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Admit it, when Jonathan Bernier was traded for Matt Frattin, Ben Scrivens and a 2nd round pick, you fell into one of two camps. “Matt Frattin has top six potential!” And “At least we got a 2nd round pick”. Dopey eyed and egg headed, Scrivens came along and we hoped he would be able to spell JQ once every few weeks.

20 games into the season and Matt Frattin is on the 4th line, the 2nd rounder from Toronto may not be so close to #31 as we thought and Ben Scrivens just got his 2nd shutout of the season and his 2nd win in as many nights. This was no “defense did all the work” shutout. No, Scrivens stopped 26 shots, almost half of which came in a first period that the New Jersey Devils absolutely dominated. “The Professor” made all sorts of saves, two point blank chances from Jagr, some bombs from the point by Andy Green and plenty of the scrambling, swallow-your-tongue types. The most exciting part about watching Scrivens tonight was how calm and cool he was the entire time, despite shift after shift of heavy pressure throughout several points of the game. He bounces around, near manically, but you never got the sense that he was flustered. Pure focus. This from a guy who finished locking up another win not 24 hours before hitting the ice.

Kopitar was a force in all three zones. The defensemen were great, top to bottom. Stoll came back and played well in limited minutes on the 4th line and though the youngsters weren’t as effective as they were last night against the Islanders, they didn’t cost the team and Vey once again gave quality minutes on the penalty kill.

Jordan Nolan is quickly making a splash this season as someone not to be fucked with. Though fuck with they try. Shortly after giving Cory Schneider a (perhaps not) accidental heavy stick slap to the back of the head, he absolutely floored Peter Harrold behind the New Jersey net with a textbook blow that will be on Kings highlight packages for as long as it is Harrold’s nightmares.

Dawight King got his 6th goal of the season and is solidly on pace for over 20 in for reals second line winger fashion. He may be inconsistent, but he is getting the job done more often than not this season. He still has a ways to go before winning over our hearts as a top sixer full time, but the grinning ogre is on his way.

So that surprise I told you might happen today obviously didn’t happen, but if Scribe can get his nose out of lawyerin’ for a few hours on Sunday, perhaps it will happen then.

New Jersey remains our bitch. Win one more game against them next week and they will have to wait another year before getting any vengeance these mighty Kings.

2 more points. And speaking of vengeance, on to NYR.

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  1. Well done! This took a lot of “nose to the grindstone” type of work. The Kings are still sorting things out, but we’re getting the wins while their doing it!

  2. I’m digging Scivens. I’m seeing the same thing the guy plays with poise and confidence. The guys articulate too. Post game interview was asked about the past two games and he responded “two games a career does not make.” Fucking A the dudes for real!

    When Quick does get back the guys gonna be fucking possessed. I’m sure he’s crawling the walls wanting to play. And then watching someone else take his net and doing a really good job doing it.

    Yes the Rangers. I remember that fucking game and I hope they do to. Especially Doty.

  3. It is gratifying to see the Kings win despite having some of the top guys out. Shows depth, and yes, character…

  4. I was stoked on brown today I thought he played super good. He had a few good scoring chances lets hope he gets back to top form.

  5. Oh damn just seen vey’s assist to Nolan during the canucks game was number 2 on nhl networks top 10 goals. Bet the kid is stoked

  6. Ok I’m going to be annoying with vocabulary now, but: This. Is. A. GOOD. TEAM!
    Great A group and fantastic B group. What depth we have! Lucky fans we are. Good coaching, great drafting, and wonderful development of young players! It’s a good time to be a Kings Fan!

  7. What you’ve seen of the Professor shouldn’t be a surprise, he did this last year when Reimer was out injured. He’s a good goalie, and doesn’t panic in pressure. He’ll get the job done until JQ is ready

  8. I like Jon Rosen. Great blog. His interviews with the players leaves me feeling all weird, like worse than Dan Moriarty. That’s bad! Is he high? Or just crazy awkward when he does these. He’s got a totally different vibe when he is with Darryl Evans . It’s like he’s all nervous to meet his childhood hero with every King interview. Again like the blog, and don’t have a problem with the guy. Just I don’t know……. Creepy? My 2¢. Sean O’Donnell on the other hand is knocking it out of the park. I could easily see him doing this for a long time. I also like the girl, can’t think of her name…. Binks? She’s a little green but I really like her enthusiasm and hockey knowledge. Kings kids are lockin it up. Ahhhhhhh. How about Deans Kids. It has a charitable sound to it. I mean……… They are special, just in a different way. GKG!!! Happy with the road trip so far. Saving the best for last. How about a points explosion all over the faces of every Rangers fan in attendance tomorrow.

    • Jon Rosen IS good. He’s still a little green, but he knows his stuff. Sean O’Donnell is a natural as a hockey analyst. I’m happy that he’s working with the Kings. Is that blonde’s name Binks? I have to agree with you here. She is settling in with this new job. And she IS really good! It doesn’t hurt that she’s also really cute! :-) There may not be a “Kid Line.” There would need to be some serious player moves to keep these guys together. But they do have the potential for great success together. Maybe they could turn into another famous hockey line … like the GAG line of the New York Rangers, etc! :-)

  9. Julie Stewart-Binks: Not green, she is a seasoned vet coming from Hockey Night In Canada also doing CHL games and lower provincial coverage of hockey while she worked for CBC. JS-B also worked over the pond doing BPL (Barclays Premiership League) game highlights and interviews so she has the knowledge and experience which is why Fox hired her.

