It’s not often that a team can control a game without touching the puck, yet that’s what the Predators managed to do to the Kings in a 4-3 road victory.

I’m not sure Nashville strung together two shifts with solid puck possession outside of the four goals they scored. The Kings took the game to Nashville with almost 40 shots and Nashville was happy to oblige. Please, take the corners and skate through the neutral zone with purpose, you Kings, you try hards, said the visiting team. The slot? At either end? Not having it. Doused in hideous yellow.

Did the Kings beat themselves? Sure, they had the puck the vast majority of the game, doubled up the Preds in shots. Couple better penalty kills and the 2 points would have been ours. But the Predators worked us over. The Predators don’t play a smash mouth, in your face game, never have and Trotz never will. They contained our offense, completed negated any front of net or slot presence we attempted to gain and, most importantly, buried their chances.

A smattering of thoughts:

The fourth goal sucked by Quick, just a terrible rebound.

Muzzin never knows what he is going to do with the puck at the blue line until he receives it. He can’t multi-task.

Brown was damn good.

I think Carcillo gets suspended.

Kopi scores a goal for the second game in a row… And then misses the best opportunity he’s had this season at a critical moment. C’est la vie? C’est la fuck me.

Bailey isn’t sufficiently doing his job to pump up the crowd. Stretched too thin or slacker lion?

$40 seems like a lot to spend at every hockey game. I spend more than that at most any restaurant or bar I go to and those don’t have people punching each other on skates. A parking ticket costs more. Fuck parking tickets.

I have something I keep meaning to show you people… But I need to do a proper photoshoot.

One more beer…