And Then There Was The Blackhawks

So, the Kings are kinda kicking some major ass lately.

Carter is on a tear. Kopi is picking his game up. The defense is rocking and scoring. Martin Jones is an animal. We burned a hot trail through the frozen wasteland up north, taking down the Canadiens, Toronto and Ottawa this week.

And then there was Chicago.

A team that we have not had enough success against the last few years.

A team knocked us out of the playoffs and took our Cup away.

A group of guys who play so well they demand respect, even though one look at Patrick Kane’s face makes you want to break the neck of the nearest living creature.

Both teams played last night; we won, they lost. They didn’t just lose, they were embarrassed. Playing a team coming off a bad loss always concerns me, but we have a few things on our side. The Kings, as we know, have a tendency to play up or down to their opponents. Chicago sits 1st in the league, there is no one you can get more “up” to play. Our goalies are playing better than anyone in the league. Dwight King looks like a top 6 forward! When you can make Dwight King a legitimate top six left wing, you’re selling what everyone should be buying.

The Kings are in the midst of one of those runs every teams needs to have at least once and usually twice a season to finish at or near the top of league. This game can be a fulcrum point in either direction if we want it or let it.

We win this one, and we come home having solidified our spot as the hottest team in the league.

Go Kings Go

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  1. What in the fuck are you talking about squirrelly? The defense is rocking? The defense is shit! If Jones doesn’t make those early big saves against the Canadians, it is a much different game. The same thing against Toronto. They are giving up point blank chances constantly. Regehr is getting undressed so bad you’d think he was a stripper. Doughty went to the Subban school of airhead. Voynov lost his nerve. Willie seems to not be in game shape. Martinez and Muzzin are Martinez and Muzzin. It is a debacle out there. We need Dean to make a move, and make a move fast! They are getting out shot every game and somehow walking away with a win. Is this Kings hockey? Is this Sutter hockey? I don’t think so. Greene is badly missed. You can see now how valuable he is to the team. I would consider trading Vey and another prospect for someone like Paul Martin of Pittsburgh.

    • Lol, you’re nuts. The Kings are playing great. Perfect? Of course not. No one is perfect. East Coast teams play a high tempo game and they are going to get their chances. You have to weather some storms against high octane teams, and that’s where good goaltending comes in.

      That said, I haven’t been able to watch whole games lately. I’ve only seen a handful of periods.

      7-0-0 and you are freaking out? I hate to think how badly you will freak out about how awful a situation we are in after we beat the Hawks.

    • Regarding the defense, well they looked like they took the 2nd period off yesterday, and Willie got dinged up, so I would suspect this is a good time to throw Matt Greene back in, sit Mitchell and Scrivens get the start in goal.

      No knock on Jones he did a great job, but this is a back to back and the fact Chicago got blasted last night by Toronto, I expect they will give Scrivens the net. He’s been patient and I think his experience is going to help fend off the amount of vulcanized rubber I suspect Chicago will be throwing his way.

      This is an opportunity to kick a team in the nads, when they are down and payback is a bitch so bring it boys!

      You owe these fools for spoiling the banner raising and ending your season in the conference finals last season.

      They have Raanta and OJ Simpson as their goalies. They are so hard up they traded for Jason Labarbera but unfortunately for the Kings he’s been assigned to their AHL team in Rockford.

      WWTC and We Want To Win The Cup Again WWTWTCA!

      Yes I copied and pasted this from the other post about Ottawa or whatever because at the time of my thought there was yet to be a game day post about Chicago.

      Please forgive my minor spam.

    • Defense is playing like shit? Son…that’s not all on the goalie. This is the NHL. I don’t care if they’re playing Buffalo, other teams will get scoring chances and some will even score goals against us!

      The Kings have the lowest goals against in the NHL. Does the goalie have something to do with that? Absolutely! All of it? No fucking way!

      If you think Paul Martin is going to be the defensive “savior” of this team you’re crazy.

