A forgettable first period. A better second. An LA Kings style third. Our boys win three in a row, three to nothing and keep pace with the continuing red-hot Pacific division.

Kopitar’s goal brought me out of my seat. To make that move across at exactly the right time, to avoid the defender’s poke-check, keep the puck that far away from his body and still have the strength and leverage to snap the shot in the top corner is a ridiculous amount of talent, which I wish he would use more to score goals.

But who is complaining? Certainly not me. I couldn’t be happier with seeing the Kings come back after a rough first, get stellar goaltending, pick up the hitting and just wear down the New York Islanders like a 230 pound man leaning on a skinny runt until the latter snaps like a twig.

Drew Doughty. He is like a perfect pair of double Ds. Worth every penny.

Robyn Regehr. He is playing like Matt Greene plays at his best. He is a big part of why we have not missed Greener out there.

Our lines are starting to gel. Dwight King is looking pretty damn good, pretty damn surprisingly but pretty damn consistently.

Sometimes, 40 minutes of great hockey is good enough when you play a crappy team like the Islanders and you have a rookie goaltender like Martin Jones do what he did tonight.

Color me a happy Kings fan.

Go Kings!