L.A. Kings Beat Toronto Maple Leafs 3-1. Thank You London, Ontario Moms

I hate the Montreal Canadians. I don’t hate the Toronto Maple Leafs. Can’t hate any team that has our old boy, Jonathan Bernier or a great Wisconsin talent like Phil Kessel.

This isn’t about them.

This is about the great mothers from the wonderful hockey sperm pool that is Ontario, Canada, specifically London.

Mrs. Doughty of London, Ontario, Mrs. Carter of London, Ontario and Kyle Clifford of…you guessed it, London Ontario (edit, damn it, he is from Ayr but close enough!) make my heart soar. Your boys came home tonight, raided the fridge, will hopefully have time to bang the high school sweetheart for old time’s sake, give you a kiss and leave for Ottawa. God bless you and your wonderful gene pool. All of us hockey fans in L.A. salute your sacrifice.

I didn’t see enough of the game to comment on it.

I did see the highlights.

Martin Jones…

Your turn…

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  1. I would like to say that they played a solid game. Yes, Toronto played very well, but they didn’t win! And Bernier saved face in the Toronto loss.

    Again King showed us that he has skills. He made a nice pass through the crease to Carter that should have been a goal. Carter never swings his stick like that. He tried too hard to place that shot. Then, he fired it over the crossbar! I was happy to see him get that goal in the third! Maybe now he’ll loosen up a bit and start scoring more goals! I guess he did … tonight! :-)

    Toffoli showed us, again, that he not only has skills, but he has excellent hockey awareness. He was an strong screen for one goal and he, after a faked shot, made a beautiful pass to Clifford for a goal.

    You can’t blame Voynov for reacting to that slash to the back of his knee!

    On the whole, I liked their effort. Go Kings!

    • I missed that. I saw the scuffle at the end but got distracted. He slashed him behind his knee? What a dirty motherfucker! That dickhead knows there’s zero padding there.

    • Our little Slave has Spunk! No he won’t take crap like slashes behind his knees or any other cheap shots. It was both surprising and pleasing at the same time.
      GO KINGS GO!!!

  2. Kessel is a golden forward and Toronto is stoked to have him but too bad it don’t mean a damn when you’re up against the best defensive team in the entire NHL! Yeah boys you’ve earned it!

    Bernier…what can ya say he just got flat out beat. That Carts goal I bet he wants back. I do hope Fraze is alright he looked like he went down really weird and smacked his head. I mean we got Vey but I respect the guy even though he’s not the most skilled guy.

    I can imagine long time Leafs fans really hating the Kings. I mean game 7 must have been devastating.

    Whatever 2 games in 4 more points as we move ahead of the San hose A

    • I agree with you about Frasier. He does, however, give 100% when he’s on the ice. I hope he’s OK.

      • Guy LOVES the game..loves to come to work ..gives 110%..can only use the skill set you have. I was not happy when he was traded to the Kings. Colin opened my eyes and gave me a new appreciation of a bottom 6 player. Won’t make that mistake in the future.
        GO KINGS GO!!!

    • Bernier..cannot help but feel conflicted to have him in goal against us. Hope he has a Great season! Just not vs the Kings. I will be at Staples in March when Toronto comes to town. Why do I do that to myself :/
      Kessel ..I wanted him on the Kings way back when Boston was having problems with him. They don’t have a lot of patience in Boston do they? Tyler Seguin..He will mature to elite..
      If Toronto has one flaw in their up and coming team it would be that puff of ruddy face Carlyle..ick.
      GO KINGS GO!!!

  3. Toronto is Big and Fast. We were ready..The first 10 minutes we were on our horses and kept pace. Then we’re able to slow them down a bit. I was impressed.
    We seem to be feeding off ourselves, each win with solid Play by the entire team and surreal Goal Tending bolstering the confidence of all involved.
    Exciting times! Happy shiteatgrinning Fan here.
    GO KINGS GO!!!

  4. I thought kyle clifford was from Ayr, Ontario.

  5. So didn’t someone give me shit a couple of games ago ( Surly or Scribe, I don’t remember) for saying the Kings should trade Scrivens at his highest value and sign Jones long-term as Quick’s back-up?
    How does Jones look now?
    4-0, he’s got good size, great in shoot-outs/breakaways (see Phil Kessel tonight), cool under pressure and just fucking getting it done!
    Imagine the extra points we could’ve earned in those shoot out loses, Scrivens sucks moving to his left.
    Watch his shoot out loses and goals given up, I bet 90% are to the same side!
    I know what I’m talking about!!
    I’m the same one that said early on (three years ago) keep Quick and trade Bernier!
    Look it up!!!!!!