      • Point blank chances aren’t supposed to occur 5 times a period. What is this, 1991? Other teams are constantly getting great opportunities on net. Can you.seriously say the stops that Jones and Scrivens have been making are anywhere close to the quality of saves of the opposition? The Kings are getting lucky capitalizing on their chances while the goalie is spectacular. What happenes when they come down to earth? Does any one seriously believe Jones and Scrivens are going to have save percentages north of. 940 all year long? Let’s all be serious here. Paul Martin is a great player. I catch some Pens games here are there, and he is solid and smart. Very few off games. He’s worth a trade, if the Pens will give him up that is.

        • Paul Martin will not be traded by the Pens. They need vets on D because when the playoffs come they’re going to get their bags worked by bigger teams like every year. Also, if someone were to come up to me on the street and say: “You know what the Kings need? Paul Martin.” I would look that person in the eye, fill a pillow case with cue balls and bash his fucking face in. Yes, lets be serious.

  2. 3-2 Kings in OT. Cliffy or Nolan will take a run at Kane and Toews, fights breaking out, mass hysteria, dogs and cats living together…it’s gonna be a rocking game! Too bad I won’t be able to see it!

    • Well it’s already 3-0 soooo that 3-2 ot ain’t happening. We look dead, I think those double back to backs are starting to show unfortunately. Hopefully that first period was a wake up call to the whole team and turn this game around regardless if we lose make it a damn game

  3. Who’s hot? As of right now the Los Angeles Kings have the fewest goals allowed in the entire NHL with 65 goals against. The Kings as of right now are the 3rd best team in the NHL with 48 points, trailing Anaheim with 49 points and Chicago with 51 points. Regardless of these numbers the NHL Network still forces us to have to watch the dirty, whining Penguins. James Neal 5 games, Deryk Engelland minimum of 6 at least still waiting. Look at the schedule of nationally televised games, and regardless of being in the East Coast why do they continue to promote a team that hasn’t won anything since 2009?

  4. Martin Jones in goal = bend but, don’t break!
    Ben Scrivens in goal = BEND OVER!!!

    • Wow you’re clueless. How about blaming the team in front of him that left him OUT TO DRY on every goal? How about the fact w;/o Scrivens playing as well as he did until the buzzer, the Kings lose about 6-1 or worse. Might help to watch the game sober next time.

      • I agree. LA just skated around waiting for Chicago to make a mistake. Well … they didn’t make the mistakes that LA hoped for. Yes, Martinez’ shot got in, but that wasn’t because of a bad mistake, and it wasn’t because of a great offensive play either. Face it. LA took the night off.

        And I was shocked at Regehr’s play. He’s been much better!

        And Scrivens appeared to start a little cold, but those were good shots on goal. I know that the score could have been much worse if he hadn’t done a good job. But he had no help!

      • Maybe you didn’t notice Jones was standing on his head against Ottawa.
        The difference was he made the saves and kept the Kings ahead and the Senators gave up soft goals!
        Scrivens can’t make a stop to his glove hand side to save his fucking life.
        The only one I saw this game was because he got lucky, he looked like Christmas came early.
        He’s (Scrivens) a backup an that’s what the Kings had with Bernier.
        The trade looks like shit now, I hope at least the draft pick pans out!!
        Zatkoff is another one the Kings let get away with no compensation, having good goal tending is great but, it needs to be utilized correctly!
        I still say sign Jones long term as the backup and send Scrivens to Manchester!

        • I’ve seen every Kings game and you just made my point for me by pointing out that not only vs Ottawa but also the Leafs the Kings weren’t good. They stole 4 pts And Scrivens have been very solid since Quick went down and you’re conveniently forgetting all the games where he stood on his head and earned the 2 points on a nightly basis for the Kings. Without what he did, they’re not near the top the of the division. It’s weak on you’re part to hang this on Scrivens when the team in front of him, except for the Richards line and Doughty for the most part, gave him nothing. And even if Jones had started, it would not have netted a different result. The Hawks are an elite team with speed and skill ,esp on the top 6, the Kings can’t match that.
          The trade doesn’t look like shit because you overvalue bernier. To any GM, Bernier was the backup with little NHL starting experience and no GM will overpay for that, no one. DL got a forwad, a backup goalie to support Quick, 500 K and a draft pick. No other team offered anything close to that.
          Jones is the goalie that will backup Quick, everybody including DL knew that before the trade.
          And Bernier was signing here, what don’t understand there? He wasn’t going to be King after last June, get over that. He was only the backup thru the end o fhte playoffs, period.

