Kings v. Oilers. The Pedantic Pregame Edition

I hate playing the Edmonton Oilers. Those top-heavy teams with no defense and no goaltending mean the entire game may feel like a shootout.

And you all know how much I love the shootout.

I am speaking this pregame into my phone while attending a kids’ Halloween party so if you came here expecting an in depth analysis of tonight’s match, fuck off.

Dwight King had the game of his life. But having one great game means nothing. If he can show some level of consistency at the left wing position, then we will have taken a big step toward solidified forward lines. I will be watching him carefully.

Richards and Kopitar broke out of their goal-less funk. If Kopitar is, as we know him to be, a streaky player, then it sure would be nice if he can start a goal scoring streak right about now. What do you say Kopi? Can you make it last through June?

I hope Jake Muzzin is not on defense. He seriously has been driving me crazy. I also hope, if he is, the last game and the idiotic penalties that he took are not the start of a trend with him. Being physical does not mean being stupid (See Carcillo, Daniel). I know the coaches told him to be the former and, for the sake of keeping the gray hairs away, let’s hope he didn’t interpret that as the latter.

I don’t know who is in goal but, whoever it is, may have their hands full with the Edmonton forwards. I say the play of Willie Mitchell, Drew Doughty and Slava Voynov will be the keys to tonight’s game. Those three are the catalysts to the breakouts out of our own zone and, with Matt Greene, a big part of keeping the area around Jonathan Quick free from forward fucks who fester.

Game time is at 6 PM.

My ass will be on a couch with beer in hand.

I would rather be at the game but if I got everything I wanted, Ashley Judd would be blowing me right now as I speak this article.

Alas, we all learn to live within our limitations.

Let’s hope our Los Angeles Kings teach the Edmonton Oilers about theirs.

I told the balloon guy that he either makes me this or I fight him.


Go Kings!

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  1. I’m a bit worried about Regehr this game too. While he isn’t going to do anything stupid like Muzzin, he better stay focused to keep pace with those EDM forwards. I’ve noticed a lot of small defensive errors from him that have cost us like not adequately clearing the slot or allowing his man to drift wide of him to get room for a good shot. Can’t be doing that tonight.

    • I agree. Regehr is a seasoned player. He has no excuse for his poor play. He needs to focus. There’s no room on the Kings for someone who’s on “cruise control.”

      • I don’t get the sense Regehr is dogging it. He is just old and slow but still has a decent snarl and big bite.

        • You have a point. He is at the end of a decent career. This makes me think of a previous comment, which stated that he never should have been signed to this longer contract. The Kings needed him when they had a lot of injuries to their defense, but why give him a longer contract?

  2. I agree defense is crucial tonight. Breakouts and forecheck. Gotta be tough in our own zone. He said doing his best Drew Doughty impression. Obviously, we don’t wanna give up 4 goals again, gotta stay out of the box. Finish our checks….. I’m gettin a bobble fist tonight. All styley in PR12. Like to see a strong shutdown game from Quickie tonight. GKG\X/

  3. Bachman is in goal for the Oilers tonight and the Oilesr D is awful. And given that their forwards are not strong defensively, I’m not worried. The Kings are a puck possession team and ifthey keep the pressure in the Oilers end, they can unravel a bit quickly. They do need to be better in their own end, no exuse to cough up a 4 goal lead lke vs the Yotes. JQ usually has a strong comeback game and hopefully tonight he’ll do that.
    Hoping that the rumors from last night that DL is moving somebody to make room to bring up one of the kids will happen soon.
    If you haven’t seen this, it’s the video highlights of last night’s Monarchs game and Weal, TT and Pearson all look (and was reported to have had ) great games. Sweet goal Pearson on the 5th goal. And some nice passing by TT. DL was there and I’m hoping he saw enough to geta plane ticket to LA for Pearson. He’s needed on the 2nd line LW

  4. Sorry, off topic. Wow, Vanek for Moulson, a first and a second? Is Vanek that good?

    Oh, ya, Oilers suck!

    • Vanek is a premiere player but it’s a risky (not good IMO) trade for the Isles who gave up Moulson, 1st and 2rd round picks for a player with walking papers. vanek won’t sign there and the Isles end up with nothing. Vanek will sign in MInny most likely , wife is from there, they have a house there and Pomi (close firend) plays there and Vanek indicated he wants to be reunited with Pomi)
      Good for the sabres, they now have 2 1st and 2 2nd round picks in next year draft not counting the9ir own. and when they flip Moulson (who is a UFA and most likely won’t stay there) they’ll get more.

      Frustrating game to put that many SOG and now get 2 in regulation. Good to get the 2 , and the 2nd line was great tonight.

      I’m trying to be openminded about RR but he just is slow and out of place on cdrticial plays. How come when Muffin and Marty do that, they get the doghouse????

    • I was pretty surprised about that trade. I know Vanek’s good but didn’t know he was that good.

  5. Missed the whole game but the last 10 minutes via radio. 48 shots and only one goal?? Were most of the shots from low % areas? If not that’s no good.

    • No. Their called-up goalie Bachman stood on his head. He got the 2nd star but should have received the 1st. He was unreal and the Kings would have had 6 goals without his effort.

  6. Bobby, what was that you said about Muzzin taking penalties?
    Oh well.

  7. Richards scored the first goal in the shoot out, Oilers get one and Kopitar gets the second. Richards gets the goal in the stats? Why did I think Kopitar should’ve received credit? I know, I know I sound like an idiot


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