So, the Kings are kinda kicking some major ass lately.

Carter is on a tear. Kopi is picking his game up. The defense is rocking and scoring. Martin Jones is an animal. We burned a hot trail through the frozen wasteland up north, taking down the Canadiens, Toronto and Ottawa this week.

And then there was Chicago.

A team that we have not had enough success against the last few years.

A team knocked us out of the playoffs and took our Cup away.

A group of guys who play so well they demand respect, even though one look at Patrick Kane’s face makes you want to break the neck of the nearest living creature.

Both teams played last night; we won, they lost. They didn’t just lose, they were embarrassed. Playing a team coming off a bad loss always concerns me, but we have a few things on our side. The Kings, as we know, have a tendency to play up or down to their opponents. Chicago sits 1st in the league, there is no one you can get more “up” to play. Our goalies are playing better than anyone in the league. Dwight King looks like a top 6 forward! When you can make Dwight King a legitimate top six left wing, you’re selling what everyone should be buying.

The Kings are in the midst of one of those runs every teams needs to have at least once and usually twice a season to finish at or near the top of league. This game can be a fulcrum point in either direction if we want it or let it.

We win this one, and we come home having solidified our spot as the hottest team in the league.

Go Kings Go