with a clue and a pulse!

  4. King coming up Kong with the hattie! Lots of good shit about this game even though they did blow a 4 goal lead.

    Carter is just fucking Money!
    Kopidor turns into Kopitar
    Richards with the shortie
    Frattin with the tip…he hustles every shift and I fucking dig that. He kinda reminds me of Richardson a little but hopefully the guy has more finish

    Dude you had to bring up the TM TO thing…I lost all respect for him after that incident. That was some fucked up shit.

    Tonight we pissed on the dogs and it was nice!

  5. Btw bag skates do work!

  6. So right on tonight. How’d we get separated at birth???? LOL

  7. King has insane iq. Guys a smart man. Wayne gretzky in private piles’ body. 250 lbs of chewed bubblegum.

  8. Glad to see that the Kings pulled this one out, but is anyone else a little concerned that the Kings taking a lead into the 3rd is no longer the guaranteed win it used to be? They’ve choked away big leads a couple times already this season after a big first period. They need to lock it down and step on the throats to make sure that the other team has no life left in them.

  9. I was glad to get the 2 points and there were a lot of positives, but I don’t like the Kings coughing up leads, they were lucky that Richie came out for that PK and decided to kick the Yotes in the nuts with his skate. That’ was one Fuckin’ clutch goal when they needed it. And that is #28 career for him, tied now with St Louis for active players.
    And he won’t be effective on wing because he can’t play there and that why despite how hard he was trying, he looked out of sync all night. Frattin is clearly a RW but Richie is more important to this teams success and needs to go back to center. Hopefully , DL is shopping for a proper LW for that line.
    Kopi and Carter were strong last night and Doughty had a great game as well.
    Hoping the Kings can not only put up a steady stream of goals agasint the swiss cheese D that is Edmonton on Sunday but put a wall up in their own end.
    REally can’t wait for Wens and the Sharks….

  10. I thought Reggie had a pretty solid game last night. That was the most physical I’ve seen him in a Kings uni thus far. Keep it up! when the Kings are hitting and forechecking the shit out of the opposition, nobody can beat them. That was their game in the first, but the got away from that in the 2nd and the beginning of the third period. I’m so glad Sutts called a time out because after that, the Kings went back to beast mode. I love when our boys beat the Cryotes! GO KINGS GO!!!

  11. Put aside the fact that Kopi got a goal and had the 3 point night. The one thing that I was very happy to see from him was the fact that he was SKATING! Kopi was flying out there, it seemed like every time he had his shift he was everywhere. That’s the 2012 Stanley Cup Winning Kopi that we’ve all been dying to see. When he’s moving his feet like he was last night he’s asserting himself and it results in him shooting more and more scoring chances generated for his linemates. And he still managed to play an excellent 200 foot game. I hope he keeps it up.

    Idk about Muzzing man….one game he manages to do everything right, the next game he comes back and does everything wrong. No consistency with this guy. When he brings his A game he’s pretty effective. Too bad we don’t see his A game often. It looked like Sutter benched him for a majority of the 3rd because I didn’t see him out there. Hopefully that’s a sign A-Mart will be back. Muzzin deserves to be benched after the 2 horseshit penalties he took.

  12. Yay for 2 points in a 4 point division game.
    Yay we did not give the Desert dogs even 1 point.
    I did Not like getting caught 4-4 and then urging the Boys on..we got sloppy..and the penalties need to stop. The Plus was Kinger got another
    goal =HAT TRICK!!! I calked that one early..just had a feeling.
    And for that he should have been the #1 Star. Staples got it Wrong.
    But the goal of the night was Mike Richards..OMG was that pretty. Held that puck like an artist..his value when up 77% in my eyes. #1 Highlight for that Kings Weekly segment.
    So let’s see some more disapline Sunday so we can really play our game.
    GO KINGS GO!!!


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