Kings Dominate Nashville; Nashville Wins Decisive Victory

It’s not often that a team can control a game without touching the puck, yet that’s what the Predators managed to do to the Kings in a 4-3 road victory.

I’m not sure Nashville strung together two shifts with solid puck possession outside of the four goals they scored. The Kings took the game to Nashville with almost 40 shots and Nashville was happy to oblige. Please, take the corners and skate through the neutral zone with purpose, you Kings, you try hards, said the visiting team. The slot? At either end? Not having it. Doused in hideous yellow.

Did the Kings beat themselves? Sure, they had the puck the vast majority of the game, doubled up the Preds in shots. Couple better penalty kills and the 2 points would have been ours. But the Predators worked us over. The Predators don’t play a smash mouth, in your face game, never have and Trotz never will. They contained our offense, completed negated any front of net or slot presence we attempted to gain and, most importantly, buried their chances.

A smattering of thoughts:

The fourth goal sucked by Quick, just a terrible rebound.

Muzzin never knows what he is going to do with the puck at the blue line until he receives it. He can’t multi-task.

Brown was damn good.

I think Carcillo gets suspended.

Kopi scores a goal for the second game in a row… And then misses the best opportunity he’s had this season at a critical moment. C’est la vie? C’est la fuck me.

Bailey isn’t sufficiently doing his job to pump up the crowd. Stretched too thin or slacker lion?

$40 seems like a lot to spend at every hockey game. I spend more than that at most any restaurant or bar I go to and those don’t have people punching each other on skates. A parking ticket costs more. Fuck parking tickets.

I have something I keep meaning to show you people… But I need to do a proper photoshoot.

One more beer…

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  1. Bailey does a great job, the crowd shouldn’t need Bailey to get pumped ….
    kopi should have scored the missed chance he had.
    toffoli was pretty decent
    Quick has been average to below average this season … there, I said it —- blow me
    Muzzin- every shot gets blocked
    Carcillo– everyone seems to hate him but if everyone plays with the balls he plays the kings will have a better record

  2. I voiced concern (but very subtly if at all when commenting here) about Quick’s play. Everyone said it was due to the back surgery. He insisted that it wasn’t. I felt very strongly that Lombardi should have tendered Bernier a very big contract offer for two years – If it were possible to do so. I’ve loved the way Bernier plays since at least two years ago. I need not reiterate what those qualities are now as everyone here knows what they are.

    But I felt that IF there were problems with Quick this year that Lombardi would have options. Now he doesn’t. While the defense has had turnover issues this season, Quick has also given up some poor goals. Now it is what it is. We’d better hope that it’s just a period that will correct itself wrt Quick. Otherwise, for the low scoring team that they are, they definitely have issues to contend with.

    And as for him being the starter for USA in Sochi….. playing the way he is so far, don’t see that happening, though I could be wrong. He’s usually at his best in big games.

    • Drew…. I made the mistake of suggesting we trade Quick and keep Bernier and I got told to smarten up. I have been playing, coaching and watching hockey intently my whole life. Bernier’s style of goaltending is more suitable for a long lasting career in the NHL, where Quicks style is more suited for a short career (so enjoy the 10 year contract Kings fans). As a Canadian I hope to hell that USA makes Quick their starter, but as a Kings fan it scares the hell out of me cause we have nothing else now but him.

      A for our defence we need to dip into free agency or make a trade, cause both Martinez and Muzzin can’t be relied on.

