L.A. Kings Beat Montreal Canadians 6-0. A Benevolent Post Game…

After a 6 – 0 victory over a good team like the Montréal Canadiens, it is important that we extend respect for the opponents and maintain humility. After all, there’s really no reason to rub it in. In fact, as a gesture of good faith and goodwill toward my French Canadian friends, I will write part of this article in English and the other part in French. It is my way of graciously thanking the Canadians for being such great hosts, patting them on the back and wishing them better luck in their next game.

Alors, comment est ton cul? Est-ce douloureux? Vous n’avez pas encore ressenti de la douleur. Dormir sur le côté, ce soir vous salauds parce que demain vous serez defacating sans effort.

Six different goals from six different players. We played the possession game to perfection. We certainly had to withstand a lot of quality shots on goal and Martin Jones continues to be up to the task. Did any of us really see that coming? It’s fun getting quality goaltending like we have gotten from Scrivens and Jones in the absence of Jonathan Quick.

La meilleure équipe dans l’Est? Ouais, l’Est et vous suce sucer. Vos filles en rouge et le drôle C consultant ya un tas de chattes qui ne peut pas gérer un grand et physique, équipe rondelle de possession.

It’s hard to believe we hadn’t won in Montreal since 1999 but that is one of those stats you can hear and forget. It’s not like we play them 5 times per season, right? 1999 means nothing today anymore than 1993 does. That was the past. It’s not even worth mentioning.

Gardez élever 1993 vous enculés. Vous avez gagné à cause d’un bâton illégal, pas fondée sur le mérite. Et vous n’avez pas gagné prise merde depuis. Habituez-vous à ne pas gagner. Ça va être un moment. Peut-être une ou deux générations. Peut-être jamais.

I will admit, getting the smile off my face will take a while. We have a big game tomorrow. Let’s hope we can keep the momentum going.

Demain nous jouons une autre équipe canadienne. Vont-ils aspirer autant que vous avez et faites? Ce sera amusant de le découvrir. Hé, regardez du bon côté … oh, attendez, il n’ya pas de côté. Vous sucez.

Hope you all enjoyed the game. Got any insight to add? Share it baby.

Bonnes grenouilles de nuit. Dites-le avec moi. Go Kings!

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  1. drôle comme l’enfer. bien mettre Bobby bien mis.

  2. Hahaha! Your French is horrible but it’s funnier that way. Que puis-je dire? Nous les avons enculé comme il le faut!!!!

  3. Crushed, demolished, pummeled come to mind. 1993 will always be a fresh memory. Remember the call? Refs coming over, measuring the stick, ensuing PP and then collapse? Canadiens equipment people take a look at the sticks prior to the game? Fuck yeah they did. We’re talking Marty mcsorley here not Gretzky.

    The shutout only makes it better. And all the more sweeter fans pissed as fuck. Plus the sold out crowd with a swift kick to the nuts followed by an upper cut to the chin.

    Only a SC final series win against these assholes will ever really avenge my hate for this team but this is a great start. I hope the next meeting will be 10-0.

  4. This shutout puts the kings tied with Boston for lowest GA average (1.94). The only two teams under 2 per game. This D has come together and except for the occasional night off it must be a frightening thing for opposing fans to watch. Suddenly, the last couple weeks, I find myself not getting incredibly nervous when Muzzin and Doughty are out together. Plus, Doughty pretty much walks into the offensive zone and sets up scoring opportunities at will now. Seriously. He does it 2-3 times a game. Every game. Who does that? He’s insane.

    Toffoli is pure snipe and I love it, but he’s got solid two way potential too. He reminds me of Carter. Not quite the footspeed, but that can be fixed at least a little, and I think he actually has way more nose for the soft areas.

    Kopitar…sheesh. Beast. When he is on his game, he is one of the most complete players on the planet and it’s a joy watching defenders struggle to contain him. I’m thinking he made a point of learning from Frolov because his puck protection is off the charts, except Kopi does a million other things that Frolov couldn’t (or wouldn’t) do. He’d be a mega star if it wasn’t for his scoring slumps and his LA address. Can anybody tell me which animal is an appropriate blood sacrifice to banish Kopi’s slumps for ever more?

    • Oh yeah…Toffoli – .82 PPG. Hertl – .74 PPG. Calder? If he keeps this pace he’s going to catch Hertl. Suck it Sharks. The Sharks were so excited that they had the hot rookie, and I love it that Toffoli might steal their thunder!

