I’ve been asked to share this video with you.

I complied because it’s a highly amusing video. Skidding across the ice is the best Bailey has looked since he was white and had black spots.

I think this was also shown during last night’s game on TV. Read some tweets about it.

While entertaining, I’m not sure I buy the video’s premise. There are plenty of things I can and should do while playing hockey that would be ill-advised while driving. Punching people in the face comes to mind. Hey, look, I know passengers can be annoying sometimes, but just find a better CD to listen to or point out fat people in other cars to resolve your differences. Conversely, there are things I do while driving that wouldn’t go well on the rink, like eating a burger. And masturbating.

But seriously folks, texting while driving is serious business. In fact, it’s a lot like sex. You shouldn’t do it unless you’re really good at it. We all know you can’t help yourself though and are going to anyways, but be prepared to face the consequences as there’s a good chance you’ll hurt someone in the process.

Crap. Gotta go. Missed my exit.

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  1. was totally worth it to watch & read the whole post just for the last article. +1 to you surly.

  2. Lol. Feel bad for Brownie.

  3. Ok so some of you know a little bit about me, and I don’t like to just drop names for the sake of dropping them, but I feel its appropriate given the Con-Text.

    I have an old hockey buddy who is Russian, been over here for many, many years. 14 years ago when he was married, his wife at the time now ex-wife was involved in real estate, more specifically focusing on Russian immigrants or professional athletes who might need to lease a property while working in Los Angeles.

    One of her clients was Vladamir Tsyplakov who at one time played for the Kings, then played for Buffalo. “Sippa” which was what they called him stayed in touch with my friend.

    After Sippa left the NHL for the KHL, my friend Val shared a few personal things about some players that he knew or Sippa knew. One of these players he told me about was Matthew Barnaby the former NHL player and analyst who spent many years with the Buffalo Sabres, Pittsburgh and a few other teams.

    What I was told was Barnaby has a bit of a problem with something you probably shouldn’t do while driving which you mentioned. If you remember a big hit for the band The Divinyls you don’t need to be told what I am referring to. Yes I know the singer Chrissy Amphlett passed away in April, but If you still don’t know exactly what I am referring to sometimes its referred to hand to gland contact. There is another band that really didn’t have much success, but did have a few funny satirical songs that went by the name of Killer Pussy and the song “Pocket Pool” was among one of theirs along with “Teenage Enema Nurse” that got limited radio play on KROQ.

    I think however this is a better explanation about things you shouldn’t do while driving, or playing hockey on the ice. I won’t go into pocket activity, but it just occurred to me that I should also mention this just to not exclude that from my posting.

    I’ll let this better explain what it is I am referring to.


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