Admit it, when Jonathan Bernier was traded for Matt Frattin, Ben Scrivens and a 2nd round pick, you fell into one of two camps. “Matt Frattin has top six potential!” And “At least we got a 2nd round pick”. Dopey eyed and egg headed, Scrivens came along and we hoped he would be able to spell JQ once every few weeks.

20 games into the season and Matt Frattin is on the 4th line, the 2nd rounder from Toronto may not be so close to #31 as we thought and Ben Scrivens just got his 2nd shutout of the season and his 2nd win in as many nights. This was no “defense did all the work” shutout. No, Scrivens stopped 26 shots, almost half of which came in a first period that the New Jersey Devils absolutely dominated. “The Professor” made all sorts of saves, two point blank chances from Jagr, some bombs from the point by Andy Green and plenty of the scrambling, swallow-your-tongue types. The most exciting part about watching Scrivens tonight was how calm and cool he was the entire time, despite shift after shift of heavy pressure throughout several points of the game. He bounces around, near manically, but you never got the sense that he was flustered. Pure focus. This from a guy who finished locking up another win not 24 hours before hitting the ice.

Kopitar was a force in all three zones. The defensemen were great, top to bottom. Stoll came back and played well in limited minutes on the 4th line and though the youngsters weren’t as effective as they were last night against the Islanders, they didn’t cost the team and Vey once again gave quality minutes on the penalty kill.

Jordan Nolan is quickly making a splash this season as someone not to be fucked with. Though fuck with they try. Shortly after giving Cory Schneider a (perhaps not) accidental heavy stick slap to the back of the head, he absolutely floored Peter Harrold behind the New Jersey net with a textbook blow that will be on Kings highlight packages for as long as it is Harrold’s nightmares.

Dawight King got his 6th goal of the season and is solidly on pace for over 20 in for reals second line winger fashion. He may be inconsistent, but he is getting the job done more often than not this season. He still has a ways to go before winning over our hearts as a top sixer full time, but the grinning ogre is on his way.

So that surprise I told you might happen today obviously didn’t happen, but if Scribe can get his nose out of lawyerin’ for a few hours on Sunday, perhaps it will happen then.

New Jersey remains our bitch. Win one more game against them next week and they will have to wait another year before getting any vengeance these mighty Kings.

2 more points. And speaking of vengeance, on to NYR.