Shoot Kopitar. Score Kopitar.




I’m referring to Anze Kopitar’s shot, you dummy.

A goalie’s nightmare. Even when you see it, the velocity at which it moves makes you chase it. If it’s well placed, forget it.

Anze Kopitar said in his post game that he has been hearing “shoot” a lot. That’s because, next to Carter, he’s got the best cannon on the team at forward. And when he is looking to shoot first and is aggressive offensively , the entire team comes alive. Kopitar makes everyone around him better when he plays his best.

Tonight was a gutsy effort but I agree with Darryl Sutter’s comment that the team better come out intense for every period tonight because they didn’t show up last night.

There is so much to write about but I have to be up very early so you take it from here.

Scribe’s Three Stars:

3. Drew Doughty
2. Mike Richards
1. Anze Kopitar


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  1. Incorrect. They correct title of a post game is “One Hell Of An Orgasm”

  2. See what happens when you put the right players, the big guns out on the PP? GOALS and legit scoring chances. Keep Richie manning that point, nice move on JW’s GTG when Richie slid over and took 2 Sharks with him and left that huge gaping hole for Kopi to slide that perfect pass to Stick. Nice. Smart. What good hockey QB’s do. And man what a rocket by Kopi on the GWG…holy shit why doesn’t he do that more?
    Gutsy comeback win against the current top Western team and they earned it and should have after the horrible effort last night. Keeping the Sharks to 20 SOG was a key as was the forechecking. But they still take too many penalties. And please Deano, dial that phone faster and unload the bodies required to bring in top 6 relief from it soon. Tossing every bottom 6 player on LW during a game on the 2nd line is not working….and sucking the life out of Carter and Richards.

    And the Sharks are no 0-11-1 vs the Kings at home. It’s like Roy Scheider is shoving that tank down the great white throat.

    Too much OT excitement. It’s 3 am and I get up at 6 am for work…gonna be a long day…

  3. Yes lots to talk about. Mind is spinning.

    Dammit if Richards isn’t seeming like a 50/50 player to me. Half the time he looks he’s still bobbleheading from that concussion last season and the other half of the time he’s puttin up points and making big plays. Granted he’s being put in situations to put up those points, but he still seems to be off balance and lacking jump at times. Am I tripping???

    Man the Sharks really like the puck. I mean those guys are just not afraid of the puck. They want it. They play quick. They’re deliberate. They know what they want to do. They skate really well with speed. When pressured they still handle the puck and make plays like that last PP goal. They’ve been playing this way for so long that they seem to be getting better at it. And they had no Burns or Boyle, two big pieces. All that being said we outhit them 2-1. We play heavy. The Sharks can skate around people all they want but come playoff time I still don’t think their style fits the playoffs and the Kings gave us a glimpse. I liked our physicality but made plenty of mistakes and we still pulled it off. I think you gotta be physical with the Sharks. Happy we won, but not blind. We need to get better and be better. That 6th Dman situation is buggin me. Muzzin just makes me nervous. Dean please get us a LW and not an experiment like Martinez. I’d really like to see a couple of the kids from Manchester and see if we can’t get just a bit more speed with our physicality. I’d like to see Pearson on the wing with Richards and Carter. Vey instead of Fraser? Lewis instead of Fraser? And shit Toffoli is still waiting.

  4. I almost went through the tv when Kopitar was being himself and not shooting the damn puck on that last PP with miles of open space…then he shoots and scores. I forgive him for raising my blood pressure before that beautiful shot. Well done, 11!

  5. Drew is looking to have a monster season if he keeps this up. Kopi is starting to score. Brown is starting to fond his game and had some greats shifts not to mention hit the post. Last night is long forgotten. Now if we can be a little more consistent…

  6. Charlie Hustle award goes to Kyle Clifford tonight. One of his better games.

  7. BTW Carcillo shouldn’t play another game for the Kings.. That boarding penalty he took nearly cost us the game

    • That was a weak ass boarding call imo.

    • I wouldn’t do that. The Kings have been taking foolish penalties. That was just another one of many mistakes. Yes, it did almost cost the Kings the game, but you can’t bench the whole team. I like the effort that he’s made, overall, to become a part of the team.

    • That was a bullshit boarding call. Couture saw him coming and turned his back at the last moment when any other player might face up to it and shoulder it. Smart play by Couture but a bitch move. I got no problem with what Carcillo did.

