Carter is down.

Vey and Toffoli are up.

I am done crying over Carter. You get to a point where you cry so much that you can’t cry no more…okay, so I didn’t cry but that doesn’t mean it hurts any less and unless Vey and Toffoli are going to morph into one super centerwing, they won’t replace Carter.

Nobody can replace Carter.

And that of course leaves us with the dreaded line combinations, both of the possible and the insane.

I know, you are just itching to juggle the lines right? You’re a zombie and the lines are the awaiting brain. “Must put centers on wing…”, “Must place rookie on top line…”, freaks.

Instead, take a dose of get a grip and think. Better yet, don’t think. Just let me slip into a little Darryl Sutter and I’ll give you the lines so you can stop obsessing.

Hold please…

Face contorting.

Sarcasm building.

Sutterisms percolating.

The top players have to step up and play like top players. Brown has to play physical. That’s his game. That’s when he is at his best. Kopi is coming into his own again. Williams has been consistent all season.

First line: Brown-Kopitar-Williams

Lose a player like Carter and you don’t go replacing him with a rookie. Mike has been fine on left wing. What we need is a veteran center to take that spot.


Trevor Lewis plays well no matter where you place him. He has already shown he can play center or wing.


The fourth line will need to sustain that energy for us but still be an offensive threat so we can roll four lines.



Sing my praises. Leave the frankincense and myrrh at the door…