      • Bernier is having early success with the Leafs and Quick is having some early struggles…so let’s start the “we should’ve kept Bernier” thing. Everyone knew this was coming, right? Unless Quick plays like his normal, incredible self, then his career must be on the decline, right?
        People, come on. Anyone remember Patrick Roy or Broduer? They didn’t win the Cup or Vezina every season. Both had seasons where they missed the playoffs. So I guess you can’t expect Quick to be the best goalie in the league every season for 10-15 years… Sucks huh? And what exactly has Bernier won? Really? Quick has the most Kings wins, our only Cup, and playoff MVP. Plus, with the inconsistent play of this team, the lack of effort, and the glaring defensive lapses, Quick is the only reason we made the Conference Finals last season.
        And please stop with the style analysis. None of you are qualified. Cujo, Hasek, Broduer, Thomas, Lundqvist, Potvin, Belfour, and many others have had long-term success with non-traditional styles. Whose to say how Quick will mature? Like Belfour, his reads will improve as he ages and his style, like all players, will change.
        And Canadian King… We all hope like hell that Quick is in net for USA too. We KNOW he’s at his best on the biggest stages. Good luck with your stellar goalies… Lou, Fleury, Holtby, Smith… there’s plenty for you to worry about…lol.

        • And I don’t intend to be confrontational. I really appreciate others comments here. It just boils my blood when people take Quick for granted. His emergence on this team has contributed to our success more so than any other one player.
          Has Brown, Kopi, Doughty, Williams, our coaching staff, or anyone else been consistent? Was is unwise to dump other players, keep them, and sign them to long-term contracts? We don’t endlessly debate that…but we do regarding quick. Personally, I’ve been much more disappointed in the former.

        • Potvin….Hahahaha team Canada will be just fine, but just for fun lets take a look at Fleury’s numbers vs Quicks (MAF – 1.83gaa and a .929 sv%, JQ – 2.68 and a .896). As for their careers MAF has done more than JQ has. I know it sounds like I hate Quick, I don’t, but i’m not going to be blindly led to believe he is elite like a sheep. Its a terrible contract and he has a terrible style of flopping around and is ALWAYS out of position. That doesn’t make for along career. As for comparing him to guys like Roy and Brodeur (Canadian by the way), is just moronic. He doesn’t deserve to hold their jock straps let alone be mentioned in the same sentence as those legends.

      • Quick will be fine. He isn’t playing well right now. He’s also not playing terribly. It’s a rough patch, and certainly not his first. The “we should’ve kept Bernier” argument is a non starter. Bernier wasn’t going to sign here unless we traded Quick, and trading Quick last summer would’ve have been stupid.

        • Surly….Don’t forget last year, Quick was terrible ALL regular season, and if it wasn’t for Berniers stellar play we would have missed the playoffs. As for trading Quick for Bernier, that’s exactly what I’m saying and its not stupid. How is it stupid to trade a player when his value is as high as its ever going to be? (buy low sell high). Think of the package we could have gotten for Quick, could have easily landed a top line LW that we have been craving since Robitaille. Not too mention we could have signed Bernier to $2.9 mill that’s nearly a $3mill savings from JQ. I’m not saying Quicks not a good goalie, he is, he’s just not a great one. When you factor in not only the play of Bernier vs Quick but their styles, age, draft position and cap hit I would rather have Bernier. Call it stupid all you want bud, but what I call stupid is giving a goalie a ten year contract for ONE great year.

          • One of the projects I’ve been wanting to do it a study of goalie trades. I believe goaltenders historically don’t trade well. The buy low sell high thing is nice and applies to stocks, but not so always with hockey players. When you develop a player to be one of the top players at his position, you don’t trade him just because his stock is high. Were the team faltering as a whole and needing to go in a different direction, you consider it, but that is not the case here.

            You are making a big assumption that Bernier is even capable of having the kind of year Quick had, or be as good in the playoff as Quick has. Bernier is a damn good goalie and will likely turn out to be great. Whoever we traded, we would have been losing a great goaltender. Being scared that Quick’s aggressiveness will somehow mean his career will be shortened, or less effective over the long haul, is silly.

            Quick isn’t playing great right now, we know this. The defense in front of him is sputtering as well and aside from the last two games has not given much of any goal support. 5 on 5 we suck. Our PK is terrible. Bernier in all likelihood wouldn’t be winning us these games either.

          • Guys, I’m chiming in on this as I had made comments about Quick. Canadian King shouldn’t just take the rap for his comments. The off-season before they won the cup, I was sitting with a friend who imo has a high hockey iq. I mentioned how much I liked Bernier and he insisted that Quick was the guy.