    • Considering Quick still doesn’t have a timeline to get back and Scrivens is basically playing for free (Leafs paying half his miniscule salary) unless it’s a 1st or 2nd rounder you don’t trade Scrivens.

  6. Okay, I’m not sure what game some of you guys saw, but I thought LA was outplayed most of the game and were very fortunate to win. They would have been fortunate to get a single point out of that game. Toronto outshot them, outchanced them and kept the pressure up the entire game. I actually went to bed angry at the Kings. They should have manhandled the Leafs. The Kings are bigger, they’re stronger and more talented. But, they didn’t show that last night.

    Had Jones not been playing lights out good, the score would have been very different. The Kings were sluggish for large parts of the game. They got trapped in their end several times and just couldn’t get out of the zone, especially in the 2nd. Against Montreal, they did a fantastic job stopping the Habs’ breakouts. Last night, the Leafs were breaking out of the zone regularly with speed. I saw a lot of turnovers that allowed the Leafs to get more opportunities to get stoned by Jones. There were a lot of turnovers too. It wasn’t until they got the lead in the 3rd that they started to look more like the team that hammered Montreal.

    I have to say, though, that Doughty had a strong game. His goal was a beauty. Jones was outstanding. Muzzin made a few good plays too. The more I see him, the more I like him.

    On the plus side, my Leafs fan colleague looks good in my Doughty jersey. He is one very bitter Leafs fan this morning.

    • Tell him to wear it with pride. :D

    • Every game is a another fight in the effort to keep pace with the league. Nothing is ever the same. For some reason, your opponent may have more jump than you (Toronto did). A great team will keep fighting. They won’t just go through the motions. They will understand that, on that night, their opponent has the fire in their gut to win. It will be difficult to match them step for step. But your team will continue to search for ways to win the next battle. The lines will continue to roll, and the players will continue to fight. The Kings have had their goalies standing on their heads (although Jones seems to always be in position) to keep them in games. The players know this. And last night … they fought back! Several players (the cream) rose to the top! They found ways to get goals! That’s what I love about our Kings! They know that they can’t win lopsided victories like the game in Montreal every time. They know that they will always battle to the final horn. Go Kings!!!

    • Leafs are Big as well.
      And it was a back to back. Kings did Me Proud.
      GO KINGS GO!!!

  7. I’m not a Colin Fraser fan, but it’s getting to the point where I don’t just want him off the Kings because he’s bad at hockey, but where I’m a little concerned for his safety playing at this level. He got injured because his skills are so far below the league he’s playing in, he’s putting himself at risk. I watched him that whole shift and there were like five different times where he should have been able to get off the ice, but his skating is so bad that he didn’t have the speed to get to the bench. The result was this two minute shift where he was caught out the whole time. He’s lucky it didn’t cost the Kings a goal, and if he plays in the playoffs he surely will cost the team. But at the end there, the puck got lose by the boards and he had the angle to get to it and chip it down and go for the change. But because his skating is so slow, even the slow Frazer Mclaren, starting from farther away, was able to beat him to the spot, so Fraser had to stretch out in a vulnerable position to try to get his stick on the puck, which allowed Mclaren to deck him.

    Just like it would literally be physically dangerous for any of us to suit up in an NHL game, it is the same for Colin Fraser. Not to the same extent of course, but I do worry for him. He’s so slow and clumsy, always trailing the play, it’s a miracle what happened last night hasn’t happened more often for him. That whole shift was a blatant advertisement for why he shouldn’t be playing in the NHL, and it ended very unfortunately for him. I couldn’t help but feel bad for him, but the whole two minutes preceding that, if you actually had your eyes glued on him like I did, were just pathetic. If the Kings don’t think Linden Vey can handle that role in the playoffs, then they should have either signed someone who could in the offseason, or now they’ll have to part with a late round pick at the deadline. I believe Matthew Lombardi was traded for a late round pick at last deadline, and that’s just one example of a defensively responsible center who can actually skate who could make for a much better 4th line center than Fraser. There are always plenty of players like that available since filling the 4th line center role is not exactly the hardest role to fill.

