What the hell am I supposed to do with this game against New Jersey? Analyze it? What exactly?

That we had a sustained forecheck, our F3 was aggressive and pinched at all of the right times, we owned the neutral zone and fractured New Jersey’s overmatched defense with speed, that our breakouts were things of beauty from the first pass forward, that Jake Muzzin, Jake Mother Sutting Muzzin played a solid defensive game, that what? WHAT?

We owned these punks.

They had no answers.

It was a matter of time before the game was 8-0.

But then…


Ben Scrivens sucked.

He looked like an retard uncoordinated dipshit on Jagr’s goal and I was pretty unimpressed with the first one that beat him.

We just needed a goalie to be above average.

I have nothing more to ask of our boys on forward and defense.

I tried to go to bed angry but a writing flurry hit me…now that is also behind me so I came here. To hang out. With you.

Fuck it, it’s after midnight.

I am going to bed angry.

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  1. But we had 600 shots on goal and only ONE made it’s way into the net. Come oooonnnnn! What is that?? Is Scrivens supposed to score our goddamn goals as well?

  2. If your goalie only lets in two goals, you should be winning that game. Period. I’m not gonna bitch about any goalie getting a loss in that situation.

  3. If you dominate a game like that you should win. Schneider and Lehtonen are my two least favorite goalies to see. They both have great numbers against us. When Scrivens saw 5 shots after 2 periods you know he’s not going to be warmed up enough when the shots do start coming. Any goalie would have the same problem, including JQ. At least the Ducks lost to them too, with zero points to show. On to the next…….GKG \X/

    • Game in hand and six points ahead of VAN. Practically an 8 way tie in the west. 34 points for first 32 for 8th. Nuts.

  4. Blaming Scrivens is lame. Where exactly would the Kings be without him since Quick went down? Are you forgetting him saving the Kings on the road trip??? It wasn’ t his fault the team outshot the Devils and it was 0-0 after 2. He can’t score for them. How about Kopi’s awful blindsided pass that led to the GWG? OR Brown being incredibly lazy on the play which also contributed.
    The Kings were the better team, they got beat because Schneider is a top goalie in thie league and very capable of stealing a game. Period. No call for the use of an expletive in your title. It’s an 82 game season, it happens to all teams. You take the positive and move on. They didn’t suck, they were terrific. Frattin was solid last night for 3 periods, his speed drew 3 penalties.
    9 time ouf ot 10 they play like this they get 2 in regution.

    Instead of sucking a lemon, how about looking at how great this team has been without two of their top players Quick and Carter

    Excluding the shootout goal in Buffalo, Los Angeles has allowed two goals or fewer in eight straight games. They have allowed nine goals over the last eight games.

    -The Kings are 6-0-2 in their last eight games. The eight-game point streak is tied for the eighth longest point streak in club history. The franchise record is an 11-game point streak, which has been accomplished twice.

    -Los Angeles has killed off 23 of the last 25 power plays, dating back to November 7.

    • Because he played great before he is immune from present criticism? How long does the immunity last so I can calendar it?

      • You didn’t criticize him, you hung the loss solely on him. If Kopi doesn’t make that horrible pass and Brown actually skates like his has an IQ and gives a shit, then that puck doesn’t go in and the Kings could have scored or won on the Shootout. They were more to blame then he was but you gave them immunity.
        How is it that you only see him as the lone cause and not kopi or Brown? As stated above you found no fault on the forwards or defense.

        • That is not true. Brown fucked up too. But that was a save he should have made. He let in a bad goal at the worst time

          • Shut up. It’s fucking Jagr. That goal tied two AMAZING records for the guy. The goal was preordained. I’m glad it came against the kings and i wish I had been there to see it.

        • I think everyone knows that Jagr is an excellent hockey player, and he deserves the praise that he receives. However, that was a straight in effort with Jagr backing in toward the goal with his stick extended away from his body. Scrivens only needed to stay with the puck as Jagr slid past the crease. He was not in good position to lift it into the top of the net. Quick would have covered low (he always keeps his knees down. Yes, he could have poke checked, but the most important thing would be stopping the puck along the ice.

          Kopitar made a foolish blind pass to start it off. When Brown saw that Mitchell had the angle on the puck carrier, he should have covered the next threat, which was Jagr. He could have taken a quick peek over his right shoulder, toward the slot and seen Jagr coming. Instead, he just cruised by the front of the net! If he had reacted properly, he could have leveled Jagr. And Doughty was just cruising along behind Jagr. Why didn’t he skate hard and back check him? He could have!

