I am Jealous of Canadians and Their Hockey Nights

No, not because they are really nice people or that they apologize when they have done nothing wrong although that is kind of cool too. I am jealous of them because they have Hockey Night in Canada and we have… Nothing like it.

Actual game analysis before and after the game is over.

Not a bunch of clichés and nonsense to take up airspace but real discussion about pivotal moments in the game that don’t necessarily involve big goals or big saves but rather momentum changers and the subtle nuances that are easily missed.

Insight about the players and a breakdown of their strengths and weaknesses and how they happen to have played that particular night.

I’m jealous because, having watched clips of Hockey Night in Canada on the Internet, I realize what we’re missing here in Southern California.

And that then brings me to the next thing that doesn’t make me jealous but a little bit angry.

Are we not the entertainment capital of the world or does that apply to everything other than hockey?

I don’t know what basketball or baseball analysis sounds like nor do I care but I’m willing to bet that the post-games are not as obtuse as the nonsense that we have to tolerate.

Patrick O’Neil is, I am sure, a very nice guy. But his hockey knowledge is about as in-depth as a casual fan. Alex Curry is hot enough and I guess I like her in a I want to sleep with you a couple of times and lose your number kind of way but if the woman knows a lot about hockey, I’m not seeing or hearing it.

Is it really that difficult to come up with a knowledgeable and articulate hockey reporter who can take over the post games and give intelligent analysis of the players and plays that mattered?

Is there no one within the continental United States and Canada that fits that bill?

Is what we have really the best we can do OR is this all because hockey doesn’t involve a round ball and does involve ice so that immediately makes it the “other” sport for the “other” fans that don’t need much thought and attention?

By this point, this post may feel like a rant. It isn’t. I actually don’t expect anything to change and I am quite content if nothing does. I am happy we have Jon Rosen who is doing an excellent job on Insider and has given that site and the LA Kings beat writing credibility it never had.

I loved that we got Sean O’Donnell as part of the post game and perhaps we will get lucky and see him more involved in breaking down the game and talking puck.

I don’t know who the blonde girl was who we saw one game and didn’t see again but I heard she was Canadian and she was a hockey chick. I guess we will never know.

We also have former ice girl, Carrlyn Bathe. She was pretty awesome on the ice (a great skating stride) but I have not had a chance to hear what she is like with a microphone. I would not complain if we got to see her take Patrick’s spot, if she was up for it.

Shit, now it sounds like I am piling on Patrick. Maybe I am or maybe I am just frustrated with the fact that people who are given press passes ask the most inane questions of our coach and players (yes, let’s talk about the feistiness of the game), that there is little value in anything that is said with the sole exception of what comes out of Bob and Jim’s mouths and very shortly after a win or loss my hockey fix ends with it because we have to switch to USC women’s volleyball on our sports channel.

You know what, this is all my own damn fault. I cannot make time to go to games this year like I could before. Life has gotten too busy for that. Therefore, I voluntarily subject myself to watching games on TV more than I ever have before and foolishly hope for a post game that actually matters.

So there you have it Canadians. While you have to suffer through those shitty teams that play in your wonderful country, at least you have something to be proud of. Don’t ever say I haven’t written something nice about you…cause it may not happen again.

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  1. I hear you loud and clear. I haven’t heard a hockey night in canada broadcast but I can imagine it from your description.

    I think its simple. People in Canada actually play hockey. Not roller hockey but ice hockey. Big fucking deal some may say well I think it is.

    I’ve been a Kings fan since the early 80s. My first game at the Forum as a 6th grader I was hooked. 93 cup run that was insane wasn’t it? All that shit changed when I actually started playing ice hockey over 10 years ago.

    I could skate but I sucked ass at it. So I made the decision to start playing. First getting better at skating. Got me a pair of CCMs on sale and went at it. Then I got all my gear.

    Went to my first stick time (that’s where they throw pucks on the ice and you just do whatever you want for those that don’t know what it is) and I tried to stick handle for the very first time. I kept losing the damn puck. I didn’t know how these guys did it.

    I stuck with it and then joined my first pick up game. No one would pass to me because I kept losing the puck. I kept with it and eventually got better. Started playing real games with officials and offsides, face offs, penalties, etc.

    Point being is that I have a greater appreciation for the game and for the players. Some of the shit they do is mind blowing. The reason why we’re getting a better quality product from Rosen vs Hammond is because Jon plays ice hockey.

    I know you’ve mentioned before you’ve played goalie so you know shit. These people in Canada grow up and most of them start skating at an early age. They know hockey at that deeper level.

    I’m in no way shape or form saying that you can’t be a hardcore fan if you don’t play. Don’t get it twisted. I’ve never driven a formula one car but I’m a fan of formula one.

    Do some CA fans go to games for the fighting and violence? I think so. And until our hockey IQ is elevated to a more technical level we just won’t give a shit about pre and post game analysis. And for all the fans that have never skated or don’t know how to skate well, get on the ice. Rent those skates and learn. Maybe you don’t wanna go all the way and get the gear because that shit adds up but at least get on the ice and skate.

    My 2 cents

  2. Btw that’s why I’m not a big fan of these “advanced stats” because there’s so many little things that happen during a game and to account for all those X factors would be nuts.