            To be very clear to Potvin, I didn’t (nor do I think Canadian King either) inferred that we should have kept Bernier. Not at all. It was clear he was on his way out. What I was referencing was simply that it was a pity (and I didn’t express it like this earlier) that things in terms of timing, situation played out the way they did. Because Lombardi was obliged to resign Quick (of course) but I wasn’t even then convinced of the 10 yr deal. Maybe 7yrs max. A lot of stuff can happen.
            And it’s true that one never knows how a players game will age.

            Also agree in theory with Surly about trading goalies. I remember the year the Kings won the Cup that there was a period where Richards had I believe one goal in 19 games (?) while Schenn and Simmonds were lighting it up. Well look where the two franchises are now. So it is true that theres no reason to panic. But I do hope that Quick will regain his form before too long.

          • Big contracts are always risky for a goalie. I can remember every hot goalie going back twenty plus years in the playoffs. When Montreal traded Halak to the Blues after his performance I thought they were stupid. He doesn’t suck for sure, but hardly the second coming of Hasek. Giguere was on fire for a while too. Doesn’t seem to last. The one consistent thing so far about JQ is the playoffs is when he locks it up. Which seems to be the more important statistic. Wouldn’t have won the cup without him. If he starts for team USA , there is a good chance he carries the team to a win. Nobody is questioning that..

    • Bernier was not interested in being a backup and said so. Tendering him an offer wouldn’t have worked, he is the one who dictates that, not the Kings, he has to sign. You can’t blame him, he isn’t a backup and will get a better opt with the Leafs, playing more games and solidifying himself as their number 1. That wouldn’t ‘have happened here and he knew that.
      Once the Kings signed Quick, Bernier was already gone.

      • Deirdre, I made a quick (no pun intended) comment on Insider, and thought I had here too, but in fact I didn’t. I was very aware of both of the reality that you brought up. I knew full well that Bernier had zero interest in remaining with the Kings. And even had Lombardi been thinking of offering him a mega contract for at least this year to insure that last year wasn’t an aberration with Quick, they were too tight to the cap.

        So, clearly a non possibility. As Canadian King mentioned above, what is disconcerting is that now they have no other option.

        Also, I heard somewhere (may have been most likely on NBCSC) someone saying that goaltenders tend to go up and down. And it’s hard to count on anyone being super steady for a number of years at a time. Actually it wasn’t Exactly that, but gives you the gist.
        So, ten years of contract even after winning a cup, imo was a very poor idea. Particularly given the Type of game that Quick plays. It worked for Hasek, but he was a HoF goaltender.

        • Did you see Rasks contract? Does anyone?, even a devout Bruins fan, think Rask is worth more than Quick? Length of term seems irrelevant, if the total contract is the same. In 7 years top tier goalies will be 10 mil a year. I thought the Quick contract was brilliant. Alot like the Jack Johnson contract. Commits long term to a player, who is willing to take a little less to be on a team that has a chance to win. My 2¢.

      • Thanks Hamburger. You made some great points. Contract lengths for players aren’t what they used to be with the new CBA. Term is the only leverage anymore. And if Bernier wins a Cup, Toronto will throw the max contract at him too. Look at Crawford’s deal.. And you mentioned Rask.
        And my point above was that the arc of a goalies career, even legends like Roy and Broduer, goes up and down. There will be average years mixed in with the great ones. I believe that Quick will continue to be in the top 5 in the league conversation for many years to come. He’s not even in his peak years yet. In general, goalies peak between 28-30.