    • You should coach the Canucks. They could use a healthy dose of your style. If you have ever played hockey…….. Which I’m almost certain you have not. The skill level of any NHL level hockey player is pretty impressive. That being said, I hope Colin Fraser is okay. It was a very frightening injury. Players can break their neck or back in a position like that.
      If I were Colin Fraser I would be stoked. To make a million a year playing the coolest game on earth. Have two cups and healthy career with 7-10 more years in it? I’m not to bummed about the role I play. I’d probably tell you to go “fuck yourself” with your mock concern though……… “That” would bug me.

      • It’s natural to hope that every player on the Kings could be an elite player. It is not easy to have a team that has even a significant number of elite players. Then, you have dependable role players. Colin Fraser is a role player. Of course, if the Kings have the chance to move someone that has a higher skill level into that position, they should do it. But that’s a management decision. Is someone else available who is better than Fraser? Maybe. Is one of the young players at Manchester better than Fraser? Maybe.

  8. Not really related to this, but:
    1) If you’ve never seen Trailer Park Boys, go watch it. It’s on Netflix.
    2) Bubbles on Hockey. You’re Welcome: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hrB_XCpWtO8

    • I have the complete Trailer Park Boys set includes the movies, holiday specials.

      Its pretty hysterical and definitely a must see by people if not for anything more than the comedy of the whole thing.

      The Rickeyisms are hysterical and the episode where Rickey is in jail, and they have a shinny championship is classic. The way they used a Clorox bottle for his mask, the food tray taped to his hand as the blocker is hysterical.

      Ellen Page actually plays Lahey’ daughter Treena Lahey.

      Also the British Shameless is classic!

  9. Sorry got some issues going on with my wife being in the hospital for the past week.

    When you refer to Montreal you have to refer to them as the Canadien. See for whatever reason people who speak French as a first language have a problem with pronouncing the plural “s” and “h”.

    When you hear an interview done with a person who speaks French as a primary language they talk about their teammate not teammates. They are “appy” to have scored that goal.

    Anyway, it was a long time coming to Montreal! They are a small team, and they were just horrid at home. Gotta love the Kings being able to keep the puck in the offensive zone for what appeared to be 5 minutes, getting a full line change and never leaving the offensive zone. Jones was great during the power play practice the Kings kept giving them.

    Look I love the way Martin Jones has played, but I am still concerned he plays too deep in his net, but if he can get away with it for now, maybe Bill Ranford can get him to come out a little more. He really does look like a Carey Price, except plays deeper in the net than Price does.

    Toronto: Well it was the 2nd game of a back to back and it wasn’t exactly a stellar game by the Kings. They looked like they had played the night before and Toronto just ran into Martin Jones once again.

    Fruity Lupuls is a little bitch, and good for Slava taking exception to the little tap that Fruity gave to him.

    I hope Fraser is ok, but thank you Maclaren for probably giving Linden Vey another bite at the apple before something has to be decided.

    Look, I am concerned right now with Greene coming off IR and Lewis about to also return what do you do as Darryl Sutter? The easy answer is put Greene in and put Martinez as the healthy scratch, but this team has come together these past 10+ games since Greene went out and for right now why mess with it if it isn’t broke?

    Lewis coming back isn’t as big a decision, but it does make Nolan or Clifford the odd man out if you aren’t going to keep Vey around. Toffoli doesn’t go anywhere except out on the ice the entire season.

    So that is my concern, not so much as to who, but when? The defense has stepped up significantly since Greene went out, as well as Quick, so I am concerned about rushing to get Greene back in, and causing a disruption in the defensive pairings.

    I know you need a Greene out on the ice and in the locker room, but with the play of Mitchell/Regehr and DD along with Muzzin improving and Voynov now looking like Voynov it just makes me concerned as to when you put Greene in and sit Martinez or switch the pairings.

    They have 2 early games which have been a bit of a problem for the Kings the past few seasons. I hope they come to play tomorrow against Ottawa and then are able to put a hurting on Chicago to show everyone the Kings are not to be overlooked by anyone in the NHL period!

    I should be at the Colorado game on the 21st if the wife is finally out of the hospital. My brother in law and sister in law will be here from Brantford Ontario that little hick town where some famous hockey players were born and raised not named Gratton, Risebrough, Henrique, Cook, Jarvis, Reese can’t think of the name though?

    • I like your comments.

      As for those players who are/were injured returning, it’s my hope that Sutter uses his head and doesn’t mess with the team now that the guys are beginning to work together. Lewis doesn’t have good hands. I like Vey. Fraser doesn’t have much skill. Greene is very good, but we need to know that he is ready, and he won’t hurt the team.