      • You are correct. But Carcillo still left himself susceptible to a bad call. It appeared that he left his feet as well. This was a tight game. He knew that a bad call could lose the game for the Kings. I know. It’s difficult to play physically and not get bitten by an opponent who deliberately turns his back to your hit! That’s the risk one takes when you want to make a strong hit on an opponent!

      • Lewis saw Doan coming in the CF two years ago and still turned his back.. was that a bitch move too??
        The point is., it’s an easy call for the refs and the checking player( in This case Carcillo) should know he’s hitting him straight in the numbers and that’s a sure penalty

        • In the immortal words of Ice Cube “A bitch is a bitch is a bitch.” A bitch move is a bitch move. If Lewis did it too then he was a bitch too…..a smart bitch. You forgot to acknowledge that part. I understand and acknowledge all the points being made about Carcillo and I am still fine with it. Easy to judge in hindsight. I’m not gonna advocate we become marshmallows because the refs are bitches too. It’s Carcillo. Comes with a rep. We wanted him for some reason so we gotta deal with it. Frankly I woulda traded him and Ellerby to the Flyers for Talbot and his 1.75m cap hit today if the Avs were able to get him for Steve Downie. Put him on the left with Carter and Richards and see what they could do. Fuck!!!

          • Are you saying that Talbot is worth more than Downie and that Carcillo & Muzzin are also worth more than Downie? Because that is just stupid.

          • Nope. Just venting out loud. No critical thought was put into that statement with regard to it being the right fit, evaluating equal value and cap viability. I’m simply frustrated about the LW situation. I’m not even saying Talbot would be a good guy or for that situation. Just frustrated that we have this situation and another team pulled off a trade to fill a need. I’m in agreement that I’d like to see Pearson given a chance if we are not going to pull a trade.

          • Downie isn’t a top 6 player and he’s 100% not what that line needs. The Avs did just fine in that trde, getting a great defensive forwards/PK’er and a terriifc leader (which as a young inexperienced playoff team they will need) and a very vocal guy i nthe lockerroom who is a playoff warrior. Downie is another bottom 6 grinder that the Flyers have already. I’m hoping DL is working on moving a piece or 2 to clear room to bring up Pearson for that slot, he’s earned it.

    • Just the opposite. Tell him he will not do it again but don’t be punitive so he appreciates the faith and his confidence builds.

  8. Helluva game on a back to back. SJ is looking pretty good. Kopi with the bomb to end it. DD Willie pairing is better.

  9. These are all good comments. I really enjoyed that game. I was awake until after 1am, because I had gotten so excited during that game! It was a roller coaster ride of anger at the dumb penalties and joy at the excellent plays that the Kings made! IF management can iron out the wrinkles, this could be a great season!! Go Kings!!

  10. This is typical SJ. Always a bridesmaid never a bride. They can play the whole season, fooling the experts about how this is the year, just like every year. Oh how great Marleau is, oh how great Thornton is, oh how great Turtle is, oh how great Niemi is. SJ is playing so well even without Boyle and Burns and just wait until Torres comes back. FUCK SJ they are a definition of underachieving, overrated, over covered. They aren’t going to make the finals this year, just like every year because a Leopard can’t change its spots.

    Hey Darryl bag skate the whole team for their failure to clear pucks out of their own zone. This isn’t rocket science and this isn’t just one or two players that are having issues either flipping the puck to hit the scoreboard, slapping the puck hard off the boards, but enough of these weak attempts at clearing their zone by everyone.

    Carcillo has been a solid energy guy and he gets penalties called because of reputation as opposed to his actions. Keep doing what you are doing Carbomb, just make sure you are a little smarter in your decisions especially when in the offensive zone. That call was BS there was no boarding, it wasn’t even close.

    Clifford was all over the place last night, he was a heat seeking missile, hitting everything that he could, and the goalie interference call was border line, what is he supposed to do, just peel off and not make an attempt at scoring a goal? KFC has been solid, and he is what you like to see from a guy who plays on the 3rd or 4th line.

    Muzzin has his moments, but the problem is his bad moments outweigh his good moments. How long do you allow him to panic under pressure? How long do you put up with his inability to shoot the puck off the ice and not into the skates of the other team? Seriously his downside outweighs his upside. Its not like the Kings are at some sort of disadvantage in terms of depth. Time for AMART to get in a few games.