  5. Why the fuck is nobody making a comment on the bullshit call on Brown in OT. I swear one of the Refs must of had some $$$$ on the Devils to win in Vegas. Crooked bastards!

  6. I agree that the F____ word doesn’t need to be used. As for Scrivens, he was screened on the first goal. Quick would have given up that rocket too. On the game winning goal, apparently, he lost sight of the puck … or maybe he was looking at his girlfriend in the stands! Quick would have definitely had his pads down on the ice. Brown’s penalty was bogus! The entire team played well. It was another solid effort. Frattin was great! He’s beginning to deserve his ice time. My only complaint is the FACT that Lewis has no hands. With his effort, and speed, IF HE HAD HANDS, he would have the qualities of a very good Center. He has everything but good hands! Oh … and Cory Schneider was, as usual, excellent! The Kings are playing well. They still got a point! Let’s keep it going!! Go Kings!!

  7. Oh, come on folks. I know many of you have been around long enough to not be surprised by the title. This blog is constructed beautifully between knowledge, humor and adult themes. It always has been and always will be.

    Having said that, are you really blaming Scrivens, Scribe? Well, I think you’re a “fuck” for saying such things. Ya, he wasn’t great, but he played well enough to win. He’s had a nice run of games so far, and I’m a bit surprised you threw such venom his way after his first mediocre game.

    I agree with you and all others regarding our team playing a great game. We imposed our will the entire 60 plus minutes. Besides the “finish” we couldn’t have played any better. I’m proud of the boys. NJ is always a tough, battle.

  8. Something all Kings fan can agree on . The giddy feeling of seeing this , Jeff Carter at practice today.
    Per Sutter, he’s day to day.
    How sweet would it have bee nto see him skating 3 x 3 last night with Allll that open ice.

    Look who's back on the ice today at #LAKings practice…

    A photo posted by MayorsManor (@mayorsmanor) on

  9. Carter’ goal would have beat any goaltender regardless of how good or bad they are.

    If Mitchell isn’t standing facing the puck, and had his legs closed, Scrivens might have had a chance on that one. The fact the puck came in on a pretty decent backhand, which Mitchell caused an lunar eclipse in front of Scrivens, which wound up going through Mitchell’ legs, no way he could react in time to get a piece of it.

    The Kings dominated most of that game, but only could manage 1 goal vs Schneider.

    No goals on the powerplay, Trevor Lewis not able to score on a breakaway, Pearson not able to capitalize on the rebound on the Lewis breakaway.

    Schneider won that game for NJ. The Kings just couldn’t figure out how to get more than one puck into the net.

    What went wrong: Most of OT was 3 on 3 so there really isn’t a set play you can design, so futzing around with making a perfect pass wasn’t the best approach. The players on the ice should have been more selfish and should have been taking the damn puck to the net, or getting more shots on net. Breakdown in communication! It wasn’t like Doughty was tapping his stick or calling for the puck when Kopitar decided to just flick it back.Someone should have made Kopitar aware the penalty had expired. Kopitar picked the wrong time to make a blind pass to nobody in the offensive zone that gets picked off by Zubris who then passes it to Zidlicky. Zidlicky draws both Willie Mitchell and Dustin Brown, and Doughty isn’t busting his ass to get back to pick up a wide open Jagr

    Scrivens probably should have made a save on Jagr, but I think the confusion with both Brown and Mitchell going to Zidlicky, giving Jagr the puck with nobody defending him, are really not Scrivens fault.

    Scrivens should have only had to be concerned with Zidlicky, while Brown should have been going to Jagr since Mitchell was in position for Zidlicky, and Doughty wasn’t remotely close to Jagr by the time he had scored.


    • I still think Scrivens screwed the pooch on Jagr’s shot, but You’re right about what led up to that shot. I guess you could say that every King on the ice blew it. Everyone had one big brain fart at the same time. That’s why fans are upset about it, like me. They played such a good game until that game ending series of mistakes. And NJ capitalized big time.

  10. Hello everyone from Paris. Read this on Saturday pm by which time Bobby can sink his teeth into the Avs game and we’ll see what happens there. Boy; if nothing else this has been intense reading. You guys are all a lot of fun. I always like Deirdre’s posts though. Thank God someone keeps order around here.

    • I hope you’re having a great time in Paris, Drew! Yes, Deirdre (Isn’t this a female?) does present her points in an intelligent manner.

      This should be an interesting game. Colorado has been pushing hard under Patrick Roy. If the Kings can continue to play intelligently, with the exception of the final play of the last game, they should be able to get two points. Go Kings!! Oh … and if Lewis can hold onto the puck, maybe he could contribute too!


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