  3. Carrlyn is great with a mic, but unfortunately she is not being groomed to take Patrick’s job, she is being groomed to take Jay Flats’. They have her doing the goofy in-game commercial break nonsense. I’m sure she could give some decent hockey insight were she given the chance. Maybe she’ll get it some day.

  4. you’re out of your mind. there’s gems like Brian Hayward, Pierre McGuire and Liam McHugh just to name a few. lest anyone think i’m serious………./sarcasm button off

  5. Supply and demand. The coverage would be there if Fox thought there was an audience for it. But there are so few hockey fans in America that Fox doesn’t find it profitable to put out a meaningful pre and post game show like HNIC. The menial ones that they have now will do just fine in their minds. They’re not going to hire hockey knowledgeable journalists because that would cost money. They just don’t see the return.

    • This is silly no? Why would a hockey journalist or reporter cost more? Is they an import tax I don’t know about? Does the manufacturer of hockey journalists only make a few per year?

    • Is that why Fox refused to broadcast MMA when it first started out, or lacrosse, or volleyball, or any other sport that doesn’t meet “supply and demand.” Sometime you create a market, like MMA did. Saying that there is no HNIC for the US because there is no audience is specious reasoning. Because the fact is there is no audience becuase there is no US version of HNIC. Instead we have: Brian Hayward, Pierre McGuire and Liam McHugh. NBC Sports al;ready has the time slot on Wednesday for a game and pregame (then post game MLS!!!! which is the ECHL equivilant of real soccer if you are ven into taht kind of thing). So it is not about carving out TV time, it is about improving quality.

  6. Thoughts on Kings going hard after Matt Moulson??

      • Yes, of that I’m sure we are mostly all aware.
        I’m alluding to buffalo’s probability of flipping Moulson for picks/prospects. Moulson for vanek is a similar in nature, so I doubt the buffalo rebuild includes resigning Moulson; therefore, they’ll most likely shop him to add to their pool of younger talent.
        Left wing, goal scorer, former King, brother in law to Quick… Seems like a fit at a desperately needed hole. That is why I’m asking opinions.

        • He can certainly score, but he’s a bit soft for my liking. We play a rugged style and play in a rugged Conference, and as we saw before, guys like Moulson have a hard time adjusting.

          I must admit, I’ve only seen him play a handful of games since he left, so maybe he’s added a layer of armor since he left. Does he play with a bit more edge now or is his game the same?

          • At this point, I’d take a skilled goal scorer on the left side period. I could give a shit about grit. Our team, built heavily on grit isn’t producing consistent results. If you believe the media, the Kings are an elite team. If you watch the games, we have some very real issues and we are not elite.

          • I think we can afford to add a LW with actual scoring talent without compromising our team grit. Also, worries about Moulson versus the Western Conference are misplaced. Since 2009 he has played 60 games versus WC; and had 26G, 18A. That would be 36G & 25A over a full season.

            Moulson Kopitar Williams
            Brown Richards Carter
            Clifford Lewis Frattin
            King Stoll Nolan

          • Oh, my, I stand corrected! I like those numbers! Those numbers would work quite nicely.

            I also like the idea of putting x-player on 11’s line and not 77’s. We need more scoring from the top line.

          • I like your thinking, TK. The Kings have a good team, BUT it’s become quite obvious that they’re missing a couple of pieces. They have gritty players to protect skilled players. Wayne Gretzky and Robitaille weren’t tough guys. They had guys like Marty McSorley to protect them. The Kings can continue to limp along for the rest of the season, and maybe get into the playoffs, but they won’t go far. If they could be proactive, and make one or two key changes, they could challenge for the cup again this year. Will they?

  7. I have to agree with you. I spent my youth in northern New York. And hockey coverage was excellent (because I watched the Canadian hockey broadcasts from Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal). I loved to watch Hockey Night in Canada. It was enjoyable AND intelligent. When I moved to southern California, several years before Gretzky arrived, I was depressed about the lack of quality hockey coverage here.

    Fortunately, the Gretzky move to LA, over time, changed things for the better for individuals, like me, who had moved to the southwest from the northeast. I must say that Jim Fox and Bob Miller have done solid work in the broadcast booth every game. But the pre-game show still needs work. And the post-game show is superficial. (I hate that song they came up with! It’s like something from the Mighty Ducks!)

    Serious fans couldn’t possibly have liked the Ducks broadcasts. I don’t know if they have changed for the better (I will not watch them). They DID, however, finally get rid of the Mighty Ducks crap. That was certainly a step in the right direction!

    I will say that I’ve enjoyed the NHL Network. I think they do a very good job of getting hockey information out to the hockey public. And I enjoy every one of their shows.

    I hope to see more improvement in the LA King’s pre-game and post-game shows. The Kings are making lots of money now. So, lets see better pre-game and post-game shows! Get rid of the fluff! Let’s focus on hockey!

  8. off topic but i’m watchin’ the sucks vs L.A. east, and I know Ritchie wasn’t gonna come cheap but god I miss simmonds

  9. If the Kings had the success in this town that the Lakers have had, then definately we would have an equivalent of HNIC here in SoCal. My 2 cents

  10. It was painfully obvious how Phx was looking exploit Regher. They oftentimes would chip the puck to his corner and then chase it down with success. I thought it was good that Sutter put Willie in with DD and I think he should keep that way for tonight.

  11. Remember that confidence we used to have when the Kings went on the PK? I miss that


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