Jonathan Quick is Not Injured. Don’t Believe the Damn Liars and their Damn Lies.

I didn’t see the game tonight. I heard we lost in a shootout. I heard we dominated but just couldn’t finish our chances. I heard a lot of good things about the way we played. I also heard lies.

People I used to think were my friend are claiming Jonathan Quick got hurt. Used to be friends because true friends don’t lie in such ways. This stupid lie is now spreading throughout social media too. Guess people have nothing better to do. Whatever the reason, it’s not funny. Jonathan Quick is not injured.

I suggest you steer clear of these lies. When the liars lie as such, it’s best to ignore them. If they are anything like those I used to call friends, they will try to sound real sincere about it, even claim the exact time of the game it occurred and what the fabricated injury is. That just means they have been practicing their lies. Premeditation. It makes them even bigger liars. I don’t befriend such types. You shouldn’t either. If they claim they have a video of it, you already know they don’t and they are liars so why even indulge them?

Lies like this can go viral just because Jonathan Quick is Jonathan Quick. Don’t be surprised if the media starts making the same claims. They aren’t like you and me. They are easily fooled. Remember Kovalchuk to the Kings? Doughty’s agreement in principle?

Jon Rosen, who I thought was cool, clearly isn’t because he has already bought into the lies. That’s a shame. He’s going to feel really stupid when he realizes he has been duped but you won’t. Because you haven’t been. You’re smart.

If your former friends become insistent, you have a few options.

First, you can seek a restraining order. If the judge asks you what the legal basis for it is, tell him or her the truth. “My stupid friends claim Jonathan Quick was injured in Tuesday night’s game against Buffalo. They are saying this just to harass me.” Don’t take no for an answer. Remind the judge that (a) you are a citizen (b) you pay taxes and (c) you’re not leaving there until you get your restraining order. If the judge calls the bailiff to arrest you, leave there. Stupid judge probably doesn’t know anything about hockey.

Second, you can call the local police department. I just got off the phone with them. They claimed there was nothing they could do. I am going to have my wife call in about five minutes, screaming for help. That should get them here in person. Face to face discussions are best.

Third, you can just block their number. If they live with you, like your wife or husband, might as well file for divorce. If they are willing to tell lies like this, can infidelity and cross-dressing be that far behind?

I just had an ex friend text me. The jerk wrote, “Asshole, he really got hurt! It’s his groin! Why are you being so dense?” I sent him a text back, “You’re just a stupid liar spreading other people’s lies.” I won’t even bother telling you his reply. He has clearly lost his mind.

I have been thinking that Darryl Sutter may start playing Ben Scrivens more because Quick has been struggling a bit. In fact, I wouldn’t be shocked to see Scrivens play the next few games, at least. That’s just because Ben has to get some games in. That’s the only reason.

That’s it I guess. Starting tomorrow, it’s time to start making some new friends. Friends that don’t lie.

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  1. 54 philosophy. Per the article is what your getting st?

  2. It was “one of those games.” You know the ones where the squad dominates play, has tons of shots on net but can’t put anything by the goalie but one lone goal (which I missed but I heard was lucky also).

    Yeah that kinda game.

    I’m starting to think that whenever goalies play the Kings they maybe indulge in some voodoo black magic or something. Miller was unconscious. He was, for the most part, a brick wall.

    The game tying goal was lucky. If the puck bounced off of King or the defender just the slightest way other than it did the puck woulda been either in the corner or behind the goal line.

    I think after two periods the shots on goal was like 30-7 Kings. Given not all if them were grade A chances but still that’s a lotta shots. I thought for sure Frattin was gonna score on his backhand. But Miller out of nowhere stops the puck.

    For Quick to leave the game when he did wasn’t a good sign. They had a PP during OT and couldn’t score. Not having Carts is huge. That Carter goal scoring touch.

    I didn’t even bother watching the shoot out. What was the point if they couldn’t pull it off in OT then Buffalo deserves the 2.

  3. I have a good rant in me coming. Hope I have time to rant this rant tomorrow.

  4. Since Quick is jetting back to LA, The Professor will have to earn his grades the rest of the road trip. Miller was not just playing for the Sabres, he was playing for Sochi and for some GM to trade for him. He was terrific, Quick not so much. And they Kings did dominate for most of the game; and thanks to Richards, who played his balls off again last night, made a great play to strip the puck and dish it to TT. No Richie Hood (robin’s kin) no tying goal. That line was the best line on the Kings last night, they worked their tails off every shift, kept pressure on, cycled. Kopitar was awful and Sutter wasn’t happy with him, benched him once in the 3rd and I believe that was the reason Lewis took his place in the shootout. In a game where those 2 pts. because of the tight division race , were crucial, he as totally unmotivated and way too lazy..
    But Carter is most likely going to join the team on the road and maybe be back by Friday or Sunday.
    Vey was solid again last night, he’s making a very strong case to stay. He gives the bottom 6 a chance every shift, something I didn’t have confidence in before. He’s a smart player and a confident one.

  5. Trevor Lewis: Great shootout choice? Or Greatest shootout choice?

    (In all seriousness, picking Lewis for the shootout is like picking a double-amputee to win a 100-Yard dash.)

  6. For what it’s worth:

    Hockey Buzz Eklund ‏@Eklund 2h
    From source. Quick’s injury last night is a VERY big concern. Another just now.said “could be roadmap changing.” Hopefully not as srious

  7. Honestly it just looked like JQ stretched a ligament or tendon. No contact was made with him, he just looked like he hadn’t stretched enough or something. I think he should be fine in a week.11

  8. Per the Mayor, Tanner Pearson en route to NY to meet the Kings…. which means somebody is being moved from active status…one way or anther.

  9. So I guess the Sabres were afraid that Jordan would have given us too much of an advantage last night knowning their new coach better than anyone in hockey, so they waited until today to re-hire Ted Nolan.

  10. Even Quick is in on it! What do we do?

    Jonathan Quick @JonathanQuick32
    Thank you to everyone’s get well wishes, I will do everything I can to get back to 100% and back on the ice as soon as possible

  11. Rick DiPirtro, sorry I mean Jonathan Quick could use a break. So can those flimsy hips of his. Have a good one Jonny, maybe we can undo the trade that sent Bernier to Toronto.

  12. Quick out 4-6 weeks :-(

    Grade-2 groin strain.


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