  5. What a great game to watch on TSN. Kings looked solid. Jones was great. Kopitar was a beast and what a shot for his goal! There are a few bitter Habs fans around here. I love it.

    Today will be a good day. An office bet was made and my colleague will be wearing my late 1990s era Mattias Norstrom jersey for the day. Definitely a good day.

    Now, I just need the Kings to win so my other colleague can enjoy my Doughty homeplate jersey.

  6. Some random thoughts since it’s been awhile since I commented. Apologies to everyone who was enjoying the absence and hoping it continued forever.

    First, I’ve been negative in the past about his play compared to his play in the past and what I think is his potential, but let me give credit now that it’s due, Mike Richards is playing the best hockey he has as a King and really since before his last season in Philadelphia. I noticed this months ago but it’s still continuing. He’s got that little extra step of speed (mostly) back, that little extra strength holding pucks on the boards. He’s really been playing well. And the litmus test is that he hasn’t needed Carter. Before when MR was playing slower and smaller, bigger opponents manhandled him and beat him to pucks and took pucks off him along the boards, and he needed Carter’s speed and size to make up for those weaknesses. Not so much anymore. They’ve put Toffoli with him, Vey with him, sometimes at the same time I believe, an undersized line altogether, and Richards is still handling business and actually making up for some of Toffoli and Vey’s less-than-elite puck strength on the wall. WELL DONE MIKE!

    Onto Toffoli. Let’s keep it simple. Is he a top6 forward, or isn’t he? To me it’s very simple.

    Shot and hockey sense are at a top6 level, if not top line level. So are the hands. Defensively people keep saying he needs more work, but he looks very reliable to me. Top end hockey sense will do that.

    Then there’s his skating. It’s not nearly as bad as people say, and he can actually get moving pretty fast when he gets going. But yes, it’s not elite, and he could still use that extra gear to become a true, consistent, complete top6 forward. Needs to keep working on it.

    The worst part of his game, and again it’s far from horrible, is just size/strength. Again, because he has good hands, because he has good hockey sense, because he’s good good balance and pretty good agility even if he’s not an elite technical skater, he can still be effective along the wall at times just making Justin Williams type turns and evading players that way. But in terms of power along the boards just building a wall with his body and protecting the puck and cycling, that’s what he needs to work on most.

    So is he a top-six forward? It’s weird because what I almost want to say about him is that he’s an anti-corsi player. That he’s a top6 forward based on finishing ability, but the puck-possession game (aka corsi, aka cycling the puck along the boards maintaining possession, his biggest area for improvement) isn’t quite there. Except, I believe he is a good corsi player. Because he’s got above average speed, because of his very good hands and very good hockey sense, he’s a good corsi player too. And he might be the best shooter on the team. I love Jeff Carter (for his two-way game even more than his shot), and he definitely has an elite shot, but it’s hard to get off sometimes. He has a very long stick, which means horizontally he needs a lot more room to get off the shot quickly. And in high scoring areas like the slot, there usually isn’t that much room. That’s one reason why I prefer Toffoli’s shot with that shorter stick where he can keep the puck by his skates and doesn’t need much room to get it off, and it also comes off much quicker because the stick is shorter so it doesn’t take as long to bend and then release the puck off it.

    Other examples would be Logan Couture, Jonathan Toews. Even James Neal, he’s a bigger guy similar to Carter, but the stick is shorter and the release is much more compact. Neal is actually my pick for the best wrist shot in the NHL right now. I mean there are always Ovechkin and Stamkos but Neal has caught my eye the last two seasons with that shot.

    So… is Toffoli a top6 forward? I mean, I can’t say he’s not. I’m thrilled to have him on the team. And I do believe in shooting as a skill, not just something that luck evens out. It’s not all about just corsi, although Toffoli is good there, too. However, a true top6 forward in my eyes can protect the puck at a elite or near-elite level. To me this is basically the same Toffoli as we saw in the playoffs, producing in a lot of quick-strike situations because of his hockey sense and finishing ability, either off the rush or just through smart, opportunistic plays and opportunistic finishing, but I haven’t seen the improvements in strength and puck protection that I would like to see. I’m still thrilled to have him on the team, but I guess the way to put it is this: taking an average of all of his skills, he may already be a 2nd line NHL forward just because his shooting ability, hockey sense, and to a slightly lesser degree hands are all so good, to go with above average speed, so those things outbalance the other stuff. But in terms of being a complete top6 forward with no major weaknesses, he still needs to get better at protecting the puck along the boards and get stronger, and his skating could always get that extra gear. Defensively I think people are wrong to criticize at all, he’s very responsible to me because of his hockey sense.

