I prefer a 7-4 victory like this over a 4-0 shutout. Why? Because we smacked them around, gave them hope and then crushed them. Far more fun…

Terry Murray wouldn’t have called that timeout.

Anze Kopitar is so talented that if he wants to be great, he will be…which is also why our expectations of him are so damn high.

KING! KONG! A hattie, bitches. Who would have thought that?

Mike Richards on the left side wasn’t doing it for me. I dug the short hander and, as hard as Richie was working out there, he looks out of sync on the left side.

Matt Frattin on the right side. For the love of God, on the right side. Never on the left again.

Jake Muzzin. Ugh.

Drew Doughty. I thank the Hockey Gods for him every week.

Robyn Regehr. Meh.

Willie Mitchell is a minute eater.

Slava Voynov. Kid has a cannon.

I want to make out with Alex Curry…and do naughty things to her.

Justin Williams should have had two goals tonight.

Jeff Carter. Best L.A. Kings player almost every night. Even if he is not burying the biscuit, he is doing everything right. His back checking…I love Jeff Carter.

Jeff Halpern is still a thing. Who knew?

As soon as Jake Muzzin took that penalty while tied 4-4, I told the wife “we’re scoring a shorty here.” I may get laid tonight because she still doesn’t know how I did that.

I couldn’t figure out who was on the third and fourth lines. I was so confused. Brown-Stoll-Lewis? Carcillo-Fraser-Nolan? Is that what I was seeing?


L.A. Kings Three Stars:

3. Jeff Carter

2. Anze Kopitar

1. Dwight King