    P O’Neal is just one of those guys riding the family name behind his sister Tatum and his fucked up father Ryan. Plus dude is married to the daughter of Wally George! I used to watch Wally on Hot Seat the model for which Springer and Maury Povich was copied when Wally would go after Tom Metzger that (WAR) White Power leader from the OC always comic to see these two guys spew their stupidity.

    I get so frustrated seeing King wake up and then Jake Muzzin his ankle shot is now a weapon for guys standing in front of the net. Keep it up Jake, looks like your yipps with the puck in the defensive zone have subsided. Still hold my breath, but they are getting it done.

    Maybe someone should pretend its a contract year with Dwight King every year!

    Oh can you please admit maybe Regehr isn’t so slow and was a stupid signing now? I don’t know what more this guy can do, especially with Greene and his chronic injury issues, Regehr has really stepped it up and layeth the SMACK down on the opponents.

    Kids I really would like to see them stay together as a line, but I know that probably won’t happen. What I think should happen is if Nolan is going to play like he is playing then you can toss Fraser away and Nolan can take that 4th line center job, and along with Clifford/Lewis/Frattin formulate a good grinding 4th line.

    Vey I would love to see stay, but I think his offensive upside makes that difficult. He is obviously ready, and his size might be on the smaller side, but he is a play maker, who can play a 200 ft game. I would just like to see him get a 3rd line job with some guys who can score. Just not sure that will be this season.

    I can see Toffoli staying, and Pearson and Vey probably going back once the injuries resolve themselves, but if we are looking at 3 weeks for Carter and who knows what the issue with Clifford is time wise, then keep the PVT line up.

    I wasn’t concerned with Scrivens, he had crap in front of him in Toronto, so I know he is capable of playing on a nightly basis. His challenge will be consistency. He will have his ups and downs, just hope his ups are more frequent than his downs. Jones I’d like to see get a few games just to see what we have coming in the future but since he had a great start in Manchester, his not playing could be an issue with the amount of time he isn’t playing.

    All I can say is Bill Ranford is a stud goaltending coach and the Kings need to keep this guy for as long as they can. He polished off Quick, and Bernier and has worked miracles for Scrivens.

    • This is going to sound strange but I think Vey has the better chance of sticking around than toffoli once Carter returns. Remember, they BOTH got called up when only Carter went down. Stoll went down after they got called up, I believe. Vey is capable of filling a role that Toffoli is not. Though he has the offensive upside of a top sixer, Sutter can throw Vey out there on the PK and third line, defensive minutes. When Carter returns, unless he moves to center and richards to LW and King gets dumped down, there isn’t really a spot for Toffoli on the third line unless Sutter changes his typical mantra of what the third line’s role is. Toffoli may have the higher end skill and the team certainly needs as much of that as possible, but in terms of plugging holes in a Darryl Sutter roster, Vey fits the bill more.

      • Regardless of who stays and who gets sent back down, its a great problem to have and with some of our aging players who most likely will be moved or let go to allow room for the new kids the Kings, especially Dean Lombardi deserves credit, as well as Mark Morris and the scouting department of the organization.

        Dean might not have drafted and developed a Top 6 forward yet (close by still not sure, until one of his draft picks sticks) or has been able to sign a Top 6/Marquee UFA to improve this team, but he has done a good job managing filling that hole.

        There is still work to be done to really cement the Kings as a franchise to be viewed by the NHL as elite and mentioned in the same category as Chicago/Detroit/Boston. I refuse to include the Poster Bitch of the NHL, the Notre Dame of NBC because one cup should not anoint a team regardless of who is on their roster. If they were Gretzky/Messier/Kurri/Fuhr/Ranford/Anderson/Graves or Potvin/Bossy/Tonelli/Nystrom/Smith/Morrow/Goring fine but that hasn’t been established yet.

  10. Nice W last night. Props to the Professor. Focused and in control. He has a great mind/demeanor for a goalie. We are lucky. Our King’s prove again to their fans that they are a T.E.A.M. They support one another and have faith in themselves. Any doubts just watch the last two games again. This belief system must start in the minors as our young core come up and blend in well. Very Proud of them.
    Welcome back Stollamo.
    GO KINGS GO!!!

  11. when the cap goes up 10 mil next year it will be awesome to have
    brown kopitar toffoli
    king richards carter
    cliff/pearson vey williams
    lewis stoll nolan

    Talk about rolling 4 lines

    we all thought frattin and the 2nd were the major assets in the bernier trade but its fairly obvious that frattin is not the player we thought we were getting and he cannot play top 6 minutes on a contender. Im still curious about forbort and gravel and regehr is making me eat my words. He has been awesome lately and I hated the signing in the offseason

  12. Forbort is a project. He needs to do a few things before he would be ready to really earn a spot in the NHL.

    He needs to add some muscle 15-20 lbs would be a good number for him, especially if he is going to be a stay at home, shut down type of defender.

    He needs to get a mean streak. Think Jared Tinordi, if Forbort can become a mean mutha and play good positional steady defense, then he will have that opportunity.

    Gravel that is another story. He is playing his senior year, so after the college season is over, he’ll most likely go right to Manchester or maybe he graduates, then shows up for development camp, rookie camp and then regular camp. It won’t be until then you can really see where he is in terms of the pecking order.

    You have left off Miller who looked pretty good in camp. Miller is kind of a Scuderi type defender with a good hockey IQ, but this was based on his play against mostly prospects.

    Ebert is another one as well as Leslie and Macdermid.


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