      As for Jones playing deep in the net, it makes me a little nervous too, but I’ve watched some great Goalies play deep in their net. His positioning has been spot on, and he moves left to right very well.

      • Luongo played deep and when they tried to get him to challenge more, his game went to shit. Lunqvist is the deepest I have seen. Doesn’t that big fucker in Nashville play deep?

        • Yes. Some guys CAN play deep and do it well!!

          Actually, the more I watch Quick, the more I like the idea of minimal movement and solid positioning. Playing the way Quick does isn’t conducive to having a long, healthy, career. His kind of movement requires very flexible groin muscles. The more he makes those ballistic movements, the more potential exists for further injuries. Jones plays a very “healthy” style. He has the size, and the skills. He stays within himself. He doesn’t need to make that crazy save, because he’s always in position. I have really good feelings about Jones being a strong asset for the Kings.

          I think back to Dominik Hasek. He made a lot of wild, reaction kinds of saves, but his basic style was not a wide stance butterfly style. He didn’t put that kind of constant stress on his groin muscles that Jonathan Quick puts on his. Time will tell. Maybe young hockey Goalies will want to be like Quick. But then again, maybe they will want to play more like Henrik Lundqvist. Personally, I always liked a blend of the butterfly style and the stand up style … like Martin Brodeur. I remember Dennis Potvin played really deep in the net. I know that a strictly stand up Goalie will never again be in vogue, but my two favorite stand up style Goalies were Ken Dryden and Mike Richter.

          • I think you meant Felix Potvin! Dennis played defense for the Islanders during their dynasty of the early 80’s.

            Quick and his style are going to be a constant issue with his groin and his surgically repaired L5/L4 lumbar disk he had surgery on prior to the start of last season.

            Although he did have a micro diskectomy on L5/L4 I am still concerned about the disks above and below becoming another issue. Usually if you have a herniation of one disk in the lumbar spine, its probably likely there are other disks that may also protrude, just not to the point of causing discomfort and decreased mobility.

            I just hope his slinky of a spine doesn’t start to throw disks off, causing him pain, limited mobility and if necessary surgery such as fusion.

            Dryden was strictly stand up during his days. Dryden was also a taller goaltender at 6ft 4in. That style might have worked then, but not anymore.

            Hasek was just a freak of everything you don’t teach at any level on how to play goalie.

            Richter was a good hybrid who used both stand up and a semi-butterfly style along with being a good reactional goaltender.

            Brodeur is in a class all his own now. Brodeur is a throwback with modern technique along with shinny technique. Two pad stacks, a poke check Charlie Rayner and Johnny Bower are envious of and just an insane big game goalie during his prime.

          • That’s right!! I forgot! Felix! :-)

            As I said, Quick’s style puts a terrible strain on his body.

            I wonder if there will ever be a Goalie like Hasek again?!

            I used to live in northern New York state when I was younger. I’ve always had an attachment to the Rangers. I also followed Toronto and Montreal.

            What’s the “shinny” technique? Is that when he manages to move to the side when he is down on the ice on his side? That is interesting! And he will kick out with his leg or arm if necessary!

            I’ve heard of Charlie Rayner and Johnny Bower but they were before my time … I guess.

            Since I was a Ranger fan, I loved Eddie Giacomin.

          • Chuck Rayner or Charlie Rayner also taught Johnny Bower the poke check technique while they were both with the Rangers.

            You being a Ranger fan, you should also know that Bower was picked by the Rangers in 1953, but never played much for them, 77 career games I think?

            Johnny spent a lot of time with the Cleveland Barons and then Toronto where he was part of 4 Stanley Cup winning teams.

            Shinny is just what they call street hockey. You ad lib a lot of stuff to make saves on the ball or puck, even a crushed can in some cases. This is what I am really referring to with Hasek.

            Hasek just stopped the puck regardless of it being pretty or FUGLY it worked for him and he never really had any issues with injuries for extended periods of time.

          • I started to get interested in the NHL around 1965.

            As for Hasek, I think he was certainly unique. He did play a little like a roller hockey Goalie! He had such vision! He somehow managed to stop the puck no matter what!!

          • Hasek’s anticipation of where the puck was going to go was remarkable as was his strength for a smaller goalie

    • Matt Greene coming back is starting to keep me up at night. I want him back but everyone is playing great and the D has gelled. And yet, he is a force. The first person who writes “it’s a great problem to have” can eat a dick.

