What are LA Kings players, media and bloggers thankful for?

Ending a sentence with a preposition is really not my thing but it is Thanksgiving so let’s rebel.

I do wonder for what LA Kings players are thankful. After all, Kings players, like all professional athletes, get to do what they love for a living and are paid oodles of money. What is their list?

“I am thankful for…”

Mike Richards: “Jeff Carter”

Jeff Carter: “my hair, my body, my hair and Mike Richards”

Ben Scrivens: “Jonathan Quick’s groin”

Drew Doughty: “chicks in bars, consensual sex and my God-given skills for which there is no substitute”

Slava Voynov: …

Me: что вы благодарны за?

Slava Voynov: “oh! North American girls and North American money.”

Dwight King: “my dynamite smile”

Dustin Brown: “My pending vasectomy”

Kyle Clifford: “gratuitous violence”

Justin Williams: “my damn fine self”

Trevor Lewis: “my hands of course”

Anze Kopitar: “grandmothers”

Colin Fraser: “employment”

Linden Vey: “Colin Fraser”

Darryl Sutter: “the pointy end of the boot”

Terry Murray: “fuck you Bobby”

Jake Muzzin: “slow forwards”

Alec Martinez: “Surly and Scribe’s unwavering support”

And what about LA Kings media and bloggers?

Jon Rosen: “The OC Register’s low standards”

Helene Elliott: “Matt Barry”

Matt Barry: “did she really say me?”

John Hoven: “Bobby’s use of the word fuck”

Gann Matsuda: “the word ‘indeed'”

Patrick O’Neal: “Tatum”

Terry Murray: “Fuck. Off!”

Surly Jacob: “women atop women atop me.”

Jim Fox: “moments that justify the use of WHOA!”

Bob Miller: “the adoration and love of all Kings fans young and old and the eternal blessings that have come from finally seeing the Stanley Cup lifted by our captain on our home ice.”

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

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5 replies

  1. Thankful for lakingsnewsdotcom!

  2. Wow! You sure had a lot to say in this post!! :-)

    I love these two:

    Trevor Lewis: “my hands of course” and Dwight King: “my dynamite smile”

  3. Thanks Bobby your comedic genius at work again.. always fun and lol which we all need.
    At the horrible Meet the Players I was in the Regehr/Stoll/Brown/Slava/Lewis line..
    When I saw Slava I said../when are we going to have you do and interview/ how is the English coming along? He said “not so Good”. I said I think you know a lot more then you are letting on..Brownie was next to him and says..oh yeah he does.. that is his favorite line..
    They all laughed at that…
    GO KINGS GO!!!

  4. Thank you to Sutter and his Sutter-face.

  5. I thought that Bob Miller would be thankful for Jim Fox’s upspeak at the end of every statement so he knows when it is his turn to talk again.


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