Kings Jones During the First. Smoke the Isles in the Last Two 3-0

A forgettable first period. A better second. An LA Kings style third. Our boys win three in a row, three to nothing and keep pace with the continuing red-hot Pacific division.

Kopitar’s goal brought me out of my seat. To make that move across at exactly the right time, to avoid the defender’s poke-check, keep the puck that far away from his body and still have the strength and leverage to snap the shot in the top corner is a ridiculous amount of talent, which I wish he would use more to score goals.

But who is complaining? Certainly not me. I couldn’t be happier with seeing the Kings come back after a rough first, get stellar goaltending, pick up the hitting and just wear down the New York Islanders like a 230 pound man leaning on a skinny runt until the latter snaps like a twig.

Drew Doughty. He is like a perfect pair of double Ds. Worth every penny.

Robyn Regehr. He is playing like Matt Greene plays at his best. He is a big part of why we have not missed Greener out there.

Our lines are starting to gel. Dwight King is looking pretty damn good, pretty damn surprisingly but pretty damn consistently.

Sometimes, 40 minutes of great hockey is good enough when you play a crappy team like the Islanders and you have a rookie goaltender like Martin Jones do what he did tonight.

Color me a happy Kings fan.

Go Kings!

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  1. That was a sick ass goal. Against the grain with the defender then again with the goalie top shelf is pure skill.

    I was hoping it wouldn’t be one of those games where they throw a ton of shots on net and then nothing. I got my wish.

    To pound the Canadiens will be good.

  2. I think Jones is a better goalie than Scrivens and I know he’s better in shoot outs!

      • Yes, Bobby. I’ve watched many goalies come and go. Only a few are good enough to last. Then, only a very few are the best of the best. Count them. It isn’t a long list. I know that they should both play. So, it’s good to see Jones in net. But don’t call them great just yet!

    • I’m with Scribe on this one. I’ve watched Jonesey play in Manchester for the better part of three seasons now, and he has had really bad games; some awful shootouts too.

      Still, he’s doing pretty damn good down in Manchester and happy to see him have success up with the big club.

  3. The Kings should sign Jones to a long term, two-way contract and let him play back-up when Quick returns. Trade Scrivens while he’s at his highest trade value!

  4. King is not flashy, but he HAS proved that his strong efforts are turning into reliable skills. I loved the way he helped Jones by controlling the Islander’s stick at the right side of the net. That would have been a goal.

  5. That KopiStar is something else..I usually see one play a game from him where I am shaking my head in wonderment. Moves like the one you are talking about make him seem about 7 feet tall with a 10 foot stick.How a player can play with that amount of gap between himself and stick the way he does is beautiful to watch. He is a gift.
    RR…glad to see him getting some love. Like I said before I have been a fan pre Kings..and what we are seeing is why.
    Jpnes..second straight start. .will have to back peddle and find out why..reward for suckduck game?
    Party last night..champagne. .game starts and I am giving some commentary to non hockey friends(everyone has some . can’t be avoided) and I say that’s Jones..He is our rookie we just brought up..wait what..He is in goal..hun???..Yep good party..good thing I taped game for clear eyed viewing tonite after work :-)

  6. I haven’t been able to actually watch a lot of games this year but RR definitely impressed me last night


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