Darryl Sutter isn’t just the L.A. Kings coach. He is a blooming genius. He says it’s a 3-2 league and the L.A. Kings work hard to make sure they prove him right, even to the extent of giving up two late goals to St. Louis and going 135 rounds in the shootout against the rodents off Katella Avenue.

I have no complaints.

I am as content as a 17-year-old boy with my face in a pair of 23-year-old Ds.

As relaxed as a stoner laying on the couch with a full bag of Doritos within reach.

On the defensive end, our gap control is excellent. We are not giving opposing forwards anything. If they are fortunate enough to enter the zone, they get pushed around and to the boards, lose the puck and we quickly transition out. Three things are primarily responsible for this elevation of our defensive game. Willie Mitchell is back to long stick, beast mode. Robyn Regehr is as comfortable in his role as I have seen him in a Kings jersey. He has literally made me temporarily forget about Matt Greene. That is incredible. Jake Muzzin has taken his D game to another level. He had one small goof tonight against Anaheim but, overall, he has had a hell of last 5 games.

Offensively, we are getting a crap load of looks. With Jeff Carter back and getting into his groove and Tyler Toffoli showing why we fell in love with him last season, we have four lines that can play big, skate, grind, score and dictate the pace. I still just hate Colin Fraser on this team, as he is the weakest link, but as long as he doesn’t cost us games, we roll with it. Free Linden Vey.

How about the big bad back up, Martin Jones? Unflappable. As much as I hate the shootout, I had serious wood with the stops he made, one after another, on some damn difficult shots. He gave Perry, Getzlaf and…what is that other idiot’s name…shit, I cannot remember, nothing. He didn’t flinch on grandpa’s quick wrister, 5 hole. He could have taken off his mask, gotten a drink of water, put the mask back on, stretched a little bit and then got into position by the time it took Dustin Penner to get from center ice to the hashmarks.

Speaking of Dustin Penner, Corey Perry is a diving pussy. What?

Looking at the West, even with 40 points, it’s tighter than a 42-year-old, fake titted Ducks fans’ vaginal canal that just underwent a collagen inducing and elastin contracting designer procedure.

Nearly got into a fight 17 minutes into the first period but a smart Ducks fan knows when to shut up fast. He should buy his buddy who saved him from a trip to Anaheim Memorial a drink.

How much fun was it watching our boys maul Martin Jones after his first NHL win? My big goofy smile will last through tomorrow afternoon.

So what did you think of the game? Surly had fun. I had fun. You have fun?