    If someone could explain to me why Dean Lombardi is still waiting to do something about an area of need at LW now that they have given up on the Frattin experiment and the Toffoli experiment I would love to hear it.

    You have 2 defenseman that are healthy scratches, Ellerby who isn’t going to be playing much if at all this season, and then AMART or Muzzin being scratched. Why can’t they just trade Ellerby for a pick,waive Ellerby to free up the CAP required to bring up Pearson and get him started on his NHL career with Carter and Richards?

    If you are ok with paying someone not to play, great, but you have a need at LW, you have pretty much failed to fill that need using the conventional methods, trade/UFA signing so how about using that 1st round draft pick Pearson and giving him a shot?

    If I am correct even if he doesn’t work out, you have insurance on defense with Schultz, or Bodnarchuk that aren’t breaking the bank in terms of CAP if Pearson doesn’t work out, if carrying 8 defensemen is really necessary.


    • Every time I write these things I fear that someone will inevitably be critical so I soft peddle. I state just how much I like Lombardi….. blah blah blah. And without him I can state that we wouldn’t have won the Cup.
      That said, no I can’t explain to you why he does certain things. We all have blind spots and he has his. It’s just that with some decent feedback (to him) and a certain openness to receive it, he could do better in these areas. One of them is as you stated. I don’t know if he’s just a happy camper, working hard, etc. But it does seem incredible to me too.

      Bobby and I have both stated that he hasn’t developed a top six forward for this team in seven years now. Sorry…… that’s a long time. But when I write it (elsewhere) guys always say ‘oh, he did….. he traded them away’. Bollocks. Wayne Simmonds has probably Now turned into a top six forward. Schenn? Not so sure. And that’s it.

      He had Lots of draft picks at his disposition to work with. So no, I don’t have an answer for you. And frankly I wouldn’t even be as bothered as I am had he developed a top six right winger. At least then I could say, oh well, now it’s the LW Dean. It’s the singular thing about Lombardi that I find annoying.

      • Centers you develop because teams won’t trade a quality center. Wings you trade for because there are more of them and they are expendable. – Dean Lombardi (via B Scribe)

    • Dean is waiting until game 20

    • Barring injury whomever the last guy is on the roster isn’t going to play much. Ellerby is the backup for all the old creaky physical guys on D (i.e., the guys most likely to get injured) and especially the penalty killers. He also has great tools. He is useless against speed teams, but OK against big teams. And his value isn’t high enough to get much from in a trade. Given his age (still just 24) and that DL thinks defensive defensemen take longer to mature, he may well think KE has the talent to someday contribute but isn’t ready. The problem is that he probably needs to be in Manchester to get to that level, and he is just good enough to probably not make it through waivers.

      • Sorry but I respectfully disagree. If he was a tweener, then like Toffoli/Pearson/Vey he would have been loaned to Manchester and not a healthy scratch.

        If Sutter and Lombardi agreed that Frattin just isn’t working out on the LW, then bring up the kid you drafted as a LW coming from Barrie. Playing musical LW and toying with the idea you can try a defenseman at LW is just ridiculous

        People are quick to point out Brent Burns and how he seemed to be working for San Jose. The problem there is, Burns played as a wing for Brampton of the OHL, and he was pretty much a wing, even drafted as such. It wasn’t some fluke Burns has done pretty well playing as a wing. He was converted to a defenseman by Jacques Lemaire in Minnesota.

        Far too many people have been using that example, not knowing that Burns was a wing converted to a defenseman.

        I’m sorry but I don’t buy that excuse about him being good enough, because he isn’t good enough to play in the NHL. That argument doesn’t stand up simply because you want a player like Ellerby to be logging minutes in the AHL, not being a healthy scratch.

        They signed Jeff Schultz, and Bodnarchuk, and have Deslauries in Manchester. Any one of those 3 could be that healthy scratch. Given Schultz has a lot of NHL experience, and Bodnarchuk has a few games dating back to his time with Boston. Bodnarchuk also has started to put up some points these past 2 seasons in the AHL, which is why Ellerby is just languishing with the Kings currently.

        You don’t develop simply by practicing with the NHL team. This is why they sent Vey/Toffoli/Pearson back, because they would be playing many minutes as a #1 line or dispersed on other lines, but they are playing,which is how you develop.

