I try not to get too “up” for games like this. Inevitably, when two good teams clash, anything can happen. While I am hardly a passive observer and sure as hell not just hoping for a “good game”, managing emotions can go a long way from keeping the proverbial head from proverbially exploding.

We enter tonight’s match with a few things on the line:

1. First place in the division: Big deal? Not really but it would be nice to look at the standings and not grind my teeth.

2. The new fourth line’s merit: we all liked the Linden Vey, Kyle Clifford, Tyler Toffoli line. In fact, I flat out loved it. While playing against Vancouver presented a moderate challenge, these San Jose Sharks are better, which means our fourth line also needs to be better.

3. The Professor: while the defense in front of Ben Scrivens has been pretty not bad, let’s not take away anything from the Professor. He faltered in New Jersey but he was very good before that game and has been stellar since that game. Now, we face an alleged high octane offense and some of the ugliest motherfuckers in the NHL.

Would you believe this entire pregame has been brought to you by my voice while driving and at all times keeping my eyes on the road? It has. Modern technology is amazing.

As Surly would say, let’s beat these fucks!