  3. The glaring thing that cost them the W is (and remains a problem) the PK. Sutter called out Mitchell and Greene post game for their blunders on the PK and those 2 goals. This team began the year with a sterling PK and now it’s realy fallen off.
    Cut down on the dumb penalties and when you have a man in the box, get back to the basics of what has been for the last few years something that was sterling-the PK.
    One area that the Kings have been far better in are faceoffs, their close to 60% and #1 in the NHL.
    They’ve shown the ability to push and control the play, tying the game in the 3rd and they’ve done that before , so they need to do that for majority of shifts.
    And TT looked great, lead the team in SOG with 6. And Sutter said they (he and vey) were tired, didn’t get to LA until midnight the day before.
    I think given more practice time and shifts in games, TT will have success on that line, they looked good so far. He’s a sniper and that shot he delivered on the 3rd goal is something to look forward to happenng more frequently .
    Stoll went out with a lower body injury, so maybe Vey will get his shot Thursday

  4. FUCK!!!!

  5. I’m still convinced that Martinez is a far better option than Muzzin. Muzzin likes to make a “fake out” move when skating to the boards that usually ends up with either a turnover or no clean outlet from the D zone. That sort of “over thinking” while in possession of the puck has been happening a lot with the Kings. I understand that D-men are blocking shots and the need to change the angle, however the Kings lose almost all of the advantages they gain off of turnovers because they “over think” and allow the D to adjust.

    Toffoli has to stay up with the team. He was buzzing.

    • Agreed on all accounts. Martinez thinks the game much better and Muzzin’s size and natural abilities do not sufficiently replace the missing cerebral component.

  6. I wasn’t feeling well, so I didn’t go to the game. Watching it on TV, it almost sounded like the crowd was loud and pumped up. Of course, every time I go to a game it’s quiet (except for Surly, of course). I agree that Bailey does what he can… the team often feeds off the crowd, so c’mon people, let’s give them our support.

    Martinez > Muzzin… AMart makes smarter (simpler) plays. I was happy the team at least was making fast passes and moving their feet. It pisses me off when they try to do fancy plays or one pass too many because they’re looking for the perfect shot.

    • Nah, crowd was pretty quiet until the Kings came on in the third, then they got into it.

      And my problem with Bailey is that for like 4 games straight now, I don’t hear that drum of his ONCE until halfway through the 2nd period. How hard is it to get one “Go Kings” chant going? The crowd SHOULDN’T need him, but unfortunately he does have a positive effect on it when he tries. Getting one section riled up does nothing, running around and raising his arms and goofing off is amusing for a moment to a select group, but does not have the impact of hitting that stupid drum. People just respond to it, more so than to me or others starting chants. Staples would be much louder throughout the game if he hit that stupid drum early and often.

  7. It was just a shitty loss. TT looked good and the kid was firing away which is always good. BUT what I’ve noticed as a pattern with these call ups is that they tend to do well right off the bat and then they fall off. Has the adrenaline fallen off? Do they over think their stay in the NHL?

    In any case I do hope he sticks and continues to play a strong game. When Carts does get back stick him on a line with Stolly and Cliffy/Carbomb.

  8. I was at the game and my friend Rob couldn’t stop talking about Carrlyn the former Kings Ice Crew Skater.

    When I was at the Developmental Camp in July Carrlyn was there also. I was down at the glass and Carrlyn was at TSC for a meeting, but walked over, stood next to me and started to talk to me about who the prospects were, and who looked good.

    We were discussing this player and that player and she had mentioned that she is from Maine she had been to many Manchester Monarchs games, so she got to see many of the Kings players who have made their NHL debut or the Kings roster these past few years. I don’t pay attention to the Ice Crew, not because of being married for 24 years, or having a 21 year old son and a 20 year old daughter, but just because.

    It was a benign conversation about hockey, and very good discussion with someone who loves the game as much as I do, and someone who loves the Kings. I always tell people I am a NHL fan 1st, Kings fan second, so I don’t just watch or pay attention to the Kings exclusively. I do like to read or watch all the other teams in the NHL, even like reading about the CHL and the other leagues over in Europe.

    Anyway back to the Kings. Losing Carter is going to hurt for as long as he is out, but this creates opportunity for someone else to step up. Dustin Brown stepped up last night.

    Losing Stoll in the 1st period really created a bigger issue. Now you have lost one of your leading scorers in Carter, and now you have lost one of your better defensive forwards which means a scramble to get players out there, hoping something works that can sustain and maintain a team for the night. This did not happen.

