FuckED Vancouver. 5-1.

I know you all want to talk about Tyler Toffoli and Linden Vey but you’re going to have to wait while I fawn over Mike Richards, Dwight King, Trevor Lewis and Drew Doughty.

Mike Richards is a sick, smart hockey player. The way he closes the gap on opposing forwards and defensemen and strips them of pucks is ridiculous. I bet he can unhook a chick’s bra without touching her. I have tried that for YEARS without success.

Dwight King was everywhere. He hit everything. He protected the puck and showed patience with it. His passes tonight were tape to tape AND he did it 200 feet.

Trevor Lewis is the perfect hockey player sans the soft hands. I swear if he had hands he would be a 40 goal scorer and one of the best players in the league.

Drew Doughty…I don’t even understand how he does some of the things he does. I nearly twisted my ankle watching a spin-o-rama move he made to escape a check at the blue line. You can’t teach hockey instincts. He is “magic”.

Okay, now to the kids.

As much as I loved the drag and deke, what is more exciting is that Linden Vey had the courage to do that in his second NHL game. You see, as cool as it was, it’s the “confidence” to make that play that jacks my juices. The biggest hurdle to a young and skilled player is getting into a rhythm and comfortable with his game, especially with the puck on his stick. The biggest difference between the AHL and NHL is the speed of the game. Vey made nice strides and gained momentum. If he continues to improve, we have Colin Fraser’s replacement in the short-term.

Tyler Toffoli is not a top 6 forward yet but he may be, just may be, Dean Lombardi’s first drafted and developed offensive juggernaut that remains on the team. Like Vey, he has to gain confidence and get comfortable playing the game that has made him successful while remaining defensively sound. Unlike Vey, he should get there faster.

It’s good to have these kids up with the team.

Rapid fire bullet point thoughts and tidbits:

  • FIVE even strength goals.
  • I am worried about Cliffy. I am guessing concussion.
  • Thank the Hockey Gods for Alex Edler. He never disappoints. I mean us, he never disappoints us.
  • Oh and Brad…Richardson…it’s cool man.
  • The Canucks are trash. Warm garbage.
  • Jordan Nolan reminds me so much of his father and I love his game when he is moving his feet.
  • Vancouver should be honored to remain our bitch. It’s the only honor they have.

Scribe’s Three Stars:

3. Drew Doughty

2. Jonathan Quick

1. Tyler Toffoli


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  1. The boys destroyed em. Fucking Crushed em. Sedins were a non factor and that’s not an easy thing to do. I think Sutter wanted to give TT the HT.

    The thing with these younger players is they can dangle and Vey just made a great move on Richardson no less. Need to find a way to keep Vey in the lineup and have Fraser ride pine. With Carts and Stoll coming back I don’t see that happening. Or did the Ellerby waiver create an extra spot? I hope so.

  2. Awesome game. I hope Cliify is okay. Maybe we see Pearson now too. Not how I envisioned getting that line up here. Can’t do much better than 5-1 against a solid division rival while missing several key pieces. Still sucks how many Canucks fans find there way to Staples center. Always a pleasure to stuff there hole 5x though. GKG \X/. P.S if Simmonds gets traded to our division, that would suck too. Hope that’s all b.s.

  3. You made some excellent points, Bobby. The other comments are good as well. Last night’s game certainly showed that the Kings have some quality depth. Yes, these young men still need to grow into the Kings, but it doesn’t seem like they’re going to hurt the team. The Kings have been a six cylinder engine running on five since the beginning of the season. Maybe, they can begin to settle down and begin to get more wins in the win column! Go Kings!!

  4. Impressive win and much needed 2 points. Five 5 x 5 goals…beautiful. When is the last time that happened? All 4 lines pushing it hard every shift, that made a difference. And TT really shining with Richards, the more shifts they get together the more comfortable they’ll get. And historically ,dating back to his earliest Flyer days, Richards is a great mentor/teacher. Even then the rookies call ups played on his line.
    The first time I emailed you Bobby, after the Flyers made the mistake of trading him, I warned you of how special he was. When you watch him during shifts, you can see all the little things, like the instinct that causes him to strip so many pucks, that he does within a game that won’t hit the score sheet but make a difference. He really is a clutch player. Scoring that 3rd goal 1 min after the Canucks made it 2-1 really took the wind out of their sails. I really can’t wait to see him, TT and Carter on the same line.
    And he was 71% in the faceoffs, goals in 3 straight and points (8) in 4 straight games.