        Ellerby is worth a 5th round pick or higher just like what the Kings gave up to get him. Ellerby isn’t some key asset that you would use to acquire anything significant, and that is my point. If you aren’t playing, then you aren’t even showcasing what he can be. He was a might 1st round pick who never developed into a Top 6 defenseman.

        I don’t care if Florida didn’t have a good team, Ellerby still played 160 games in the NHL including the 35 he played with the Kings last season. There are late bloomers and then are those players who never develop or materialize into what was projected.

        I don’t think there is any risk in sending him down. If he is claimed off waivers good for him! Like I have said if he was someone that other teams were interested in, they would have traded him already. It makes no sense to just sit him out, while he could be developing or at least playing in the AHL.

        AMART is more attractive than Ellerby, and Regehr was sort of the insurance for Mitchell, and Schultz was the insurance for Regehr or Mitchell.

        Put Ellerby on waivers so he can go develop, which I don’t think is going to happen, and if a team claims him not a big loss, and that opens up the CAP to bring up Pearson to play LW, since he is having a pretty good showing in Manchester after a successful 1st season last year, a really good training camp this season, and once again having a good start to the AHL season.

        Pearson could have easily made the Kings NHL roster to start the season, but this was a CAP issue and also a good excuse to send him down to Manchester to play significant minutes so he didn’t get rushed,

  11. Modcoop excellent comment at the top. I won’t go point by point but I agreed with a lot of it.

    My thoughts: first, Logan Couture needs to be exposed for his diving, because he’s become literally the worst in the NHL, and it really could end up haunting the Kings if he keeps getting away with it and costing a playoff series.

    What am I referring to specifically? If you slow down the tape of the Carcillo hit, you can see not only that Couture saw Carcillo coming seconds in advance and turned to set up an angle that he could embellish from, but Couture starts wincing and literally screaming, his mouth opens wide and you can tell he’s screaming from the video, BEFORE CARCILLO MAKES ANY CONTACT WITH HIM AT ALL.

    A lot of players embellish plays that are already penalties in order to get the ref’s attention, or go down easily on a hook or trip. But Couture is one of a select few, and the single worst, who completely set-up the referees at critical points in the game. He literally goes out on the ice with a plan to set someone up for a “penalty,” and usually it’s on a “crosscheck” or hit from behind. I get the San Jose feed on center ice a lot, and someone could literally make a youtube video compiling SJ’s announcers over the last few seasons going crazy about 50 different times, yelling, in all these different games, “Oh no Couture is down and he’s not getting up! What a dirty hit! He’s injured! Oh no this is bad! What a vicious, dirty hit! Completely indefensible! Does not belong in the game!”

    I’ve seen literally 50 times over the last few seasons, and at this point, I know Couture is coming back every time, and he does. That’s the point. Their announcers have gone crazy about him getting injured on dirty hits 50 times, and yet he’s barely missed a game. He’s a total set-up artist, and he will set up the Kings in the playoffs unless he is exposed the way the Canucks were exposed a few seasons ago. Notice they don’t get a billion power-plays anymore like they used to, and they don’t get calls like they used to. That’s because they play in a huge Canadian market, so their diving got noticed right away and called up by a million different people, and the refs were alerted to it, and the refs weren’t fooled by it anymore.

    The Sharks, however, playing in California, have been diving worse than the Canucks ever did the last three seasons, and yet still they get the call almost every time from the referees. No one has noticed. No one has called them out. They can keep doing it for eternity because no one is spotlighting it. Well, it’s time, for the integrity of the game above all else. I don’t have the video equipment or the knowledge of how to get video footage of all their dives to make a youtube video exposing them, but someone who knows how to do it really needs to.

    • I have always hated players that dive, spear, etc. Lindros was a dirty player. The game of hockey is a joy when it’s played hard. And sometimes there’s a legitimate reason to fight. But guys who play dirty should be penalized and/or fined. If they won’t stop this kind of behavior, they should be suspended.

  12. Per the Maor Carter on IR; Ellerby on waviers and TT and LVey on the way to LA.

  13. Carter is wearing a boot on his foot, so the injury it’s foot/ankle. But IR not LTIR so hopefully, it’s short term. After Sat Kings off til Thursday and only 4 games thru the 11th. TT will get his chance to show his stuff riding shotgun with Richie.
    Poor Carter has glass feet…


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