    The Kings did have some moments and they did show some fight by coming back from being 2 goals down in the 3rd, but all for not as they couldn’t keep the puck out of their own goal with about 4 minutes remaining in the game.

    I’d cool it on the Quick question right now. Is it a problem? Yes, but it might just be one of those early season issues, which personally I’d rather see now, than near the end of the season if the Kings are still fighting to make the playoffs.

    Defense was sub-standard for the Kings. Their PK got killed, and it wasn’t like these were just great puck movement or perfect shots that Nashville was feasting on, it was just bad coverage and decisions. Sutter was getting the bags ready for Mitchell and Greene not to mention Muzzin.

    Fuck Muzzin! Fuck Darryl! Why Darryl do you continue to use Muzzin? What is it you see in Muzzin that says my team has a better chance of winning when Muzzin is in the lineup? He was a minus player last night and was saved by being on the ice for a few goals that the Kings managed to score.

    AMART GOD DAMN IT, AMART, PLAY AMART what is so fucking difficult about playing AMART?

    When you start to play hockey and you play on defense, one of the many rules they try to instill in a defenseman is don’t pass the puck across your defensive zone, and don’t pass the puck up the slot. Pretty simple, just like the boards are your friends and never hit a player with his back turned towards you, especially when they are facing or close to the boards. They even put a “STOP SIGN” on the back of every kid that plays organized hockey’s sweater a visual reminder. I just don’t get why professional hockey players seem to forget fundamental rules such as these.

    Sorry, ADHD, Post Concussion Syndrome issues, that switch that keeps that rational switch to kick in, doesn’t always work in time to prevent my outbursts. I appologize!

    FUCK FUCK FUCKITY FUCK no more Muzzin!

    Dwight King ah FUCK IT really doesn’t matter because Darryl loves him also, because he keeps playing that guy like he is going to make a consistent difference.

    Stoll leaving in the 1st period might have been one of those injuries that DS doesn’t discuss and has to refrain from but for which those bloggers who insist on tweeting pretty much everything deemed classified, or top secret information and you know who you are continue to do. I can see some changes being made, especially because of WIKI LEAKS Kings having some snitch in their ranks, and Darryl is going to find this rat and snuff them out by crook or by hook!

    So, maybe this explains why Vey was also included in the call up, but I don’t work for the Kings and I don’t tweet top secret classified information, others are so proud to proclaim they were the 1st to make it public knowledge. You didn’t hear it first from me.

    Now I haven’t really looked at what the deal with Stoll is, but if that is one more guy down, maybe Pearson gets a call?


  9. I know 3 of the goals the Preds scored weren’t necessarily Quick’s fault…. but the Quickie we know would have at least robbed one of them. Something’s up, Quickie just looks off so far this season.

  10. Just now looked at the highlights. There are for sure more issues here than just Quick. Big reeb on the winning goal, but otherwise, the play in front of him looked sloppy on d.

  11. fellas…quick won the fucking conn smythe! he is not the problem. he hasn’t been spectacular but the d is not playing well in the defensive end. they have at times but no 60 fucking minutes yet. this shit needs to be fixed asap.

    • He isn’t the problem, but he is paid and expected to be a solution, which he has not been either

      • Same can be said of Kopi, Brown, Richards, Doughty, Regher, etc.

        • Indeed! Though I do feel Doughty is playing very well.

          Also, after you showed me Moulson’s stats against the West a few days ago, I’ve been paying closer attention. 6 points in 4 games since joining, Buffalo. I guess the Tavares factor has been overblown as well, at least so far. He’s obviously a solid point producer and I offer my apologies to you Mr. Moulson for criticizing you about being too soft.

          • Moulson woks hard and has a bunch of talent. He plays in the tough area. I never bought the Tavares argument because while yes, he got some great feeds for goals from Tavares, Moulson works for his goals too and scores a bunch of them while getting cross-checked in the blue paint. No fancy center in the world can just make his winger do that.

        • Absolutely. Except for Regehr. Regehr is doing exactly the job I expect of him.

  12. why is my shit posted at the top?

  13. Too many days without a Kings game.


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