It wasn’t a clinic on offensive hockey. The forecheck was pretty average. The pressure was as sustained as Jacob’s observation of Jewish traditions. Overall, nobody will look back at this game and take a lot of positives out of our scoring chances although there were one or three. No, this was about the defense, the breakouts, the gap control (which the fucking Rangers also did a fabulous job of in the neutral zone for the first period), keeping pucks away from the middle and the Professor Ben Scrivens putting on a clinic on keeping frozen rubber from getting behind him.

The New York Rangers played a good game.

Fuck the New York Rangers.

Ever since they handed us our ass early in the season, anything that looked or smelled like New York pissed me off.

If we had lost tonight, I may have committed an act or random violence on someone who speaks with that cock smelling accent or even folds their pizza before they eat it.

Back to Scrivens, three shutouts, two in a row, leads the league and making a case as a formidable netminder in place of our touched by the Hockey Gods, Jonathan Quick. He did get a lot of help from a defense that was outstanding and kept the front of the net clear and the pucks to the outside. When I sit through a game and don’t notice anything stupid by Jake Muzzin in the defensive zone, we played a damn good 60 minutes.

Do we miss Matt Greene? Yes, at least I do, but Alec Martinez is once again proving why he has nothing but our love and adoration.

And Tyler Toffoli…I just hope the kid keeps it up. For him to get that game to another level this early in his career will make a strength out of our biggest weakness – scoring from the wing.

For those who joined us on, it was fun. We will give you plenty of head’s up (defined as more than 4 hours) next time we do this.

Scribe’s 3 Stars:

3. Willie Mitchell

2. Tyler Toffoli

1. The Professor