Hear Us Now, Believe Us Later – A Podcast-ish Game Day

Ok so here’s that surprise I had mentioned.

A few weeks ago Bobby and I were contacted by Eric, who has started a new website called Fandio. The whole idea of Fandio is that it is an interactive internet radio station, where sports fans can host their own broadcasts, live during games.

Well, we remembered that several of you have, in the past, asked for us to do exactly this; give you our live commentary during a Kings game. Until now, we didn’t know how. So today during the Kings @ New York Rangers game, we’re going to give this sucker a try and find out precisely how stupid you people are for wanting to listen to us yammer on about a game.

The fun thing that we really like about this fandio business, is the interactive part. It is not like a podcast, where you just sit and listen and touch yourself. You can log in through your facebook or twitter, or just create a separate fandio account, and when you join our broadcast “room”, which aside from being where you listen to us, also acts as an a chat room where you can talk to each other and us, live about the game. Basically what you do on twitter, only with no superfluous 140 character limit. If Bobby and I feel so inclined, we can also invite anyone else onto the broadcast to talk with us. We are told you only need your laptop, ipad, iphone, whatever, anything with a browser and a mic.

This video explains how it all works:

So, if you’ve heard enough of Bob and Jim for one day, and want to listen to or chat with us for all or part of today’s game, let’s give this a try, shall we?

The surprise may be that this is a terrible idea. We think it will be fun. We don’t know. Like everything else we do, we are basically jumping into this blind, no test runs, and going to fly by the seats of our sometimes soiled pants.

If this works out well, we can add to it in the future and get other guests to join us. The potential here is high. Disaster may also loom. Hell, we may not be able to get the thing to work. Only one way to find out.

I really have no idea what to expect from this. I’ve never talked throughout an entire hockey game, and we aren’t exactly sure of the format. But jump on and you tell us what you want to hear. A play by play? Color with our flare for the obscene? Maybe you guys will just get to hear me yell at my cat. Actually, odds are high you will hear me yelling at the cat.

We will post the link to the room at the start of the game here and on twitter.

I have more to say, but I’ll just tell you later.

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2 replies

  1. Holy Shitballs!!! What an awesome game. I bet Toronto is watching. Hahahahahahahahahaha. I’d say we won that trade. Carcillo Stool Frattin as a fourth line is awesome. Linden Vey continues to impress me, and if course Toffoli. Penalty Kill is back baby. Smiling like a mental patient right now. GKG \X/

  2. How’d it go? I showed up late in the third, but didn’t see the link to follow. Hopefully, I’ll catch the next one.


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