I hate the Montreal Canadians. I don’t hate the Toronto Maple Leafs. Can’t hate any team that has our old boy, Jonathan Bernier or a great Wisconsin talent like Phil Kessel.

This isn’t about them.

This is about the great mothers from the wonderful hockey sperm pool that is Ontario, Canada, specifically London.

Mrs. Doughty of London, Ontario, Mrs. Carter of London, Ontario and Kyle Clifford of…you guessed it, London Ontario (edit, damn it, he is from Ayr but close enough!) make my heart soar. Your boys came home tonight, raided the fridge, will hopefully have time to bang the high school sweetheart for old time’s sake, give you a kiss and leave for Ottawa. God bless you and your wonderful gene pool. All of us hockey fans in L.A. salute your sacrifice.

I didn’t see enough of the game to comment on it.

I did see the highlights.

Martin Jones…

Your turn…