I just finished watching my recording of the game at about 2am and don’t really feel like writing a post game, but did feel like writing that title.

That was fun!

Does the Pearson-Vey-Toffoli line have a name? I think I read the “White Line”. Lame. I don’t have anything better yet, but I’m on it. Taking submissions.

If these guys can make consistent efforts like tonight with this golden opportunity of injuries, they force Lombardi’s hand. Carter and Clifford returns and your 4th line becomes Clifford/Carcillo-Lewis-Frattin/Nolan. Getting ahead of myself.

Vey is my favorite player of the trio.

Voynov rules.

Regehr kicked ass.

Brown was Brown.

My sinuses are the size of Doughty’s ego.

I had a thought during the game: I prefer a team that grinds out victories over a team that skates circles around opponents. We play playoff hockey all year long.

We may have a surprise for you live during the game tomorrow against Jersey. If not tomorrow, hopefully Sunday. Stay tuned and check the site at the start of the games.