Kings versus Senators. Open Forum

Oh look, another Canadian team that scores a lot of goals but doesn’t know how to play defense.

No team in the NHL is bad enough to take lightly or too good to be beat.

I consider the Ottawa Senators a good test for the Kings. The third consecutive Canadian team, having beaten the last two, poses a mental challenge of staying sharp and focused.

It is so easy to say that you are happy with winning two out of three. Not acceptable. Cannot happen. Our Los Angeles Kings must play every game to win and mental lapses, as a collective group, cannot interrupt our drive and momentum to securing the top spot in the Pacific.

This is your open forum.

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  1. The Senators are a mess!

    I think once again Drew Doughty will try to show everyone that he is better than Erik Karlsson both offensively and defensively.

    I am not sure if you all hear the bullshit that is spewed by the Canadian media even the NHL Network about how great Karlsson is so great.

    FUCK EM!

    Show the whole Great White North East they should pay attention to the Los Angeles Kings now as a measuring stick. They only see us once up there and once down here, but these are statement games and the Kings need to show the ignorant media and fans of the NHL how good a team Los Angeles have become!

    I just hope they are awake, these early start games have been a problem for the Kings here, hopefully they don’t play half asleep today against Ottawa!

  2. Joe Corvo is still in the NHL?

  3. I went to the game today. Not the most exciting game after the first few minutes, but the Kings didn’t give the Sens a whole lot of room to move out there. Crowd was pretty quiet after the two quick early goals. Even a nice mock cheer for Anderson when he made an easy save. Sens fans are pretty bitter this year. Anderson has definitely played himself off the Olympic team. He was awful out there today.

    Doughty’s rush (leading to Stoll’s goal) was a beauty. And,King was a force out there. He made some nice plays, played keep-away with the puck and was a force all game. Richards had some nice plays and had a couple nice chances only to have the puck jump away on him. Kopitar was heavy on the puck all game too.

    Chris Neil is such a little bitch. I was hoping Nolan or Clifford would square off with him. Neil went after Williams, Toffoli, Carter and Voynov. Yeah, big tough Neil going after non-fighters. He needs a beat down one of these games. Did see a pretty humorous play when Neil checked one of the Kings, sending a stick flying. The stick came down and smacked him on the top of the head. He turned as if to beat the crap out of someone, but no one was within about 10 feet. He was awfully confused. LOL

    Lots of Kings fans in attendance too. Lots of home plate jerseys, plus a few older ones including a couple purple and yellow classics. Kings fans were definitely representing.

    • Oh yeah, the three stars were King, Kopitar and Doughty.

      • King deserved first star! He proves again that he has come along way baby!! :-) Lewis showed, again, that he has bad hands.

    • Nice report. Wonder how many of the fans wearing our colors are post Cup ones. I love it if they are. All die hards have to start somewhere

      • A definite mix, I think. Lots of young kids with Kings jerseys. My guess is they started following on the Cup run. But, definitely some old-schoolers too. Saw a guy with an Aubin jersey of all players. I figured my Norstrom would be the rarest, but Aubin has to have that beat. A lot of Kopitar, at least one Toffoli, a couple Muzzin and a few Gretzky.

  4. Kings on pace for 119 pts. If that doesn’t get us home ice we need to realign the league again.

  5. Saw two missed the 3rd but did it really matter? The boys looked like they were playing a high school team for midst of the time. The real test is Chicago.

    5-2 against Chicago would be even better.

  6. How long are the Kings going to expect stellar goaltending every game? The defense is shitty! Dean needs to do something about the defense or it may all fall apart.

  7. I see Chicago mailed it in today, to get ready for us, tomorrow! I love it.

    I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t exited about tomorrows game. In my view Chicago is the only team in the NHL that can beats us on a semi regular basis. It’s my favorite Kings opponent to witness.

    Nothing would make me happier than putting up 6 on the Hawks. My Holiday season would be complete.

  8. Beat Chicago tomorrow and the Kings are within striking distance of the presidents trophy. Actually that’s true but also for St. Louis, which is the team that really scares me. Mostly cause they are built the same as the Kings and they owe us a couple already, and good god those two teams beat the hell out of each other last playoffs. I can’t help but think that Chicago series might have done differently if the Blues and Kings didn’t pummel the fuck out of each other in the first round…

    • Ya. One of the Sharks or the Blues but not both eh? I say the Kings repeat last year if we draw Analrim and Detroit. Chicago almost lost to Detroit in OT. This year will be different. Chicago may be scoring alot of goals this year but they are also giving up quite a few. They wont get past us, STL or SJS this year. My 2¢. GKG\X/

  9. The only trophy that matters is the big fuckin cup and I ain’t talkin about Dooger buying a replica of “Stanley’ Cup”, I’m talking about that big fucker that you get your name engraved on.

    Presidents trophy don’t mean DICK!

    Regarding the defense, well they looked like they took the 2nd period off yesterday, and Willie got dinged up, so I would suspect this is a good time to throw Matt Greene back in, sit Mitchell and Scrivens get the start in goal.

    No knock on Jones he did a great job, but this is a back to back and the fact Chicago got blasted last night by Toronto, I expect they will give Scrivens the net. He’s been patient and I think his experience is going to help fend off the amount of vulcanized rubber I suspect Chicago will be throwing his way.

    This is an opportunity to kick a team in the nads, when they are down and payback is a bitch so bring it boys!

    You owe these fools for spoiling the banner raising and ending your season in the conference finals last season.

    They have Raanta and OJ Simpson as their goalies. They are so hard up they traded for Jason Labarbera but unfortunately for the Kings he’s been assigned to their AHL team in Rockford.

    WWTC and We Want To Win The Cup Again WWTWTCA!


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