      • Oh I could say something to that remark Bobby..
        but I will stick with
        isn’t jelled with a “J”..like J.E.L.L.O
        GO KINGS GO!!!

      • I know there is a technically a freeze on trades until January 1st or whenever, but seeing as Calgary just removed Feaster from the GM, and Brian Burke is now President of Hockey Operations and interim GM, I think Mike Cammalleri will be traded before the trade deadline.

        I know he is on the smaller side and he has a pretty large ego. I know the reason the Kings traded him was because of his salary demands which seemed unreasonable at the time even with arbitration.

        So if you are the Kings and you know this guy can score in buckets when paired with the right guys, and having played for Sutter while he was GM in Calgary do you think he might be one rental depending on the price the Kings should go after in a trade?

        I am just curious as to what everyone thinks regarding adding a legit sniper and Top 6 LW.

        • I’m no expert. Removing Cammeleri from the Kings was part of our rebuilding process, if it is also part of the Flames……..? Why would we want anything to do with him? All of our players buying in is key. One bad apple apparently can spoil enough of the bunch. I’m hoping there is some truth to the rumors about Vanek coming to the Kings. I got nothing against King lately, but Vanek would make the Kings top line a regular topic of highlight conversation. Move King and AMart with whatever it takes in picks. Totally on board with that. If I have to give up more than that in roster players it will be tough. Hopefully Vanek doesn’t sign and he’s a UFA. Then all we need is cash. Cause if he’s into cups……… L.A. is a top choice for a shot. :0

          • Cammalleri isn’t part of the rebuild in Calgary he was acquired to add scoring to a team which had trouble scoring goals. He’ll be a UFA after this season and I don’t see Burke keeping him around.

            Vanek isn’t coming to the Kings. The Islanders gave up way too much to get him and then just let him walk!

            Vanek will get 6+ million and I am not sure Lombardi really wants to spend that on a 29 yr old LW like Vanek.

            They gave Buffalo a first-round pick in 2014 and a second-rounder in 2015 along with Moulson they aren’t trading Vanek trust me he’ll be signed by the Islanders. Also Buffalo retained some of his salary.

            If anything is needed by the Islanders its goaltending and I don’t see Martin Jones being traded to New York, as well as Scrivens being the desire of a team that needs a solid #1 goaltender.

            Dean Lombardi has yet to sign a marquee UFA and with Matt Greene they are going to have to lock him up for a few years, Trevor Lewis is another player they will want to also most likely extend.

            Then you have your RFA in Vey who they are probably going to re-sign not sure about trading King because he seems to be a Sutter favorite like Fraser who is also a UFA.

            These are the LW that will be available as UFA unless they are signed by the teams they are currently playing for:

            Heatley, Dany » Vanek, Thomas »Marleau, Patrick »Cammalleri, Mike »Whitney, Ray »Michalek Milan »Steen, Alexander »Moulson, Matt

          • In the presser Burke said he wants to get bigger. Not concerned about salary. That almost sounds like it is targeting Cammeleri and a couple other players. He will be available……. But since he was deemed cancerous by our current GM odds are he still isn’t the right fit. \X/ GKG

        • Please NO!
          “cancer in the lockerroom”
          With how good teammate Chemistry is on the Kings
          that is an important part of Deano’s decisions.
          Here is to a Great game and a W today!
          GO KINGS GO!!!

        • No. Because he really doesn’t fit how the team plays as a whole especially in the playoffs. He is also not a natural left wing and we don’t need another center convert.

          • I hear you with the “Cancer” thing, but then again Carter and Richards were also seen as “Cancers” with Philly so I am not sure what is actual truth and what is just BS.

            As for Cammy, its just a thought, and fact he can play both LW and Center is really a skill set that could come in handy, especially with face offs.

            I’m just throwing the idea out there. I mean Dustin Penner might have been a popular guy in the locker room and on TV, but he certainly didn’t exactly put up numbers worthy of his salary.

            Yes he scored a few big goals, but the rest of the time he was AWOL.

            There is always Moulson who is a UFA and we all saw what he could do once he was away from Andy and Terry Murray and Marc Crawford!

  10. I would’ve loved to seen the look on that phony windbag, Tim Lie Weekly’s face when the Kings won. I’m sure he was in the Toronto locker room before the game, acting like one of the guys, telling them all how important it was for them to beat this team. I’m so glad he’s gone. I still can’t believe there is a whole spread on him in the Kings official Cup championship book.


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