    Vey is making Fraser expendable, Muffins had a good game and Quick was killing it early when the team needed it. Great team win.

    • Muffin didn’t have to do much in the D zone. He still cannot handle the puck in our own zone, under pressure. Every time he touches the puck under pressure, he is a liability. On O, yeah, good. On D, Muffin.

  5. Where to start about last night, so much to say but not in the format of the Affordable Care Act.

    Julie Stewart-Binks (JS-B): She knows her hockey and she knows footie (soccer). She worked in the Great White North Eh for CBC Hockey Night in Canada, covered some CHL games along with lower division televised hockey games. JS-B and also did a stint in the UK covering Premiership games so she isn’t just screen candy if she is your type.

    This is the second time this season she has filled in for Patty O’Neal, doing the pre-game with OD, the between period updates,out of town highlights and the post game with OD. If I am not mistaken, this is also the 3rd game this season which the Kings scored 5+ goals. Just an idea/experiment, but maybe JS-B should continue to do the pre and post game coverage, along with between period updates until her mojo is gone like Flo Jo!

    Player performance: Honestly there wasn’t too much to kvetch about. The fact they got 5 even strength goals is a good thing. The power play is going to be mediocre until Carter/Stoll return. As long as the Kings can score even strength and win games, not worried about that.

    Vey is a very smart and talented center. He’s not that big, then again neither is Mike Richards, but Vey has the skills, some hands and the nads to pull off that little dipsy doodle which led to the Kings 1st goal, and Vey’ first point with the big club.

    TT well now what? We know he’s a pure sniper and projects to be a Top 6 RW. Regardless with the goal production as a team being 16th in the league, it was only a matter of time before call ups would begin to help the team increase their goals for.

    KFC hope its nothing too serious.

    Carbomb if you can continue to play your game without getting tossed into the sin bin, right on brother!

    Defense: For the most part, the Kings defense as a whole including forwards was pretty good against Vancouver. Currently the 10th lowest goals against average in the league, there is still room for improvement.

    I was happy to see AMART playing, but knew if Greene hadn’t been injured, AMART would have been sitting upstairs watching the game as a healthy scratch. I get a little jittery when I see Doughty paired with Muzzin, kind of like Muzzin getting a little jittery when pressured. I want Muzzin to succeed, because the team wins when he is making good decisions and remains calm when pressured. AMART looked much better again on defense, but…….

    Dwight King: If the “stache” is the missing part of you going from a flotation device to the GET THE FUCK OUTTA MY WAY, BULL IN A CHINA SHOP, I suggest you never shave the “stache”.

    Rode trip! SHOTGUN!

  6. Dierdre, I can listen to you pump up Ricyards all night. Watched Brayden Schenn the other night….Holmgren was fleeced.

    • You ought to be watching on this end in philly…nothing but a terrible disappointment, esp in his own end. Just brutal, can’t protect the puck, ghastly turnovers, low IQ., shrinks in critical situations. . Bob McKenzie couldn’t have more correct the day of the trade (and a year later post Cup) when he said DL won the trade because he got the proven player, who is a ‘proven winner and pure champion that has more team trophy hardware than anyone in the sport for reason’ He pointed out that Homer took a ‘huge risk’ because projected to be and being are 2 different things. DL knew exactly who he was getting due to Richards history, reputation, and tractability. He said that Holmgren was getting a question mark. That he would have been better getting a proven player back.
      That’s the exact reason I felt cheated as a fan. Everything Richards brought to the team, esp heart, smarts, guts and leadership that got them 2 ECF’s , a n AHL championship and a SCF by the time Richards was just past 25, is gone now. They’re a lost team, and I don’t see any light in the tunnel. .


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