Our God of Goals, Prince of Puck, Why Have Thou Forsaken Us!? Oh No! The Line Zombies!!

Carter is down.

Vey and Toffoli are up.

I am done crying over Carter. You get to a point where you cry so much that you can’t cry no more…okay, so I didn’t cry but that doesn’t mean it hurts any less and unless Vey and Toffoli are going to morph into one super centerwing, they won’t replace Carter.

Nobody can replace Carter.

And that of course leaves us with the dreaded line combinations, both of the possible and the insane.

I know, you are just itching to juggle the lines right? You’re a zombie and the lines are the awaiting brain. “Must put centers on wing…”, “Must place rookie on top line…”, freaks.

Instead, take a dose of get a grip and think. Better yet, don’t think. Just let me slip into a little Darryl Sutter and I’ll give you the lines so you can stop obsessing.

Hold please…

Face contorting.

Sarcasm building.

Sutterisms percolating.

The top players have to step up and play like top players. Brown has to play physical. That’s his game. That’s when he is at his best. Kopi is coming into his own again. Williams has been consistent all season.

First line: Brown-Kopitar-Williams

Lose a player like Carter and you don’t go replacing him with a rookie. Mike has been fine on left wing. What we need is a veteran center to take that spot.


Trevor Lewis plays well no matter where you place him. He has already shown he can play center or wing.


The fourth line will need to sustain that energy for us but still be an offensive threat so we can roll four lines.



Sing my praises. Leave the frankincense and myrrh at the door…

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  1. 1st line is fine with either Brown or King. Brown isn’t 100% , he’s not played his usual game all year. As much as I don’t like King much, he’s not worse that Brown at this point, but Sutter loves King and I don’t think you’ll see him move him off that line. . 2nd and 3rd are weak. Richards isn’t ‘fine’ at LW, he’ not effective there, he’s a center and a 100% better option than SToll, who isn’t a top 6 player. And Richards is more important to this team than Stoll, who is not a top line center and unless Richards get hurt, there is no valid reason to put him in a position where he can’t succeed. Richards needs to be at center to be effective, esp with Carter out. TT is top 6 player and with a top 6 center who actually is a skilled playmaker, with great vision, he’ll get plenty of pucks fed to him. And he’s a shooter, guess what happens when a skilled center dishes to a skilled winger GOALS. And TT is s top 6 player who won’t do zip with Lewis or King, both bottom feeders.. TT playing with skilled players, esp a center who can dish, will give him and the Kings more scoring opps than being buried on the 3rd line with a very low % of scoring chances. He’s not a bottom line player and there is no reason to play him there. I know they’re weak on LW and depending on how long JC is out, DL may or may not try to trade for one. IN the meantime, Carcillo is a better option on LW, he’s played with MR before and in the few games he’s been there this year, he wa s fine. Or if you keep King on the 1st, move Brown up to the 2nd. SToll stays where he belongs no higher than the 3rd line and Vey can slot the 4th.

  2. I didn’t understand the rationale you used above of TT (rookie) not being able to replace Carter. He’s not replacing Carter, in as much as he’s a top 6 prospect who i has played in the NHL before on the top 6 and at a very high pressure point the Conf. Finals. He did just fine, thrived even. This is not new territory for him, he didn’t just arrive off the bus from Kamloops. Early in an NHL season it nowhere that kind of pressure. So why would this player who showed the hockey world in those playoffs just how skilled he was, all of a sudden go backwards??
    Top line players , rookies, younger than him are playing on top lines in the nHL now and learning, thriving. He’s no different.
    I think given that chance, being put in a position where he’s played before and shown he can handle it, he’ll shine.
    Burying him on the bottom 6, would be a step back and counterproductive to him and the team.

  3. Today’s practice lines
    Cliffy- Vey/Stoll-Nolan/Frattin

    • I’m with it. I’m sure it’ll change throughout the game but that sounds the most logical

    • TT belongs on the top 6, so that’s decent, all things considered. As pointed out above, I’m sure it’ll change. Would be surprised if Carcillo takes anwhere near 20 shifts on the second line.

  4. …and so we say adios to Ellerby. Claimed by Winnipeg.

  5. I must admit, I’m not as excited as the rest of you regarding Toffoli. Was was not good in training camp including the games and he was less than stellar in the prospects game in Anaheim.

    Now I haven’t seen him compete this year, so I have no comments regarding his play in Manchester. I know he leads the team in points, so that’s certainly a positive. I just hope he brings the game we saw last year. Nothing more, nothing less.

    I also don’t think he should start off as a top 6 until proven otherwise. Simply put, he needs to earn it with his play (this year, not last). If and when he does, then I’m all for him holding down a top 6 position. I want him to play well. I want him to prove he’s our future. It shouldn’t just be handed to him.

    I think I was more impressed with Weal during prospect/training camps, but I ‘m excited to see Vey play. I hope he brings a little spark and creativity to our bottom six. I’m not sure we’ll se him tonight, but sure I hope so!


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