Fuck Vancouver


Tyler Toffoli (Photo credit: bridgetds)

I don’t hate Vancouver. Hate is the wrong emotion for how I feel about that team, its players and fans. Hate presumes I think about them. Hate presumes I care.

Pall thee in the dunnest smoke of Hell for I throw thy name against the bruising stones and I make as good use of thine face as many a man doth of a death’s-head.

The Canucks are excrement, rotted and soulless flesh, a cutpurse of dignity, stillborn maggots.

And yet we find them in our division now, the Pacific soiled, and even worse, we look up.

Is the Cup we held, the memories we hold, one they have not and shall never do to sooth us even today? No I say. I have become hard again and not of my loins but that which fueled my fire and that of Surly, white-hot, as we were, I am.

Jarret Stoll sits.

Jeff Carter sits.

Matt Greene. Does he still sit?

The children, Tyler Toffoli and Linden Vey, are in play.

Brad Richardson has voluntarily stepped into the abyss. May his teeth gnash with the rest of their lot.

This is your open forum, to read and write, to rage and rant, to cheer, scream and curse, do as you will for our home is yours and shall be so long as you live and die hard.

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  1. Just cruising through to say FUCK VANCOUVER and GO KINGS, unfortunately I’ll be missing the game tonight.

  2. “What comes around, is all around!”
    “Worst case Ontario” is fucking Alexander Burrows getting hungry during the game and grabbing as many fingers as he can, while he can.
    Its all about “Supply and command”.
    I just hope everyone on the Kings team has had their “radies” shots.
    Game plan for tonight should be pretty simple, after all “It shouldn’t take Rocket appliances” to figure out Torts.
    This is hockey not “bagminton”.

    • Alex “fingers” burrows. He will never live that one down and no one should let him. 4-2 Kings with TT scoring one.

      Let us dominate and deficate on our competition tonight.

      Good to see Richie back though.

  3. Enjoying the game on HNIC. Sittin’ back, wearing my Norstrom jersey and loving the beatdown the Kings are laying on the Canucks. There is no way that the Kings should send Toffoli or Vey back to Manchester. They’re ready and they look great.

    • 100% agree with you. Stoll who? Fraser who? The boys are ready and it showed tonight. Never really got a chance to see this Vey kid play and now that I’ve seen him in a whole game I think the kids the real deal.

  4. I hate Vancouver. Not the whole city. Just their hockey team and fans. I especially hate the way they can be heard in our stadium. And I know hate is a strong word. Was I dreaming? Or did Kesler admit his team has been diving as a matter of culture until Tortorella straightened them out? Just give me a fat cherry on top of my 5-1 drubbing thank you very much Mr K!!! I still think Tortorella is a douche. Good coach. Douchey. My 2¢. GKG \X/!!!


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