I know you all want to talk about Tyler Toffoli and Linden Vey but you’re going to have to wait while I fawn over Mike Richards, Dwight King, Trevor Lewis and Drew Doughty.

Mike Richards is a sick, smart hockey player. The way he closes the gap on opposing forwards and defensemen and strips them of pucks is ridiculous. I bet he can unhook a chick’s bra without touching her. I have tried that for YEARS without success.

Dwight King was everywhere. He hit everything. He protected the puck and showed patience with it. His passes tonight were tape to tape AND he did it 200 feet.

Trevor Lewis is the perfect hockey player sans the soft hands. I swear if he had hands he would be a 40 goal scorer and one of the best players in the league.

Drew Doughty…I don’t even understand how he does some of the things he does. I nearly twisted my ankle watching a spin-o-rama move he made to escape a check at the blue line. You can’t teach hockey instincts. He is “magic”.

Okay, now to the kids.

As much as I loved the drag and deke, what is more exciting is that Linden Vey had the courage to do that in his second NHL game. You see, as cool as it was, it’s the “confidence” to make that play that jacks my juices. The biggest hurdle to a young and skilled player is getting into a rhythm and comfortable with his game, especially with the puck on his stick. The biggest difference between the AHL and NHL is the speed of the game. Vey made nice strides and gained momentum. If he continues to improve, we have Colin Fraser’s replacement in the short-term.

Tyler Toffoli is not a top 6 forward yet but he may be, just may be, Dean Lombardi’s first drafted and developed offensive juggernaut that remains on the team. Like Vey, he has to gain confidence and get comfortable playing the game that has made him successful while remaining defensively sound. Unlike Vey, he should get there faster.

It’s good to have these kids up with the team.

Rapid fire bullet point thoughts and tidbits:

  • FIVE even strength goals.
  • I am worried about Cliffy. I am guessing concussion.
  • Thank the Hockey Gods for Alex Edler. He never disappoints. I mean us, he never disappoints us.
  • Oh and Brad…Richardson…it’s cool man.
  • The Canucks are trash. Warm garbage.
  • Jordan Nolan reminds me so much of his father and I love his game when he is moving his feet.
  • Vancouver should be honored to remain our bitch. It’s the only honor they have.

Scribe’s Three Stars:

3. Drew Doughty

2. Jonathan Quick

1. Tyler Toffoli