    • I like your comment. I will add that Toffoli has shown, over the last few games, that he certainly DOES have that special hockey sense necessary for a quality top six forward. He showed it again last night, in Montreal, and again tonight, in Toronto.

      • Thanks! I’m appreciate the positive reaction on here for once. I wrote two other comments on this page but they haven’t shown up yet. Hopefully they will approve them soon although it’s a little late since there are new blogs now. And I think I jinxed Robyn Regehr with one of them because I was saying how he’s played about as well as could be expected for someone who can’t skate, and then he just reminded everyone against the Leafs what a huge liability he can be in the playoffs. And that’s just on defense. Nevermind offense and the transition game where he really bogs this team down.

        But he made the exact same awful mistake twice. First he tried to step up and poke check Phil Kessel in open ice even though he was the last man back, a very dumb move, and it’s against fast teams where you can really see just how awfully slow Regehr is. Kessel skated around him like it was nothing and got a breakaway and almost scored.

        Then Regehr did the same exact thing against Van Riemsdyuk in the 3rd period in a one goal game and it almost cost us dearly. He tried to step up against Van Riemsdyk with the pokecheck at the worst time, but he’s so slow JVR just deked backhand against him and almost got around him too, which opened up a big passing lane cross crease to Phil Kessel who almost had an open net but I think it went off his skates.

        Two very close calls.

        But definitely agree on Toffoli’s hockey sense. +/- isn’t a great statistic but it’s no surprise to me Toffoli’s is soaring. I never understood the criticisms of his defensive game. Very good hockey sense, the puck follows him and he follows the puck. Similar player to other former Ottawa 67 Logan Couture. You wonder if it’s something about the coaching staff that was there. Now Toffoli just needs to take that same step in his game where he gets that extra jump, and that extra strength, where you can’t take the puck off him along the boards. Then he will be a true, complete top6 forward. For now he’s a great complimentary guy in the top6 who can quick-strike at any time, but I still think this team needs to add a Matt Moulson or someone at the deadline to really complete the team. That’s what one of my other comments was about. Hopefully it will show up.

  7. I bet Ryan was all over his whore couch last night.

  8. How is Jonesy boy not a star on the NHL website? He was lights out last night! Ridiculous!

  9. Bobby, I’m gonna give you a pass on the french because A) you live in Los Angeles, and B) because of this: ” Et vous n’avez pas gagné prise merde depuis.”
    Fantastic. Best line of the whole thing. On NHL Network they tore into the ref for allowing the Martinez goal w Cliffy in the crease. But I felt it was not even a mini-karma’s worth for Savard checking out the Kings sticks in the Finals. I actually quite enjoyed it.

    • Great quote! And for us English speakers – “Et vous n’avez pas gagné prise merde depuis.” = “And you have not won jack shit since.”

      I loved the game! I hope they will be able to bring it to the Maple Leafs tonight! I wonder who the starting Goalie will be?

      After Jones shut them down in the first, it seemed as though they were just going through the motions. There was very little pressure placed on the Kings. The Canadians stood off of the Kings players and watched them smoothly move the puck around. Michel Therrien must be really pissed.

      There really isn’t anything negative to say about the Kings, except that I think Carter is still trying to get his timing back.

      Go Kings! :-)

  10. Also, on the TSN broadcast, something I never had ever heard about. Maybe someone on here knows about it though. Evidently the Visitor’s Locker Room in the old Forum was evidently a tiny cramped little dive. And supposedly while the Visitor’s Room in the new whatever it’s called is better than the old one, it’s not all that much better. What a lovely attitude to have for a franchise.
    I don’t think that in and of itself is likely to win them a Cup anytime soon.

  11. ‘How is your ass’..says B.Scribe..
    you are a PITA…of course I had to Google translate..
    10 step process..but now phone set up for whatever comes my way.
    Such a Great Fun game last night..burst with pride when I see our Boys playing like this..happy for them..happy for us..just plain HAPPY!!!
    Another one coming our way..
    GO KINGS GO!!!


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