Ryan Kesler Admits The Vancouver Canucks were Diving, Dishonest Pussies?

Henrik Sedin

Henrik Sedin (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

From The Province, in an interesting article about Drew Doughty and his edgy play against the Canucks, Ryan Kesler was asked about our golden boy:

“He’s fast and he has a skill level to make you pay if you make mistakes. But when John Tortorella came here, he really instilled in us what kind of team we’re going to be. Nobody is diving this year or talking. We’re playing an honest game and a hard game.”

Well, well, well.

That boys and girls is called an admission.

“Nobody is diving” means they were diving.

“Nobody is talking” means they were talking – trash and nonsense.

“We’re playing an honest game” means the game they used to play wasn’t as such.

Do you read that any differently?

This actually isn’t new. John Tortorella even acknowledged the problem and how it may have led to non-calls. Take this nhl.com blog article from October 24, 2013:

“I know the reputation from the outside looking in, when I wasn’t coaching here, everybody outside thought Vancouver dove and did some whining,” Tortorella said. “Our team is not going to dive. Our team has already been talked to. We’re not going to dive. I don’t think there is much whining going on either…”


“Now, I’m certainly not trying to accuse the League or the refs of that, but I know there’s been a reputation. I’ve been in the League long enough, and sometimes that hangs around too. I guess it’s my chance to say we’re going to be an honest team, we’re trying to be an honest team, and I hope we get some … calls along the way.”

So the team and its players, at least select players, admit they were diving and trash talking pussies.

That is good but I would be surprised if it lasts. Know why? Because push hasn’t shoved yet. When the games matter the most, the playoffs, and their backs are against the boards, Alexandre Burrows, Daniel and Henrik Sedin, Ryan Kesler, Robert Luongo and the rest of the misfits likely won’t be able to change their pink and sparkly stripes. They are who they are. They are Vancouver Canucks and, if anything, cheap shots and thuggery will be added to their repertoire, as we saw last night.

All of this begs the most important questions – what do Vancouver Canucks fans think of this sudden revelation by their players and their new coach? Are they ready to step up and admit they supported these cloven footed cretins? You’re up Canucks fans. Take the phallic out of your mouths and tell us what you really think.


And now for something completely different…some seriously funny shit from the Province and their Legion of Blog on last night’s game.

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  1. I, for one, have to say that this is why I’ve hated that team. I hate dirty players. Tough players, who play hard and fight hard, are great, but those sneaky types who will do ugly things in their attempt to win at all costs should be chastised. They are detrimental to the wonderful game of hockey.

      I grew up with rough and tumble Hockey, hard nosed but Fair. Dirty players a Top peeve of mine.
      To win by injuring others is lowest form of dishonor as an athlete.
      King’s have been Excellent last two games. This is the type of play that brought Lord Stanley to LA.
      Quick looks So Sharp..mental and physical.
      Mitchell getting there. Regher looking good..yes I am saying it..in position..most important for a slower player esp a D. Maybe Slava does fit him better then DD. Funny to hear him say needs to pick up some Russian..Slava should be yapping in English by now.
      Brownie hitting more..Lewis seems like seeing ice even better..Please find the net!
      The youngsters are Awesome..living up to their potential. Just wait til Veg really relaxes and lets loose. Exciting times a coming.
      GO KINGS GO!!!

  2. I find it absolutely comical how Torts just called them out. Maybe he had to get over the fact that he’s now coaching the most diving eat and whining est team in the NHL.

    I wonder if he sat down with burrows and told him that if he ever pulls that biting shit again he’s riding pine.

    Kessler should win the Greg LouGayness award for best diver.

    • I always liked Tortorella. I’ve followed him from Tampa to New York, my favorite eastern team. Now, he has taken a job that’s below him. He IS strong, however. So, if anyone can do it, he can whip this team into shape, BUT I never want him to be successful enough to win against the Kings!!!!

  3. If you believe in hockey gods…… Which I do. Unwaveringly. The Canucks will never win the Stanley Cup. The reason is as you so eloquently stated, because when push comes to smelly glove, tigers don’t change there stripes. Like Granma used to say ,” people don’t change seasons change”.
    I can’t even pretend to imagine a King player saying anything remotely close to that.

    • You are, of course correct. However, if anyone could get that team to change, even a little, it’s Tortorella!! But I don’t wish him that much success!! :-)

  4. The Kings already own the Canucks. It’s time to forget about them and stop being sour about the playoff series they won ages ago. They were better then, the Kings are way better now. Even if there’s a Kings-Canucks playoff series, and even if the Canucks dive, the Kings should still win.

    What needs to be focused on, and have blogs like this dedicated to, is not the Canucks, but the Sharks. They dive way more than the Canucks now because playing in California, they can get away with it year after year without anyone noticing. And they have been. The Canucks may or may not dive under Tortorella come the playoffs. The Sharks WILL dive, absolutely guaranteed, come the playoffs (and even now). They have for years under Mclellan. And unlike with the Canucks playing the Kings, it could actually matter if the Sharks play the Kings in the playoffs. The two teams are very closely matched, and the Sharks diving and getting twice as many powerplays as the Kings as a result, like they usually do, like they did to an extent even in last year’s playoff series, could make all the difference in the world.

    If you want to help the Kings, call out the Sharks for their diving, make it well known, call Gary Bettman on his radio show and point them out, tweet referees on twitter (if there are any), or tweet TSN, Sportsnet, the people in the media who might talk about it eventually. The Sharks are the biggest divers in the NHL now, not the Canucks,

    • I think that history will show the Canucks actually winning a playoff series against LA was a pretty fucking big deal, since they will never do that again. Also, what is twitter? I’m not a member of the media or a vapid 16 year-old girl who is self-important so I have no experience with that.


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