Jake Muzzin Misses Ankles, Gets First Shot Of Season Through Traffic, Assists On GWG

I just finished watching my recording of the game at about 2am and don’t really feel like writing a post game, but did feel like writing that title.

That was fun!

Does the Pearson-Vey-Toffoli line have a name? I think I read the “White Line”. Lame. I don’t have anything better yet, but I’m on it. Taking submissions.

If these guys can make consistent efforts like tonight with this golden opportunity of injuries, they force Lombardi’s hand. Carter and Clifford returns and your 4th line becomes Clifford/Carcillo-Lewis-Frattin/Nolan. Getting ahead of myself.

Vey is my favorite player of the trio.

Voynov rules.

Regehr kicked ass.

Brown was Brown.

My sinuses are the size of Doughty’s ego.

I had a thought during the game: I prefer a team that grinds out victories over a team that skates circles around opponents. We play playoff hockey all year long.

We may have a surprise for you live during the game tomorrow against Jersey. If not tomorrow, hopefully Sunday. Stay tuned and check the site at the start of the games.


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  1. Don’t forget about Stoll getting healthy:

    Brown Kopitar Williams
    King Richards Carter
    Pearson Vey Toffoli
    Clifford Stoll Lewis

    Now if we just trade to get Moulson back and put him with Kopi & Williams and Brown with Richards & Carter. SICK SHIT!!

    I know that most of you hate it, but here on the East Coast, I LOVE these 7pm East starts.


  2. Going out on a limb here. The rookie line?

  3. Heck of a comeback. Proud of the boys.

  4. Names for the kid line : The three musketeers; the three amigos; Royal Bandits;’ the Ninjas; the dark knights; the ice dragons’ ;

  5. Pearson, Vey, Toffoli = Prince line

  6. Kozun is better than all of those guys

    • Kozun is 5ft 6in sorry but he’s not a Lombardi type of player. If BK was 5ft 9in maybe but he’s not going to be a King is he is to play in the NHL.

      I’ll take Weal over Kozun, he just needs to add some size and get a little harder on the puck, but he I could see getting a look if the Kings are in need of a speedy, sniper like Weals.

      You can make the argument regarding Kozun, but if he was ready, he would be playing in the NHL and the fact they are using Fraser over a Kozun kind of tells you size is more important to the Kings vs skill like BK.

  7. Two and a half men

  8. Triple kid line

  9. Great comeback. I agree with you. What are they gonna do when guys get healthy? Good problem to have. I guess dean has developed some skill players after all.

  10. The “Oi Vey, what a Pear of Top Titties” line.

  11. Really guys “Kid Line”? That was a Toronto Maple Leaf line of Harvey “Busher” Jackson, Charlie Conacher and Joe Primeau. Montreal is using that name for Gallagher/Alex Galchenyuk/Eller. No bueno!

    “Rookie Line” meh not very exciting.

    The three musketeers meh, the three amigos we were calling them this during Rookie Camp, Royal Bandits meh the Ninjas men the dark knights men what happens when they are on the road? White Knights probably best to steer clear of this unless you want The Southern Poverty Law Center knocking on your door or some Aryan Nations pamphlets showing up in your mail box. Ice Dragons” WTF this is hockey not Pokemon!

    Just use the 1st letter of each of their last names :Pearson/Vey/Toffoli or
    the Private Line “PVT” it can also be seen as PVT (physics), pressure, volume and temperature in an equation of state.

  12. That 3rd period was amazing to see. I watched the rerun of the game because I was at school.

    DL will probably send one of the kids back down to Manch once Clifford and Carts come back though… Which sucks

  13. “The Price Line”…Because these three kids are going to cost a serious chunk of cash one day.

  14. I was giving Toffoli grief for his performance in Rookie Camp as well as Training camp…I was extremely disappointed in him. I think he got the “entitlement” slapped out of him being sent down to Manchester, but, boy has he made a nice recovery. I have to give you props, son, you’ve come back with vengeance.

    I knew Vey had playmaking abilities, but he’s a lot better than I anticipated. He tries to make to many fancy passes for my liking, but he’ll learn real quick what he can get away with, and what he can’t. I’m liking this kid!

    Pearson has played one game, therefore, I have no comment. I’ll wait a few more games to pass judgement.

    I’m also no ready to anoint these kids saviors just yet. They look good so far, but the real test is consistency and longevity. Everyone know the high pace and physicality of the NHL has a tendency to where the newbies down. If their play stays relatively consistent for the next 3-4 weeks, then I’ll heap many praises upon them…they haven’t earned it yet.

    I sometimes get real frustrated watching the Kings play down to their opponents. When you watch them play teams like Vancouver, you shake your head in disbelief on how good our team has become, then you watch the Buffalo and NY games and you shake your head on how mediocre we can be. I know you can’t be perfect every game, but I expect the majority of our games to be played like the third period of the NY (or the entire Vancouver) game, with pace and physicality (looking at you Brown) and purpose and unity.

    Anyhow, I’m extremely proud of our boys for nut’n up and completing a wonderful comeback. Nicely done, men!

    • While of course you are right, they have t proven enough for our panties to be translucent with moist love juices just yet, what is fun about this is that all at once, three Kings prospects are playing at a high level at the same time, even if just for a few games (in Vey and Toffoli’s case) or one game, like Pearson. With 3 of them coming out of the gate strong, odds are in our favor at ear east one of these guys hits in a big way.

  15. I’m thinking along the lines of the name not having to do with their youth so much as the fact that it is a complete line of offensively talented, responsible forwards all drafted and developed by Lombardi and the Kings.

    The Farm Boys

    The Homegrown Line

    Lombardi’s Legion

    I don’t love any of those, but that’s the direction I’m heading.

  16. In honor of jungle dave…. the Jungle line… watching the power play unit of voynov muzzin with vey, toffoli, and pearson probably gave him a chubby

  17. Gritty win, boys. That’s what I’m talking about! Solid!

  18. Deans Kids

  19. Deano’s kids

  20. Purple Virgin Triplicate

  21. I’m not too worried about Quick being out. Sucks for sure, but I knew Scrivens could hold his own. My co-worker is a huge Leafs fan and he always liked Scrivens. The day of the trade, I asked him about Scrivens and he was actually annoyed at the trade. Didn’t think the Leafs needed an upgrade in net. He hated losing Frattin too.

    The Kings are good enough to survive without Quick. I’m more worried about Carter’s injury. At least the young guys are doing well for now.


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