          • What’s weak is your evaluation, you obviously are new to the sport! You apparently don’t know shit about playing the game or what it takes to win on a regular basis! The Kings did play like crap against Chicago and part of the game against Ottawa and it doesn’t take a genius to figure that out, so you did! My point is two different outcomes, Jones weathered the storm and kept the Kings in the game so they could get there shit together and Scrivens folded like a cheap tent starting with a weak shorthanded goal! Your insight isn’t insight! I won’t have another back and forth with you because you don’t know shit about hockey! Enjoy watching the game and thinking you know what’s going on!

          • Jman69: Martin Jones wouldn’t have made a difference even if there were 2 of him in net yesterday.

            Deidre is spot on, it wasn’t Scrivens, it was the Kings as a whole. They looked like Terry Murray has somehow morphed himself into Darryl Sutter and the Kings played that Prevent Defense that Bend Don’t Break defensive game, where they allow the opposition many scoring chances and then when they make 1 mistake try to capitalize on it.

            If you think Martin Jones is the 2nd coming think again. Sure he has started out very well for the Kings but he would have given up 3 goals with the chances Chicago had and I am not talking of point blank variety. There is a reason why Jones is still in Manchester it was because of inconsistency.

            The Kings have been waiting on him, even let Zatkoff go because Jones looked like he was ready to make that next step if they traded Bernier. They traded Bernier but they got Scrivens because Jones is still not ready. Yes the guy has been great since called up, but guess what Manchester is now leading the AHL with JF Berube in net.

            Jones will go back once Quick is back, Scrivens stays he has more experience than Jones and Jones needs the steady work.

            The team as a whole were horrible! Road burnout, or maybe a bit of a chemistry issue with Mitchell out and Greene back in and why was Greene on the bench for about the 1st 5 minutes of the 1st period?

            We were concerned that Greene coming back might mess the chemistry that was developed with the defensive pairings the Kings had been successful with over the past month. I am not sure that was the case, but they weren’t the same guys in front of Scrivens.

            Offensively there was nothing going on to even make Raana work.

            Last time I checked you needed to score 1 more goal that the other team to win. Say one of the goals scored on Scrivens was a bad one, that is still 2 goals to the Kings 1 goal.

            Here again are the 3 goals scored on Scrivens.

            Goal #1 Voynov going to the other side behind the net, Hossa free to cruise in while Kopitar isn’t anywhere near him. Scriven’ has to be aware of the puck behind him, takes a peek in front and has no time to even get set for that goal. This is not on Scrivens its on Voynov and Kopitar!

            Goal #2 bad pinch by Regehr 2 on 1 Scivens got a piece of it but not much more he do. Quick gives those up also. Jones would be low so they would have gone high on him also.

            Goal #3 :Patrick Sharp Snipe 4 Kings all looking at Toews and leaving a seam open to his to hit Sharp with the goalie left to try to even make it back over to.

          • You ARE spot on. It wasn’t a Goalie problem. It was a team problem. The Kings have been up and down every game. There has been no consistency. Even when they have won, they still showed that they had problems … both offensive and defensive. I don’t know if they all need to go to a psychologist, but they never play in the same way. There problems glared out at everyone yesterday, because they were playing the best team in the NHL. They had no answers for what Chicago had. They will need to get their act together or this short win streak will be there last.

        • No, please don’t (send Scrivens down). We don’t want him. Berube will — with any luck — be our starting net-minder next season if Jones goes up. I’m okay with that.

  5. Season over! Time to rebuild…. Lol.

  6. Yea, Jones isn’t fucking better than Scrivens, you dumb-asses!!!

  7. You’re dead to me!!


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